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In the secret service of her Majesty;;; the chronicle of Emma Nicholson

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  • In the secret service of her Majesty;;; the chronicle of Emma Nicholson

    The following adventures were inspired to me by a 1980's French anime series called "Clementine", the story of a little girls stuck in a wheelchair who lives wild adventures involving fairy tales characters and villains, ultimately vanquinshing and fears and destroying the story's main villain, a demon called Malmoth.

    I hope you like the stories of Emma Nicholson, portrayed by Kirsten Dunst as Claudia in The Interview with a Vampire.


    Known aliases : Faith, Imogen Parkinson, Olivia
    Gale; Emma of Arabia, Emma Bond, 007
    Notable characteristics : Teenaged Immortal
    Weapon : Medieval King Arthur short sword

    Most recent base of operations : Manchester,
    Occupation : SIS undercover agent, posing as
    school child, debuking child trafficing rings
    Prior occupations : Traveller, scholar living from
    one convent to another; drifter, beggar, occasional
    prostitute; assassin, Secret Immortal Services
    Roster of Immortals Status : Active
    Date :
    Place :
    Victor :
    Watcher : Jamilah Khan

    Original cultural affiliation : English
    Born : 1367; Brentwood, Essex England
    First death : Peasant’s Revolt of 1381, murdered
    with her peasant family, raped by English soldiers
    First teacher : Sarah d’Abbeville
    Known associates : Secret Immortals Services
    Known past associates : Sarah d’Abbeville,
    Kateri Tekakwitha, Al-Addin, Farah ibn Said,
    Hassan, Harris Nilson, Jackson Trent, Sean Burns
    Known ennemies : John Melmoth, also see kills list
    First recorded sighting : 1385. Essex, England
    Found and mentored by Sarah


    1458 John Melmoth the Wanderer

    In 1458 Emma Nicholson was attending a friend's wedding in Portmouth when she was pursued by an uninvited guest, Sir John Melmoth, also Immortal who became madly infatuated with the child Immortal. Emma wasn't interested but Melmoth relentlessly pursued her, going so far as threatening the lives of her friends and murdering a mortal boyfriend of hers. Emma, not yet the savy player of the Game she became, used her mind to create a plan that saw Melmoth entombed in a seaside cave near Portmouth where he was locked in for one century. Driven mad, Melmoth swore revenge and that Emma would be his for all eternity. And then, if she truly denied him, he would take her head and Quickening,thus making her truly his.

    In 1558 he escaped entombment and relentlessly pursued Emma who had matured a little thanks to the guidance of her new friends in the British Secret Immortals Services and decided she would force him to take no for an answer. When she faced him, she stood unafraid and using agility as well as martial arts learnt from a Japanese teacher, she stood victorious, Melmoth' Quickenign hers for the taking.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1568 - Bernardo de Pereda, aka El Cobra, Spanish fleet captain - Spanish

    In 1568 Emma Nicholson was living in Southampton as an agent of the SIS during the Treasure Crisis that saw England seize Spanish gold which originally belonged to Italian bankers, as payment to Spanish soldiers fighting rebels in the Spanish Netherlands.

    This created a furious quarrel between Spain and England which seized each other properties, leading to a four years diplomatic standoff. One of the gold-carrying Spanish ships which found shelter in Southampton was captained by an Immortal dubbed El Cobra because he struck his ennemies like a vicious snake. A player of the Game, he suspected the SIS were spying on his ship and had an encounter with diminutive Emma Nicholson whom he though an easy prey. Emma was like a mongoose, not afraid of the cobra's venom and soon Bernardo de Pereda was no more.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1627 Count Luigi Cafarelli - Member of the Venice Council

    In 1627 Emma was having a vacation in Venice as unofficial member of the British Secret Services and not at all in a mission.
    Not that it prevented her from being involved in the Reniero Zeno scandal when one of the Council of Ten members tried to denouce the corruption of the council and oppose the nomination of Doge Giovanni Comaro, a corrupt offical. 30 September 1627 Emma rescued her new friend Reniero from an assassination attempt, dispatching five masked men with swords; the attempt was traced back to Immortal count Cafarelli who was unmasked as the corrupt man he was. Giovanni was sentenced to drowning in the canals of Venice and when he came back, Emma was waiting with her sword in hand.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1754-63 Evrard Longrain aka Louis Espinasse, French infantry officer - French & Indian War

    Emma Nicholson travels abroad to the British colonies in America and finds herself in the middle of the French & Indian Wars where she meets Immortals Gregor Powers, his student Alec Hill, Iroquois warrior Osaga. She lives a life of adventures, known as a miraculous child who doesn't age and is impervious to bullets wounds. She is reporting the events of the war to the SIS and makes an ennmey of Evrard Longrain, aka Louis Espinasse a French infantry officer who sells contraband guns and alcohol to the Indians and fules the hatred between the Iroquois allied to the British and the French army. Emma befriends Kateri Tekakwitha who tried to counter Longrain's tactics against the Indians and British. Both women expose the Immortal's duplicity to the French who execute Longrain. Longrain swears revenge, coming after Emma who isn't impressed. The war ends in 1763 with the victory of Britain.


    1796 Eglantine de Rochefort, Londonian baroness - British

    A Frenchwoman and exile from the days of the French Revolution who settled in London as a wealthy socialite, she covertly worked for corruptor Andre Korda and ran a sex scandal racket : underage prostitution was common in Victorian England and when she could trap wealthy men in the underground brothel she ran, she made them pay for her silence because no one wanted a scandal around child prostitution even in those days. The SIS sent Emma posing as an underage prostitute to document Baroness De Rochefort's racket which escalated to murders when several members of the British parliament were found dead. Thanks to Emma's testimony a lot of influent men the SIS wanted to get rid of lost their positions. Emma sanctioned Eglantine de Rochefort herself while the SIS freed the dozen other girls from the bordello.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1839 Abd al-Rahman, Warlock - Middle Eastern

    British involvement in the Middle East began with the Aden Settlement in 1839. The British East India Company established an anti-piracy station in Aden to protect British shipping that was sailing to and from India. Emma Nicholson was in mission with the SIS as a scholar, to study Middle Eastern Customs and to learn more about the Arab world. She was involved with a teenaged Immortal, Al-Addin who tried to free children detained by a cult led by Warlock Abd al-Rahman, once feeding children to Baal and then located in the port city of Aden, temporary capital city of Yemen. Abd al Rhamn had a run in with Immortal Zai Jie in 1420 when the Chinese explorer visited the city, investigating Al Rahman's child murders racket.

    Al-Addin and Emma were captured by Al Rahman's thugs but were able to free the captive children, at the cost of Al Addin's life. Al Rahman didn't have the time to savor his Quickening, Emma was quick to avenge the life of her friend.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1862 - Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu

    Seeking to resore the power of Edo and not wanting any of the British influence of Japan's territory, the Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu opposed the Tokugawxa Shogunate and led a battallion of forty samurais as 'the Fiery Forty-Four" against the British legation in Yokohama, burning it to the ground and killing as many British personel as possible. Among them Emma Nicholson then part of a group of British students living in the legation. Killing Emma's friends was a declaration of war to her and she went on a fiery quest to bring the murderers to justice. One by one, the forty mortal assassins perished against her tactics learnt from countless battlefelds on the five continents. They called themselves fiery . Oh, Emma showed them fiery ! She sent them all to the fiery pits of hell before taking on the Four Hitokiri.

    But this is not a feat she acomplished alone : a Japanese immortal child followed her, Kintaro, a superhuman prodigy with enormous strenght who became infatuiated with Emma and swore to help her whenever she would need him durign her stay in his homeland. Together, they vainquished the Four Hitokiri until none remained.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1872 Hans and Greta Strobe - Germany

    The British Foreign Office had been poorly served by a series of ambassadors to Germany, who provided only superficial reports on the dramatic internal German developments of the 1860s. That changed with the appointment of Odo Russell (1871-1884), who developed a close rapport with Bismarck and provided in depth coverage of German developments. In 1872 Emma was part of a diplomatic mission in Prussia, intending to use her diminutive frame to infiltrate the Prussian court and study the ongoing political climate; nobody would care about the presence of a child after all. She met a a duo of Immortal "children", Hans and Greta Strobe who perfomed political assassinations, passing themselves as innocent children, playing their own little game of murder, in cahoots with the sinister Frau Totenkinder, an Immortal and a witch allied with the sinister Grigori Rasputin.

    The British diplomat was victim of a murder attempt, the blame pinned on a Prussian guard resulting in diplomating relations beign strained. Emma had her orders: sanction anyone trying to fuel a diplomatic war between Great Britain and Prussian mortal or otherwise. The two murderers vanished from Watcher Records and are believed permaently dead.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1920 Khentimeresh, Great priest of Amon - Egyptian

    In 1906 the Denshawai Incident - a dispute which occurred between British military officers and locals in Denshawai, Egypt - provoked a questioning of British rule in Egypt exploited by the German Empire which began re-organizing, funding, and expanding anti-British revolutionary nationalist movements. In the 1910's, the SIS began infiltrating those anti-British movements with local agents. One of those groups was "The Eagles of Cheops" a local cult founded by those Khentimeresh, once Great Priest of Amon who sought to restore the power of ancient Pharaohs in Egypt and began targeting British military personal end officals all across Egypt, wreaking havoc and killing dozens of civilians. Emma Nicholson found herself caught in a group held hostage by Khentimeresh cult in 1918 and soon found the cult leader was an Immortal, an ancient one who couldn't let go of the past.

    She was greatly helped by a band of street urchins dubbed the Cairo Street Kids on Watchers records, led by two Immortals, Farah Ibn Said, a teenaged girl and Hassan, a child Immortal. Those were ancient ennemies of Khentimeresh. The children helped free the hostages while the adult members of the SIS came gun-toting and dispatched the so-called Eagles while Emma herself had the privilege of sending the zealot Amon follower to whatever pit of hell was awaiting him.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson.


    1944 Petar 'Pan' Krupova, circus director kidnapping children across the world

    Emma Nicholson investigated the Barnum & Bailey Circus activities in the 1950, stories of children vanishing without trace, only to meet Immortal legend Peter Pàn who had a centuries long habit of kidnapping children and keeping them with him, in his own private fantasy world where they wouldn't be allowed to grow up. Peter Pàn was a self-delluded Immortal who thought he was doing some good, coming after children victims of poor treatments from adults but in doign so locking them in neverland, another form of prison. Emma succesfully managed to free his late'st crop of captives but the angry teenaged Immortal forced her into a confrontation from which Emma stood victorious. "Emma Bond, 007" did her job once again. Unfortunately, the ensuing Quickening triggered the infamous Hartford circus fire disaster durign an afternoon performance attended by thousands of civilians. 167 persons were killed.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson

    ************************************************** ****

    1956 Senja Turja and "Nils Holgersson", Sweden

    Former King Gustaf VI Adolf and Queen Louise of Sweden made a visit to Elizabeth between 28 June to 1 July 1954. In return she made an official visit to Sweden visiting Stockholm and Gothenburg between 8 and 10 June 1956, with Helen Bondeville and her "niece" Emma Nicholson as part of her entourage. Helen and Emma were to socpe out the presence of local Immortals in the court of Sweden and see if they could maintain good diplomatic relations. In Gothenburg she met anothert Immortal child, Harris Nilson, living the self-deluded fantasy of an adventurous life, away from the dangers of the Game. Emma Nicholson tried to warn him against players of the Game but Harris didn't listen ; he lived four four hundred years in Scandinavia, constantly on the move and avoiding other Immortals, seldom befriending any. Why would he care ? And then huntress Senja Turja came after him and got to him, ruining his dreams of everlasting happiness. Senja thought she could get Emma too but little Emma isn't to be underestimated and she hates when an adult Immortal bullies Immortal children, especially new friends of hers.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson


    1963 Kemp Armitage, Big game hunter - British

    Emma's affair with Jackson Trent in British Kenya ended with Trent not wanting to consort with an woman locked in the body of a "child"; while this would have been acceptable in Victorian Era, in the 1960's this was impossible. However, she had to deal with another kind of predator, British Immortal Kemp Armitage, a big game hunter and ivory trader not above having an affair with a preteen Immortal, but Emma Nicholson believed in mutual consent and she didn't consent in sleeping with disgusting Kemp. When he Immortal murdered several Kenyan natives, this sparked troubles between the black ansd white communities of the Kenyan protectorate and Emma still was an agent of the SIS so she knew where her duty lied. Thanks to her amiable procedure was done for Kenya to claim its freedom from the British Empire. The United Kingdom ceded sovereignty over the Colony of Kenya under an agreement dated 8 October 1963.


    1983 Dr. Guy Beauçeant, Psychiatrist at Black Friars Asylum

    Emma Nicholson was sent by the SIS for her annual psychiatric evaluation to Black Friars Asylum, a guest of Sean Burns for a few days. There she met the group of Immortals under Burns' care, all people afflicted with severe mental problems needing the guidance of the disciple of Sigmund Freund. She made the acquaintance of Doctor Guy Beauçant, a temperamental man of huge physique who seved as physician and medical doctor, an occasional player of the Game who had the nasty habit of playign the Game in his own fashion : as soon as an Immortal was given a clean bill of health by Sean Burns, he was relseased fro mBlack Friars and met a quick death by the sword of Beauçant, unspected by Sean Burns. Emma saw through his racket, informed by the SIS that a lot of M.IA Immortals had been resting at Black Friars, to disappear once released. Once Sean Burns signed her release papers, she was confronted by Guy Beauçant and ater a cat and mouse game took him out of the Game.

    From the Chronicle of Emma Nicholson

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