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  • The Sin Eater Saga, revised

    The Sin eater Saga: a dynasty of serial killers originally written by Apollo1. I thought interesting to delve on the killers motives who felt they were the heroes of their own stories and targeted the true scum of society, until they were killed by the Secret Immortals Services.


    The Sin Eater I Jacques Boudreaux
    Known aliases: Jakelin of Bordeaux (birthname)
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; insanity brought
    on by being burned at the stake in 1307; still carries the
    scars of his burning; wore a skull mask
    Weapon: Two-handed Crusader sword
    Recorded kills: (to be decided, possibly 5?)

    Most recent base of operations: London, Kingdom
    of England
    Occupation: Posing as blacksmith, serial killer
    Prior occupation: Templar Knight
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 15 June 1453
    Place: London
    Victor: Eadwulf, SIS
    Watcher: Research, Immortals of Medieval Europe

    Original cultural affiliation: French
    Born: 1119, Bordeaux, Duchy of Aquitaine
    First death: 1153; Siege of Ascalon, Fatimid Caliphate
    of Egypt; fighting for the Crusader Kingdom of
    First teacher : Hugues Payen, cross-identifed as
    Maximian of Ephesus
    Known associates: Ambrose Valance
    Known past associates: Maximian of Ephesus,
    Odo de Saint-Armand, Henri St. Cloud
    First recorded sighting: 1153. Siege of Ascalon
    Found and mentored by Maximian of Ephesus

    Jakelin of Bordeaux is better known in our records as one of the earliest recorded Immortal serial killers with a nickname, Jacques Boudreaux, aka The Sin Eater, during his rampage across western Europe and in London where, on 15 June 1453, his career came to an end by the blade of Saxon Immortal and SIS member Eadwulf.
    Before 1307, he was a religious fundamentalist Templar Knight, who believed his immortality was a divine gift. Unusually for an Immortal, he stayed in the ranks of the Templars for nearly two centuries by continuously dying in battle and then relocating to another region, changing his identity and appearance, and re-joining the Order, something a lot easier to do in those days.
    Then in 1307, he, along with hundreds of other Templars, was arrested on the orders of Phillip IV of France, tortured, and burned at the stake. His scars never fully healed, neither his flesh nor his damaged psyche. Convinced God had punished him for not doing enough to punish sinners, he set out to correct that mistake. He drifted from town to town, murdering, mutilating and even consuming the flesh (eating the sins) of those he judged had committed sins against the Word of God : thieves, prostitutes, murderers, frauders, fornicators, heathens.
    He appeared in London in 1452 as a blacksmith, while at night he stalked the streets in a skull mask and murdered his victims, branding the corpses with his mark in Latin, Peceatum Comedenti, the Sin Eater. Richeard of Mercia, convinced an Immortal was responsible, sent Alfgar of Winchester and Eadwulf onto the streets of London to hunt him down. Eventually, Eadwulf tracked Boudreaux to his forge in the East End and finally brought his rampage to an end, the Quickening setting fire to his forge.

    From the Chronicle of the SIS

    The Sin Eater II Ambrose Valance
    Known aliases: Alexander Jakelin
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; paedophile,
    cannibal, religious fundamentalist; wore his teacher's
    skull mask
    Weapon: Customised broadsword

    Most recent base of operations: London,
    Occupation: Blacksmith, serial killer
    Prior occupations: Apprentice to Jacques Boudreaux,
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 12 Aug 1693
    Place: London
    Victor: Alfgar of Winchester, SIS
    Watcher: Research, Immortal Serial Killers

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1399, Oxford, Kingdom of England
    First death: 1441; Paedophile priest caught and
    hanged for abusing dozens of pre-teen boys
    First teacher: Jacques Boudreaux, aka The Sin Eater
    Known associates: Caleb Judge, aka The Sin Eater III
    Known past associates: Jacques Boudreaux
    First recorded sighting: 1453, London
    Apprentice to Boudreaux. Flees when he is beheaded by

    When seven mutilated, partly ingested bodies were found over two weeks in London marked with the Latin words, Peceatum Comedenti, Richeard of

    Mercia recognised the handiwork of the Immortal serial killer Jacques Boudreaux, the Sin Eater. But he knew the Sin Eater was killed by Eadwulf in 1453, so Richeard suspected a copycat was at work. All victims were fornicators, including two men of the cloth, who were known paedophiles themselves, in an era when paedophilia wasn't seen with such outrage in modern times.
    Alfgar, Eadwulf, Raimond d'Amboise, Helen Bondeville, and Allegra Chambers hunted the serial killer through the streets of London, but two more bodies of known sex offenders dropped before Alfgar of Winchester tracked him down to a blacksmith's forge in the West
    End. There, he discovered that Ambrose Valance wasn't a copycat, but rather Boudreaux's apprentice and had been responsible for two of the murders in 1453. He had witnessed his teacher's demise, but had vowed to continue his holy work. Alfgar put an end to Ambrose after a short battle and, presumably, the Sin Eater. However, a week later, one more body was found in a tavern on the outskirts of London with the mark of the Sin Eater. No more deaths were recorded that year, but Richeard and his crew remained on alert in case Ambrose had also trained an apprentice.

    From the Chronicle of the SIS

    The Sin Eater III Caleb Judge
    Known aliases: Caleb Ambrose
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; a taste for
    teenage girls; cannibal; religious fundamentalist;
    wears his former teacher's skull mask
    Weapon: One-handed custom broadsword

    Most recent base of operations: Oxford, England
    Occupation: Professor of Religious Studies,
    Oxford University, serial killer
    Prior occupations: Teacher
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 17 Oct 1734
    Place: Oxford
    Victor: Helen Bondeville, SIS
    Watcher: Robert Foster

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1660, Newcastle, England
    First death: 1690; beaten to death by the relatives
    of a 12 year old girl student he had groomed
    First teacher: Ambrose Valance. aka The Sin Eater II
    Known associates: Eli Bedloe, aka The Sin Eater IV
    Known past associates: Ambrose Valance
    First recorded sighting: 1690, Newcastle.
    Dug up from an unmarked grave by Ambrose who told him
    his own sins would be forgiven if he joined his crusade

    The third Immortal to carry the name of The Sin Eater, Caleb was, like Ambrose Valance before him, the student and apprentice of the last Sin Eater.
    His teacher was killed by Alfgar of Winchester in 1693 and Caleb left a calling card a week later, a corpse in a tavern to let the world know that The Sin Eater's works would continue. To avoid Richeard of Mercia and his band of Immortals, Caleb fled to Scandinavia and continued his work there.
    It wasn't until 41 years later that he resurfaced in Oxford as a professor at the university where, at night, he would don the skull mask and stalk the streets punishing the sinners and leaving the mark of The Sin Eater on their mutilated bodies. He targeted unwed young mothers and young women selling themselves on the streets of Oxford, deeming them as unredeemable heathens who betrayed the Lord..
    At this time, Helen Bondeville was on an assignment for Richeard in Oxford and recognised the signs. It took her a month to locate Caleb and watched him from afar, waiting for him to make his move. She finally confronted him as he stalked his next would-be victim, challenging Caleb, who tried to run for a nearby cemetery, but she caught up to him. The fight was brief, Helen being a more skilled swordswoman, and she put an end to the third Sin Eater.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    The Sin Eater IV Eli Bedloe
    Known aliases: Elias Bettle
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; religious
    fundamentalist; wears his teacher's skull mask
    Weapon: One handed custom broadsword, retrieved
    from his former teacher's decapitated body

    Most recent base of operations: London,
    Occupation: Book seller, serial killer
    Prior occupations: Failed writer
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 4 June 1799
    Place: London
    Victor: Alfgar of Winchester, SIS
    Watcher: William Gilbert

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1691, Bath, England
    First death: 1731; committed suicide after
    murdering his wife in a drunken rage
    First teacher: Caleb Judge, aka The Sin Eater III
    Known associates: Jeremiah Morse, aka The Sin
    Eater V
    Known past associates: Caleb Judge
    First recorded sighting: 1731, Bath.
    Found by Caleb and convinced he has been restored
    to life by God to seek redemption by punishing sinners

    Bedloe was the first of the Sin Eaters to abandon cannibalism but continued the tradition of preying on true sinners, or those he deemed true sinners. A remorseful wreck of a man who beat his beloved wife to death in a drunken rage for an imagined slight and slit his own wrists, he was mentored by Caleb Judge, who convinced him he could atone for his mistake and find redemption by following him and punishing sinners.
    Unlike the three previous Sin Eaters, Eli had no taste for human flesh, but he had a talent for hunting and killing his targets, often stalking them for weeks, and even befriending them, before donning the skull mask and carrying out the sentence. With Eli, it was less about mutilation and more about the punishment. So good was he that in one week in May 1799, five people fell victim to the Sin Eater.
    His five victims were known wife-beaters themselves, two had been known rapists and one had murdered a prostitute in frenzied rage. The righteous Bedloe wanted to make penance for his sins by targetign and destroying the same kind of scum who muredered women.
    Once again the SIS were on the case and it was Alfgar of Winchester, responsible for killing the first Sin Eater, who made it his personal mission to hunt down his latest successor. Eli proved more elusive than his predecessors, killing six more mortals before Alfgar trapped him in his book shop and took his head. Despite the victory, Richeard of Mercia had the SIS remain vigilant, knowing that sooner or later, the skull mask would appear again.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    The Sin Eater V Jeremiah Morse
    Known aliases: Father James Morrison, Father
    Julian Miller
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; religious
    fundamentalist; magnetic personality; wears his
    teacher's skull mask
    Weapon: Two-handed customised broadsword

    Most recent base of operations: Liverpool,
    Occupation: Travelling preacher, serial killer
    Prior occupations: Parish rector
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 29 Aug 1853
    Place: Liverpool
    Victor: Raimond d'Amboise, SIS
    Watcher: Robert Hopkins

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1742, Norfolk, England
    First death: 1793; parish rector killed by husband
    of female congregation member he seduced
    First teacher: Eli Bedloe, The Sin Eater IV
    Known associates: Absalom Finch, The Sin Eater VI
    Known past associates: Eli Bedloe
    First recorded sighting: 1794, Norfolk
    Found by Eli drowning his sorrows in a tavern, convinced him he was restored to life to atone for his sins

    When eight bodies showed up in Liverpool over four weeks in August 1853 with marks gouged into their flesh in Latin, Richeard of Mercia recognised the signature of the Sin Eater and knew another Immortal had taken up the skull mask. Letters were sent to the local constabulary claiming responsibility for the murders and that the Sin Eater had chosen the city because it was a hotbed of "sin and decadence".
    The victims again were thieves, extortionists, pimps and murderers who had erscaped the hanging noose by default.
    At this time, Raimond d'Amboise was based in the city and immediately set to the task of tracking the Sin Eater down. Four more bodies were found at the dockyards over two weeks and d'Amboise, posing as an Inspector from Manchester, joined the police investigation and was soon able to get on the trail of the Sin Eater, but three more victims were claimed before d'Amboise found the Sin Eater's lair in an abandoned rectory, finally confronting Jeremiah Morse, at this time known as Father Julian Miller. Morse, like a cornered rat, fought like a demon, but d'Amboise soon brought him to his knees and struck off his head.
    Knowing there is always another apprentice, d'Amboise scoured the city, but the successor had already eluded him, little realising at the time that the next Immortal to wear the skull mask would be the most dangerous and devious of all of them.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    Thomas Baxter
    Known aliases: Tommy Barker
    Notable characteristics: Hothead; prone to
    impulsive acts; something of a show-off
    Weapon: English cavalry sabre

    Most recent base of operations: London,
    Occupation: Agent of the SIS
    Prior occupation: Weaver
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 14 Dec 1936
    Place: London
    Victor: Allegra Chambers, SIS
    Watcher: SIS Watcher Team

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1797, Blackburn, Lancashire, England
    First death: 1819; Blanketeer killed during the Peterloo
    Massacre, St Peter's Field, Manchester
    First teacher: Allegra Chambers, SIS
    Known associates: Allegra Chambers, SIS Immortals
    Known past associates: None
    First recorded sighting: 1819, Manchester
    Found and mentored by Allegra Chambers, at this time
    observing the march on behalf of the SIS who helped
    orchestrate it. He was later recruited into the SIS.

    Baxter's impulsiveness and recklessness was always his greatest weakness. Despite everything Allegra tried to teach him, he was always a loose cannon in the ranks of the SIS. For years after she took him under her wing, Baxter had a crush on Allegra but she always kept him at arm's length. At some point in his 139 years though, the two did sleep together, although it meant more to him than it did to Allegra, who has after all, slept with hundreds of men in her three hundred years. It was clear he still held some resentment toward her; perfect fodder for Absalom Finch, the sixth Sin Eater, the most manipulative and brilliant of all his predecessors.
    When the killings began in the summer of 1936, the SIS recognised the handiwork of the Sin Eater. Richeard of Mercia had all of the SIS hunting for the newest incarnation, but he was more elusive than they had thought. A chess grandmaster in his pre-immortal life and a psychologist, he knew how to strategize and his charismatic personality would prove to be decisive.
    Allegra and Thomas picked up a trail after another murder in the East End, but while Allegra wanted to inform Richeard and the others, her hot-headed student was determined to make a name for himself and went off hunting for Finch himself.
    Unknown to Allegra, he walked into a trp laid by Finch and his apprentice Keaton Bartlett. He was captured and spent the next six weeks being tortured and brainwashed by Finch while Allegra and the other SIS Immortals turned London upside down searching for their missing comrade. Finch convinced Thomas that Allegra and the SIS were using him, that they were responsible for his crimes and he was merely a scapegoat so Richeard and his cohorts could gain political capital. Finch's dominant personality easily subsumed that of Thomas Baxter.
    Thomas was released and when Allegra found him wandering in Hyde Park in the middle of the night, he accused her of toying with him and using him and the SIS of betraying him. Despite Allegra's pleas, Thomas drew his sword and attacked her. Unable to reason with him, Allegra was forced to defend herself and in the end had no choice but to take his head. She sobbed as the Quickening filled her.
    Grief stricken and consumed by rage, she swore to avenge his death by hunting down and killing the Sin Eater without mercy.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    The Sin Eater VII Keaton Bartlett
    Known aliases: Bart Kelsoe
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; sexual
    sadist; religious fundamentalist; under the thrall
    of The Sin Eater VI; wears replica skull mask
    Weapon: English cavalry sabre, a gift from
    Absalom Finch

    Most recent base of operations: Manchester,
    Occupation: Acolyte of Absalom Finch
    Prior occupations: University student
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 29 Dec 1936
    Place: Manchester
    Victor: Eadwulf, SIS
    Watcher: Roger Adams

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1915, Preston, England
    First death: 1934; Stabbed to death in self-
    defence by woman he had been stalking and
    planning to kill
    First teacher: Absalom Finch, aka The Sin Eater VI
    Known associates: Absalom Finch
    First recorded sighting: 1934, Birmingham, England.
    Found by Absalom Finch, at this time a guest lecturer
    at the university, and quickly falls under his spell,
    becoming his devoted disciple.

    The seventh Sin Eater proved to be merely a tool, a distraction, used by his predecessor to hoodwink Richeard of Mercia and the SIS to enable Absalom Finch to escape their clutches. After the tragic events orchestrated by Finch in which SIS member Allegra Chambers was forced to kill her own former student and fellow SIS Immortal Thomas Baxter, the sixth Sin Eater knew Allegra and her cohorts would leave no stone unturned to hunt him down, especially the revenge-seeking Allegra. So Finch used his devoted apprentice Keaton Bartlett as a decoy, sending him to Manchester with a replica mask and the Sin Eater name to draw off the SIS.
    When Bartlett began killing there, Allegra was determined to be the one to take his head, but Richeard of Mercia was concerned that her emotions would cloud her judgement and make her vulnerable to the Sin Eater's machinations - none of them were aware that Finch had already slipped away to Europe and the Sin Eater they were hunting was just his devoted apprentice.
    While Eadwulf was sent by Richeard to hunt him down, Allegra was ordered to stand down, a decision she was furious with. However, once Eadwulf was easily able to track Bartlett to his lair and take his head, Allegra suspected that it had been too easy. Starting her own investigation, she soon discovered the true identity of Bartlett's master and, against the orders of Richeard of Mercia, she left England for France to hunt him down.
    The Second World War would interrupt her personal vendetta and bring her back into the SIS fold, although she made it clear to Richeard that when Finch resurfaced, she would be the one to end him and nothing he could do would stop her.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    From: Justin Grieves, Supervisor, Secret Immortals Society Watcher Team
    To: Sir Martin Huw Loundes, Chief Archivist
    Re: Radoslaw Bujak, Bruno Falck

    For forty years or so the above mentioned Immortals were aberrations in our chronicles; young Immortals who, for unknown reasons, despite being mentored by what we would deem as "good" Immortals, committed heinous acts and were themselves then killed by other decent Immortals, one was even slain by his own teacher. Some Watcher scholars speculated that they had all encountered some previously unidentified ancient Immortal powerful enough to corrupt them. He/she had even been dubbed "the Corruptor" in the archives.
    Now, however, we have been able to positively identify "The Corruptor" as Absalom Finch, the sixth Sin Eater. A talented psychiatrist before he became immortal, Finch had already proved his talent for manipulating vulnerable minds during the Thomas Baxter Incident of 1936. Fllowing information provided by Richeard of Mercia and Allegra Chambers concerning the movements of Finch after the Second World War, we can now update the chronicles of Radoslaw Bujak and Bruno Falck

    Radoslaw Bujak
    Known aliases : Radek Boklowski
    Notable characteristics : Mentally unsable, easily
    controlled and manipulated
    Weapon : Basket-hilted saber
    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

    Most recent base of operations: Warsaw,
    Polish People's Republic
    Occupation: Polish dissident, murderer targeting Nazi fugutives
    Prior occupations: Polish resistance, 1939-45;
    Captain, Polish Army
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 21 Mar 1949
    Place: Warsaw
    Victor: Alex Raven
    Watcher: Radman Eile

    Original cultural affiliation: Polish
    Born: 1880, Grodno, Poland
    First death: 1920; Battle of Warsaw, Polish-
    Soviet War
    First teacher: Stosch Basalok
    Known associates: Absalom Finch, The Sin
    Eater VI
    Known past associates : Stosch Basalok
    First recorded sighting : Warsaw, Poland
    Found and mentored by Stosch Basalok

    Bruno Falck
    Known aliases : Franz Bruno-Hiller
    Notable characteristics : Mind broken after having
    been tortured in Dachau concentration camp
    Weapon : Austrian cavalry saber
    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

    Most recent base of operations: Linz, Austria
    Occupation: Security guard, Commerzbank; serial
    killer targeting former SS officers living in Germany
    Prior occupations: Anti-Nazi resistance, shoemaker
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 4 Apr 1953
    Place: Frankfurt
    Victor: Eike Koubek
    Watcher: Wilhelm Hoffer

    Original cultural affiliation: Austrian
    Born: 1915, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
    First death: 1939; Beaten to death by Fascist
    Black Shirts for being homosexual
    First teacher: Eike Koubek
    Known past associates : Eike Koubek
    Known ennemies : Ernst Daimler
    First recorded sighting : 1939. Linz, Austria
    Found and mentored by Eike Koubek

    The Sin Eater VI Absalom Finch
    Known aliases: Arthur Flynn, Artemis Finn
    Notable characteristics: Charismatic; brilliant mind,
    able to dominate weak personalities; sociopath;
    immortality triggered past his prime
    Weapon: Sword hidden in cane

    Most recent base of operations: Paris,
    Occupation: Psychiatrist & serial killer
    Prior occupations: Ditto
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 23 Nov 1958
    Place: Paris
    Victor: Allegra Chambers, SIS
    Watcher: Jean-Pierre La Coure

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1798, Norwich, England
    First death: 1850; run down and killed by runaway
    coach, suspected murder by relative of one of his
    First teacher: Jeremiah Morse, aka The Sin Eater V
    Known associates: Abigail Crane, aka The Sin Eater VIII
    Known past associates: Keaton Bartlett, aka The Sin Eater VII,
    Jeremiah Morse
    Known enemies: Allegra Chambers, SIS

    First recorded sighting: 1850, Brighton, England
    Mentored by Morse, who had been watching him for
    several months

    Absalom Finch, the sixth Immortal to carry the title of The Sin Eater, was a dark mirror of the revered Sean Burns. While Burns studied the human mind to help mortals and Immortals alike, Finch sought only to control and dominate weaker personalities.
    Of all the Sin Eaters, he was the most sinister and devious. His murders of "sinners" were less about mutilation and punishment, more about the thrill
    of the hunt and kill.
    A psychiatrist before his First Death, Finch preyed on his patients in sick psychological experiments often leading to suicide, and was thought to have been murdered by a relative of one of his victims. He was then mentored by Jeremiah Morse, who had been watching him for some time, offering him redemption for his crimes and a means to channel his murderous urges into killing only "sinners".
    The manipulation and death of Immortal Thomas Baxter of the SIS in 1936, brought him into the crosshairs of Allegra Chambers and a relentless pursuit ensued, interrupted only by World War II, during which Finch picked up his own apprentice, although she was reluctant to follow in hisfootsteps.
    His manipulation of two young, vulnerable Immortals and their subsequent deaths, eventually allowed Allegra Chambers to pick up his trail and track
    him to Paris in 1958. Wary of how dangerous Finch could be, Richeard of Mercia sent Chambers to Sean Burns to offer insight into the mind and methods of Finch. When Chambers followed him to his Paris apartment, she had to combat his attempts to provoke her and probe for her mental weaknesses, but thanks to Sean Burns' insights, she resisted Finch's tricks and attacked him with her sword. Finch was surprisingly fleet-footed for someone of his physical appearance, having spent several years training with European fencing champions, but Chambers' centuries of experience was telling and she decapitated him on his expensive Persian carpet.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    Neither Allegra Chambers nor the SIS could have known that Absalom Finch's demise that day helped create the current Sin Eater. Abigail Crane had resisted her lover's attempts to cajole her into murder and the mask of The Sin Eater, but his death led to her grief transforming into rage and a steely determination to carry on his legacy and find and destroy Allegra Chambers and the SIS.

    Special Agent Cindy Williams, FBI, 2 April 2018
    Chronicle of Abigail Crane, aka The Sin Eater VIII

    The Sin Eater VIII Abigail Crane
    Known aliases: Alison Colter, Angela Colt
    Notable characteristics: Strategic thinker; excellent mimic
    of people and accents; poses as a man when wearing
    the mask of the Sin Eater
    Weapon: White braid katana, stolen from antique
    dealer who she then murdered

    Most recent base of operations: Washington, DC,
    Occupation: FBI Special Agent & profiler, murderer
    Prior occupations: Detective, London Metropolitan
    Police; Inspector, Paris Police Prefecture; SOE Agent
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 12 May 2008
    Place: Washington DC
    Victor: Allegra Chambers, SIS
    Watcher: Cindy Williams, FBI

    Original cultural affiliation: French-English, French
    mother, English father
    Born: 1918, Lille, France
    First death: 1943; SOE Agent working with Yugoslav
    partisans, killed in ambush by Chetniks
    First teacher: Absalom Finch, aka The Sin Eater VI
    Known associates: None
    Known past associates: Absalom Finch
    First recorded sighting: 1943, Eastern Bosnia.
    Mentored by Absalom Finch, at this time serving as
    a medic, in return for access to German prisoners

    Abigail Crane is the first female Immortal to bear the title of The Sin Eater. Unlike her predecessors, Crane's murders are a means to an end: revenge.When Absalom Finch found Abigail following her First Death in an ambush, he not only became her mentor but also her lover, despite the apparent age gap. Even after she found out about his true nature and the legacy he carried, she still loved him, although she refused to follow in his footsteps.
    All that changed in November 1956, when she returned to the apartment they shared in Paris and discovered the decapitated body of Finch. Grief-stricken, she picked up Finch's sword and scoured the streets for his killer, but found nothing.
    It would be a full decade before she found out who killed her lover and the group of Immortals to which she belonged. Another ten years of research to uncover everything she could about the SIS and its activities. Then she set about planning her revenge, a long-term plan. She entered law enforcement and took up the mantle of the Sin Eater, knowing it would eventually draw the attention of Allegra Chambers and her compatriots. She used her job to cover her tracks as she killed known serial killers in various parts of the United States and utilised her mimicry skills to pose as a man while killing, so Immortals would hunt for the wrong perpetrator, as would their mortal counterparts in law enforcement.
    For Abigail, killing Allegra Chambers is not enough, destroying her world first is. So she used her work and skills to plant evidence and lead investigating Immortals where she wanted to lead them: to innocent Immortals she had decided to implicate as a dry run for what she intended to do to Chambers. Two Immortals have been framed and killed in the last decade as Abigail hones her talents. Preparing for the time when Allegra

    Chambers falls into her web.

    22 August 2005
    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society

    Since transferring to DC, Abigail has already made her mark as the Sin Eater. Three bodies have been dragged out of the Potomac in the last six weeks; the leader of a local Latino street gang, a sleazy lawyer with links to organised crime, and a suspected paedophile. The Director has already set up a task force which we've been assigned to and i suspect, as before, all the evidence will point to a male perp. At some point, the mark of The Sin Eater will be found and before long, word will get back to the UK and a certain centuries-old female Immortal with unfinished business. When she comes toWashington, she'll be walking into Abigail's intricate trap.

    Cindy Williams, FBI, 10 April 2018
    Chronicle of Abigail Crane, aka The Sin Eater VIII

    Finally Allegra Chambers didn't take long before taking out Abigail Crane, in a search and kill party she headed with Rhiannon
    Teague who hads the same exact background as Abigail : both women served as SOE agents durign WWII and were first
    killed durign those terrible years. Aigail was like a sister to Rhiannon but soon became her dark reflection in the mirror,
    terrorozing her for decades. It was to exorcize this particular demon that Rhiannon volunteered for the mission, a mission
    which met both women's expectations : Allegra got her revenge and Rhianon finally laid old nightmares to sleep.

    Cindy Williams, FBI, 12 May 2008
    Chronicle of Abigail Crane, aka The Sin Eater VIII
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    Wow! The Sin Eaters are such hypocrites. Kill sinners, kill sinners, kill sinners. Unless it's another Immortal, so we make him our student!

    Nice work.


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      Apollo1's work, I justed added some details to spice things up.