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Colleengael's playing card decks.

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  • Colleengael's playing card decks.

    I lost the photo files from the card decks I created for the old board members. I am going through my files to try and find the old deck lists and any printed copies of the cards. I do know that I posted each completed card on the old board as it was finished. Please check your old files and share any off the cards you might still have. One of the old board members also hosted the playing cards on his website for a time. I cannot remember which gentleman did this. Good luck and think of it as a treasure hunt.

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    I saw them on the Wayback Machine at one point. when I was searching for old topics from the old board. Some of them, at least. A couple years ago- how long does that archive hold things?


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      Nicholas started a thread where folks can post old threads from the old board. Both he and N107 posted some links to some of the cards. Some are there and other cards are not.

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    Red Velvet your card is shown in the post from 10-03-2005, 10:41AM
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