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    The Chronicle of Menmet-Ra is an enigma, sometimes its difficult to disentangle myth from reality. Now known to us as the mysterious leader of the Zodiac Brotherhood, a group of twelve Immortals, all students of Menmet-Ra.

    He has been identified as another student of the oldest Egyptian Immortal Inyotef, pre-dating Raan by several centuries. According to research, in pre-immortality he was a humble farmer, but how he died his First Death is unknown. He shows up later in the records as an officer in the Egyptian army under the Pharoah Tuthmosis I during his campaigns in Syria and Palestine between 1507 BC and 1494 BC. Before that, one earlier account places him at the court of Amenemhet I in 2000 BC as a bodyguard or captain of the place guard.

    His place as founder and leader of the Zodiac Brotherhood is said to have originated from his belief that Immortals are born superior to mortals and should not have to hide among them and fight each other to extinction. He came to embrace the idea that Immortals should be ruling their inferior cousins. It is these beliefs that are said to have led to his conflict with his teacher Inyotef. A conflict that culminated in a confrontation in 1420 BC in Abydos in Lower Egypt. According to legend, they fought from sundown to sunrise, but eventually Inyotef triumphed. He spared his student's life at the point of his sword, unable to kill his former friend, but this defeat did not extinguish Menmet-Ra's beliefs.

    Inyotef must have known his student would one day have to be stopped and it is believed he passed this warning on to the legendary Magos of Ur, who in turn passed on the knowledge to his student Aganesthes of Tyrins.

    According to legend, Memnet-Ra walked the known world, searching for others of his kind, gathering to his side twelve disciples fiercely loyal to him. It is written that Memnet-Ra came to believe that because Immortals were so few in number compared to mortals, they would have to rule from the shadows. He set up a base at Knossos on the island of Crete in 205 BC and his Zodiac Brotherhood hired mercenaries as a garrison to defend the fortress they built.

    Why Memnet-Ra adopted the Zodiac as a symbol of his cult is shrouded in mystery, as are the Immortals who became his acolytes, since Memnet-Ra was elusive and difficult to keep track of, especially with the limited resources of those days. Almost nothing is known about his Brotherhood other than they were Immortals found by Memnet-Ra and indoctrinated into his beliefs. Memnet-Ra and the Zodiac Brotherhood were a secret society that prided itself on its anonymity, and legend has it that their plan was to infiltrate the mighty empires of the ancient world and rise to power from the shadows with Memnet-Ra as supreme ruler.
    Records show that Achilles of Troy, legendary student of Aganesthes of Tyrins, discovered the plot by the Zodiac. He recruited to his side students, friends and trusted allies to stop Memnet-Ra: Xanthia of Melitus, Cleophon of Athens, Epistor of Macedon, Medios of Thebes, Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta, Marcus Constantine, Take Ne of Egypt, and Katherine of Samothrace. The Immortals planned to storm the Zodiac's fortress on Crete, but were heavily outnumbered by the cult's 2000 mercenaries. According to records, Marcus Constantine used his influence in the Roman Senate to convince the Republic that the army on Crete posed a threat to Rome's Mediterranean trade routes and he was given command of a legion.
    With this force, the Immortals landed on Crete and laid siege to the Zodiac's fortress. After three days, they breached the walls and swept into the fortress. The legend says the Romans put the mercenaries to the sword, slaughtering them without mercy to a man, while the Immortals hunted down the Brotherhood and slew them all...
    All but two members of the Zodiac who escaped with their master. Memnet-Ra was nowhere to be found.
    Several of the Immortals, including Cleophon and Achilles, searched for the cult leader for several years afterwards, but never found him. He had vanished off the face of the Earth.

    It has been over 2000 years and no trace of Memnet-Ra has ever been found, but rumours persist of a mysterious ancient Immortal moving silently in the shadows, quietly gathering acolytes to an ancient cause.

    Is the Zodiac Brotherhood on the move again ? Time will tell...

    Watcher Research,
    The Legend of Memnet-Ra and the Zodiac Brotherhood

    From the Records of the Tribunal
    Dark Henry of Kent Chronicle
    After Walter Graham's Watcher was found killed near the Immortal's house, with Graham's body missing, the worst was feared : the return of a rogue Watcher death-squad, targeting innocent Immortals. An inquiry was made but with no conclusive proof that Lynn Horton may or may not have followed in her father's footsteps, the infamous James Horton. Actually, Lynn is a good woman who feels concerned by the number of 'evil' Immortals having a negative influence on the course of mankind's history and felt appaled when she found out about her father's operations.
    As it turned out later, during the investigations of the murders of Betsy Mitchell in Los Angeles, the guilty part was none other than Henry of Kent, grandmaster of headhunter-slaying who had seemingly gone mad after killing Lucius Oranius Capito last december. Henry's Watcher reported how his assignment demonstrated psychotic behavior and used to drive entire nights around Los Angeles, looking for something. The ancient crusader was looking for Quickenings, either under the spell of a Dark Quickening (see James Coltec, Duncan MacLeod, Guy LeStrange) or addicted like his former student, Gerszon Telek.
    In the span of ten days, four Immortals fell to his blade, two were experienced fighters, the two others younger Immortals under the wing of Betsy Mitchell. After those four murders and attracting the unwanted attentions of L.A's police department as well as FBI's finest, Henry left LA for Northern Calfornia where he hoped to find his former student, Lang Quing and her assocites, Ginjer Wu and the Shaolin Three.
    The utter lack of discretion and avidity for Immortal's lifeforces seems to prove an addiction to Quickenings, that's even worse that what Gerszon Telek endured, which would be unavaoidable when you think of the total of headhunters Henry killed in the course of his travels : around forty evil Immortals perished by his blade. This new 'Dark Quickening' incident was foreseen by Henry's past Watchers, but never taken into consideration. After leaving L.A, Henry drove to Burbank where his former student, Amy Ross, worked as a teacher. Fortunately for her, she was still in England with Rhiannon Teague, having been invited by her Welsh friend for the holidays.
    When she came back, the Immortal community of California was in a state of shock after four of their numbers had been found beheaded. Amy warned Rhiannon that her former teacher had gone md, and thus, though the grapevine, the SIS Immortals could tell of it to the Ravenwood agents who felt appaled that their beloved line-brother became one of the monsters he fought for eight hundred years.
    Lan Quing, aka 'Little Dragon', the fifth best blade of East Asia right after Jin Ke, May-Ling Shen Zhang Shi and Hideo Tanaka, was next in line. She was happy to see her master again, but could see something was wrong about her old friend : a brusque, cold demeanor, flashes of anger and then rumors of Immortals brutally murdered in Los Angeles. Lang Quing had heard about DQ's but to her they were an urban legend. Then Henry assualted her without even a proper challenge and the little dragon was forced to fight, showing the same ferocity she had when challenged by older, more powerful Immortals. It is no wonder some Immortals referred to her as 'the mongoose of the far east'.
    Little Dragon was very competent with a sword, but she soon found herself disarmed, her master's blade at her throat. If not for the intevention of her friends, the Shaolin Three, she would have lost her head. Henry of Kent fought the four women like a demon and then managed to escape, running away, seemingly in agony between his addiction and the despair of hurting his friend.
    Lang Quing and the Shaolin girls tried to hunt Henry, not knowing what to do with him, but the Englishman vanished like a puff of smoke, moving far north, to the Pacific Northwest. He was briefly seen in Sacramento, scouring the city, but found no Immortal living in the area.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Japan
    To : the Tribunal
    28 January 2011
    Words in Watcher Circles of Japan is that Kiem Sun has found the recipe for the Kwanlo root, with which is is building an army of invicible mortals, as help in the Game. For the past five weeks, reports have been flowing in that Immortals from all corners of Japan have been assaulted by packs of men dressed in fancy garbs, demonstrating super-human strenght. They are now on the missing roster of Immortals. All are high-profile Immortals, with the exeption of Genjo Ito, student of Hideo Tanaka. We expect the Samurai master to come knocking at Kiem Sun's door whnever the hunt for Henry of Kent ends.
    Kiem Sun has also been reported travelling a lot since the kidnapping and was present in each city where an Immortal diseappeared. It is to fear the seven aforementioned Immortals were murdered by Kiem Sun, a childlike Immortal hidig his cowardice, first behind walls, and now behind an army of supermen.
    From the Records of the Tribunal
    Ardath Bey, a diminutive woodcarver from Memphis who made his first appearance on the Immortal scene during an encounter with businessman Habib ben Younes : a short encounter that led to a discussion in one of the provate rooms of Ardath's cafe of Casablanca. Habib's Watcher never figured what the two men said to each other before Habib left the place.
    Between 1860 and 1900, Ardath travelled on two occasions, first in Iran, where it is suspected he visited Hassan-ii-Sabba, the old man on the mountain living a secluded life in his fortress of Alamut : then to Ankara, Turkey, where an encounter with Siah-Seck ended with the pirate woman's blade at his throat. He told her something that made her scared to the point of getting her truly angered. Ardath and Siah-Seck's Watchers were unable to record the verbal exchange between the two Immortals. Had an encounter with two other Immortals in the 20th century : Musa Chekhamani in Tripooli during the mid-1970's and Connie Richland in 1991, during her exploration of the Valley of Kings in Egypt. Ardath warned Cordelia that the Pharaoh's curse would strike her down if she dared violate the holy grounds of Egypt, but Cordelia shrugged it off... and lost her head against Keith Boyer just asshe uncovered the burial chambers of Seti I's wives.
    The inquisitive Watcher Research feels there may be connections between Ardath Bey and the aforementioned Immortals : Richland's death by the blade of Boyer was too coincidental : could he have contacted the young pounk so he'd go after Richland ?
    And isn't it a bit curious that an Immortal woodcarver could have had 'pacifical' encounters with political big guns such as Hassan-ii-Sabbah, Habib ben Younes and Musa Chekhamani ?

    From : Ancient Immortals Research Team
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 19.02.11
    To be added to the chronicles of Inyotef and Tizkar of Sumer
    In light of current events, we are forwarding to you an extract from an old myth we had previously dismissed as local legend or folklore. It recounts a conversation between the ancient Egyptian Immortal Inyotef and the Sumerian headhunter Tizkar just prior to his death in 523 BC :
    ...but as the old Egyptian warrior, defeated, fell to his knees, his eyes flashed in defiance. Lifting his head, he said to his conqueror, "Before you kill me, Sumerian, know this : I know who sent you, i know who it is you serve ! I have a message for you to deliver to your master. Tell him i have seen the Old Woman, the Oracle. She knows what it is he seeks. Tell him she has seen the future, she has seen his end. It will not happen now, but far, far from now. At the time of the Gathering, when he sends his followers out into the world, bringing chaos and death to all, two of our kind will stand against him : One, a Son of Athena, the other, a Daughter of Ares. Together, they are the Sword and the Chalice, the Harbingers of his doom. They are the Future. My old student seeks godhood, they will see to it he is forgotten, his name reviled. All those who bear the mark of Ra will be mercilessly slain to their utter desolation. This is the message i bring, Sumerian. One day soon, your own head will fall and we will meet in the afterlife..."
    And Inyotef was still laughing as Tizkar's sword fell.
    It would seen this War was foretold over 2500 years ago by an Immortal known to Inyotef and Menmet-Ra as the Old Woman or the Oracle. Further research is required to discover her origins.
    We leave it to you to assess the identities of the two Immortals referred to as the Son of Athena and the Daughter of Ares.
    Robert Langdon, Head Researcher

    From East Asia Watcher Bureau, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Report on the activities of Hideo Tanaka
    20 February 2011
    As expected, the samurai master investigated the deaths of the Immortals, and mourned the passing of his friend Eto Jiro and of his hoodlum student, Genjo Ito, swearing their death wouldn't stay unavenged. Hideo made contact with Koji and Kokuten Tadokoro, leaders of the Tadokoro Ninja clan who welcomed him as a friend and valuable ally and agreed to follow him on his search-and-destroy mission against Kiem Sun and his army of killers who had been positively identified as the murders of Jiro and other six other Immortals.
    After a video-conference with Richeard of Mercia and Cleophon of Athens, Tanaka and the Tadokoro brothers decided an alliance with the Yasujiro Clan was necessary if they were to survive the coming war. Fujita Isei of Japan intelligence agency and associate of Tanaka was also enlisted as well as kabuki hero 'Flameshadow' : but first they needed to convince stubbord Nariko Genji that, on her own, she had little chance to survive against Kiem Sun and his army : the mortals hired by Kiem Sun could be anyone, could hide anywhere and strike at the least expected time. They were worse than the Ninja in the sense that they could be anyone anywhere.
    But Nariko Genji would hear none of an alliance with the nine heroes and swore the death of not only Hideo Tanaka, but also of all the Tadokoro Clan and of the Ravenwood Immortals, boasting that she made alliances that would ensure her final victory over her hated ennemies.
    Naturally, this tantalizing revelations allows speculations on who her master may be : is he the powerful adversary rumored to have triggered this senseless war ? Is Nariko delusionnal enough to believe that she stands a chance against Ravenwood International and their allies ? Time will tell, soon enough I am afraid.

    From the records of the Tribunal
    22 February 2011
    To be added to the Chronicles of Hideo Tanaka and Kiem Sun

    The attack of Hideo Tanaka and of the Tadokoro Clan was swift and merciless. Using stealth and speed, they invaded Kiem Sun's villa on the outskirts of Kobe and killed the the bodyguards, the dogs, the servant, all mortals imbued with superhuman strenght, all of Chinese origins. It took a mere hour for the Ninja to fight the crazed mortals whose strenght was merely boosts of adredaline triggered by a powerful drug, a deadly mix of cocaine and artificial adredaline, as well as an unknown molecule : all this discovered after an autopsy was performed by Tokyio's Watcher scientifical team on some of the people killed by Tanaka and his friends. Twenty-four mortals armed with swords and assorted weapons creamed in the space of sixty minutes by the combined might of Tanaka and his associates : they expected some losses on their side but fortunately suffered none.
    Hideo Tanaka and the Tadokoro's Watchers witnessed how Kiem Sun was dragged out of his house, bound and gagged and then taken to an isolated house for interrogation. The ear-piercing shrieks suggest violence and torture on poor Kiem Sun, Tanaka didn't look pleased when the interrogation was done, I do not believe Kiem Sun's answers satisfied him. I guess Tanaka hoped for clues on the identity of the man who gave Kiem Sun the recipe for the Kanloo root.
    Tanaka later disposed of the Immortal as he saw fit, allowing us to finally put Kiem Sun on the list of deceased Immortals for Japan.

    From : Yoko Fujikawa, Head of East Asia Bureau, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 27.02.2011
    Barely one week after Hideo Tanaka took out Kiem Sun of the Game, the Bushido warrior and his associates - Flameshadow in Yokohama and Fujita Isai in Tokyo - were attacked in their homes by, respectively, Nariko Genji, Ojiwara Mito and Sanjoi Ogai. The three immortals didn't bother with respecting the rules of the Game : this was an assassination contract - on who's payroll is another mystery - and they had not time for the luxury of rules. Each of the three Ninjas was escorted by a dozen of genin - including those operating overseas.
    Thanks to the wonders of cell-phones, help was soon on the way : the six immortals combining the Kawasai Clan helped the three immortals fight off the mortal genin - wiping out most of the Yasujiro Clan in the process : Ijiro and Shun Kawasai in Tokyo with Okada Iso and Tanaka Sinbei; Kawakami Gnsai and Kirino Toshiaki in Yokohama.
    Tanaka, Flameshadow and Isai were left with their immortal opponents who they defeated and killed after strenuous fights. A well-needed victory for Ravenwood after the deaths of Vasquez and Haynes yesterday.

    From the Records of the Tribunal
    18 March 2011
    To be added to the Chronicle of Henry of Kent
    Deoneces, Frances Drummond and Clemont Haynes reunited with Hideo Tanaka after the attack against Kiem Sun's army. Henry of Kent was seen in Tokyo, cruising for an easy Quickening, which he won't find with Japan's Immortal population so severely depleted after Kiem Sun's attacks.
    Tomorrow, the tag-team will resume its search, but time is of the essence : the Adversary is gathering its forces, more and more Immortals are killed and the Ravenwood Immortals need Henry of Kent safe and sound of mind.The Englishman is hiding somewhere on Hokkaido, safe in a Buddhist shrine, torn between his hunger for more Quickenings and his torments over the lives he has taken so far.There are talks among Field Watchers to interfere and disclose Henry's location to Deoneces, but we believe Deonecs and Hideo Tanaka, master hunters that they are, shall find Henry soon before he is forever lost to the world as a champion of the Game.
    Meanwhile, all of Ravenwood Immortal agents have gathered to London per instructions from Cleophon of Athens. The Adversary is building his army, but so is the old Athenian.

    From the Records of the Tribunal
    30 March 2011
    Word came in from East Asian Bureau, Japan Subdivision, that Deoneces of Sparta, Frances Drummond, Hideo Tanaka and Clemont Haynes finally found their rogue colleague and friend, Henry of Kent, after four weeks of hunting and the murders of four Immortals from Calfornia and Pacific Norhtwest.
    The following is a report written by the Watchers of the four aforementioned Immortals to be entered in the Chronicle of Henry of Kent. Henry of Kent was found in a Buddhist shrine located north of Honshù, an island nearly depleted of most of its Immortal population in the last twenty years where Henry had still managed to kill two more Immortals : athlete Kei Nishikori and historian Kanda Nobuo (see their Chronicles, Japan Database).
    In contemplative prayers for the last few days, Henry welcomed his friends with a part of relief - the hunt was over - but they could see he wasn't his usual self : serene, calm. This was a pained, tormented soul, thinner from not having had a decent meal for weeks, shaking like a junkie under withdrawal, ill-shaven and with longer hair.

    Frankie Drummond was the one who suffered most from her friend's condition : he was the one who got her out of her 'dark years' during mid-19ht century, and she so wanted to help her friend. Brooding Deoneces understood all too well the darkness embracing Henry and Clemont, always the scholar, took the opportunity of studying the after-effects of a Dark Quickening on an Immortal.
    The four Immortals went to a sacred grove of Honshù, an ancient, hidden cave the Tadokoro brothers knew about from their days of training with the White Witch of Honshù (see her chronicle for reference purpose). The cave has been existing for 2500 years at the very least, and was a haven for Immortals of Japan seeking respite from the Game and for those needing to be cured from temporary madness brought by the Game. It is written in the Chronicles that the great Ramirez himself took his student Matsuhiro Kanagawa there and trained him in the use of the Katana before the Game turned a brave warrior into the rogue and murderer he became.

    There, Henry of Kent was left alone, having to fight his worst ennemy : himself. Because at this moment of his life, Henry of Kent realised he had become what he hated most : a headhunter, a murderer of his own kind, well before he targeted the Californian Immortals. Even if he came after rogue Immortals and players of the Game, it didn't change what he was, that is a born-warrior who killed with gusto and enjoyed travelling and fighting other Immortals in duels to the death. Even though he saw himself as a warrior doing what needed to bedone, the dark part of himself enjoyed killing.And when Henry kiled Lucius Oranius Capito, a headhunter who lived in the gray area of Immortality, the power of Capito's Quickening engulfed Henry's psyche and not even a favor of God could have saved him from the darkness that engulfed him. In the cave, twenty feet underground, Henry fought the most important battle of his life and faced his demons : the endless tortures he suffered during his First Death at Jerusalem, the shock of awakening on Earth, not in Heaven and feeling so alone and Godforsaken. The confusion that came when Cleophon of Athens taught him of the Game, of other Immortals. How he single-mindedly decided to come after those of his kind when Damon Case nearly killed him.
    Then the memories... the filth accumulated over ten centuries of taking the life-essences of the most evil, depraved men and women who ever walked the Earth.. centuries, millenias of serial killing, rapes, torching villages, sacking cities, enslaving men and women, torturing people : memories acquired from the Quickeninings of Immortals Henry killed. All of this, Henry of Kent faced. He also faced the women he loved and lost, the friends he made and saw wither and die, his line-brother Maharbal of Carthage who was killed by the Kurgan : he faced the temporary deaths he suffered - buried alive in a landslide, being burnt on a stake, drowning while crossing the Atlantic sea, being captured and put to death by the Spanish Inquisition : countless horrors he endured in his long, adventurous life as an Immortal.

    All of this, Henry of Kent faced.

    The darkness was his, and his alone. Finally, the Englishman stopped fighting. He welcomed the darkness in him, embraced it. He let it be a part of the good man he was, let the old wounds bleed then sew them up and finally healed.
    When the ancient crusader got out of his cave, he was healed. But he would never be the same again : he explained to his friends that he was done with the Game, with hunting other Immortals. It was over. In spite of their protests and the fact a war was raging in the Immortals world, Henry felt their side had enough rave warriors and heroes and that the Adversary had no chance against their combined might.

    From : Lindley Osbourne, Watcher Bureau of England
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 06 April 2011

    To be added to the Chronicles of Evliya Celebi, Ahmet Dede and Nasreddin Hoca.
    We are signalling the arrival in London of Middle Eastern Immortals Evliya Celebi, Ahmet Dede and Nasreddin Hoca. They met at Picadilly Circus and were joined by Richeard of Mercia and Eadwulf of the SIS : all five went at a local pub and had a serious discussion about an espionnage assignment from none other than Kellistra for whom they already did some work as agents in her search for Methos during hte 15th century on the North African coast, which open a window to another past identity of K : Isra of Algiers, mysterious and elusive woman briefly associated to the aforementioned three, and also the the murderous Hassan-ii-Sabbah.
    Apparently, Kellistra wants the three of them to put their lives on the line as spies in Ari al-Muzaiyin group of hunters. They are to travel all the way to Alexandria and hook-up with the smal group, pretending to be on the side of the Adversary.

    Celebi, Dede and Hoca are not only a friendly and well-liked lot in both the Immortal and Watchers communities, but those are historical people, important to our records : Celebi the legendary explorer and writer, Hoca the trickster and Ahmet Dede of the Islam Saint-Fools who 'never forgets a face'and survived encounters with more than one headhunter.Kellistra certainly has good reasons to send them after Ari al-Muzaiyin and his men - Generals need good spies in every war - but we do hope those three guys will live to see the end of the war and the defeat of the mysterious 'Adversary'.

    From : Watcher Bureau, North Africa
    Date : 08.05.2011
    Mossane gathered her four students, the Water Snakes, and was heard telling them she didn't teach them how to survive in the Game to become the foot soldiers of a power-hungry, half-crazy demi-God. She instructed them to pack bags and swords and to take the next plane with her to London where she hopes she can forge an alliance with Ravenwood International in spite of the bad blood she had with Immortal like Kellistra. Mossane belives she has two things for her : informations on the whereabouts of the Serpent Squad and her past as a disciple of Sunda Kastagir and vigilante on the African continent. Good luck to her ! Here is a woman in over her head : she is an ennemy of Ravenwood and she just betrayed the Adversary.

    From : Watcher Research, Southern Europe
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 30.05.2011
    With Cleohon of Athens and Kellistra having gathered around them Kyra I, Katherine of Samothrace and Deoneces of Sparta, we have in London the five survivors of the original group that went after the elusive and powerful villain Mmenet-Ra ! Could the old Egyptian be the elusive Adversary the Immortals are facing now ? If this be the case, who could be the new Zodiac Brotherhood ?
    And if Memnet-Ra really was behind those manipulations why shouldn't he have done so before ? After cross-checking with the Watcher Research departments of Western Europe, It wouldn't be too much to infer that some of its members can be identified as Helen King as well as - possibly - the Immortal Maiden. Those Immortals have shown connections not only to HISS and to Ari al-Muzaiyin but are certainly behind the current Immortals War and have proven to have powerful connections in the mortal world, able to trigger chaos at any given time.

    From : Watcher Tribunal
    To : Watcher Research, Southern Europe
    Date : 30.05.2011
    Do you even realise what you are writing ? It would give an entire new meaning to the Game : all those Immortals who died in the last 2000 years were then killed by a power-hungry Immortal with the dellusion of ruling the Immortal world.It would mean that all those powerful, ancient Immortals weren't killed for the sake of the Game, but because they could figure out who Memnet-Ra is. If Memnet-Ra is REALLY the villain Cleophon and Kellistra are fighting, then he may be hiding under our noses somewhere in the Database, either a minor Immortal of unknown origins or one who has never been identified so far.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Asia, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 28.06.2011
    A co-jointed attack took place in Tokyo and Yokohama against Hideo Tanaka and Flameshadow, from respectively Kin Oriyama and Lucy Sparks.
    The attack was expected, not only from us but also from Tanaka and Flameshodow, forwarned by Ravenwood thanks to Mossane Gasira Nkobe's informations.
    Thez two students of Matsuhiro Kanagawa proved to be fearsome fighters, mixing martial arts figures with their fighting techniques, like dances of death; although bereft of one arm thanks to Kellistra's blade, Lucy Sparks showed no weaknesses and kept her balance against Flameshdow while her friend Kin fought for her life in front of the honorable Samurai. In the end, both women fell on their knees, didn't ask for mercy and received none.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Iberian Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 03.08.2011
    Ali Ibn al-Quattan and Hippolito Cabral, recruited by Frances Drummond have been challenged and killed by Timoteo of Lusitania and Joana Vaz in Madrid. The latter two have been missing on the roster of Immortals since - respectively - the 8th and 14th centuries : imagine our surprise to see those two Immortals, long thought dead. We are now urging our counterparts from the branches of Western Europe and from the other continents to search for any missing Immortals who may re-appear and pose a threat to the forces of Ravenwood International.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Balkans Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 11.08.2011
    Deoneces of Sparta, Kyra and Katherine of Samothrace have relocated to Athens after the events of England Riots. In Athens they were joined by joined Thanos of Athens and Virgil of Naples, standing vigil over any invasion of Greece by the forces of the now-identified 'Adversary' : Memnet-Ra of Egypt. The five Immortals travelled to the island of Crete in search of Ra's former fortress, finding only ruins.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Balkans Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 11.08.2011
    Deoneces of Sparta, Kyra and Katherine of Samothrace have relocated to Athens
    The five Immortals travelled to the island of Crete in search of Ra's former fortress, finding only ruins.

    From : Watcher Bureau, North America, US Northeast Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 05.09.2011
    Kyra II ambushed Seraphina in Central Park last night, but was aware she was on Kyra's kills list thanks again to Mossane's informations. She clahshed swords with the Thessaloniki Adder before standing victorious

    From : Watcher Bureau, North America, US Southeast Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 07.09.2011
    Marie Laveau stormed in Baron Samedi's lair like a fury, and trashed the whole place, looking for the Houngan master. Unfortunately for her, the Houngan was gone, so were his zombified slaves. The house was empty. Samedi somehow vanished like a puff of smoke and is nowhere to be found : He is to be recorded as missing on the list of active Immortals.
    The Watcher's anti-advertisement squad spent all its time checking the media and squashing reports of Immortal activities in the aformentioned regions : TV, newspapers and even the Internet. It is fortunate for us that both the Immortals and the Watcher organisation has adapted itself to the 21st century's way of life and to modern technologies.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Iberia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 11.09.2011

    To be added to the chronicles of Timoteo of Lusitania and Joanna Vaz
    Taking a pro-active stance in the war, Frances Drummond and her former student Viola Blanco hunted Timoteo of Lusitania and Joanna Vaz all across Iberia. They found the two headhunters in Salamanca, where the two ancient Immortals were processing the powerful Quickenings of Hippolito Cabral and Ibn al Quattan : Frances felt confident she could take on Timoteo or Vaz but she wasn't too sure about Viola. However, Viola had been insistent on taking part in the war, not wanting to share the sad fate of the other Iberian Immortals who chose to stay in hiding.
    A long time ago, she swore she would never hide again, and by God she would get a piece of the action ! Beside, she had other weapons than just mastery of the sword : a crafty psychologist, she knew she could see though her opponent's fighting techniques, a talent that helped her face other Immortals time and time again.
    Ten years after a war of terror was brought on American grounds, two butterflies brought terror to two agents of Memnet-Ra, coming after them in the middle of the night, yelling like furies and barely leaving theri quarries the time to get out of bed and pick their swords.
    The fight was brutal. Frances brought her usual speed and agility while Viola paced more, carefully studying Vaz's swords move : when they were ready, both women took the offensive and utterly destroyed the Immortal couple's confidence before finally taking them out. Frances and Viola's Watchers witnessed a rare occurence in the Game : a double Quickening shared by two Immortals : it happened only with the Hauser Brothers, once with Frances and Henry of Kent, another time with Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta during the Horsemen Crisis and now.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Rome
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 12.09.2011
    Luara Capeci and Arcangelo Bartoccini fell to the blades of Fausta De Rosa and Fortunato Cortesi after Marcantonio Fitipladi sent his two immortal assassins against his ennemies from Ravenwood.
    De Rosa and Frances Drummond's student made short work of the Red Brigaders. For years, Capeci and her lover spread terror all through the Italian Peninsula, with assassinations, sabotaging and intimidation maneuvers and helped Fitipladi through the rise of Silvio Berlusconi to power. Having proven themselves to be valuable soldiers, time and time again, Fitipaldi felt it was time for them to pit their strenght against others of their kind during the Immortals War. Unless they were sacrificial gambits needed to give him the time to run from Ravenwood...

    From Watcher Bureau, Southern Asia
    To Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 14.09.2011

    Supriya Bashkar is dead. Early this morning, she was challenged by Lalica : the fight was fought by the Persian lioness challenging the Indian mongoose. For eight hundred years, Supriya played the Game with a vigor and a passion scarcely observed in an Immortal woman, ranking her with the likes of Ceirdwyn, Alex Raven, and even the legendary Kellistra. Lalica is a villain with class, a beautiful woman who played the Game because she felt this was in the nature of Immortals : as centuries passed by, sheearned the respect of Ari al-Muzaiyin, Lucius Oranius Capito and even Safiyah Khan. Is it any surprise if she is now among the last contestants of the ongoing Gathering ?

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Rome
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 19.09.2011
    Fausta de Rosa and Fortunato Cortesi scoured the criminal underground of Rome in search for members of the so-called Red Brigades, thus attracting the attentions of Marcantonio Fitipaldi who sent his best assassins after the two Immortals. As worthy students of Henry of Kent and Frankie Drummond, they made short work of the Red Brigaders : keeping one survivor, they managed to track
    Fitipaldi to his lair where they found Fitipaldi's bodyguards and a huge surprise for us Watchers : a woman of Roman ascendance, Immortal, her neck and left side of face marred by burnt scars. Ayzebel of Meritus, introducing herself as such unsheated her sword and challenged Fausta while Cortesi took care of the remaining mortal Brigaders before going after Fitipaldi.Fitipaldi was nowhere to be found, having left his female associate handle their opponents. The battle of Fausta against Ayzebel ended with the Italian's death. After digesting her Quickening, Ayzebel came after Fortunato Cortesi : her Watcher lost her trace in Rome.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Italy
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 21.09.2011
    Starting the hunt for the Zodiac Brotherhood, the Secret Daggers hunted Marcantonio Fitipaldi right to his roots, the Valley of Tuscany where they found him hiding in a vineyard, posing as a rich landlord, surrounded by heavily-armed bodyguards. They were no match against the combined might of six powerful Immortals who gunned them down before finally catching up to Fitipaldi.
    Sigrid Solvig urged Fitipaldi to surrender, lest his life was forfeit, but the old fanatic had served the likes of Mussolini before bowing before Memnet-Ra and knew no other way of living than under the boot of one overlord or another. Surrendering wasn't an option.Fitipaldi fought Solvig like a madman until she was forced to lop off his head with a quick maneuver learnt from Thor Steen.Searching through the dead man's house, the squad found no evidence of his belonging to the Zodiac Brotherhood : however, they found on his computer a heavy correspondance with Immortals Mario Cardoza, Helen King and Pharamond, suggestign the Fitipaldi was at least a close associate of the Zodiac.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Western Africa
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 30.09.2011
    Baron Samedi has re-appeared in Porto-Novo, Benin, the root of Louisiana voodoo practiced by the old houngan. After leaving his zombified slave-warriors in New Orleans to be institutionalized in a psychiatric ward, Baron Samedi managed to create new ones in the space of a few months.
    Suspecting foul play from Samedi, the two women investigated the origins of those attacks, which they found in Porto-Novo : not wanting to take on Samedi on their own, Meja and Bebe asked for reinforcements which came under the shape of the Secret Daggers.The six Immortals met and decided on a plan : there were at least twenty to thirty of those zombies, they would need to be killed immediately before they could arrest Baron Samedi. Bebe and Meja warned the Daggers that the houngan wouldn't let himself be arrested, he would rather kill himself before he would be brought down by agents of Ravenwood.
    Meja and Bebe would proceed to the arrest while the Daggers would be the 'muscle' against Samedi's army. Sumaye and Assia were lucky to be alive as it were, Ravenwood didn't want to risk more losses.
    Samedi's mansion was located on the outskirts of Porto-Novo by Marie-Louios d'Orty and Cain Brewser, guards everywhere, armed to the teeth with dogs : the Daggers had little difficulty taking them down with guns and ammo. The slave-warrior were another matter : thirty men and women armed with razor-sharp machetes, all mortals fortunately.

    There was nothing Sigrid Solvig and Radu Cozma couldn't handle while Swenja Baatze and Lootje De Groot fooled around until Cozma reminded them to act like professionals : shoot first, play with swords later. Inside the house, a grizzly sight awaited Bebe and Meja : Samedi, in a gesture of defiance, took his own life, his body ceremonially sat on a throne, his head carefully placed in a jar. Baron Samedi had escaped the justice of Ravenwood.
    Searching Samedi's house, the Daggers found conclusive evidences that Samedi was indeed a member of the Zodiac Brotherhood as Ravenwood suspected. He bore the robes of the Cancer, a sign that is as much a symbol of life and rebirth as it is of suffering and pain, perfect fit for a master of the undead world. His journals, written in a coded, undecipherable language, gave few clues on his associates in the Brotherhood : his computer, once cracked, allowed to give away the Helen King, Kamir, Mykhaltso Demidas as members of the Zodiac.
    The Secret Daggers have landed on the island of Crete, joined by none other than KELLISTRA who got busy looking for the elusive Helen King (aka Eleni of Sparta). The group of Immortals hoped to find Helen cowering on the former headquarters of Memnet-Ra, a place they investigated last August, finding no clue on the Adversary's current whereabouts.
    Kellistra gathered her troops for her third and final confrontation against the Black Serpent Queen of HISS. It is on the archaeological site of Knossos that Kellistra and her band fought a squad of swordsmen clad in black attire, their clothes bearign the mark of HISS : a royal cobra swallowing the earth, tattoed on their chests, two dozen wild-eyed fanatics surrounding theri mistress, the pathetically ageing Helen King, looking like a shadow of herself : Kellistra is rumored to have tempered with Hzelen's life-essence, thus negating her regenrative abilities. The ensuing battle proved to be epic, Kyra, Seraphina and the Daggers cutting a bloody trail though Helen's army while the woman cowered on Holy Grounds.
    When the dust settled, the mortals had been disposed off : then suddendly an explosion shook the site of Knossos, the gatherered Immortals witnessed Helen's shrine being disintegrated by what sounded like thermite. All what was left of Helen were bloodied clothing band. The Serpent Queen evaded capture in her own fashion. Surprisingly, her Quickening wasn't reeived by any Immortal present : Kellistra explained how seven years ago she took Helen's life-essence, living her in the state of a frail mortal. What power she must master to be able to perform this !
    In the city of Knossos, Kellistra acknowledged she made a mistake by leaving the child in Helen's care and decided to bring her back to London where she could be raised as a decent Immortal.

    From : Watcher Bureau : Eastern Asia, China
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 10.10.2011
    Immortal Maiden and Jin K were, fighting in one of the longest and most ragins fights ever recorded in Watcher history. While Jin Ke used to be one of the best blades of China an retained al his vigor, Immortal Maiden was a devious and tricky fighter who managed to take advantage of Jin Ke's weaknesses, eventually getting the upper hand. Jin Ke fell to his knees, muttering 'Ravenwood will come for you, your little war is over' before his head fell to the ground. The ensuing Quickening was a mighty one, triggering a sudden, raging storm over Taiwan and causing for several millions of Taiwanese dollars of property damage. The Maiden's victory gave her cohorts the moral strenght they needed against May-Ling Shenand her team. But the China Enforcers didn't stand a chance against the coimbined might of China and Japan Immortals who set their differences aside and, in mere minutes, saw their respective heads divorced from their shoulders.
    After properly disposing of the bodies and giving Jin Ke the funeral he deserved, May-Ling Shen and Hideo Tanaka went in search for the Maiden had vanished without a trace. They are presumably looking out for their next targets, possibly in Japan or in Europe where the Immortals Word War is still going strong.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Northern Asia Asia
    Date : 12.10.2011
    Deoneces of Sparta, Kyra and Katherine of Samothrace are making progress in their search for Memnet-Ra : already they have concluded that Koschei the Deahless was the arch-rival of Memnet-Ra for the last one thousand years, allowing us to place an approximative date of birth for him, and that the old Russian is unlikely to re-appear on the Immortal scene : Ra finally had him executed by one of his agents in Russia, eather the Kurgan or Lucius Oranius Capito according to the Immortals of Mother Russia.

    From : Watcher Bureau, US Southwest
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 18.10.2011
    Pro-active Seraphina rushed to Los Angeles, in search for the elusive Mykhaltso Demidas, an Immortal financialist who so far gave few clues about his true loyalties. Lying low in the Game, so far, he never met any challenge and was thought to keep a neutral position by Ravenwood.
    We were wrong : the Immortal with Midas' touch coordinated all the attacks against Immortals living on US territory, in relation with Pharamond, the Maiden and using sleeper agents across the entire country. His place on the Zodiac roster is of the Scorpio, it certainly fitts him : a man obsessed with wealth and power, and thus corruptible, we knew who he was all along and he played us all for frogs ! Naturally, reading his earler chronicles, he looks like a sympathetic hero who discarded his sword and choose the ways of peace : a former associate of Kellistra and Grayson who always walked between light and shadow and who should have been kept under better scrutinity.
    Seraphina confronted him as the Scorpio of the Zodiac, but she didn't have the time to negociate an understanding as Demidas viciously went on the attack, relentlessly keeping the offensive, keeping the most vicious moves against the former gladiatrix. We finally understood he wouldn't let himself be taken alive because in the end, instead of blocking Seraphina's sword, he let it slice though his neck ! Like a scorpio, Demidas chose death over betray

    From : Watcher Bureau, Western Europe
    Date : 19.10.2011
    Methos himself took a plane for Dublin, where he hoped to confront his former disciple, Pharamond, and put an end to this massacre. The man he met has been his student 2,000 years ago, they drank wine in Babylon together. Like most of his discples, Pharamond took after Methos : an elusive man who passed himself as a legendary Immortal, one rumored to have existed ages ago and who likely died against a better sword. Until he reunited with his teacher as well as other Immortal at the top of the World Trade Center in 2000, he hadn't had a Watcher since Cherlemagne sent his armies across the Danube : he was an unknown quantity, a minor Immortal who associated himself with shady Immortals such as Annie Devlin, Andre Korda and Grayson.
    The two Immortals met in a church and spoke in an ancient, undecipherable dialect : it sounded like Sanskrit, only altered. Methos seemingly warned Pharamond that Cleophon of Ahtens and Kellistra were coming for him and that the days of his master's reign were numbered. Pharamond retorted he would prevail as he always did, and that if Ra fell, another one would take his place and the Game would beging anew. Methos spoke eloquently of how his allies were detrmined to end the Game forever but also agreed that forever was too long a time not to be an utopia. 'We are mankind's dark mirror, Pharamond : Gengis Khan fell, another one took his place, Hitler fell his dreams survive even as we speak'. The Australian bush isn't deep enough, the Everest not tall enough to help you hide from the Son of Athena and the Daughter of Ares. Be careful.'
    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Asia, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 26.10.2012
    After a long, harrowing fight, the Maiden managed to take the advantage against Hideo Tanaka and right as her sword was at his throat, Tanaka seized the Maiden's blade between his palms and kept such a pressure that it gave time for hsi sliced stomach to heal and to reverse his position in front of the Maiden. Hideo Tanaka is a master of the sword, his moves are the stuff of legends, but what makes him a true master of the immortal world - at least in the Far East - is his ability to take the advantage in the most extreme circumstances. Against Hideo's mastery of the Martial Arts, the Immortal Maiden found herself disarmed and soon she had to use her karate, jiu-jitsu and tae-kwan-do techniques against the Japanese immortal. The duel between the two masters lasted for hours - enough to make Bruce Lee green with envy. Then Tanaka got the upper hand and sent the Maiden to the floor, kiling her by hitting pressure points on her chest. The Maiden's heart explodedin her chest and then she was dead. Tanaka waited for the exhausted Maiden to revive, and handed her Cixong sword to her. The Maiden knew defeat when she saw one, and mutely took the position.
    In a matter of seconds, her life was forfeit and her head rolling on the ground. And so ends the Chronicle of the second-to-last survivor of the Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southwest Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 30.10.2011
    After a two weeks-long search with assistance from Ahmet Dede, Hoca and Celebi, Bin Fauzi and his trio couldn't be found : Radu Cozma reported no progress in their research. Ravenwood called the team back to London, pending further orders.

    From : Watcher Bureau, South Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 11.11.2011
    To be added to the Chronicles of Safiyah Khan and Ya Nefer Ma’at
    In Mumbai, Ya Nefer Ma'at was fighting Safiyah Khan. The battle between the two women was epic, the Berber from Morocco against the Egyptian from Alexandria, the lover of Immortal life against the God-driven fanatic. The battle proved to be unconclusive as both Immortals were of equal strenght, in the end the two fighters were both so exhausted that they called for a truce and decided to choose the following evening to finish their battle. Both women
    are liked in the Watcher community - Safiyah may be a remorseless killer, but she has class, a vision, she is practical and fair. This week we found out where she stads in the ongoing war.
    The following evening, exactly twelve hours later, Khan and Ya Nefer Ma'at met again. Ya had been documented about Safiya Khan and knew that this was no ordinary killer she was facing : a player of the Game who believed Allah gave her a purpose in life and who had submitted her will to the power of an ancient and powerful Immortal from Egypt. Being Egyptian herself, Ya understood the fascination the ancient Egyptian gods could have on mortals and Immortals : Horus the hawk-god, Anubis keeper of the dead, Osiris whose chief-priest Raan had been her teacher. Ya tried to explain to Safiyah that whatever Memnet-Ra promised to her, he could never deliver : the ancient gods were long dead and forgotten, they could have no hold on anyone anymore. Allah's message to the Prophet Mohammet
    was a message of peace, neither of war, nor of hatred. What hold could he posibly have on her, she questioned.
    Safiyah honestly answered : she ddn't care about the so-called Adversary, and felt she was above wars ruled by Immortals with dellusions of grandeur. She fought in the name of Allah, and only to Allh would she give her life for he gave a purpose to the empty life she was living. She was going to take the head of Ya in His name, not for the sake of the war. Again the two women fought. This time, Ya Nefer Ma'at knew she had a death sentence on her head : if she lost the fight, Safiyah would show no mercy for she was too far gone. Safiyah's ferocity and speed knew no bounds : she had opened her heart in a moment of weakness, and she could afford no weakness.
    With anger, precision and skill she landed the Egyptian woman on her knees and before Ya could say one word... the sword fell down. Ya Nefer Ma'at was dead, but Memnet-Ra's forces didn't score another victory. Safiyah Khan is a wild card through and through. But to Safiyah, the victory was hollow. After disposing of the speedingly-decaying body, Safiyah went to a hrine and was last seen in prayers, her Watcher lost her in the crowd of Mumbai

    From Watcher Bureau, Eastern Europe
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 25.11.2011
    Finally after 1800 years of playing the Game, Lalica micked a fight she couldn’t win against Keren-Happuch, right in the middle of the Immortals War, though it is unproven wether this challenge was part of the actual war or a challenge like any other she disputed over the centuries. Lalica wanted to try her sword against a fellow warrior woman she respected and took her defeat with grace, showing fatalism on her face before her head fell. In the end, though, she proved to get the last laugh as her Quickenign weakened Keren to the extant she could hold her own against the rampaging Huneric one week later.

    From Watcher Bureau, North Africa
    Date : 08.12.2011
    Reporting the arrival in Alexandria of Pharamond and Helen King. Pharamond looked in good shape as usual, while Helen King... is a sorry sight. She walks with a limp, with help from a stick, looking withered and tired, an ageing mortal woman. Since King is know to have reached her Immortalhood in her mid-twenties, it doens't seem possible. But King does look like a woman in her mid-forties now. What could Kellistra have done to her in 2005 so she ends like an ageing, weak shadow of her former self ? After landing in Alexandria, the two Immortals lost their Watchers and are presumed active in the area. More reports to follow.

    From : Watcher Bureau, South Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 10.12.2011

    To be added to the chronicle of Peter Gaicus
    Reporting the death of Peter Gaicus by the blade of an as-yet-unidentified Immortal - blonde, muscular, in his forties with a Germanic accent - on the outskirts of Calcutta..
    Gaicus was once the greatest swordsman in Rome, but his skills with the blade dimmed over time, the Roman having lost interest in the Game, preferring using the scalpel and the laser in modern surgery. While he proved competent against Cassius Polonius in 2008, the ancient manipulator was no fighter : the German headhunter apparently is and that's why he prevailed against a man who dedicated his life to curing mankind from its ills.
    Research is in motion to pin a name on the mysterious individual who took out a valiant soldier of Ravenwood.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Northern Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 26.12.2011

    The Babylonian powerhouse finally lost her head in a fight she couldn't win when a Germanic Immortal carrying a customized broadsword came after her head, the day following her battle against Lalica : Lalica having been major player of the Game herself, Maude would have needed the time to process her energy, her power and memories : time the German Immortal didn't give to her.
    Maude may be a tough-as-nail, tall and vindictive fighter, she is like any Immortal after a fight : too weak to sustain another battle and its ensuing Q. Every Immortal is aware of it. This Immortal had all the luck against De Valerie. It is true she put up a good fight, and she proved to be still stronger than the average Immortal, but the German was lucky.Her passing enegy illuminted the sky of Moscow, alerting the BMR that another Immortal had just die. Fearing for their Ravenwood ally and the Immortals under their charge they rushed to the battle scene in time to see the German drive away.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Asia, China Subdivision
    Date : 01.12.2011
    Place : Beijing, China
    Reporting the fight of May-Ling Shen against an unidentified Immortal of Teuton origin, wearing dark spectacles,wearing a conservative suit, using a customized two-handed broadsword. The Immortal appeared out of nowhere, didn't introduce himself and simply assaulted May-Ling : May-Ling is the fastest, most acrobatic fighter in the Far East (not counting the Crimson Butterfly) but the German took advantage of her small size by patiently waiting for her to wear out and then hitting her with tremendous blows, in the end he got to his target and severed her swordarm, his customized sword having seized her katana'shandle.
    May-Ling didn't fall on her knees : the competitive acrobat started running, but to no avail, the German was faster and took her head swiftly.He has been cross-identified as the same Immortal who took out the powerful Maude de Valerie in Moscow last week.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Italian Subdivision
    Date : 13.12.2011
    Reporting the death of Fortunato Cortesi against Ayzebel of Berytus, marking her second victory against Ravenwoodafter she took out Fausta De Rosa in September.

    To : Watcher Tribunal
    From : Elodie Desarte, Watcher Research, Immortal Fighting Techniques
    Scholars have debated since Huneric’s disappearance in 1972 how a man of limited intelligence could become such a dangerous and powerful Immortal. Much has been made of his uncanny ability to outwit and defeat so many of his kind with reputations as skilled swordsmen and women. The fact others of great charisma have used him down the centuries as a powerful weapon seems to indicate an individual limited to the ambitions of those he has pledged his loyalty to, but with no aspirations of his own.
    I have a theory : just as people with autism compensate by becoming great artists, mathematicians, etc., so Huneric has made up for his personal shortcomings by having an amazing ability to instantly analyse an opponent’s technique in battle and then overcome it with the appropriate counter-moves. He’d fought and killed ten Immortals with fearsome reputations before he took the head of Rosendo of Castile from the Spanish Cabal and then wiped out the Knights of Charlemagne. In fact, it appears the only opponents he has a weakness against are those able to quickly switch techniques multiple times in mid-fight : Richeard of Mercia, Frankie Drummond and Deoneces of Sparta, who took out his right eye and nearly his head. Is he still alive out there somewhere ? If he is, I speculate it won’t be long before he emerges again, as it seems he enjoys pitting himself against the best swords in the Immortal community.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Iberian Subdivision
    Date : 21.12.2011

    To be added to the chronicle of Ayzebel of Berytus and Frances Drummond.
    After burying her student in Venice, Frances Drummond started hunting Ayzebel of Berytus but didn't have to look for long : the old Immortal was expecting Fortunato's teacher and rejoiced at the idea of taking out the fabled 'Crimson Butterfly' rumored to have killed as many Immortals as the Kurgan himself.
    (Watcher note : not far from the truth since the Kurgan killed over fifty Immortals in his long life, while Drummond killed over forty : however, we do believe he may have killed ten to twenty more.)
    The battle between Frances and Ayzebel was vigorous, the redhead combined six different fighting techniques against her opponent who proved to be a proficient and cunning player : each time counteracting France's moves. Ayzebel laughed while she danced around the Butterfly : 'they didn't call me the Dragonfly of Carthago for nothing, sweetheart ! Dance, dance with me ! '
    Then, in the middle of the fight, Ayzebel simply unsheated her sword and took her leave, boasting that luring the Butterfly to Italy had been easy : 'see who protected those under you charge while we fought ! ' And then she was gone. Indeed, while Frances was busy looking for Cortesi's killer, two other Immortals lost their lives the day before.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Asia, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Bureau
    Date : 24.12.2011
    To be added to the chronicle of Lan Bai
    Lan Bai's Watcher was tried and executed two years ago, after conclusive evidence that she had been interfering in the Game since Lan's First Death in 1989. Six Immortals died because of Xu Lin's own game of manpulations. To her, Lan, Bai was the daughter she could never have.
    Unfortunately, we can show no leniency toward traitors.
    Left on her own, Lan Bai tried to survive in the Game but wasforced to runfrom headhunters and found no Immortals she could consider 'easy pciking' : with the Immortals War erupting, her days were numbered. Her death by the blade of Flameshadow was onlmy a matter of time.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southwest Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 26.12.2011
    Katherine, Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta are now in Ankara, Turkey, ready to investigate the archives of the Malamut Fortess, following rumors that Ra was acquainted to Hassan-ii-Sabah during the 19th century. A likely suspect would be Ardath Bey. Is Ardath Bey the Adversary ? If Memnet-Ra is indeed Bey, isn't it our duty to INTERFERE and pinpoint the old man to the trio of Immortals ?
    We already failed in seeing Ardeth for the Immortal he might be... but we might risk the life many more Immortals if we don't make contact with the three Greek Immortals.

    From : Watcher Tribunal
    To : Watcher Bureau, Southwest Asia
    Date : 27.12.2011
    Then don't ! If Deoneces and his team have already found the final fate of Koschei and linked Hassan-i-Sabbah to Memnet, then they will find him !
    And is Ardath Bey is really the adversary - unlikely from such a diminutive old man - then the war will be over at last. It is not advisable to disclose the secret of our society to the Immortals now : if we had to interfere, it should have been at the beginning of the war before so many good Immortals died. We didn't interfere at this time, so let the Game being played on. Beside, Mement-Ra's forces are now 28 against 106, i.e Ravenwood has 79% of chances to win the war yet we aren’t seeing the end of it yet.
    You are hereby ordered to stand by your oath, with the reminder that any interference by yourself or your Field Watchers is tantamount to receiving the death sentence.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Iberian Peninsula
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 30 December 2011
    To be added to the Chronicles of Frances Drummond and Daria De Souza
    Daria De Souza decided it was time to take down Ravenwood's operations in Iberia. And what better way to do this than take on Frances Drummond herself ? The Crimson Butterfly wasn't afraid, she killed nearly forty Immortals in her life and De Souza wasn't even a prolific headhunter, just a woman who used the Game for her own purposes.The battle between the two women was a furious exhibition of raw power, a mix of rage from De Souza and nearly-orgasmic pleasure from the Butterfly who ENJOYS fighting other Immortals and takes as much pleasure from her battles as Xavier St. Cloud himself - Moroccan king of hedonism that he was. One hour later, the battle was done : Daria De Souza was on her knees, her eyes a mix of pain (right forearm lost in battle, sliced stomach) and anger. Then her eyes expressed nothing : her head fell to the ground.
    The Quickening was a medium one, but Frankie Drummond enjoyed it.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Europe
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 31.12.2011
    To be added to the Chronicles of Jasper Abraham and Alexi Garnoff
    Father Alexi Garnoff of Kiev came after Jasper Abraham . Jasper was ready, his induction in the Ravenwood group seemed to have done him some good : he has colleagues, new friends and the opportunity to do some good in the Immortals community, making penance for his past imagined sins.The old priest spent one thousand of years hunting those who rejected the 'true fath', the pagans, the hippies, the single mothers, the sinners. To him, Jasper Abraham was an agent of evil and he needed to be cleansed : Jasper didn't feel this way : he stood ready for any Immortal coming after him, yet in the end lost his life against the crazy priest.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Europe
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 03.01.2012
    To be added to the chronicle of Alexi Garnoff

    Reporting the first Immortals War casualty of 2012 : Father Alexi Garnoff, hunted down in Kiev and around by Alexi, 'the Raven of Warsaw', after the death of her Ravenwood colleague and love interest, Jasper Abraham, a few days before. As soon as she got news of Jasper's death through the grapevine (read : the infamous Watcher Initiative of London), she packed a bag, her sword and went of the prowl. She found Garnoff in Katowice where the old priest was resting, taking the time to assimilate the strong Quickening of Abraham. Alexi wasn't called 'the Raven of Warsaw' for nothing : in 1942 she led the underground resistance against the Nazis, having taken the codename that became her monicker all thought the second part of the 20th century. Alex Raven against Alexi Garnoff.
    The ancient monk fought like his British counterpart, Damon Case, also found and mentored by Leofric : in the name of God, for the sake of the forces of heaven against the forces of hell. H was a serene hunter, one who tok out twenty-four Immortals from Russia, Siberia and satellite countriesof the former USSR. He managed to evade the attentions of the BMLR Immortals and also of Henry of Kent who heard of his reputation. This was a slippery Immortal, very dangerous, but he proved no match against the relentless fury of the Raven who, at some point, asked him if maybe he hadn't been manipulated into playing the Game all along : wasn't Leofric an agent of chaos before you, she asked, and didn't he give you the taste for the pointless butchery you have been a part of for centuries ? This had Garnoff pause for a second, reflecting that maybe indeed he had been a pawn in a bigger Game than the one he played. Then he resumed his attack techniques, mockingly quoting lines from Edgar Poe's poem, 'the Raven' : is there balm in Gilead, Raven ? Soon you will join the plutonian shore !
    'Nevermore ! ' Laughed Alexi of the Carvetti who furiously broke though Garnoff's offensive stroke and put him on the defensive : then she relentlessly attacked, concentrating on her goal, avenging the death of Jasper Abraham and scoring another victory for Ravenwood. Once more, the Raven stood victorious and took another Quickening.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Southern Europe, Italy Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 04.01.2012
    The Secret Daggers have made their presence kown in Milan where they recruited two Immortals in heir ranks : professional informant and opportunist Cain Brewser, a former student of Thor Steen like Radu Cozma and the former disciple of Swenja Baatz and Lootje De Groot, Marie-Louise d'Orty who had gone underground for the past four months. Both Immortals living on the fringe of the Law were offered complete amnesty for past crimes in return for their help in finding the whereabouts of the missing Zodiac Brotherhood.For the Daggers have received their new assignment : find the twelve missing generals of Memnet-Ra, at least those whose identity is known : Marcantonio Fitipaldi, Helen King, Baron Samedi. Not an easy task, but Cozma and his team have proven themselves and with now three former disciple of Thor Steen on the side of the angels, they are scoring good points with Ravenwood : the Ragnarok gang is out of commission. Of those five, we believe Fitipaldi, King and Baron Samedi will be easiest to find : Fitipaldi certainly never left the Italian mainland, King has strong ties to Crete and Samedi to Western Africa. Time will tell.
    From Watcher Bureau, Southern Asia

    From : Watcher Bureau, Northern Africa
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 20.01.2012
    Kashta of Nubia and Sit-Hahtor Iunet were near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, investigating the appearance of two Egyptian immortals bearing the hallmarks of ancient origins (powerful presence, undecipherable language patterns and the like), they were challenged by those two Egyptians, both males, dressed in black with long coats, shades masking the top of their faces.To Kashta and Sit-Hathor they spoke in a language used in the Lower Nile that predated the arrival of the Romans; their deameanor screamed 'challenge' and they wouldn't be denied.The immortals, who introduced themselves as Aref Al Mutadee and Tahar Tarek, weren't known to us but Kashta and his companion seemd to know them well : two assassin in serice to the Roman, then the Arabs, then the Ottomans, who betrayed their homeland countless of times and knew no master, nor God. The two men boasted they knew only one master : Ra ! 'He who rules the world and shall rule it until the end of times'.
    Aref threatened to destroy the immortal community, taking each of its members one by one until Kashta and Iunet yelded and acknowledged Ra as their only master. Naturally, the two agents of Ravenwood couldn't let their enemies threaten Paris and challenged them to a fight : the following night, Quarter de la Defense at Midnight. Just the four of them. Tarek boasted that once they were through with them, the Parisians would be so demoralized that they would be easy picking for Ra's forces. Sit-Hathor retorted that the Parisian Defense Forces were well-organized that that Ra was welcome to try his might against the denizens of Paris.
    The two duos separated. Iunet and Kashta gathered the ten immortals of Paris and advised them to e prepared for the battle to come : anyday, now. It could be tommorrow, the day after tomorrow. Agathe Vierny was ready, so were the more neutral immortals. Robert and Gina de Valicourt offered safe haven to those who needed it in their manor. The following night, Kashta and Sit-Hahtor met Mutadee and Tarek for the second time. The fight was long, took a lot of strenght and wits from the Nubian and his Egyptian friend against the two agents of Ra. Retrospectively, it is obvious the two assassins were meant to destroy the head of Ravenwood's operations in Paris but they didn't suceed : however skilled with the sword as they were, they would have needed to use the tactis of snipers to take their quarries out and immortals - especially long lived ones - are creatures of traditions.They proved to be extremely skilled with blades and at some point, Kashta and Sith-Hathor's Watchers thought Ravenwood would lose two more of its numbers. Yet no. Aref al Mutadee and Tarek fell on their knees and were quickly disposed of.

    Date : 08.04.2012
    We are reporting the death of Indira Bedi by Safiyah Khan. Bedi’s Watcher suggest the culprit may be the missing Safiyah Khan who also may be behind the deaths of Mossane and the Water Snakes in Egypt. Bedi was challenged on the outskirts of Chandigarh as she was visiting sickly family. The fight was quick, Khan no time with Bedi : it was less a fight than summary execution, in our opinion.

    From Watcher Bureau, England
    Date : 05.06.2012
    Godebert of Worcester never accepted the fall of the British Empire and that’s why he chose to join the ranks of the British Nationa party, hoping for better days in England. But England evolved without him and he was a relic when Richeard of Mercia and the SIS chose to adapt themselves to constantly changing times. Godebert wanted to strike at the heart of England, to trigger a painc in the middle of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, with the blame pinned to ethnic minorities of London, Pakistanis, Arabs, negroes, whichever he could find.
    His plot was uncovered, Richeard of Mercia tracked him down on the outskirts of Buckingham Palace and while Eadwulf and Raymond d’Amboise defused the bombs set in the Tower of London, the Underground, in Picadilly Circus, in the British Museum and in the London Metropolitan Musem, Richeard delt with his age-old ennemy once and for all. Oh the madness of a so-called patriot who was going to destroy treasures of London in the name of patriotism !

    From Watcher Nureau, Southeast Asia
    Date : 14.05.2012
    The pirates-infested seas of Malaysia have seen the activities of Siah-Seck in recent years, leading a band of marauders and cutthroats of the shores of Malaysia. Siah-Seck is also seen an active member of Singapore's criminal underground, selling stolen goods for money, gold, diamonds to the highest bidders. The Game is decidedly a lucrative business to her. When Li-ming Wu came after her she stood ready and took the woman out after a furious fight.

    From Watcher Bureau, Northern Europe
    Date : 12.08.2012
    Ceirdwyn is dead ! One of the greatest warrior women who ever existed has fallen before the blade of Ari al-Muzaiyin, great hunter of ancient Immortals. The fight took place in Edimburgh, Scotland, and took hours, ending with the defeat of the Briton warrior. Ceirdwyn fell to her kneese, giving a dark look to Ari : 'the Kanwulfsson are coming after you, now ! '. Then her head rolled on the ground, the ensuing Quickening causing a massive power outage in the northeastern part of Edimburgh. The Watcher Clean-up Team did its job, her body wasn't found. Her sword has been picked up and will ornate one of the many walls of Watcher Academy's Hall of Heroes. The Kanwulfsson Clan, now active in Scandinavia, gave a burial to Ceirdwyn, and then have started hunting Ari al across Norway.

    From : Watcher Bureau, United Kingdom, England Subdivision
    Date : 21.08.2012
    In London, Deoneces’ battle against Ari al-Muzaiyin was the clash of two titans, two of the most powerful warriors of the known world pitting each other’s strenght against his adversary. An enraged bull against a ferocious grizzly bear. The dark knight of Ravenwood against the super-man of Southwest Asia. Deoneces won and stood victorious while his lover showed as much cold rage against Ayzebel of Berytus who proved to be her equal in strenght, agility and knowledge of swordfighting. One has to imagine two lionesses fighting over fresh meat to get an idea of the battle's intensity. The massive Quickenigns were shared by the two Spartans and by several witnesses who recorded it all on cameras as the biggest fireworks display to ever illuminate the outskirts of London. The Watcher Initiative quickly seized the cameras before the movies would be sent on the Net.
    The Son of Athena and the Daughter of Ares knew time was of the essence : they needed to travel to Ra's headquarters and find him before he vanished again and started a new cycle of violence.
    The war was far from over, for there were more soldiers of Ra standing living.

    From the Chronicle of the Combined Immortals of America
    Updated 29.08.2012

    In London, Kellistra and Cleophon of Athens decided the CIA needed to disappear for good, their death assuring that America would evolve on its own, without the interference of Thomas Morehead and his group. The daughter of Ares and the son of Athena were aware not all CIA Immortals were evil : Moses Johnson, Estrella Acosto, Alice Chase and Gabriel Calvino did some good in their times : unfortunately, this was the COMBINED ImmortalS who needed to disappear. Cleophon wanted to spare some lives, but Kellistra reminded him they were at war and being merciful wasn't an option. Richeard of Mercia, however, disagreed and decided only the CIA's head needed to be severed.
    Cleophon complied and sent the order to Richard of Mercia : the SIS was to hunt and kill the CIA Immortals who already were slowly disbanding : Estrela Acosto was investigating the matter of prisoners rights violations in Guantanamo Bay : Moses Johnson was clearing the ghettos of New-York from drug dealers : Chase and Calvino were hunting child-pornographers in California. Morehead, Felder and Fujita were the only ones active in Washington DC on the battlefield of the Senate.
    Richeard of Mercia, Helen Bondeville and Eadwulf fought out the latter three in Washington, Morehead couldn't believe his mentor was coming after him and, in rage, violently fought for his life. Unfortunately, Richeard was stronger and prevailed. Felder and Fujita faced Helen and Eadwulf and showed as less mercy as Richeard had toward his former protege, although Eadwulf let Fujita keep his head. In Guantanamo Bay, Estrella was found by Allegra Chambers and had no choice but to face the British Immortal determined to finish her American counterpart.
    The fight was brief, yet Allegra decided against killing Acosto and let her live but she had to sever all ties with the American governement, Estrella swore to do so.
    The same deal was done in Washington with Fujita and in Calfornia with Chase and Calvino when faced with Raymond d'Amboise and with Moses Johnson in Manhattan when Alice Ming came after him. The Combined Immortals of America needed to stay disbanded and that meant its survivors had to stay clear from each others... or else.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Asia, Japan Subdivision
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 07.09.2012
    Reporting the heated fight of Hideo Tanaka of Ravenwood against the mysterious German Immortal who has been killing members of Ravenwood International in recent weeks : Peter Gaicus and Maude de Valerie fell to his blade, overpowered by the German's knack at finding his opponents' weaknesses.
    Hideo Tanaka's weakness lies in his greatest quality : his code of honor he has been following for eight hundred years, the Bushido that guides each of his actions : Hideo Tanka never cheated for his entire life and has ben expecting other Immortals to follow his strict set of rules : naturally, he took out the Immortals who didn't value honor, tradition and discipline and often clashed swords with westerner Immortals with different set of ethics.
    'The Teuton', as we dub him since there already is an unidentified German Immortal on our list, did everyting to destroy Hideo's life in Tokyo and to imperil his balance : he set the Japanese counterpart of the IRS on his bank account, he sent photographs of him confronting Matushiro Kanagawa (a known Yakuzaleader) to his mortal friends and colleagues of ravenwood - Japan, set his car on fire, set a bomb in his home : when that wasn't enough, he captured Hideo's associate Fujita Isei and sent to the Bushido warrior photographs of Fujita's mutilated, hideously tortured and decapitated body, going so far as to send a video of Fujita's last moments to hismoral wife and foster children. The horrified and pained Hideo Tanaka understood he was facing an Immortal who knew no bounds in dishing out misery and horror, and reported to his friends of Ravenwood in London, seeking informations about who the mysterious Immortal could be. Deoneces gave him the answer before boarding a plane to Tokyo : Vandal Immortal Huneric, former SS assassin and scum of the earth.
    While Deoneces was on the plane, Huneric made his move against Tanaka, using every dishonorable tacticspossible : bullets, explosives, ninja weaponry, everything to weaken him before facing him. The fight was short, while a superb wordsman Hideo wasn't in a good Shape : his morale was hit, his right hand was missing and so was his left eye becasueof a solid charge of TNT. Hideo Tanaka died on his knees, but didn't beg for his life : he looked at Huneric in the eye, smiling 'Deoneces of Sparta is coming for you, German, I envy him and pity you.' After enjoyjng his second Quickening in mere days, Huneric the Vandal took a plane for Australia, right before Deoneces's landed in time to bury his friend.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Australasia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 15.09.2012
    To be added to the Chronicle of John Frederick Horrigan
    Huneric the Vandal set foot in Melbourne, having targeted John Frederick Horrigan of Ravenwood : needing the time necessary to digest the accumulated power, memories and knowledge of Hideo Tanaka and Fujita Isei, Huneric lied low, travelling the roads of Australia, bidding his time. One week was enough.
    When he felt ready, he tracked down Horrigan but didn't have to hunt for long : the Irishman had been warned - as all personnel of Ravenwood - that Huneric the Teuton was on the prowl and anyone could be attacked anyday.
    The tall, lanky bonde Immortal is the master of zen, taking Immortal life with a grain of salt and the Game seriously, but not to the point of letting it destroy his soul has it happened to Charles Mako : he has a life in the mortal world, friends, lovers. When the war erupted and Immortals died in Australia, Horrigan stood ready to fight : the Immortal community he was responsible for was smaller than on the other continents and he felt he made a good sheriff - real shame he had to take out Corey Raines, though. Horrigan kept his alliance with Robinson to whom he asked to keep an eye on the fourth-to-last surviving Immortal of the continent, Mandawuy, Immortal shaman and Aborigene.
    Mandawuy foresaw in his dreams the death of Horrigan, as he had foreseen the death of the Australian Immortals, but he didn't warn anyone : the ancient shaman keeps a neutral ground in the war, believing that the forces of good will prevail once again, as they did two thousand years ago, only to see the forces of darkness rear their ugly head again, starting a new cycle of violence. Mandawuy saw all this and told so to Carl Robinson. The angry Immortal told the old man that, had he been honest about his predictions, many lives would have been saved.
    While Robinson was away, Horrigan was alone to face Huneric the Teuton. The fight was brutal, the Vandal broke through Horrigan's defense techniques and not once did he let him take an offensive stance in the battle. In the end, the Irishman's head rolled on the ground : his Quickening was strong, but not as powerful as Tanaka's according to his Watcher. Huneric the Vandal left the scene and boarded a plane the following day for South Africa.

    From : Watcher Bureau, Eastern Africa
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 19.09.2012
    Reporting the arrival of Huneric the Vandal in Nairobi.
    Huneric expected Ravenwood to come after his head, but not the group of five Immortals who faced him in the center town of Nairobi and chased him through the city until he was in a secluded area, surrounded by five angry Immortals.

    Deoneces's sirens are doing well, he knows it, and there is no one on earth who can give him the stability and edge he needs in his life as an Immortal warrior and member of Ravenwood. In front of the old Spartan, Huneric started taunting him, stating that without his soldiers he wouldn't amount to much : however, it wasn't too late : he could join him at the side of his master, and ensure the peace of Memnet-Ra across the world. 'Peace ? ' Retorted, Deoneces, then turning to his friends, 'Ravenwood, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION ? ! ! ' he yelled. 'WAR ! WAR ! WAR ! ' answered four Immortals screaming. 'See ? Your master brought war to us, you chose dishonor while we answer with honor, and this is what will give us the victory in the end ! ! '.

    While Huneric, dishonorable hunter, a plunderer, a murder and aformer SS had only murder and mayhem in his heart : he fought like a professional killer but had none of the skils and grace his quarry showed. In the end, Huneric realised he was the quarry, not the otherway around. A minute of distraction that proved fatal when Deoneces severed his swordarm through the armpit, leaving the Vandal screaming in pain on the ground. Deoneces didn't even let him murtter a few last words. A nazi didn't deserve a better fate. Watchers and Immortals quickely left the scene, the Quickening was going to be powerful and terribly hazardous to the attendees. Indeed it was : a beautiful phenomenon, the song of revenge of every Immortal Huneric killed and their scream of victory. It set such a powerful fire that the entire battleground was sterilized with but raw stone left.
    Frances and Henry of Kent helped the exhausted Deoneces on his feet and the group quickely left the area

    From : Watcher Bureau, South Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 18.11.2012
    To be added to the Chronicles of Kamir and Sanjiv Gupta
    After a relentless hunt across India, Hazeem al-Bachrim, Carter Wellan, Sanjiv Gupta and Peter Gaicus found Kamir, hiding in a shrine on the outskirts of Tanjore, Southern India. Clay and his squad gave an armed response to the attacks perpetrated by Kamir : they cleaved, hacked and butchered their way across one hundred armed-to-the-teeth thugs before finally being able to capture Kamir. Keeping his usual serene demeanor, Kamir told the four Immortals that Kali was his sole reason for living, serving her the only honor he asked and that when his master would finally rise to power after the final victory, he would siege by his side and rule Southern India forever, ridding it from both Muslim and Christian presence. The four warriors couldn't believe what they were hearing. All of this in the name of Kali ? Kamir finally offered a proper challenge to Sanjiv Gupta, his former teacher : 'let the blade decide who is in the right', he said.
    Sanjiv Gupta's heart was broken : he had been Kamir's mentor and had taught the old Immortal everything he knew about warfare and about the goddess Kali. But he was unable to teach him the ways of peace, thus knowing hte same failure with him than Darius knew with Grayson. Two great men separated by hatred and who could have acomplished so many great things together, that is is a tragedy for us Watchers to have recorded the final battle between these two men.
    The battle was fierce and savage, Kamir demonstrating enormous skills of the blade and that he wasn't the servant of a goddess of war and death for nothing : it was as if Kali herself was reincarnated behind Kamir's wild eyes. Sanjiv Gupta fought likea demon : the usually pacifical man wasn't afraid to let the mask slip and to show that he had been a warrior and leader of men 1700 years ago, a general who turned into a man of peace after one thousand years of warfare like Darius at the gates of Paris, centuries ago.
    In the end, Gupta prevailed. Kamir adressed a mute prayer to Kali and closed his eyes. The Quickening was powerful enough to level Kamir's shrine while Hazeem al-Bachrim, Carter Wellan and Peter Gaicus watched from afar.

    From : Watcher Bureau, South Asia
    Date : 24.11.2012
    Sister fought sister when Kainath Bedi, disciple of Kamir, came after Kajari Bedi in New Delhi : Kainath urged Kajari to join her on the side of the Adversary, to avenge the death of Kamir. Kajari wanted nothing of this war, all she wanted was to survive. She was forced into a fight she didn't want and in the end, Kainath stood victorious. We never believed the two sisters would fight agaisnt each other someday, in spite of the Western world's belif about the Game. Alas, that day has arrived.

    From : Watcher Bureau, South Asia
    To : Watcher Tribunal
    Date : 30.11. 2012
    Kainath Bedi, adopted daughter of Indira Bedi and disciple of Kamir, came after Sanjiv Gupta's head, in revenge for the death of her mentor. Gupta tried to convince her that the war between Immortals would at long last be over, that it was time for peace to be settled between those of their kind. Kainath would hear none of this talk and backed Gupta to the point he was forced to fight to kill. Feeling this was his karma, that after killing Kamir he needed to give closure to his student's line, Gupta switched to a more agressive tactic and took the head of Kainath, days after he and the other allied Ravenwood Immortals had finished disgbanding Kamir's thugee cult.

    To be added to the chronicle of Memnet-Ra and Nefertiri

    The following has been written five days after the dust settled, when the battle was fought and won. It is a combination of the reports from Watchers on both sides of the chessboard as well as speculations on what exactly happened in Ra's house to trigger such a violent ending to the Immortals Word War, not counting the impact it had on the mortal world. Cleophon of Athens, Kellistra, Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta, Katherine of Samothrace, Xanthia of Melitus, i.e the last survivors of the group who took down the original Zodiac Brotherhood, as well as Seraphina, Henry of Kent, Frances Drummond, Clemont Haynes, i.e the surviving roster of Ravenwood with Kashta of Nubia and Sit-Hahtor Iunet entered Ra's palace that was built like an ancient Egyptian shrine.
    A stairway led to a gigantic grotto where stood, throning, Memnet-Ra, his Queen Nefertiri, but before that was a mini-labyrinth occupied by the Eagles of Kheops, a band of Immortal fanatics and cutthroats who were the last perimeter of defense for their ancient master. The battle royale which followed saw the end of the so-called Eagles by the swords of Kellistra’s followers before the final confrontation with Ra.
    The Eagles of Kheops were gathered by Immortal Naga-e-der on behalf of his own mentor, Mement-Ra, to serve him and to serve as a counter-balance in front of the invasions Egypt had to suffer over the centuries from the Arabs, the Ottomans, the French and the British of the last thirteen centuries. After the death of Naga-e-der by the sword of SIS agent Emma Nicholson, the Eagle regrouped as a single unit and continued serving as Ra’s private army.

    Ra and Nefertiri were a regal sight, two imposing Immortals believing themselves to be the equals of Gods, ruling over their court. Ra’s eyes shone with the intensity of a sun gone nova, an hypnotic gaez threatening to ensnare the group of intruders. Kellistra broke the silence by adressing the Immortal with harsh words, stating it was time to pay for the atrocities had had perpetrated in two thousand years. The so-called Game, the countless lives lost, the return of the self-delluded Zodiac Brotherhood.
    This ‘only one’ nonsense. ‘There Can Be Only One Ra ! ’ screamed Memnet-Ra in rage, stating that Immortals were born from gods’ blood, that they are the chosen of the gods and must rule the universe as they are born to do. ‘We are princes of the universe, he said, we have blood of kings coursing our veins and tomorrow belongs to us. No man can be the equal of the Gods ! ’
    Kellistra stated that no Immortal had the right to impose his dictate on the mortal world. Mortals have been building countless wonders, also committed countless atrocities, but ultimately Earth belonged to them. Not to a self-genocidal race on the brink of oblivion. Harsh words to be true, but there was passion in Kellistra’s voice. This was the true Kellistra : Abellona, the daughter of Ares, disciple of Kronos, Methos and many others who understood al-too well the true nature of Immortality : nothing but a reflection of mankind, capable of the best and of the worst.

    Memnet-Ra’s crimes, she spoke, was to have awaken the worst in the hearts of Immortals across the globe : their violence, their greed, their taste for power, fortune, fame. The capacity of living centuries, millenias, ruling the world and perpetrating the worst atrocities escaping punishment. When last they met, Cleophon and Kellistra understood all this and spent the next two thousand years as a counterpoint to Ra’s ambitions, his endless hunger for power.
    Ravenwood International was but the lastest generation of heroes who fought the forces of darkness over the last twenty centuries. Ra laughed at Cleophon and Kellistra : ‘the world is mine, my army is destroying yours and all those who do not join me will perish against the swords of my followers ! The final battle is being fought, the fruits of victory shall be mine ! I AM THE END OF TIMES ! ! ’
    ‘If you take my head, he muttered, you will sign your death warrant’. To which Kellistra answered ‘I declare today the end of the Game, the end of your reign, and if my life is forfeit, SO BE IT ! '

    Then turning to her brothers-in-arms, 'It’s been a thrill working with you guys, this is what I have been fighting for.’

    Then she rushed to Memnet-Ra, sword held high. The fight, as reported by Drummond, was the asteroid hitting Tunguska : a veritable onslaught to end the carnage started two thousand years ago in Crete. Cleophon, the Ravenwood survivors, all watched ‘Kellistra of the Northern Winds’ take on Memnet-Ra, the one responsible for nearly destroying the Immortal world. In the end, Ra stood defeated, Kellistra’s chaos-fire sword at his throat. Everyone stood silent. Her last words were ‘leave the place quickly, everyone. And good luck.’

    Ra’s head fell. So did Nefertiri's.

    The whisper of countless souls murdered by Ra seemed to permeate the mind of the attendees, the air charged itself with electricity. In awe, the Immortals left the cave and started running. Then it broke out like a sudden, furious storm. The double-Quickening was the wrath of all the Immortals Ra and Nefertiri ever killed during their long reign, it triggered a chain-reaction that led to the cave caving-in, followed by a brusque eruption of life-energies which engulfed Cleophon and Kellistra’s bodies.
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    I changed the ending to Immortals war... Kellistra and Cleophon of Athens have been reported missing by Watchers and Ravenwood.
    Nothing ever ends. Besides, K. and C. disintegrated by powerful Q.'s is ludicrous : MacLeod took out 4.000 years odl Kronos and didn't bear ill effects from the Horseman's life-essence.

    Cleophon of Athens

    Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
    Date : 21 December 2012
    Place : Memnet-Ra’s Fortress; Luxor, Egypt
    Victor : N.A

    We shall see how they organise the war between Ravenwood/SIS agaisnt the combined might of the Sacred Order...
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      Good choice re: Kellistra and Cleophon. These are two wily, secretive Immortals. It's possible they "disappeared" because they already suspected the existence of the Sacred Order and the danger it could be to Immortals in the future. Ravenwood were likely complicit in their "disappearance", knowing that the two ancient Immortals were on another of their secret investigations.

      I like the idea of the two former enemies finding common purpose and friendship in acting as the protectors of Immortal kind, the father and mother, if you will, of their species. Doing their own thing, hiding secrets from their allies to protect them. The likes of Deoneces and Richeard of Mercia most likely find it extremely frustrating that Kellistra and Cleophon can just vanish without a word of what they're doing or why!



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        Well, Kellistra and Cleophon have been playing this kind of Game for centuries.
        I hope you liked the rebooted Clan MacDonald story. Can you help with the African and Latino Immortals I asked, please ?


        Adjustement :

        The legend of the Seven Knights of Christendom truly commences by 650 , when shadowy immortal Metopholus, since then cross-identified as Methos, gathered seven immortal heroes from all parts of Western Europe as help to hunt the legendary Xanthia of Melitus (aka Rebecca of Mycenae) at this time a thrall of the dreaded Dark Quickening. Xanthia received it from an old and evil immortal in India and for one century, roared and ramapaged across two continents, with Methos hot on her trails, trying to prevent her from causing more deaths. She put thousands of mortals to the sword, killed at least six immortals we know of and damaged her reputation to the extant her former disciples went in hiding, dreading the days she would come after them.
        Finally, Xanthia was captured by the Knights of Christendom, who combined their strenghts against the forces of darkness. They fought many evil immortals, but it was the first time they had to face one of the most benevolents of their kind, the legendary Rebecca,keeper of the Stone of Methuselah and former lover of King Agamemnon. It is Methos who guided his allies to a holy spring where Xanthia was forced to confront her inner demons, her good side eventually prevailing. The seven holy knights were the one she had to thank and truly, this was their most acomplished feat : bringing Xanthia back from the darkness ot the light.
        They were George of Lydda, Anthony of Padua, Andrew the Apostle, John the Apostle, Seamus of Athlone, Ellwyl ap Carnedyr, and finally Darius the former Goth General who struck down the original protector of Paris, Dyonisios the Aeropagite in 451 and became the new St. Denis, reluctantly accepted by the other Champions among their group of heroes.

        Watcher Research, Western Europe
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          I'll try for those records you want. There's quite a few there i know i never had anyway. And since the loss of my mum and being my dad's full time carer I've not had time to sort my older records into some kind of coherent order. The current situation hasn't helped and I've only managed to transfer most of the updated chronicles onto my PC, since my older stuff was all hand written in file folders.

          I will, however, do my best.



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            I understand perfectly, Apollo1. I figured you had other priorities with your dad and the covid-19. I thought about you, I hope he fares well.
            Hand-written files ? I thought you had printed everything. If you can post a few bios it will greatly help; the trouble with the ones I aks is I forgot compeltely who they were in
            the first place, damn. That says something about how some of my characters are... forgettable to say the least.
            However, so to spare you some work and time, I did find clues on Nestor Terranova, Hernan Raudales and Amador Cobo and could write them back from scratch.

            I got interesting clues for those ones too, so you won't need to look for them.

            Bernardu Arenas : Corsican, born in Colombian Corsican community
            Noah Canjura :Puerto Rican criollo
            Dominique Cazenave : French-Mexican, a rare kind of Immomrtal who managed to get pregant but died in childbirth
            Baptiste Durant : French Creole
            William Isaac Elder : Argentine Jewish community, killed by Emicho of Flonheim
            Ricardo Ramos : former French Gestapo agent, war criminal
            Rebecca Izquierdo : Afro-Mexican teen, killed in drive-by shooting

            My mind works with clues and ideas, allowing the creation of complete bios.

            I also rebooted those few ones :

            Felix Asprilla, killed by Renward Garvey, the Central American Kenny.
            Eugenio Bugera, involved in the genocide of Native Guatemalans
            Jacinto Catano, victim of Renward Garvey
            Leonel Cazzanzo, former consort of Kristi nGilles (poor guy)
            Liberto Clemente, Mexican Maffia
            Gilmar Coya, a victim of Renward Garvey
            Geofredo Estrada, inspired by a character from 'From Dusk till Down' movie

            I wish you well and your family healthy and fine.

            Actress Eliza Dushku plays Kellistra in my stories, you may remember her as Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She recently had a baby son she named Phillip, and this inspired me the following.

            It has come to our attention that one of Cleophon of Athens 's past identities was Epaminondas, Greek general of Thebes and statesman of the 4th century who groomed a teenaged Phiilip of Macedon between 368 and 365 BC, after the latter been taken hostage in Illyria.
            There he was met by the Immortal woman later known as Kellistra who rescued him and took him under her wing and made the acquaintance of Cleophon of Athens. Both Immortals were already old, seasoned Immortals and met some common grounds, not the least being the protection of the future King of Macedon. Young Phillip, at that time 13 years old, was a promising adolescent and it took two Immortals to groom him into the powerful stateman he was to be.

            In 364 BC, Philip returned to Macedon. The deaths of Philip's elder brothers, King Alexander II and Perdiccas III, allowed him to take the throne in 359 BC, Those two deaths were attributed to the machinations of Kellistra and Cleophon to make sure their protege would ascend to the throne. Philip succeeded in taking the kingdom of Macedon for himself that same year. Philip's military skills and expansionist vision of Macedonian greatness brought him early success but were only due to the mind of Cleophon of Athens, his self-confidence to the wisdom and strenght of Kellistra.

            Later on, Phillip of Macedon would have his own son, future ruler Alexander of Macedonia, also watched over by Kellistra and Cleophon of Athens.
            Several legends surround Alexander's birth and childhood. According to the ancient Greek biographer Plutarch, on the eve of the consummation of her marriage to Philip, Olympias dreamed that her womb was struck by a thunderbolt that caused a flame to spread "far and wide" before dying away. Sometime after the wedding, Philip is said to have seen himself, in a dream, securing his wife's womb with a seal engraved with a lion's image.
            This tantalizing tale describes the effect of a Quickening ,was Olympias somehow inspired by tales of Immortality from Kellistra herself ?

            In his early years, Alexander was raised by a nurse, Lanike, sister of Alexander's future general Cleitus the Black. Lanike and Cletus may well have been past identities of Cleophon and Kellistra. Cleophon also posed as Leonidas, Alexander's stern mentor and kinsman of Alexander's mother Olympias.

            Watcher Research, the Chronicle of Cleophon of Athens

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