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Looking for a lost photo

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  • Looking for a lost photo

    About 12 years ago I posted a picture on this forum of myself and Adrian Paul. Since then I think this forum was hacked, restarted, ended and now the forum is back. So I'm sure my odds of finding it is pretty sparse. Anyone have any tips or helping hints of how I might be able to recover it?

    My old username on this forum was: knightofistari (I think?)

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    I have a feeling you're out of luck.


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      We've all been told that anything that was on the old boards is lost. It only still exists if someone saved a screenshot of it, or if you still have access to the original somewhere. Since with the old boards the way we posted photos was by uploading them to a hosting site and then linking that to the board... is there a chance you still have the photo on a hosting site somewhere? I used PhotoBucket for my own photos. I haven't logged into that site in a couple of years, but recovered my password, and all my old photos were still there.


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        Sadly, no..... this site was my last hope but I figured the chances were pretty darn slim. Oh well. I was at a LDI Convention in Vegas and randomly ran into Adrian Paul who was sourcing out lighting equipment for a Magic show he was producing in Australia. I'm not sure he was expecting to be recognized and had his name badge turned over. I kept looking at him from far away and finally went up behind him and said, "Excuse me, sir, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Adrian Paul?" He turned around, smiled and said, "I get that a lot." I about died at that point. Gushed over him, thanked him for being such an important part of my younger years.
        He was very nice and allowed me to have his picture taken with him. Sadly, the original pic has long since deleted, my old email has long since been deleted and there's just no proof of it anywhere that I can find. Such is life...
        Thanks for the help though. Glad to see this forum back.


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          =( ...
          La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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            If you hosted it on photobucket or a similar site it might be still around.

            Did you use the same name on other forums back then?
            Any chance that you were using the name IndyBlues612 or wolfwood27 ?
            May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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              You could try searching the snapshots from the Wayback Machine: