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    I'm in part two now, editing-wise, and have reached this troublesome portion:
    Discover the identities of the leaders, and get out of there before the troops arrive. Unless, ah, of course, if you want to find yourself, eh, dead,” he had spoken with a frighteningly wide smile.
    We really end up with no particular reason for him to be there. Katana apparently already knows that Ramirez and Connor are the leaders (ANOTHER issue with the way the movie was put together). Perhaps... perhaps "When the rebels gather to meet, send a flare, and get out of there...."


    • Tootsie Bee
      Tootsie Bee commented
      Editing a comment
      You might find this explanation flimsy, but it's actually very much in-character for General Katana to be redundant to a fault. It's this very character flaw that gets him killed in the end. In fact, I deliberately designed that line of dialogue to resemble an exchange from the movie--

      Katana: I want you to leave for the planet Earth immediately. Find MacLeod and kill him.

      Corda: But I thought you said MacLeod was mortal and would never return!

      Katana: Do me a big favor, Corda. Don't think.

      Reno: He's an old man now! He'll be dead in a couple of weeks.

      Katana: I don't care. Find him for me. Kill him. It's so hard to get good help.

      In other words, Katana's plans and motivations are stupid by design.
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    • dubiousbystander
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      *nodnodnod* I get that! Though this doesn't explain Methos's sending up the flare before finding out the identities of the leaders. Oh wait. It does. I'm good!
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    And I say again, thank you for putting this up. I had a lot of fun making the audio file.