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What's the latest movie you've seen?

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  • What's the latest movie you've seen?

    Saw "King Arthur" the other night. I mostly dug the trailers. I assumed it'd probably do decent enough. Apparently the plan was to make it a 6 movie shared universe thing. Now, I really love pretty much all Guy Ritchie movies... nobody does British gangster fare like him. Kind of expected to dislike the movie from all the reviews... but I didn't. It's pretty much exactly like every other Guy Ritchie movie ever, minus the moments of surprise brutality (hard to do in PG-13, not that a King Arthur movie needs to be R). Everything is moving quickly, snap snap snap, one thing quickly transitioning into the next. But what works with this style in British gangster movies or in a limited extent in his Sherlock Holmes movies, just kind of doesn't work here. It's OK that we don't intimately know every character in one of his random British gangster ensemble movies... it's sort of pivotal that we know and care about all the Knights of the Round to be. We don't. It's never not fun to watch and it's got an energy to it, but I don't know that I'd want to see it again. I wish Jude Law was a bit more raucous, a little more Dom Hemingway and a lot less nuanced/timid... I think it would have served this particular film better. I will say I liked this a great deal more than the Clive Owen/Keira Knightley "King Arthur" movie a decade ago.

    Now dammit, Guy Ritchie, make "The Real RocknRolla" already.
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    I liked where they took it with Dr. Xavier and absolutely fell in love with the little Wolverette. Reminiscent of little Drew Barrymore in Firestarter.

    The gang banger scene was worth the price of admission.
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      Patriots Day & Deepwater Horizon. Both great portrayals of real life events.


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        I happened to get to the movie theater just as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was about to start, and so bought a ticket and watched it. Though I rolled my eyes and sighed a few times, for the most part I enjoyed it.


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          Split. M. Night ain't done. Loved it.


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            King Charles III, on Masterpiece Theatre

            A trippy little piece of speculative fiction about what the writer thought could happen upon the death of the present queen of England, with prince Charles becoming king. The whole thing was in Shakespearean english- that was the trippiest part of it,(Given that the setting was completely modern day.) but in a way it worked since they were delving quite hard into where monarchy fits in modern democracy. Apparently it ran as a live play on Broadway before they filmed it, with a note at the end that the lead actor had died this year.

            From PBS' website:

            The hit Broadway show King Charles III, starring Tim Pigott-Smith, adapted for television, comes soon to MASTERPIECE. A 2016 Tony nominee for Best Play, the drama imagines Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne following Queen Elizabeth’s death. King Charles III, a special one-night television event, airs Sunday, May 14 at 9/8c.
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              Logan and Fate of the Furious.

              Both were fun, but Logan was absolutely amazing.


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                Saw Alien: Covenant. Wow, that was bad. It's like every mistake in Prometheus wasn't learned from, but rather expanded upon. I didn't love Prometheus but I was okay with it as long as we were getting the big meet-the-Engineers movie next as the ending promised... but 5 years of waiting and we get 0 of that. Not even a little bit. And now the link to Alien 1 is even less clear than it was before.

                Logan was bad-ass and Fate of the Furious was... better than 7 and a lot of fun. Misleading, though. We don't see anyone's fate.
                Highlander: Dark Places


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                  Alien covenant. I'm going to have to agree with Andrew. It was predictable and could have been so much better.