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    Once started by ThePiscitelli in 2009, I added things in the mix with Apollo1 and Apollo2.
    Let's write new stuff !!

    The Chronicle of Yun-dol Kim

    Known aliases : Hong Gilgong, Kim Dol Sung,
    Jonathan Kim
    Notable characteristics : Ambidextrious
    Weapon : Twin falchions

    Most recent base of operations : New-York NY
    Occupation : Security guard, Schlumberger
    Prior occupations : Traveller, sailor, mercenary,
    soldier, silk merchant
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 7 February 1985
    Place : New-York NY
    Victor : The Kurgan
    Watcher : Research, Yung Dol-kim Chronicle

    Original cultural affiliation : Korean
    Born : 1562; Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    First death : 1592, During invasion of Korea by
    Japanese army
    First teacher : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
    First recorded sighting : 1595, Okinawa Japan;
    Indentured servant of Matsuhir oKanagawa

    Surrounded from all sides by Oriental countries, Korea was often subjected to invasions like in 1592-98 when Japan attacked Korea with destruction of many buildings and the killing of many Koreans. Among them a pre-immortal merchant named Yung Dol-kim. Kim's body was found by Hattori Hanzo, ancient immortal and forger of swords who taught Kim of the Game and kept him as indentured servant, in exchange for letting him keep his head on his shoulders. Kim's hate for his master grew every passing day, until he managed to flee from him, poisoning him and robbing him of money, but without daring to take his head.
    The Korean society changed as traders and merchants began to trade with Japan and the West, and Kim knew he could never fit in any of those countries anymore. So he left for China and travelled to Outer Mongolia with several headhunters on his trail. He met Zhang-Shi, master of Kung-Fu and May-Ling Shen who both taught him more of the Game and to defend himself from his pursuers. A merchant by trade and heart, Kim evolved into a powerful fighting machine, so deeply involved in the Game that he lost track of the peaceful family man who saw his wife and children slaughtered by the Japanese.
    After witnessing the invasion of Tibet by China, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagazaki, the Vietnam war, the rape of Nanking and so many other horrors, Kim felt it was time for him to retire after four centuries of fighting.
    The Korean immortal vanished in the middle of the 1960's and didn't re-appear until this year when he fell prey to the furious onslaught of the Kurgan; the Kurgan's Watcher reported that Kim no longer wanted to play the Game and was tired of fighting, wanting only to rest. The Kurgan granted him his wish, contemptuously taking his head and Quickening.

    Sarah Lao, 1985
    Watcher Research, US Northeast

    Update, 03.03.2015

    It seems Sarah Lao’s write-up for the deceased Yung Dol-kim was greatly exaggerated. Yung Dol-kim never was a proficient player of the Game as Sarah seems to believe, unless this was a fantasy from her part.
    Yung Dol-kim’s life with Matsuhiro Kanagawa disgusted him from immortal life and he only sought training with May-Ling Shen and Zhang Shi to find self-defense techniques to ward off potential immortal opponents.
    His fight against Flameshadow was based on a misunderstanding, the Japanese kabuki mistook him for a serial killer of Japanese schoolgirls. And where on earth did Sarah find the idea that such an honorable warrior like Hattori Hanzo could take Kim as slave ? Matsuhiro Kanagawa was Kim’s tormentor, not Hanzo. Kim did keep twin falchions in his place of work, out of common sense, but I don’t think he used them in the past twenty years since he retired from the Game. Yung was a lot of things, but he never became a champion of the Game.
    Or only in the imagination of Sarah Lao.

    Watcher Research, US Northeast

    From the Chronicles of Yun-dol Kim

    Long Chao

    Most recent base of operations : Southern China
    Occupation : Captain, Chinese Imperial Navy,
    guarding coasts from pirate attacks
    Prior occupations : Officer, Imperial army of China
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 1604
    Place : Guangdong Province
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol
    Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
    Born : 228; Eastern China
    First death : 248, Killed by Lady Trieu diring
    occupation of China (cross-id. as Xuan)
    First teacher : General Jin Ke

    Kim Yun-dol, barely ten years in his Immortality, was challenged by a Chinese Immortal of Guangdong and wn his first victory agaisnt an otherwise good man who was only doing his duty : protectign the shores of China from pirate ships burning villages and kidnapping women for slave markets of Southeastern Asia.
    Kim won a mighty, powerful Quickening, but this was a hollow victory as he found out from Long’s memories : an ancient Immortal who found two callings in his life, serving his country and playing the Game

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol


    Most recent base of operations : Hohhot, Inner
    Occupation : Warrior
    Prior occupations : Horseman, raider
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 1626
    Place : Hohhot
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol
    Original cultural affiliation : Mongol
    Born : 1102; Liao Dynasty of Mongolia
    First death : 1122; Fighting the Jurchen, ancestors
    of the Manchu
    First teacher : Uv Bukhar

    Kitbuga has been found to be a past disciple of Uv Bukhar, a player of the Game who infected his disciple with his taste for the power of the Quickening. Kitbuga challenged Kim when the Korean was travelling though Inner Mongolia, searching for the legendary May-Ling Shen whom he heard was a firebrand I nthe Game and welcomed disciples from the four corners of the Orient, so long as they came with amiable intentions anda true will to learn. Kim’s will to learn was a burnign in him as his will to survive in the Game and he receved both opportunities in Mongolia when he won his fight against Kitbuga and when he was mentored by May-Ling Shen, who taught him the way of the Chinese sword, the ways of Chinese martial arts and how to please a Chinese woman in bed.

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol.


    Halim Saad
    Most recent base of operations : Malacca
    Sultanate of Aceh
    Occupation : Pirate ship captain
    Prior occupations : Freight ship captain
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 1633 Attacking Dutch East Indies ships
    Place : Malacca
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol, navigator working for
    Chinese envoy to Sultan of Aceh
    Original cultural affiliation : Malaysian
    Born : 1156; Malay Archipelago, Srijivaja Empire
    First death : 1186; Conquest of Malay by Chola Empire
    First teacher : Shiva Gupta

    Halim Saad lived in Malaysia for five hundred years and had been scourging the southeast asian seas as a pirate ship captain, destroying ships, enslaving women, killing children or selling them to slave markets. He also hated foreign Immortals he felt were invading this country and specialized in attacking Dutch merchant ship at the time of the Dutch East Indies era of Malaysia. Kim worked for the Chinese envoy to the Sultan of Aceh and also helped merchant ships through safe waters as a navigator, having coined the term “multi-tasking” centuries before the word was invented. The fight between Kim and Halim took place in a seedy part of Malacca, after Halim sold three unfortunate girls to a local bordello. It is a shame Kim didn’t kill the Malay before the girs were sold in slavery.

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol


    Most recent base of operations : Iga Province,
    Present Mie Prefecture, Japan
    Occupation : Ninja, specializing in guerilla warfare,
    espionnage and sabotage missions
    Prior occupations : Yamabushi, wxarrior-monk
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 1651
    Place : Iga Province
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol, at this time guest of the town
    elder, targeted for assasination
    Original cultural affiliation : Japanese
    Born : 1280; Island of Honshu, Japan
    First death : 1324; Yamabushi killed assisting
    Emperor Go-Daigo in his attempt to overthrow
    Kamakura Shogunate
    First teacher : Go Usami, Yamabushi

    In 1651 Kim Yun-dol migrated to Japan as part of a diplomatic mission, a bodyguard with a taste for foreign cultures inherited from May-Ling Shen’s lessions. Durign a stay in a village of the Iqba province where he was a guest of the local village leader he fought an invisible assassin clad in black,carrying an assortiment of weaponry, in other words a Ninja. Kutemeikashite was a legendary killer who had murdered his way across the Empire of Japan for three hundred years and had the reputation of being an unkillable, fearsome opponent. Many Immortals tried to come after him, trying to rid Japan from this nuisanc,e including legedary Hattori Hanzo and fabled Miyamoto Musashi. But it was Kim Yun-dol who got to him, using tracking skills received from Mongol Kitbuga‘s Quickening : Kutemeikashite targeted the village leader and murdered his mortal bodyguards as well as his favorite concubine,spreading terror in the place.

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol


    Anousheh Khayami
    Most recent base of operations : Delhi, India
    Occupation : Soldier, Persian army, occasional
    player of the Game hunting Kitbuga the Mongol
    Prior occupations : Ditto
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 4 May 1739 Persian sack of Delhi
    Place : Delhi
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol, at this time living as a jewels
    merchant in Delhi
    Original cultural affiliation : Persian
    Born : 1238; Kingdom of Persia
    First death : 1258; Mass extermination of Persians
    by conquering Mongol army, killed by Mongol
    Warrior Kitbuga while defending her family
    First teacher : Lalica

    In 1739, Kim was living as a jewels merchant in Delhi, India, taking a few decades off from the violence of the Game.
    But the Game always catches up to even the more amiable of Immortals and in 1739 the Persians invaded India and sacked Delhi after the Battle of Karmal which marked the victory for Nader Shah of Ira, during his invasion of Mughal dynasty of India. As a captain of Shah's troops was Immortal woman (a woman !) Anousheh Khayami, a female player of the Game with a tragic past linked to a Mongol Immortal she had been hunting for nearly five centuries. Some Immortals really carry long grudges. Then she was challenged by Kim Yun-dol who protected his investments i nDlehi as well as the lives of the mortals he befriended and in spite of all the trainign she received from her teacher in 1258, lost her life agaisnt the Korean, not aware that this was the Immortal who killed her lifelong ennemy for her.

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol


    Valeria Rozhkova
    Most recent base of operations : Khabarovsk,
    Far East District of Russia
    Occupation : Intelligence work, on behalf of
    Andrej Korda
    Prior occupations : Mistress/disciple of Andre
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 13 May 1853
    Place : Khabarovsk
    Victor : Kim Yun-dol
    Born : 1554; Transbaka, Russia
    First death : 1580, Killed by Cossacks during
    conquest of Siberia by Russian Tsardom
    First teacher : Andrej Korda
    Known associates : Andre Korda

    In 1853, Kim Yun-dol was part of the Koreans migration waves of the mid-19th century to Far E ast Russia and Siberia during the decline of the Joseon Dynasty. A lot of Korean peasants felt Siberia would give them a chance to live better lives and so they started migrating en masse, among them a household owner named Kim Yun-dol. Though thinking of retiring from the Game, the Game never forgot Jim in the person of a socialite named Valeria Rhozkova who saw those migratory waves as an opportunity to use Koreans as spies in the Far East, on behalf of her teacher, master manipulator Andre Korda.
    Korda always moved in mysterious ways and he ordered Valeria to r"ecruit Kim once she identifed him an an Immortal. But Kim wasn't a newbie who could be coerced and he saw Korda and Valeria's game as a danger to his community's efforts of integrating Siberian communities. The conflict between the three Immortals boiled to a point when Korda ordered his lover to dispose of the now-considered liability and once again Kim fought for his life. In 1907 it was the end of the Russo-Japan war (Korda's manipulations were somewhere behind), Russia enacted an anti-Korean law at the behest of Japan, under which the land of Korean farmers was confiscated and Korean labourers were laid off. Since then, Kim was long gone but the news did cause him a measure of chagrin.

    From the Chronicle of Kim Yun-dol
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    Poor Yun-dol Kim, we would not have known him at all. Nice creative work here, Gardner! Very real!


    • Gardner
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      Thank you Bystander :-) Care to jam with me ?

    • dubiousbystander
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      You are out of my league. Glad to see your work, though! If I think of anything good, I'll try.

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    From a request by Andrew on the Source thread... Despicable movie but Reggie, Zai Jie and Giovanni had potential as characters.

    Giovanni Battista

    Notable characteristics : Lives on Holy Ground
    Eyes sensitive to sunlight
    Weapon : Crusader sword
    Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

    Most recent base of operations : Vatican, Italy
    Occupation : Bishop
    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
    Date :
    Place :
    Victor :
    Watcher : Rodolfo Visconti

    Original cultural affiliation : Italian
    Born : 1327, Sienna Italy
    First death : 1357, Drank poisoned wine
    First teacher : Leofric
    First recorded sighting : 1655 Paris; encounter with

    With use of political stratagems, coercion and various degrees of blackmail, Cardinal Giovanni successfully had Joseph Ratzinger elected as Pope in 2005 after doing all he could to keep his previous tool living as long as possible. Giovanni loves the manipulation of Christian masses he can make by being the counsellor of the Pope in power. He has been doing this for the past seven hundred years. His great secret Game. The other Game, the one practiced by the Immortals isn't thrilling to him anymore, he prefers to dabble in politics.
    As far as immortality is concerned, there is only one question to which he wants an answer : where do the Immortals come from ? How many of them are there on Earth precisely ? Why did Immortals keep fighting and what is the source of their power ? Those questions obsess Giovannand he will use every mean necessary to obtain answers, even if it means sacrificing the lives of mortals or immortals.

    Rodolfo Visconti 2008

    Zai Jie

    Notable characteristics : Curious aboput
    everything, unquenchable thirst for knowledfge
    and discovering foreign cultures
    Weapon : Song Dynasty zhanmadao sword

    Most recent base of operations : Chang'an
    archaeological site. Xi'an, People's Republic of
    Occupation : Archaeologist, medical doctor
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 14 December 1986
    Place : Chang'an
    Victor : Undetermined, possibly Kyala
    Watcher : Yang Jianli

    Original cultural affiliation : Chinese-Malaysian
    Born : 15th cnetury, Malaccan Empire, Malaysia
    First death : Cave-in exploring ruins of ancient
    village near Chang'an
    First teacher : Yau Chouan Chou
    First teacher : Yau Chouan Chou
    First recorded sighting : 1279 Repelling Mongol
    forces with May-Ling Shen

    Zai's quest for the origins of immortality began one thousand years ago in a remote valley near Beijing, looking for the location of ruins indicating the origins of the source of immortality : the answers to why do the immortals exist, why do they keep on living when empires and civilisations crumble around them, why do they keep fighting each others to death. Zai has heard of ancient scroll, mythical texts telling of the origins of the Game and the story of the first immortals who searched for answers. Zia has been combing the four corners of the world, present on every digging sites possble, in the hope of making his dream come true : to find the origins of immortals. A foolish quest, but we wish him well and wait for him to find out. We are as impatient as he is.

    Yang Jianli, 1986

    Author notes : Srephen Rhaman Hughes, the actor playing Zai, is of Malaysian ancestry and Malaysia was colonized by Chinese in the 15th Century.

    Ragnwald Veland

    Known aliases : Reggie Weller
    Notable characteristics : 3'2’’
    Collector of rock, pop and funk music
    Weapon : Dutch cutlass
    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

    Most recent base of operations : Montgomery AL
    Occupation : Astronomer
    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
    Date :
    Place :
    Victor :
    Watcher : Sandra Faber

    Original cultural affiliation : Norwegian
    Born : 1695, Oslow, Norway
    First death : 1720, Hung as witch for his theories
    on the movement of stars
    First teacher : Tycho Brahe
    Known past associates : Tycho Brahe
    First recorded sighting : 1720 Constantinople,
    Byzantine Empire. Witnessed his teacher’s death
    by the blade of Ya Nefer Ma’at of Egypt

    A vodka-guzzling astronomer, yet also a scientific genius that looks to the stars for an answer to why he was spared death and pain like those around him. Small in stature, he uses humor and bluster as survival skills. People saw the young man in the high-top sneakers and the ripped jeans and they underestimated him for centuries, yet he thrived on challenges in the Game, in the bed and among the stars.
    Long may he live !

    Sandra Faber
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      If I remember correctly, Reggie mentioned being in battle during either world war one or world war two in the film.

    • Colleengael
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      I would also change his height in your chronicle from 3'2" to 5'2". He was not shown on-screen as a dwarf just as a short man.

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    Just some backgrounds on Watcher Chronicle immortals Agathe Vierny and Myra Clinton. I'm gonna mostly stick to Watcher CD Immortals and the like (Immortals referenced in books, Watcher CD, dialogue, Early scripts.) for now.

    NAME: Agathe Vierny
    KNOWN ALIASES: Anne-Marie Jacquet
    OCCUPATION: Social worker
    DATE: -
    PLACE: -
    VICTOR: -
    WATCHER: Marion Leblanc
    BORN: 1755; Paris, France
    FIRST DEATH: 1789
    CIRCUMSTANCE: shot during the The Women's March on Versailles
    FIRST TEACHER: Grace Chandel

    NAME: Moira Cleary
    KNOWN ALIASES: Myra Clinton
    MOST RECENT BASE OF OPERATIONS: Yankton, Dakota Territory
    OCCUPATION: Prositute
    DATE: 1867
    PLACE: Yankton, Dakota Territory
    VICTOR: Okajutin
    WATCHER: John L. Slocum
    BORN: 1612; Dublin, Ireland
    FIRST DEATH: 1645
    CIRCUMSTANCE: Beaten to death by drunk husband
    FIRST TEACHER: Seamus of Athlone


    • Gardner
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      Nice background, how about a chronicle write-up ? Yes, Slocum would sleep with a prostitute and that would be a blatant case of watcher interfering with his Immortal.

      Isabel Regalo
      Original cultural affilation : Brazilian
      Born : 1811; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      First death : 1830, Died from malaria
      First teacher : Theresa Malloy

      Guenau Bolano
      Original cultural affiliation : Spanish
      Born : 1963; Cordoba, Spain
      First death : 1989; Suicide
      First teacher : Isabel Regalo

      Guenau Bolano and Isabel Regalo have a unique slant on playign the Game : Guenau plays the lonely young Immortal who is prisonner of an abusive relationship, whose girlsfriend is following him like his own sahdow. When he finds a symapthetic ear amogn hte Immortals, he waits that the relationship is comfy enough so he can lure the Immortal (preferably a woman) in his home where Isabel is waiting. She plays the jealous fury and jumps on the hapless Immortal who has been weakened by a drugged glass of wine from Guenau, and then the two lovers share hte Quickening. They share everything since Bolano's suicide in 1989 over a broken heart.But was Bolano doesn't know is that Isabel has had many Immortal "partners" of both sexes in 187 years of existence, all agreeing to play her game and beign disposed of Immortal-style when Isabel tired of them. The maipulative vixen and the foolish fox truly make a deadly team, but for how long ?

      Watcher Bureau, Iberia
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    I have one for Clinton. I'll finish it up tonight.


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      I've managed to boot up my old copy of the Watcher CD-ROM, here are some watcher immortals. Feel free to use this as a reference of sorts to write chronicles!

      Henri Albert
      Deceased 1851
      Jean-Claude Vachel 1848-1851
      Duncan MacLeod 1837-1847
      Monique Moselle 1836-1837
      Louis Malheureux 1829-1836

      Ian Bancroft
      Deceased in the line of duty 1995
      May-Ling Shen 1993-1995
      Coordinator, Western Europe Region 1987-1993
      Adjunct Prof Watcher Training Acad 1978-1986
      Temp Military Assignment: SE Asia 1967-1968
      Darius 1962-1993
      Emil Rosenbluth 1960-1962

      Mike Barrett
      Internal Affairs 1996-
      Special Assign: Internal Affairs 1994-1996
      Richie Ryan 1994-1995
      Martin Hyde 1991-1994
      Angelique Hudson 1983-1990

      Stanley Barton
      ALL ACTIVITIES CLASSIFIED 1/1/93- 12/31/94
      Xavier St. Cloud 1989-1994
      Cleo Montcrief 1987-1989

      Howard Bein
      Area Supervisor, Paris 1996-
      Genna Jorgensen 1991-
      Antonio Pettisani 1987-1991
      Thalia 1982-1987
      Grace Chandel 1980-1982

      Richard "Ricco" Belson
      Special Assignment 1990-1993
      Brian Weigman 1989-1990

      Clive Bertram
      Deceased 1796
      MacLeod 1784-1796
      Betsy Mitchell 1776-1782

      Jagdish Bhailal
      Retired 1783
      Indira Bedi 1772-1783
      Duncan MacLeod 1764-1766
      Kamir 1759-1771

      George Bixby
      Deceased 1943
      Special Assignment 1940-1943
      Retired 1937
      Regional Secretary 1930-1937
      Rebecca Horne 1919-1930
      Archelaus 1907-1918

      Marshall Bowen
      Deceased 1888
      Kit O'Brady 1879-1888
      Catherine Beckett 1869-1878
      Elijah Denton 1857-1869
      Duncan MacLeod 1853-1856

      Samuel Bruckner
      Retired 1896
      Edwina Solomon 1893-1896
      Duncan MacLeod 1882-1893
      Surveillance: Davidsonville, Wash 1880-1882
      Clifford Holden 1870-1879
      George Geddis 1864-1869

      Donald Buchanan
      Deceased 1917
      Avery Jenkins (aka Yaneska) 1916-1917
      Morgan Noonan 1910-1915
      Duncan MacLeod 1896-1910

      Roberto Chavez
      Deceased in the line of duty 1867
      Duncan MacLeod 1866-1867
      Paul Karros 1862-1867
      Arnaldo Rodriguez 1851-1862

      Didier Cloque
      Deceased 1941
      Agathe Vierny 1935-1941
      Duncan MacLeod 1930-1934
      Olivier Barthelemy 1920-1929

      Timothy Delaney
      Retired 1859
      George McNulty 1851-1859
      Daniel Buckland 1840-1851
      Grayson 1837-1840
      Duncan MacLeod 1832-1837
      Ilisa Stromberg 1829-1832

      Dennis Dulac
      Instructor Watcher Training Academy 1993-
      Usha Srivastava 1985-1993
      Kamir 1981-1985
      Historian 1980-1981

      Steven Erdmann
      Nuha Kalash 1995-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Vikas Kundra 1993-1995
      Historian 1993

      Anton Fialkowsky
      Milos Arczynski 1996-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Researcher 1993-1996
      Historian 1992-1993

      Patrick Finton
      Deceased 1815
      William Essex 1810-1815
      Duncan MacLeod 1805-1809
      Seraphina 1800-1805

      Andrew Gaylor
      Deceased in the line of duty 1940
      Area Supervisor 1936-1940
      Lydia Melchior 1931-1940
      Niall Ennis 1920-1931
      Duncan MacLeod 1917-1919
      Everett Bellian 1914-1917
      Historian 1912-1914

      Renee Ginsburg
      Retired 1984
      Professor, Watcher Training Academy 1972-1984
      Amanda 1969-1970
      Duncan MacLeod 1957-1968
      Lise Cammarata 1955-1957
      Historian 1954-1955

      Roger Harris
      Deceased in the line of duty 1995
      Special Assignment 1995
      Investigator 1994-1995
      Keith Skinner 1990-1994
      Darla Caron 1984-1990
      Historian 1980-1983

      Andrea Henson
      Howard Lassiter 1995-
      Simon Killian 1992-1995
      Ellen Wilson 1991-1992
      Historian 1990-1991

      Martin Holecek
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1995
      Israel Weiss 1994-1995
      Christopher Vechio 1990-1994
      Helen Jarmolinski 1985-1989
      Connor MacLeod 1983-1985
      Alicia Lassotovitch 982-1983
      Historian 1981

      Matthew Hopkins
      Resigned 1866
      Duncan MacLeod 1861-1866
      Raphel Ramiro 1855-1860

      James Horton
      Deceased 1994
      ALL ACTIVITIES CLASSIFIED 1/1/93- 12/31/94
      Coordinator, US NorthWest 1991-1993
      Blake Wilmington 1986-1990
      Kurgan 1981-1985
      Kage 1975-1981
      Fethi Zouaoui 1973-1975

      Kahn Hsing
      Retired 1789
      May-Ling Shen 1774-1789
      Zhang Shi 1759-1773

      Maureen Jorgensen Russell
      Drew Gallagher 1995
      Jackson Trent 1992-1995
      Historian 1987-1989

      Joma Kikuyu
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Coordinator, Africa 1993-1996
      Area Supervisor, Kinshasa 1985-1993
      Kwame Nyerere 1985-1993
      Sunda Castiger 1983-1985
      Sekou Nkruma 1979-1983
      Historian 1978-1979

      Anthony Klasky
      Clifford Hughes 1992-
      Ruth Fisk 1987-1992
      Wade Contreras 1979-1986
      Duncan MacLeod 1976-1979
      Historian 1975-1976

      Marjolaine LaMerc
      Retired 1973
      Coordinator, Western Europe 1962-1973
      Caras de Trevyn 1957-1962
      Ceirdwyn 1950-1957
      Lidio Valora 1946-1949
      Duncan MacLeod 1942-1944
      Historian 1940-1942

      Babette LaSalle
      Deceased 1799
      Gina deValicourt 1784-1799
      Robert deValicourt 1784-1799
      Duncan MacLeod 1783-1784
      Andre LaGrace 1778-1783

      Chun Lee
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Coordinator, Asia NorthEast 1986-1996
      Area Supervisor, Taipei 1979-1986
      May-Ling Shen 1981-1986
      Zhang Shi 1975-1981
      Keiko Watenabe 1973-1975
      Historian 1972-1973

      Bill Lipscomb
      Retired 1949
      Eudora Koridian 1937-1949
      Carlos Montoya 1930-1936
      Duncan MacLeod 1919-1929

      Giancarlo Lofrano
      Deceased 1648
      Hugh Fitzcairn 1639-1641
      Duncan MacLeod 1636-1648
      Lucretia Garibaldi 1630-1635
      Enrico Belzoni 1624-1630

      Rodney MacFergus
      Retired 1818
      Duncan MacLeod 1814-1817
      Alastair Wallace 1809-1813

      Ramon Marcos
      Maria Escudero 1997-
      Guidera 1993-1997
      Salvatore Serra 1990-1993
      Historian 1989-1990

      Felix Marinari
      Stephane Witkowski 1995-
      Patrick Dziuma 1989-1995
      Gennady Gekhart 1983-1989
      Ceirdwyn 1979-1983
      Historian 1978-1979

      Claude Massanet
      Deceased in line of duty - Galati 1996
      Special Operations Corps 1989-1996
      Prelim Investigation & Confirmation 1982-1989
      Franciose Mouchoutte 1980-1982
      Historian 1978-1979

      Barbara Matson
      Retired 1820
      Annabelle Monroe 1813-1820
      Lord Francis Lee 1805-1811
      Duncan MacLeod 1802-1805

      Martin Matthews
      Deceased in the line of duty 1995
      Amanda 1993-1995
      Frankie Fabiano 1990-1993
      Historian 1989-1990

      Robert McNeil
      Deceased in the line of duty 1753
      Duncan MacLeod 1741-1753
      Angus Cromarty 1736-1740

      Brian McPhee
      Resigned 1996
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Sigmund Holthaus 1993-1996
      Historian 1992-1993

      Joseph Metz
      Dr. Harlan Fabiszak 1997-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Historian 1996-1997

      Emile Mo morrella
      Dishonorable Discharge 1995
      ALL ACTIVITIES CLASSIFIED 1/1/93- 12/31/94
      Regional Assistant, US NorthWest 1991-1993
      Peter Kanis 989-1990
      Kern 1985-1989
      Kerry Strocko 1982-1985
      Historian 1981-1982

      Guiseppe Montenegro
      Deceased in the line of duty 1639
      Hugh Fitzcairn 1631-1639
      Maria Vaccario 1629-1631

      Paul Morrisette
      Rev. Roberta Hitchins 1994-
      Natsuta 1991-1994
      Luis D'Agostino 1985-1991
      Anatellon 1980-1985
      Historian 1979-1980

      Andrew Murray
      Retired 1661
      James Wallace 1650-1661
      William Campbell 1637-1649
      Duncan MacLeod 1634-1636
      Mary MacGreggor 1631-1634

      Michael Niedzielski
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Linda Flaherty 1992-1996
      Dorsey Comegna 1990-1992
      Rodis 1987-1990
      Historian 1986-1987

      Jillian O'Hara
      Deceased in line of duty - Galati 1996
      Seraphina 1993-1996
      Cecelia Holtzman 1991-1993
      Tresleem Thomas 1988-1991
      Historian 1987-1988

      Jesus Ortiz
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Coordinator, South America 1990-1996
      Area Supervisor, La Paz 1979-1990
      Simon de Miranda 1984-1990
      Dominga Monteverde 1976-1984
      Katya 1969-1976
      Historian 1968-1969

      Jane Owen
      Deceased 1952
      Duncan MacLeod 1945-1952
      Connie Richland 1942-1945

      Thanos Panagiotopoulos
      Riva Sklarz 1997-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Makar 1992-1997
      Marcus Constantine 1990-1992
      Christianne Krause 1988-1990
      Researcher 1986-1988
      Historian 1985-1986

      Sarah Panzer
      Retired 1967
      Head Researcher, US NorthWest 1946-1959
      Jessica Larkin 1941-1945
      Duncan MacLeod 1938-1940
      Researcher 1938-1945
      Historian 1936-1938

      Terry Rafferty
      Vincent Matteini 1996-
      Historian 1995-1996

      William Raleigh
      Retired 1686
      Robert Montague 1676-1686
      Walter Graham 1663-1665
      Duncan MacLeod 1662-1675
      Capt. Richard Sharkey 1656-1662

      Harold Ridley
      Moreland Mahoney 1994-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Internal Affairs 1992-1994
      Sarah McLaughlin 1989-1992
      Historian 1988-1989

      Alfred Rockingham
      Deceased 1745
      Judith & Nigel Cuthbert 1733-1745
      Duncan MacLeod 1712-1731

      Nadia Rostov
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Coordinator, Eastern Europe 1995-1996
      Area Supervisor 1991-1995
      Yelena Varsenik 1988-1995
      Andrei Kroviak 1983-1988
      Nicholas Kuchinka 1980-1983
      Historian 1977-1979

      Justin Russell
      Drew Gallagher 1995-
      Jackson Trent 1992-1995
      Alex Harrison 1988-1992
      Historian 1987-1988

      Edmund Schlegel
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Tribune 1982-1996
      Coodinator, Eastern Europe 1973-1982
      Legal Counsel, Western Europe 1962-1973
      Terrence Zic, Esq. 1958-1962
      Historian 1956-1958

      Jack Shapiro
      Retired 1996
      Tribune 1992-1996
      Coordinator, US NorthWest 1989-1991
      Legal Counsel, US NorthWest 1980-1992
      Dorothy DeShields 1978-1980
      Judge Wendall Frost 1972-1978
      Historian 1969-1972

      John L.Slocum
      Dismissed 1869
      Roberta Pembroke 1868-1869
      Duncan MacLeod 1867-1868
      Myra Clinton 1866-1867
      Roger Ludlow 1863-1865
      George Geddis 1862-1863

      Jennise Smith
      Sr. Mary Jean Mitchell 1997-
      Temp Assignment: Special Ops 1996
      Historian 1996-1997

      John Snedeger
      Deceased 1997
      Livio Broccolino 1994-1997
      Michael Rojek 1991-1993
      Martin Hyde 1988-1991
      Theresa Malloy 1984-1988
      Historian 1983-1984

      Nathan Stern
      Deceased -- under inquiry 1996
      Coordinator, Western Europe 1995-1996
      Luther 1990-1995
      Ginjer Wu 1984-1990
      Steven Ligotti 1978-1984
      Kiri Asaro 1972-1977
      Researcher 1968-1972

      Ernest Sturdivant
      Retired 1850
      Area Supervisor 1842-1850
      Angelica Monroe 1835-1841
      Martin Bennett 1829-1834
      Duncan MacLeod 1818-1829
      Peter Caradoc 1811-1818

      Charles Tarvise
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Tribune 1995-1996
      Coordinator, Eastern Europe 1990-1995
      Internal Affairs 1985-1989
      Regional Secretary, Western Europe 1981-1985
      Artur Drakov 1976-1981
      Researcher 1974-1976

      Jacques Vemas
      Deceased in the line of Duty 1995
      Coordinator, Western Europe 1990-1995
      Alexandra Racine 1979-1990
      Area Supervisor 1984-1990
      Robert Watson 1974-1979
      Boris Ulov 1969-1973

      Remi Vijayha
      Deceased 1867
      Imre Romani 1849-1867
      Duncan MacLeod 1847-1848
      Irena Galati 1840-1847
      Jacob Galati 1833-1847

      Dwight Winston
      Deceased in line of duty -- Galati 1996
      Coordinator, Australia 1989-1996
      Area Supervisor, Perth 1984-1989
      Terrence O'Connor 1981-1989
      Cecily Reynolds 1980-1981
      Mark Mellady 1975-1980
      Cordelia Stanton 1968-1975

      Pallin Wolf
      Deceased 1993
      ALL ACTIVITIES CLASSIFIED 1/1/93- 12/31/95
      Special Assignment 1991-1993
      Anastasia Prassas 1990-1991
      Stephen Zilka 1986-1990
      Historian 1985-1986
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      • dubiousbystander
        dubiousbystander commented
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        Oh goodness! Could you also post the paragraphs written about them on the CDs? I'd love that! How did you do it?

      • Gardner
        Gardner commented
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        Very nice of you. All Immortals featured on that list are covered in my chronicles.

    • #7
      I opened it up in a text document and combed through it hahaha. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the actual chronicles for the entries, just the basic info.


      • #8

        Here is the chronicle of Francois Marchette, the Cynophobic swordsman

        NAME: Francois Marchette
        KNOWN ALIASES: Maurice Fontenot

        UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Cynophobic (Fear of dogs)
        OCCUPATION: Independent means
        DATE: 1982
        PLACE: Paris, France
        VICTOR: Peter Kanis
        WATCHER: Claude Massanet

        BORN: 1729; Gévaudan, France
        FIRST DEATH: 1764
        CIRCUMSTANCE: Killed by the Beast of Gévaudan
        FIRST TEACHER: Brannix of Gaul

        Francois could have taken out Kanis. He had the skills, the drive to win the Game, the experiance.
        What did couldn't prepare for, was the dogs. Most likely stemming from his first death, the sight of a dog
        terrified him. So when he had literally run through a Parisian park, being chased by Kanis's Rotweilers, he was in
        no state to fight and take that thief Kanis's head.

        And a personal update to Xaiver St.Cloud

        NAME: Khaled el Zitouna
        KNOWN ALIASES: Xaiver St. Cloud, Gerard Fleurie, Nelson Mfume

        UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Lost left hand in battle, Paris 1992
        OCCUPATION: Jewel Thief
        DATE: 1982
        PLACE: Paris, France
        VICTOR: Duncan MacLeod
        WATCHER: Stanley Barton

        BORN: ca. 1160; Morocco
        FIRST DEATH: 1192
        CIRCUMSTANCE: Fighting in the armies of Saladin, 3rd Crusade
        FIRST TEACHER: Henri St. Cloud of France

        Early in his Immortal life, probably around the same time he whacked his first teacher and took both
        the man's head and his name, Khaled el Zitouna realized that the road to success was paved with dirty tricks.
        In his early days, Khaled would choose his victims with care, studying them, never challenging one who might
        be better than he. MacLeod lost a good friend and teacher, Hamza el Kahir, to Khaled that way. Later Khaled
        experimented with poison gas and other dishonorable methods to incapacitate his victims before taking their heads.
        After Macleod took his hand in 1992, Khaled even resorted to mercenaries with Uzis, no class. Khaled may have a
        polished demeanor - well dressed, well-read, well-spoken, as well as a weakness for expensive caviar and rare art -
        but inside beat the heart of a coward. MacLeod did the world a huge favor when he took out this one.


        • Gardner
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          Good job on François Marchette, a cynophobic with links to a tragic story from France's past, killed by that nutjob Kanis! I like the name you give to Xavier too. Well done.

        • dubiousbystander
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          That still doesn't seem good enough to me, though. Xavier runs around back then saying things about not killing children or sleeping with virgins. Centuries in the future he also almost gives a "real" answer to why he kills mortals, and it seemed to be there must be some interesting backstory there. Something a lot better than "He's just a total scumbag."

      • #9
        Xavier's chronicle write-up is from the Watcher CD ROM. Only the name has been modified. Von Mollet, maybe you could write a short text explaining how Xavier went from being a player of the Game who doesn't kill children - and he was certainly taunting Duncan MacLeod when he said this - to a heartless killer who takes pleasure in killing.


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          And now, Von Mollet, a surprise for you : here are some of the characters you created on the previous HLBB, only with minor modifications. I safeguarded them on my databases, crediting you as their author.

          Kenshiro Tatsuya

          Known aliases : "Bug" Tatsuya, Tetsuo Shima
          Notable characteristics : None
          Weapon : Japanese military saber
          Recorded kills : Sadato Tani, Kenishi Tuyama,
          Genjo Ito

          Most recent base of operations : Tokyo, Japan
          Occupation : Motorcyclist, bosozoku gang leader
          Prior occupations : Motorcyclist
          Roster of Immortals Status : Active
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher : Shingo Misawa

          Original cultural affiliation : Japanese
          Born : 1932, Kyoto Japan
          First death : 1952, Motorcycle accident
          First teacher : Keiko Watanabe
          Known associates : None
          Known past associates : Keiko Watanabe
          First recorded sighting : 1952, Kyoto. Student of Watanabe

          Bug Tatsuya embodies the spirit of bosozoku. The hair, the attitude, the motorcycle. A rebel at heart, he never should fit in. He even uses a military sabre of his homeland instead of the Japanese katana that the majority of Immortal countrymen and women use. He travels around Japan, causing trouble wherever he goes. Speeding through traffic, setting fires and getting in fights. He better watch out though. Word is yakuza boss, Matsuhiro Kanagawa, is out for his head after Bug torched a restaurant that was a front for a betting parlor he owned. Bug better watch out, or sharpen his sword skills. I'd put my bets on the former samurai anyday.

          Shingo Misawa. 2009

          Created by Thepiscitelli, 2009

          John Ray Fielding

          Known aliases : John Fields, John Fielding Jr.
          Notable characteristics : None
          Weapon : US MI913 « Patton » saber
          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

          Most recent base of operations : Baghdad, Irak
          Occupation : Lieutnant, US Marines; Second Gulf
          Prior occupations : Lieutnant, British Army; First
          Gulf War; Lieutnant, US Army, Vietnam, WWII;
          Private, British Army, WWI
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 17 November 2007
          Place : Irak
          Victor : Beheaded by Taliban, Quickening lost
          Watcher : Private Mike Sanders

          Original cultural affiliation : English
          Born : 1881, Manchester England
          First death : 1917, Military courrier killed in the
          Trenches, WWI
          First teacher : Everett Bellian
          Known associates : Steven Crowe
          Known past associates : Everett Bellian, Brian
          First recorded sighting : 1917. London, England
          Student of Everett Bellian

          I am afraid to report that we lost another dedicated Watcher, Private Mike Sanders, in Irak. His platoon was ambushed by a Taliban cell while doing a patrol. After a firefight, only him and his assignment, John Ray Feilding remained and were taken by Taliban forces to a undisclosed location. When asked who was higher in rank, Feilding said Sanders was, knowing that the terrorists would want a higher rank to hold for ransom. They beheaded Feilding, taping it, and sent a message to US Forces. By the time the US responded, the area was deserted and Sanders was found shot in the head excution style.

          Stephen Lawrence, Area Supervisor Bagdhad
          Second Gulf War

          Written by ThePiscitelli, 2009

          When John Ray Fielding first met Amanda in 1917, he was a corporal of the British army, stationed in France on the battlefield of WWI with orders for his untit to ceasefire for the day so as to avoid a situation with the Germans were they would all have been needlessly killed. Ray was carrying his order in a wallet with money in it, which Amanda coveted.
          Ray was ambushed and tried to explain to the thief that his orders were important, he couldn't give her his wallet. But she didn't listen, knocked him out and stole both letter and money. When Ray woke up, it was too late : his unit made of 120 men had been slaughtered in battle and himself met his First Death later in the trenches.
          His teacher, Everett Bellian taught him about immortality and disclosed to him the identity of the woman he met. Ray swore to find the thief who had caused the death of his comrades-in-arms.
          It was not only the death of his friends that broke his heart, but also seeing from afar his wife marrying another man and their adopted children growing up without him. Not knowing anything alse, Ray stayed a soldier, fighting in Spain, Korea and Vietnam under different identities, living by the sword and by the gun.
          In 1998, Ray found the woman who destroyed his life in Toronto, confronted her and challenged her to a fight; Amanda, a thief with a conscience, felt guilty and accepted the challenge.
          Who knows what would have happened if her pre-immortal friend Nick Wolfe hadn't interfered, making Fielding realise that Amanda's death wouldn't bring his friends back from the grave, and that revenge was a two-edged sword : it kills its carrier as well as its target.
          Fielding reluctantly agreed to let bygones be bygones, and left Amanda to her bad conscience, ready to start a new life fresh without revenge in his heart.

          Keith Dolan, Toronto 1998

          Written by Gardner, 2008


          • #11
            Howard Lassiter
            Known aliases : Hugh Locke
            Notable characteristics : None
            Weapon : Cutlass
            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

            Most recent base of operations : London, England
            Occupation : Football player, Arsenal F.C.
            Prior occupations : Laborer
            Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
            Date :
            Place :
            Victor :
            Watcher : Andrea Henson

            Original cultural affilation : Trinidadian
            Born : 1809; Trinidad
            First Death: 1836; Knifed in argument with brother
            First teacher : Mabel Stanley
            Known past associates : Mabel Stanley
            First recorded sighting : 1836, Trinidad.
            Found and mentored by Mabel Stanley who passed
            him off as her servant and bodyguard

            Lassiter better watch out. Most Immortals would want to keep a low profile, but apparently Howard didn't get the memo. Everytime he goes out, he draws attention to himself, and not the good type. Accusations of drug use, alcohol abuse, and beating his girlfriend, his face is often plastered over tabloid newspapers. We've taken steps to make sure that when he loses his head it won't be discovered he's a 180 year old immortal who carries a sword for protection. When a small town nobody goes missing, nobody bats an eyelash. When a football star who is constantly in the spotlight goes missing, people ask questions.

            Andrea Henson, London
            July 1998

            ThePiscitelli, 2008


            Known aliases : None
            Notable characteristics :
            Immortality triggered past his prime
            Weapon(s) : None
            Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

            Most recent base of operations : Stonehenge
            Present-day Salisbury
            Occupation : Druid
            Prior occupations : Not known
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : November 327
            Place : Stonehenge
            Victor : Blasius Suetonus
            Watcher : N.A

            Original cultural affiliation : Celtic
            Born : 1 AD; Anglesey, Britannia
            First death : 61 AD; Menal Massacre, killed during
            destruction of Druidic stronghold on Inglesey by the
            Roman Empire
            First teacher : Asteria of Gaul
            Known past associates : Asteria of Gaul
            First recorded sighting : 327. Stonehenge
            Challenged and beheaded by Suetonus

            Gaius Suetonius Paulinus ordered the Roman army to destroy the Celtic Druid stronghold on Anglesey in Britain, sacking Druidic colleges and sacred groves. The massacre helped impose Roman religion on the world and sent Druidism into a decline from which it never recovered; Amergan was high priest of the Anglesey stronghold and survived only to bury his brethen and to see the Druid cult vasnih into obscurity until his death three hundred years later by the blade of Blasius Suetonus, marking his first and only recorded appearance.
            Later research allowed him to identify him as a past student of Druidess Asteria of Gaul at a time when she lived as a Druidess in Celtic Britain during the times of Britannia's invasion by the Romans.

            Watcher Research, Celtic Britain

            Francisco Niccoli
            Known aliases : None
            Notable characteristics : Lived on Holy Grounds
            Weapon : Not carrying one
            Recorded kills : None known

            Most recent base of operations : Monastery, region
            of Murcia, Southern Spain
            Occupation : Franciscan monk
            Prior occupations :Undetermined
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 1643
            Place : Murcia
            Victor : The Kurgan
            Watcher : Research, Southern Europe

            Original cultural affiliation : Italian
            Born : Italy, unknown date
            First death : Unrecorded
            First teacher : Unrecorded
            First recorded sighting : 1632. Murcia.
            Lured out of the monastery by two young women
            hired by the Kurgan

            I had the feeling that women would be the end of Niccoli. He had snuck out tonight to meet two women that had come to the monastary earlier in the day. They had asked him to meet them that night to speak to him about something dire. He obliged them meeting them away from the monastary. But waiting for him instead, was The Kurgan. The Kurgan had known of Francesco's weakness for women, after nearly taking his head at a harem two years ago, and had bribed two women to lure him out. After he took Francesco's head he bedded and murdered the two women. I guess they a fullfiled their purpose.

            Brother Giuseppe

            ThePiscitelli, 2008


            • #12
              Andrew Breeland

              Known aliases : Andrew Bertram
              Notable characteristics: None
              Weapon : Union cavalry saber
              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations: New Orleans, LS
              Occupation: Photographer, community journalism,
              documenting New Orlans Hurricane Disaster
              Prior occupations : Drifter, occasional mugger
              and robber
              Roster of Immortals Status: Missing
              Date : 31 August 2005
              Place : New Orleans
              Victor : N.A
              Watcher: Mark Stephans

              Original cultural affilation: American
              Born : 1952; Boston, MA USA
              First Death : 1986, Heroin overdose
              First teacher : Kage
              Known past associates : Kage
              First recorded sighting: 1986 Boston, MA
              Taken in and taught of Immortality by Kage

              As the first Immortal Kage encountered after what he had seen back in '75, Andrew Breeland is a good representation of his new outlook on life. Breeland, a former junkie and small time hood, has been given a new lease on life. If Cambodia never happened, I'm sure Kage would have taught him how to make an easy buck and take heads or worse, take his head outright. But instead Kage is teaching him peace and love, something I figure Breeland has never lived with. While Kage is still teaching him how to use a sword, I figure this is just a protective measure for when Breeland eventually leaves his teacher.

              Mike Dunham, 1986

              Breeland found Ohane Munroe among the debris of a house on the suburbs of New Orleans, he tried to reach out to her but this is an untrusting immortal hiding in the frame of the teenaged Ohane and though Andrew Breeland isn’t a pedophile, she recoiled from him. As the remains of the house was taken away by the flood, so was Breeland on his boat. I nearly drowned too, watching them from afar. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Breeland and of that unfortunate girl.

              Mark Stephen, August 2005

              James Guidry
              Known aliases : John "Sarge" Gautreaux
              Notable characteristics : Heavy Cajun accent
              Weapon(s) : French Military sabre
              Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : Shreveport LS
              Occupation : Owner, Sarge's Cajun Grill
              Prior occupations : Cook, soldier
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 18 September 1987
              Place : Shreveport LS
              Victor : Horvan Kant
              Watcher : Carmen Thibideaux

              Original cultural affiliation : Cajun
              Born : 1908, Bayou Chene LS
              First death : 1944; Nazi ambush outside of
              Ramelle, France, WWII
              First teacher : Antoine Legris
              Known past associates : Antoine Legris
              First recorded sighting : 1944. Ramelle, France
              Found by Antoine Legris

              From the Records of the Tribunal :

              In 1944, Sergeant James Guidry died in a skrimish with Nazi troops in France. After awaking an Immortal, he was found by a former soldier, Antoine Legris, who taught him the ways of Immortality. Coming back to the States in 1972, finding the US he left had changed immensely. Finding work as a dishwasher in Shreveport at Easy Eddie's Grill a barely one star grill. Over time he rose from dishwasher to chef and from chef to maître d'hotel. When he eventually bought the place, he overhauled the restraraunt, making it a four star restraraunt when he was finished. Life was good, until that little punk Kant, took his head. The Grill has since closed, as if it died with him.

              Carmen Thibideaux, Sept. 87

              Created by Thepiscitelli, 2009

              Monique Mozel
              Known aliases : Monique Michel, Mireille Mathis,
              Monica Marshall, Mary Mozel
              Notable characteristics : Red hair
              Not to be confused with Monique Cassard of Paris
              Weapon(s) : Cup-hilt rapier
              Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : New Orleans LS
              Occupation : Innskeeper
              Prior occupations : Gourmet chef, restaurant cook,
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 17 August 1933
              Place : New Orleans
              Victor : Mario Cardoza
              Watcher : Jane Goodwin

              Original cultural affiliation : French
              Born : 1660, Strasbourg France
              First death : 1692, Accidentally killed by jealous
              friend over man
              First teacher : Pierre Segur
              Known past associates : Pierre Segur
              Known ennemies : Mario Cardoza
              First recorded sighting : 1697. Paris, France
              Found and mentored by Segur

              Hyde the Hunter chased madame Moselle to the ouskirts of Paris. She tried to warn her mentor, Pierre Segur, of Hyde's plan. But was too late. She encountered the Scotsman Duncan MacLeod, who informed her that Hyde had found her teacher. She rushed to where MacLeod said the two had gone, ignoring him reminding her the rules of the Game. When she arrived, it was too late. Hyde had taken away the only thing she had to a father, and instead of protecting him, she had lead Hyde right to him.

              Claude Monet, 1700
              From the Chronicle of Monique Mozelle

              Finally Monique caught up to Mario Cardoza two hundred years after the assassin ruined her business in Marseilles during an incident involving the destruction of her inn and the death of her mortal husband and foster children. For two centuries Monique hunted Cardoza, swearing revenge. But her revenge she never got, Cardoza being a swordmaster and in an ungly mood at the time of Monique's challenge. A good woman is dead, may her ghost haunt and torment Cardoza for the next fews centuries.

              Jane Goodwin, August 1933

              The Piscitelli, 2010


              • #13
                Baltsar Kjellberg
                Known aliases : Sven Kihlstedt
                Notable characteristics : Scar across face
                Weapon(s) : Two-handed braodsword
                Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                Most recent base of operations : New Mexico USA
                Occupation : Hermit
                Prior occupations : Soldier
                Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                Date : 1 August 1889
                Place : Taos NM
                Victor : Janie Carson
                Watcher : Mike Gentry

                Original cultural affiliation : Swinn Jew
                Born : 1593, Stockholm Sweden
                First death : 1632; Killed during invasion of Bavaria,
                Thirty Years War
                First teacher : Bjorn Gustavson
                Known past associates : Bjorn Gustavon,
                Tobias Gundersen, Ethan Raven
                First recorded sighting : 1632, Bavaria. Student of

                I lost Baltsar last night. During the 4th of July celebrations during the fireworks display, the street was croweded and I lost track of him. I talked to the whore he frequented and she told me that he had said something about going north. I'll look for him, but I have a feeling we might have lost him.

                Mike Gentry
                July 5, 1879

                Written by The Piscitelli, 2009

                Bridget Ingvarsen
                Known aliases : Brynhildr Buðladóttir, Mad Bridget
                Notable characteristics : 6’4’’ tall
                Weapon : German zweihander
                Recorded kills :Jebediah Gibson, No Muong,
                Carl Robinson, Chris Ironside

                Most recent base of operations : Honolulu, Hawai
                Occupation : Independent means
                Prior occupations : Drifter, soldier, mercenary
                Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                Date :
                Place :
                Victor :
                Watcher : Charles Udensky

                Original cultural affiliation : Swedish
                Born : 1732; Uppsala, Sweden
                First death : 1772; Killed by abusive husband
                First teacher : Isadora Wynter
                Known past associates : Isadora Wynter
                Known ennemies : Sigrid Solvig
                First recorded sighting : 1772. Uppsala, Sdweden
                Found and mentored by Isadora who later killed
                Bridget’s husband, a towering juggernaut

                Most female Immortals unfortunely have a hard time in the Game. Not Bridget. She is more than happy to step up and play with the boys. Matter of fact, she hunts only male Immortals, believing that if there can be only one, it should be a woman. With her amazonian build, close-cropped hair and wielding a two handed zweihander, she is a headhunter with a chip the size of a small country on her shoulder. I feel bad for any man that gets on her bad side.

                Charles Udensky

                ThePiscitelli, 2008

                Terrence O'Connor
                Known aliases : Terrence Brickman
                Notable characteristics : None
                Weapon : One-handed broadsword
                Recorded kills : Not a player of the Game

                Most recent base of operations : Honolulu, Hawai
                Occupation : Smuggler, alcohol black market
                Prior occupations : Rebel, convict, New Australia
                Colonist (early 1890’s), smuggler
                Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                Date : 13 May 1932
                Place : Honolulu
                Victor : Morgan Kenworthy
                Watcher : Research, Cerntral America

                Original cultural affiliation : Irish, convict detained in
                New South Wales, Australia
                Born : 1771; Galway, Ireland
                First death : Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804 against
                British authority, convict killed by New South Wales
                Corps soldiers
                First teacher : Brian Cullen
                Known past associates : Brian Cullen
                First recorded sighting : 1804. New South Wales,
                Australia. Student of Brian Cullen

                I regret to report that Terrence O'Connor is missing. Altough the colony of New Australia is teetotal, Terrence had smuggled some alcohol last night and wandered off into the jungle. There have been several search parties for him, but all have failed to find anything. I request for Terrence O'Connor be listed on the Missing Roster of Immortals.

                Patrick Flaherty, 16 May 1894
                Colonial Australia

                ThePiscitelli 2009

                Terrence O'Connor was sometimes mistaken as Terrence of Coventry because of their similar names, but an adventurous aristocrat he wasn't : more an opportunist and rogue ready for anything if he could turn a profit. I am sure he would have done a lucrative business as a gangster in the years following the Prohibition, with the rise of the Italian-American maffia, but he ran into an elderly immortal who ran a distillery operation behind the cover of silvermithing and Terrence felt he could associate himslef with someoneof his kind, for once. Unfortunately, Kincaid didn't see it that way and whipped his sword when the Aussie asked for a bigger part of the action.

                From the Chronicle of Morgan Kenworthy
                Watcher Research, US Northeast

                Giuliana Argento
                Known aliases : Jean Admele, Julie Adams
                Notable characteristics : None
                Weapon : Italian broadsword
                Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                Most recent base of operations: New York, NY
                Occupation: Independent means
                Prior occupations : School teacher, nanny
                Roster Status: Deceased
                Date: 1 July 1914
                Place: New York, NY USA
                Victor: Kenneth
                Watcher: Walter Young

                Original cultural affilation: Corsican
                Born: 1685; Porto Vecchio, Corsica
                First Death: 1722; Killed for stealing an infant
                First teacher: Lucretia Garibaldi
                Known associates : Kenneth
                Known past associates : Lucretia Garibaldi
                First recorded sighting: 1722. Porto-Vecchio
                Found and mentored by by Garibaldi

                All Julie wanted was to be a mother. After many attempts to become preganant in her pre-immortal life failed, she resorted to theft. She stole an infant from a house one night only to be caught and killed the following morning. When Garibaldi found her and told her she could never have children, her world fell apart. So when a young Immortal boy came to her looking for a safe place to hide 192 years later, she welcomed him with open arms. Shame she was the one who needed protection.

                Walter Young, July 1914

                ThePscitelli, 2009

                George Walters
                Known aliases: Walter Georges, Winston Grant
                Notable characteristics: None
                Weapon : Swept-hilt rapier

                Most recent base of operations: Baltimore MD
                Occupation : Shelter manager
                Prior occupations : Kitchen soup manager
                Roster Status : Deceased
                Date : 4 May 1988
                Place : Baltimore
                Victor : Kenneth
                Watcher: Hank Dux

                Original cultural affilation : British African
                African Poors of London
                Born : 1707; London, England
                First death : 1740; Framed for the murder of a
                white policeman
                First teacher : Catherine Beckett
                Know associates : Kenneth
                Known past associates : Catherine Beckett,
                Harley Davenport
                First recorded sighting: 1740. London, England
                Student of Catherine Beckett

                George always had a soft spot for charity cases. Even before he died his first death, he was always taking in the poor, giving them hot meals and shelter for the night. When a crazed beggar stabbed him in a back alley that night in 1780, he found that he couldn't die, nor could he stop helping the disprivledged. On his way out West, he found Micheal Moore, a newly born Immortal with a truckload of emotional trauma. He taught him the ways of the Game and sent him on his way, not knowing the evil Michael had in him. He relocated in Washington, opening a shelter, much as he had before. It wasn't long until he ran into a Immortal child named Kenny. He took him in, raising him as his own. Until one night Kenny took his head, taking a life of a man who had done nothing but help others.

                Hank Dux, 1988

                ThePiscitelli, 2009


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                All so great to read!


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                  A Swinn Jew, a Jew born in Sweden.

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                Those two were written as the Immortals killed by Methos and Amanda I nthe reunion short film.

                Annika Dunseldorf

                Known aliases : Anna Dunsel
                Notable characteristics : Spoilt brat mentality
                Weapon : German cavalry saber
                Recorded kills : None known

                Most recent base of operations : Rio de Janeiro,
                Occupation : Socialite
                Prior occupations : College student, Harvard
                Date : 13 August 2009
                Place : Rio
                Victor : Amanda
                Watcher: Sasha Dunlevy

                Original cultural affilation: German
                Born : 1785; Berlin, Germany
                First Death : 1806; accidently hung herself while
                vying for attention
                First teacher : Fritz Kriegle
                Known past associates : Fritz Kriegle
                First recorded sighting : 1806. Berlin, Germany
                Found and mentored by Fritz Kriegle

                Finally I don't have to watch that spoiled brat anymore. Annika finally thought she would have revenge on Amanda for when Amanda stole her favorite necklace in 1923, but Amanda made sure to end her before she had a tantrum. Again. Actually can't remember a day without one. Heck, Kenneth acts like more of an adult than her. It's about time someone put her in her place.

                Sasha Dunlevy, August 2009

                ThePiscitelli, 2009

                Steven Crowe
                Known aliases : None
                Notable characteristics : Superiority complex,
                thought being immortal made him invicible
                Weapon : Single-handed broadsword

                Most recent base of operations : Southern
                Occupation : Drifter
                Prior occupations : Corporal, US Marines
                Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                Date : 7 December 2006
                Place : Malibu, CA
                Victor : Methos
                Watcher : James Warner

                Original cultural affilation : African-American
                Born : 1981; Detroit, MI USA
                First Death : 2006; US Marie stationed in Irak,
                Second Gulf War, killed in Taliban ambush
                First teacher : John Ray Fielding
                Known past associates : John Ray Fielding
                First recorded sighting : 2006. Badgad, Irak
                Student of John Fielding

                Another one of ThePiscitelli's creation. From one of the audio books. His final fate is my idea.

                Paul Furio
                Known aliases : Paolo Furia, Pietro Furtana
                Notable characteristics : Side-effect to Immortal
                range, gets brain seizure(epilepsy)
                Weapon(s) : Greek hoplite sword

                Most recent base of operations : Southern Europe
                Homebased in Rome Italy
                Occupation : Interpol agent, inv’estigating Red
                Brigades activities
                Prior occupations : Agent, Italian Secret Services;
                Infantryman, Italian army WWII
                Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                Date : 3 June 1973
                Place : Rome
                Victor : Marcantonio Fitipaldi
                Watcher : Shu Meï

                Original cultural affiliation : Italian
                Born : 1906, Milan Italy
                First death : 1943, Killed during massacre of the
                Acqui Division, WWII
                First teacher : Thanos of Athens
                Known past associates : Thanos of Athens,
                Tasnya Desny, Janna Helfs, Natsuta
                Known ennemies : Mario Cardoza
                First recorded sighting : 1943, Kefalonia Greece
                Found by Thanos of Athens

                Some Immortals have a bad reaction to the presence of Immortal and this weakness can prove fatal : they get epilepsy and find themselves as defenceless as infants. The cause of most cases of epilepsy is unknown. Some cases occur as the result of brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, infections of the brain, and birth defects, in the cause of Immortals it is the power of the Quickening laying in their brains and spinal cord that can cause those reactions.

                Some reactions are benign, Kit O'Brady is famous for brutally sneezing in the presence of other Immortals, but in the case of Paul Furio (Immortality's own James Bond) and Malek Ben Mansour from Morocco, epilepsy has caused them more troubles than they care to count, and in the case of Furio it proved fatal : during his investigation of the Red Brigades in 1973 it provoked such a seizuere in him that the Brigages leader - Marcantonio Fitipaldi - easily took hold of him and killed him. Jamal Al Din of Syria was prime warrior material, a young Immortal from Damascus who found epilepsy prevented him from playing the Game and turned from warlike activities to more scholarly careers. Simon Vasilyev was one of the best blades from Russia, after Victor Markov, but a bad Quickening left this after-effect in him and he retired from a promising career among the Immortals of Mother Russia to concentrate on his other talent : singing among the Red Army Choir with the Alexandrov Ensemble.

                Those Immortal have tried to find medications with brain surgeon Peter Gaicus and herbalist Grace Chandel, unfortunately it is incurable for an Immortal : it is the Immortal range which is at fault and there is no true control over the Immortal range, lest you be an ancient and powerful Immortal able to cloack yourself from other Immortals.

                Watcher Research, Western Europe
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                  Darwinian. These folks aren't ever going to be able to play The Secret Game.

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                Excellent work Gardner! You should repost more! I'm currently working on some myself.


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                  What about the Immortal War?


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                    On a separate thread for all to see, so as to clear things up on the Watcher Chronicles thread.

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                  Greetings, Gardner, old friend! Long time no see! So glad to hear from you again. Seeing you posting again on here made me dig out all those Chronicles we did together and chuckle at the fun times we had. I think I counted about 2500 Immortals or there abouts in my records.

                  BTW Did you ever do the Chronicles for those 12 Immortals Xanthia of Melitus killed during her Dark Quickening period?



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                    Lady Sun
                    Known aliases : Feng Xiaolian
                    Notable characteristics : Chalk-white skin, delicate
                    as a flower, hiding a skilled fighter
                    Weapon : Black Lotus Clan sword
                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                    Most recent base of operations : Afghanistan
                    Occupation : Servant girl of Empress Mu,
                    travelling to Bactria on her behalf for a secret
                    Prior occupations : Handsmaiden
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 613
                    Place : Central Afghanistan
                    Victor : Xanthia of Miletus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
                    Born : 3rd century; Late Eastern Han Dynasty
                    First death : Undetermined, during Three
                    Kingdoms period of China
                    First teacher : Xanthia of Miletus
                    Known past associates : Xanthia of Miletus
                    First recorded sighting : 581. Bactria. Hunted by
                    Xanthia of Miletus, identified as a past disciple

                    Lady Sun was on a mission for Empress Mu of China when Xanthia finally caught up to her after thirty years of hunting her former disciple. Lady Sun was a skilled fighter but couldn’t thing of raising her sword against her teacher and Metopholus had wanred her : if she took Xanthia’s head, she risked beign infected with the dreaded Dark Quickening. Sun had few possibilities left, other than running and hinding, two things Xanthia originally taught her to avoid. She taught her to stand her ground. And finally Lady Sun just did that and faced what was to come. Bactria’s night skies were illuminated with her passing Quickening and when Xanthia received the life-edssence of her student, her Watcher could swear he saw the killer cry over the grave she herself dug for her with her own two hands.

                    From the Chronicle of Xanthia of Melitus

                    Abraham of Kratia
                    Known aliases : None
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : Iberian kriss broadsword
                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game
                    but knew how to put a good fight when needed

                    Most recent base of operations : Ulan Bator,
                    Occupation : Christian missionary, Byzantine
                    Prior occupations : Monk; abbot, monastery of
                    Kratia; Christian missionary stationed in Nubia
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 613
                    Place : Ulan Bator
                    Victor : Xanthia of Miletus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening, hunting holy immortals
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Syrian
                    Born : 474; Emesa, Syria
                    First death : 500, Repelling raid on monastery of
                    First teacher : John of Ephesus
                    Known associates : Darius
                    Known past associates : John of Ephesus
                    First recorded sighting : 501. Bithynia. Found and
                    mentored by John of Ephesus

                    In a moment of lucidity, when rationality was hers again, Xanthia of Melitus sought the help of Darius whom she heard was living in Mongolia, but found one of his disciples instead : Abraham of Kratia, a holy immortal and Christian missioniary, known to help the infirms of body and of mind and who could cure Xantia’s madness, at least she hoped. Abraham got wind of the madwoman coming to him through the immortal grapevine (a letter sent by the shadowy Manius Remus, possibly Methos) and was a bit on his guard, but Christian charity commanded him to help the ancietn immortal and Xanthia looked truly sincere.
                    Abraham put his hand on her forehead, his Watcher reported, and sent a prayer to God. But that wasn’t enough. Xanthia seemed to recover for a time but suffered a brutal relapse and took Abraham’s head outside of Holy Grounds before leaving.

                    From the Chronicle of Xanthia of Melitus

                    Shibtu of Yambad
                    Known aliases : None
                    Notable characteristics : Teenaged immortal
                    Weapon : Hittite broadsword
                    Recorded kills : None. Inconclusive fight against
                    Ankh-Psantek, 1274 BC
                    Missing between 1274 BC and 626 AD

                    Most recent base of operations : Constantinople
                    Occupation : Consort to the Emperor
                    Prior occupations : Queen of Mari, Syrian city-
                    State, warrior queen, leading Hittites in battle
                    against the invading Egyptians
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 626, siege of Constantinople by Persians
                    Place : Constantinople
                    Victor : Xanthia of Miletus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Semitic
                    Born : 18th century BC; Kingdom of Yambad,
                    present-day Syria
                    First death : 1762 BC, Wife of King Zimri-lim killed
                    during sack of Mari, Syria, by Hammurabi
                    First teacher : Ishtar of Erech, history disclosed to
                    Jesus of Nazareth during visit ot the Louvres
                    Known past associates : Ishtar of Erech
                    First recorded sighting : 1274 BC. Kingdom of the
                    Levant. Nearly killed in battle by Ankh-Psantek

                    The Siege of Constantinople in 626 saw the battle of Xanthia of Melitus (again under the influence of a Dark Quickening) against ‘Shibtu of Yambad’ as she introduced herself, a consort and favorite of the Emperro fo Constantinople. The fight, long and harduous, ended with Xanthia’s victory, the Quickening was quite powerful and rich, alluding to an immortal of ancient age. Shibtu’s background remained undetermined until her name was found mentioned in a chronicle of Egyptian Ankh-Psantek in 1274 BC, she was a consort of his and had to defend herself against his jealous rage until she disappeared from Watcher scope.
                    Ishtar of Erech is the immortal who disclosed her origin story of Jesus of Nazareth during their yearly trip to the Museum of Louvres in Paris, as she was the subject of an exposed painting.

                    Watcher Research, The Chronicle of Xanthia of Melitus

                    Gershem Ben Zion
                    Known aliases : Gavriel; David ben-ami
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : Custom broadsword, forged it himself,
                    apt swordsmith

                    Most recent base of operations : Daraa, Syria
                    Occupation : Rebel fighter
                    Prior occupations : Israelile warrior, Zealot
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 630
                    Place : Outskirts of Daraa
                    Victor : Xanthia of Melitus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Hebrew
                    Born : 46, Galilea
                    First death : 66, Part of the Zealots founded by
                    Gideon, killed during uprising against Rome
                    First teacher : Gideon
                    Known associates : Xanthia of Melitus, Avram
                    Mordecai, Ruth bat-Seraph
                    Known past associates : Gideon
                    Known ennemies : Marcus Constantine
                    First recorded sighting : 66. Galilea. Disicple of
                    Gideon, developped a fanatic hatred for those who
                    persecuted the Jews

                    The Zealots were originally a political movement in 1st century Second Temple Judaism which sought to incite the people of Judaea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms, most notably during the First Jewish–Roman War (66-70). One of those Zealots was immortal Gershem Ben-Zion, a disciple of the legendary Gideon and a ferce ennemy of Rome and devoted to the cause of Jews's freedom to suimply exist.
                    For six hundred years he fought the legions led by Marcus Constantine until the fall of Rome.
                    In 630 he was helping fellow Israelites running from persecutions by Emperor Heraclius when he was found and killed by a red-haired Jewess identified as Xanthia of Melitus, still udner the influence of the Dark Quickening she received in 550 in India.

                    From the Chronicle of Xanthia of Mellitus

                    Protis of Cadiz
                    Known aliases : Benjamin of Tiberias
                    Notable characteristics : Lived on Holy Grounds
                    Immortality triggered past his prime
                    Weapon : Not carrying oen at time of death
                    Recorded kills : None known
                    Missing between 206 BC and 650

                    Most recent base of operations : Tiberias, Galilee
                    Northern Israel
                    Occupation : Financing Jewish revolt against
                    Byzantine Empire in 614; shrine keeper
                    Prior occupations : Shrine keeper, Temple of
                    Cadiz dedicated to Phoenician God Melqart
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                    Date : 636
                    Place : Tiberias
                    Victor : Xanthia of Melitus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Phoenician
                    Born : 1110 BC; Gadir (present Cadiz), Spain
                    First death : 1060 BC; Defending temple against
                    First teacher : Cassandra, at this time Gadir oracle
                    Known past associates : Cassandra
                    First recorded sighting : 206 BC. Gadir, Iberia
                    Encounter with Carpus Cornelius, centurion under
                    Scipio Africanus’s command

                    Protiz of Cadiz was the first known disciple of Cassandra and the man to whom she referred to as her first student to Roland Kantos when she mentored him in Hispania, circa 415 AD and as having lived for eight hundred years at the very least before he disappeared in 206 BC at the time of Gadir’s capture by the Romans. After Kantos parted ways with his teacher, he sought to find Cassandra’s older student in the hope to learn from him and – we suppose, knowing that man well – in the hope of taking his Quickening. Kantos spent one century hunting Protis but never found him. However, the beheaded body of an ageing man was found in Southern Spain, in Murcia in 489, with evidences of a Quickening around. While we cannot prove this was Protiz, there is still a possibility that Kantos found his man. Indeed, elderly immortal are very scarce and Kantos was dedicated in his quest. Did Protis die by the blade of Kantos, nothing is certain.

                    Watcher Research, Iberian Immortals

                    Update :

                    Protis of Cadiz was killed in 636 by a red-haired madwoman we can assume was Xanthia of Melitus during the centuries when she was possessed by a Dark Quickening. Protis lived in Tiberias in Galilea and was keeping a shrine where he housed Jewish families. He didn’t suspect the beaitiful Minoan woman posing a a Jewess would come after his head.

                    Adam Pierson, Paris 1994
                    Methos Chronicle

                    Prisca Negra
                    Known aliases : None
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : Custom broadsword, forged it herself
                    using techniques found in ancient scrolls
                    Recorded kills : None known

                    Most recent base of operations : Alexandria, Egypt
                    Occupation : Chief librarian, Library of Alexandria
                    In charge of collecting all the world’s knowledge
                    Prior occupations : Ditto
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 642, Capture of city by Muslim army of Amr
                    ibn al’Aas who ordered the burning of the library
                    Place : Alexandria
                    Victor : Xanthia of Miletus, under the spell of a
                    Dark Quickening
                    Watcher : Research, Xanthia Chronicle

                    Original cultural affiliation : Nubian
                    Born : 76 BC; Kingdom of Nubia
                    First death : 47 BC, During Siege of Alexandria,
                    Alexandrine Civil War during reign of Julius
                    First teacher : Sunda Kastagir
                    Known associates : Sunda Kastagir, Ya Nefer
                    Known ennemies : Marcus Constantine
                    First recorded sighting : 47 BC. Nubian Kingdom
                    Disciple of Sunda Kastagir

                    After 92 years of hunting his old friend, Metopholus finally caught up to Xanthia in Alexandria the year the city was besieged by the Muslims who ordered the burning of Alexandria’s library. A tragedy for the wise Prisca Negra, a Nubian woman once disciple of Sunda Kastagir, and who sought to preserve the world knowledge, only to see it burnt down. But nothing could save her from pillaging Arabs and from the demented Xanthai who took her out after a brief battle. Did Prisca Negra’s Quickening sane her up ? Or was it Prisca’s innate goodness and widsom which washed away Xanthia’s anger and hate ? When Metopholus found Xanthia, it was as if she was reverting to her old self, but the ancient immortal knew better and took her to Tripolitania, to an ancient shrine located in a cave, where he left her on her own for seven days and nights, until Xanthia finally rid herself from her demons. The shrine was kept by a Muslim friend of his, Fayrul ibn al-Din who made sure Xanthia was kept safe.
                    In the end, Xanthia’s goodness prevailed and she was back to her senses, but befallen with the memories of the good immortals she murdered and of the mortals lives she destroyed during her rampaging years.

                    Adam Pierson, Paris 1994
                    Methos Chronicle


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                      Hey there, Gardner, old friend! Great work on the Dark Xanthia Chronicle. It's been a long time since I've read these chronicles by you, I never knew how much I missed it. Love to read more, got any new ones you've done while we've been away? I look forward to these Immortal sessions again LOL


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                        Hello Apollo1. Did you write other bios yourself ? Cheers.

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                      Welcome back Apollo1 & 2! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

                      Gardner, any chance of you posting the Chronicles of the Immortals from the Original movies?
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                        Hey, Gardner! Kind of lost my motivation when this place became unavailable and had no one to share ideas with. It wasn't the same without that fun back and forth between us, me coming up with names and you creating these wonderful characters from a brief outline. Plus, life problems got in the way a bit, so I kind of had even less motive to carry on. Then, I discovered this place was back so I rejoined and have been visiting ever since, wondering if you'd be back. Now that you are I've suddenly got a little of that spark back again!


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                          That''s nice to hear Apollo1.

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                        Sunda Kastagir
                        Known aliases : Sundiata Keita, Roger Kibanga
                        Tewolde; Casper (Three Magi)
                        Notable characteristics : Flamboyant dresser
                        Weapon : Manchu broadsword
                        Recorded kills : Mebrahtom, Soumaoro Kanté, Assane Ouadraogo, Gaius Septimus, Katao Wanaganga,
                        Jawara Mbaye

                        Most recent base of operations : N'Djamena, Chad
                        Occupation : Politician, trying to bring peace
                        between Muslims and Christians of Chad
                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                        Date : 9 February 1986
                        Place : N'Djamena
                        Victor : Lucius Oranius Capito
                        Watcher : Joma Kikuyu

                        Original cultural affiliation : Axumite
                        Born : 400 BC, Kingdom of Axum
                        First death : 360 BC, Trying to negociate peace
                        between rival tribes
                        First teacher : Sudala
                        Known associates : Connor MacLeod, Duathor
                        Negra, the Knigh of Eon, Owusu Ojokolo
                        Known past associates : Marcus Constantine,
                        Seraphina, Alim ibn Al-Nasr, Barbrak Kamal,
                        Melchior of Babylon, Halis Ag Emoctar, Khalifa
                        Known students : Shapur Vajpayee, Sekou Nkruma, Dina Katumba, William Sumaye, Fernao Vaca, Mossane, Angelo Quattrocchi, Zé Kalanga, Queen Anna Nzinga, Roxanne Bangura, Sambo Kunda, Daniel Buckland, Ohane Munroe, Mossa Quatey, Idrissa Diagana, Jakaya Mrisho, Gebre-Eghziaber, Mebrahtom, Arizus of Axum, Prisca Negra
                        First recorded sighting : 30 BC, Rome. With Marc
                        Anthony and Cleopatra, encounter with Marcus Constantine

                        The Legendary Sunda Kastagir, aka Sundiata Keita, was not only legendary for his prowess with a sword, his ability to charm women of all ages, but for his parties. He learned his craft in the court of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, he was one of the <insert names>. The <insert name> through drinking parties after the defeat at Antioch and kept at it until Marc Anthony and Cleopatra commited suicide. Not long after Sunda found himself in the party capital of the Ancient World -Rome. It was here that Chroniclers say that he began to work on a liquor he called Boom Boom. It was called Boom Boom because the next day that’s the only thing that you could hear was “boom boom” inside your head. But although he loved a great party, Sunda was a good and loyal friend. If you were in trouble he would drop what he was doing and rush to help.

                        Jerry Jackson, February 1985

                        Traditions identify a variety of different names for the three wise Magi who presented Jesus Christ and his parents with presents at the time of his birth. In the Western Christian church they have been commonly known as:

                        Melchior, a Persian scholar, identified as the late Melchior of Babylon. Caspar, an Ethiopian scholar, identified as Sunda Kastagir
                        Balthazar, an Arabian scholar, identified as Alis Ag Emoctar. Encyclopædia Britannica states that "according to Western church tradition, Balthasar is often represented as a king of Arabia, Melchior as a king of Persia, and Gaspar as a king of India." These names apparently derive from a Greek manuscript probably composed in Alexandria around 500, and which has been translated into Latin with the title Excerpta Latina Barbari. Qataban was one of the ancient Yemeni kingdoms which thrived in the Beihan valley (4th century BCE – 3rd century CE). Like the other Southern Arabian kingdoms, it gained great wealth from the trade of frankincense and myrrh incense, which were burned at altars. The capital of Qataban was named Timna and was located on the trade route which passed through the other kingdoms of Hadramaut, Saba and Ma'in; the immortal who became known as Balthazar was bon in the First Century before the birth of Christ and was mentored by Kellistra, at that time the wife of a merchant of frankincense. Nothing else is known of Kellistra's activites at that time, aside for her mentoring Balthazar who would later associate himself with Melchior of Babylon and Sunda Kastagir.

                        Watcher Research, Western Asia

                        Connor MacLeod
                        Known aliases : Adrian Montague, Jacques
                        Lefeburt, Alfred Nicholson, Major Dupont, Rupert
                        Wellingford, David Carruthers, Russell Nash
                        Notable characteristics : Rugged looks, staccato
                        laugh, dressed in trench-coat, jeans and sneakers
                        Weapon : Dragonhead Masamune katana
                        Recorded kills : Black Margaret, Kinmont Armstrong, Geordie Bourne, Knut Tjodolf, Nerissa, John Hawkwood, Robert Campbell, Lachlan Murdoch, The Persian Raider, Savely Zuev, Isaac Russell, Maxwell Polokov, Pierre Mulet, Nicholas Ward, Nwebube Iheatu, Henry Rochia, Khordas, Felix Bischoff, Marlinje Koon, Hikoshiro Sadamune
                        Inconclusive fight against Patrick Stanze, 1773; the Kurgan, 1804; Daemon ap Tudor, 1980

                        Most recent base of operations : No fixed adress
                        Occupation : Antiques broker, Davis Import
                        Prior occupations : Merchant ship captain; Major
                        of Scottish Highlander, Napoleonic campaigns,
                        traveller, sword-for-hire
                        Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                        Date : 10 November 1994
                        Place : Cairo, Egypt
                        Victor : N.A
                        Watcher : Dana Brook

                        Original cultural affiliation : Scottish Highlanders
                        Born : 1516, Glenfinnan Scotland
                        First death : 1536, Killed by the Kurgan during
                        battle against the Frazers
                        First teacher : Tak-Ne of Alexandria
                        Known associates : Duncan MacLeod, Amanda
                        Known past associates : Tak Ne, Sunda
                        Kastagir, Pierre Boucher, Nakano, Hugh Fitzcairn,
                        Sean Burns, Robert Montague, Jacob Van
                        Houten, Nicholas MacGill, Elijah Denton, Graham
                        MacDonald, James François, Hiram Scudder
                        Known ennemies : The Kurgan, Iman Fasil
                        First recorded sighting : 1541 Glencoe Scotland
                        Found and mentored by Ramirez

                        The elder MacLeod is an enigma. He's a very serious player of the Immortal Game and a very good one. He has deep respect for its Rules and nuances, and is always calculating, staying one step ahead of his opponents. Unlike his younger kinsman Duncan, Connor MacLeod keeps his thoughts and feelings very much to himself, although occasionally he will let a smile or his trademark staccato laugh slip out. There are a few things that can penetrate his serious exterior -- the Scottish Highlands, the sea, and "good women." He's rarely happier than when he has a field of blooming heather or the deck of a fast ship beneath his feet. Connor venerates the memory of his first wife, Heather, but that has not prevented him from finding love several times since. The legendary Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, his first teacher, helped show him how to strike a balance between serious Game player and lover of life. Although Connor MacLeod hasn't won The Game yet, you can bet he'll be a force to reckon with when The Gathering finally comes.

                        Dana Brook
                        Davis Imports, NY 1983

                        I think the death of Brenda Wyatt was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. After the death of Brenda Wyatt, Sunda Kastagir, countless lovers and friends over the last four centuries, Connor MacLeod just couldn't take it anymore. The pain, the loneliness, the endless fighting, the pointless butchery caused by the Game. His cheerful attitude in when he fought Slan Quince in Seattle was faked :
                        he pretended to be happy when he felt hollow inside. Ramirez was dead, Kastagir was dead, all the other heroes were too much in the shades of grey of the mortal world. Connor wanted respite from the Game and maybe he obtained it wherever he is hiding in present times.

                        Marcia Brooks, 1994

                        Colonel Melike
                        Known aliases : Melike M'Bantu, Melike Zabidjé,
                        Omar Melike
                        Notable characteristics : Sharpened teeth
                        Weapon(s) : Zulu war axe
                        Recorded kills :Soe-Tehpe and Mamawa
                        Nayangari, Ohelia Saytumah.
                        Inconclusive fight against Ophelia Saytumah, 1875

                        Most recent base of operations : Liberia
                        Occupation : Warlord; in service to Master
                        Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe
                        Prior occupations : Colonel, Liberia army; warrior,
                        Zulu army
                        Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                        Date : 17 March 1990
                        Place : Monrovia, Liberia
                        Victor : N.A
                        Watcher : Xolelwa Azania

                        Original cultural affiliation : South African
                        Born : 1180 Southern Africa
                        First death : 1220, Unknown circumstances
                        First teacher : Marcus Octavius
                        Known past associates : Grayson, Elias Xitavhudzi,
                        Azomina Dangbo
                        First recorded sighting : 1820, Fighting with Shaka
                        at the Battle of Mhlatuze River, encounter with
                        Grayson, implied on conversation to have waged
                        wars in Africa for 640 years

                        Colonel Melike took out Opheliah Saytumah, her death has been confirmed by Watcher Research.
                        A Colonal Liberian, she was involved in every political revolutions and wars in Liberia and had she lived forty more years, she would have seen the democratic elections of 2005, although 85% of its piopulation still live in utter poverty. She wasn’t as disullusioned about revolitions as her teacher Talia Bauer turned out to be, she fought with the same vigor and found a bitter ennemy in Colonel Melike, standing against him for the last time during the military coup of 1980 that overthrew the leadership of President William Tolbert, led by Colonel Samuel Doe, himself supported by Melike.

                        Watcher Bureau, Western Africa

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                          Jin Ke
                          Known aliases : Man Pan Lee, Kyung Jin Sohn,
                          Leung Bok-chao
                          Notable characteristics : None
                          Weapon : Ivanhoe sword
                          Recorded kills : *See Addendum I*

                          Most recent base of operations : Taiwan
                          Occupation : Security Agent; Ravenwood
                          International Security; East Asia Division (China)
                          Prior occupations : La enforcement, physician,
                          vigilante, international courier, soldier, sailor
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 18 0ctober 2011
                          Place : Taiwan
                          Victor : Immortal Maiden
                          Watchers : Beth & Susan DeMarco

                          Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
                          Born : 225 BC, Qin Dynasty China
                          First death : 202 BC, Failed plot against Emperor
                          Qin's life, took his own life
                          First teacher : Yau Chouan Chou
                          Known associates : Yim Wing-Chun, Violet Song,
                          Ravenwood Immortals
                          Known past associates : *See Addendum II*
                          Known ennemies : Midnight’s Fire, Isuke Ishkand,
                          Blacksoul Yasu Shin, Matsuhiro Kanagawa
                          First recorded sighting : 202 BC. Student of Yau
                          Chouan Chou

                          From : Watcher Bureau : Eastern Asia, China
                          To : Watcher Tribunal
                          Date : 10.10.2011

                          Immortal Maiden and Jin Ke fought in one of the longest and most ragins fights ever recorded in Watcher history. While Jin Ke used to be one of the best blades of China an retained al his vigor, Immortal Maiden was a devious and tricky fighter who managed to take advantage of Jin Ke's weaknesses, eventually getting the upper hand. Jin Ke fell to his knees, muttering 'Ravenwood will come for you, your little war is over' before his head fell to the ground. The ensuing Quickening was a mighty one, triggering a sudden, raging storm over Taiwan and causing for several millions of Taiwanese dollars of property damage. After properly disposing of the bodies and giving Jin Ke the funeral he deserved, May-Ling Shen and Hideo Tanaka went in search for the Maiden had vanished without a trace. They are presumably looking out for their next targets, possibly in Japan or in Europe where the Immortals Word War is still going strong.

                          ADDENDUM I

                          Recorded kills : Wang Tao-Chen, Dominic Goh, Yim Win-Chun
                          Inconclusive fight against Yuenü, 182 BC; Kyra of Sparta, 185; Blacksoul Yasu Shin, 865; Naranbaatar, 1211; The Kurgan, 1225; Isuke Ishkand, 1230; Safiyah Khan, 1509; Azeem al-Bachrim, 1519; Victor Markov, 1858; Midnight’s Fire, 1888; People's Protectorate, 2011

                          ADDENDUM II

                          Known past associates :
                          Yau Chouan Chou, Long Chao, Khabul Khan, May-Ling Shen, Song Tsui, Xi'an Coy Man , Darius, Kyra of Sparta I, Khan Singh, Lang Xiong, Abbess Ng Mui, Mustafa Niyazov, San-lang, Wang Kouei, Wang Tcheng, Liang Iron Fist, Ling Buwei, The Eight Immortals, Seraphina, Oppa Enkyhung, Xin Qian Chu, Amyr Beg

                          Known aliases : Huan-Ti
                          Notable characteristics : Elaborate tattoos on chest
                          Weapon : Demonhead katana
                          Weapon background : customized the hilt to give it
                          terror-inspiring features
                          Recorded kills : Huang Guigu, Jong Dong-Wong,
                          Yoon Hwa-Soo, Yang Guifei
                          Inconclusive fight against Aihara Kenji, 1274;
                          Yang Guifei, 1395; Nakano, 1590; Ngawang
                          Namgyal, 1714

                          Most recent base of operations: Shansi Province,
                          Occupation: Posing as Huan-Ti, the Chinese God
                          of War
                          Prior occupations: Plunderer
                          Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                          Date : 10 December 1754
                          Place : Shansi province, China
                          Victor: Deoneces of Sparta
                          Watcher: Lao Lo-ping, Chronicle of Deoneces

                          Original cultural affiliation : Mongol
                          Born : 987, Outer Mongolia
                          First death : 1023, Warlord dead of raging venereal
                          First teacher : Uv Bukhar
                          Known past associates : Uv Bukhar, Khabul Khan,
                          Senghi Khan, Master Nakano
                          First recorded sighting : 1180. Samarkand.
                          Reuniting with teacher Bukhar.

                          Khabul Khan
                          Known aliases : Chao Kung Ming
                          Notable characteristics : None
                          Weapon : Mongol sword

                          Most recent base of operations: Shansi Province,
                          Occupation: Posing as Chao Kung Ming, the
                          Chinese demi-God of War, servant of Huan-Ti
                          Prior occupations: Henchman of Kane
                          Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                          Date : 3 December 1754
                          Place : Shansi province, China
                          Victor: Deoneces of Sparta
                          Watcher: Lao Lo-ping, Chronicle of Deoneces

                          Original cultural affiliation : Mongol
                          Born : 1242, Eastern Mongolia
                          First death : 1279, Invasion of China, fighting in the
                          army of Kubilay Khan
                          First teacher : Isuke Ishkand
                          Known associates : Kane, Senghi Khan
                          Known past associates : Jin Ke, Kiem Sun
                          First recorded sighting : 1285 Peking, China
                          Student of May-Ling Shen

                          Senghi Khan
                          Known aliases : Chin-Chiang Fyu-ya
                          Notable characteristics : None
                          Weapon : Mongol sword

                          Most recent base of operations: Shansi Province,
                          Occupation: Posing as Chin-Chiang Fyu-ya, the
                          Chinese God of archers and punisher of the gods,
                          Servant of Huan-Ti
                          Prior occupations: Henchman of Kane
                          Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                          Date : 12 November 1754
                          Place : Shansi province, China
                          Victor: Deoneces of Sparta
                          Watcher: Lao Lo-ping

                          Original cultural affiliation : Mongol
                          Born : 1244, Eastern Mongolia
                          First death : 1279, Invasion of China, fighting in the
                          army of Kubilay Khan
                          First teacher : Isuke Ishkand
                          Known associates : Kane, Khabul Khan
                          Known past associates : Isuke Ishkand
                          First recorded sighting : 1287 Peking, China
                          Met and befriended Khabul Khan

                          Watcher Research recorded that the Immortals Kane, Khabul Khan and Senghi Khan vanished in 1590 on Mount Niri, Japan, at the time that Master Nakano was listed as Missing believed Killed at the hands of Kane. 164 years later, the three Immortals resurfaced unexpectedly in Shansi province, China, where their chronicles were to cross that of the fearsome Spartan Immortal Deoneces. At the time, he was travelling in the Far East when he heard wild tales of three Chinese gods walking among the people of Shansi province, bringing fear and terror and demanding tribute.

                          Deoneces went to investigate and discovered countless towns and villages living in fear of the God of War, Huan-Ti and his servants, Chao Kung Ming, the demi-God of War, and Chin-Chiang Fyu-ya, the punisher of the gods. Suspecting the work of Immortals, Deoneces tried to convince the people that the gods were not gods at all, merely men posing as gods, but the fearful population had seen too much to be convinced by the words of not just a stranger, but a barbarian. Determined to prove his words were true, Deoneces had to show the cowed populace the tyrants were not gods. He discovered that once a month, Huan-Ti (or Kane, as the Spartan was soon to learn) sent one of his henchmen to collect tribute from the villages; a virgin girl for Kane's harem.

                          Deoneces was there when Senghi Khan, posing as Chin-Chiang, rode into one of those villages to collect tribute. The Spartan challenged the Mongol and the two fought in the village square in front of the villagers and Khan's warriors. Deoneces overpowered Khan, and there, in full view of everyone, he struck off his head. The Quickening lit up the night sky and convinced the people, including Khan's own terrified warriors, that Deoneces was the Slayer of Gods. Filled with hope, young men and women from the surrounding towns and villages flocked to him and pledged themselves to him. Deoneces began training them in the Spartan way, preparing them for a fight he knew was coming.

                          When four weeks passed and Kane had not seen or heard from Senghi and word reached him that rebellion was brewing among the people, fermented by a stranger who had apparently "slain a god," he knew an Immortal was involved and dispatched Khabul Khan and his best warriors to deal with the problem. But Deoneces was waiting for him. He lured Khabul and his elite cavalry into one of the villages and then sprung a deadly trap: hordes of archers emerged from hiding and a third of Khabul's warriors fell in the first volleys, before phalanxes of spearmen surrounded the rest and put them to the sword. Amid the slaughter, Deoneces confronted and slew Khabul Khan. He sent the severed head to Kane in his mountain fortress, before marching to confront the false god.

                          Deoneces and his army laid siege to Kane's fortress for a week before its defences crumbled and the Spartan and his army stormed inside. While his well-trained army of peasants and former warriors of Kane sacked the castle, Deoneces confronted Kane. It was an epic battle, fought through the corridors and on the battlements, finally ending in Kane's own thrown room. Eventually, the Spartan's strength and relentlessness was enough to overcome Kane, who sank to his knees, his swordarm severed at the elbow, fear etched on his face for the first time, but defiant to the end. The Spartan's sword brought Kane's reign of terror to an end and the Quickening destroyed the throne room, set fire to the drapes and left the entire fortress ablaze.

                          In the chaos that followed, Deoneces slipped quietly away into the night, but his legend lives on in Shansi province to this day as the "Bringer of Lightning, Slayer of Gods."

                          Watcher Research,
                          Chronicle of Deoneces of Sparta


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                            Zai Jie
                            Known aliases : Xu Shen, Faxian, Zhang Binglin,
                            Zai Jie Shang
                            Notable characteristics : Curious aboput
                            everything, unquenchable thirst for knowledfge
                            and discovering foreign cultures
                            Weapon : Song Dynasty zhanmadao sword
                            Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game
                            Inconclusive fight against Chuko Chao, 1290

                            Most recent base of operations : Chang'an
                            archaeological site. Xi'an, People's Republic of
                            Occupation : Archaeologist, medical doctor
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 14 December 1986
                            Place : Chang'an
                            Victor : Undetermined, possibly Kyala
                            Watcher : Yang Jianli

                            Original cultural affiliation : Chinese-Malaysian
                            Born : 15th century, Malaccan Empire, Malaysia
                            First death : Cave-in exploring ruins of ancient
                            village near Chang'an
                            First teacher : Yau Chouan Chou
                            Known associates : Carlo Baldoni, Kang Liwan
                            Known past associates : Yau Chouan Chou,
                            May-Ling Shen, Chen Chin-nan,Jaidee Samak,
                            Jaidee Prinya, Ke Xi Ping, Liang Iron Fist, Hark
                            Jing-zhi, Amadou Sidibé
                            First recorded sighting : 1279 Repelling Mongol
                            forces with May-Ling Shen

                            Zai's quest for the origins of immortality began one thousand years ago in a remote valley near Beijing, looking for the location of ruins indicating the origins of the source of immortality : the answers to why do the immortals exist, why do they keep on living when empires and civilisations crumble around them, why do they keep fighting each others to death. Zai has heard of ancient scroll, mythical texts telling of the origins of the Game and the story of the first immortals who searched for answers. Zia has been combing the four corners of the world, present on every digging sites possble, in the hope of making his dream come true : to find the origins of immortals. A foolish quest, but we wish him well and wait for him to find out. We are as impatient as he is.

                            Yang Jianli, 1986

                            Known aliases : Kyo, Midori Kisano, Deathmask
                            (assassin codename, Russo-Japanese War)
                            Notable characteristics : None
                            Weapon(s) : Broadsword manchu
                            Recorded kills : Oluwafiresayo, Zai Jie,
                            Kang Liwan, Flameshadow

                            Most recent base of operations : Tokyo, Japan
                            Occupation : Government operative, headhunter
                            Prior occupations : Bodyguard of Matsuhiro
                            Kanagawa; assassin & spy, Russo-Japanese War
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                            Date :
                            Place :
                            Victor :
                            Watcher : Keiko Hideki

                            Original cultural affiliation : Japanese, Azai Clan
                            Born : 1540, Village on the outskirts of Edo, Japan
                            First death : 1560, Killed fighting Clan Rokkakuo,
                            arrow shot throught the heart, Battle of Norada
                            First teacher : Marcus Octavius
                            Known associates : MarcusOctavius
                            Known past associates : Matsuhiro Kanagawa,
                            First recorded sighting : 1560. Japan. Found on
                            battlefield by Kanagawa, at this leading Rokkaikuo
                            Clan’s army

                            Dubbed ‘Deathmask’, little Flower of Carnage aka Kyala was a brillant and crafty assassin who murdered her way across the armies of Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese war and also killed Russian officers and soldiers, spreading tales of terror of an unkillable ghost who wreaked havoc wherever she went. Her motives for killing aren’t known to us but we suspect her to simply be a psychopathic immortal manipulated by Matsuhiro Kanagawa, using her thrillseeking personality to create chaos in this beginnig of the 20th century.
                            Kyala disappeared in 1905, but for four hundred years she was the nemesis of the ennemies of Japan.

                            Watcher Research, Japan

                            Nakano Yodaruchi
                            Known aliases : None
                            Notable characteristics : 3'2" Illusion-casting
                            Weapon : Never seen carrying any
                            Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                            Most recent base of operations : Mt Niri, Shikoku
                            Occupation : Hermit
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 3 August 1952
                            Place : Mt Niri
                            Victor : Kobayashi
                            Watcher : Research, Eastern Asia, Japan

                            Original cultural affiliation : Yambushi
                            Born : 806 BC, Japan
                            First death : 743 BC, According to folk tale, trying
                            to find immortality
                            First teacher : Yau Chouan Chou
                            Known associates : May-Ling Shen, Hattori Hanzo,
                            Xanthia of Melitus, Kanchang Ch'ih, Izumo no
                            Okuni, Connor MacLeod, Katsushika Hokusai
                            Known past associates : Kane, Juan Sanchez
                            Villalobos Ramirez, Natsuta, Lee An-Kor,
                            Yamazaki Yukari, Tanaka Seiko, Sun Tzu;, Jiro Eto
                            First recorded sighting : 250. Hokkaido, Japan
                            Encounter with Matsuhiro Kanagawa who sought to
                            know the power of illusion-casting, was denied by

                            Nakano's first death dates from 743 BC when he was an old monk trying to discover the secret of immortality so that he could benefit mankind with his knowledge; he had heard tales of immortal men and women who rose from the grave hafter having been struckl by lightning bolts. Nakano learn one of the most important lessons of his life during a stormy night when he was electrocuted by a lightning bolt and was resurrected. Since then, Nakano has crossed paths with many Immortals, including his first teacher, the ancient Sun Tzu who studied the arts of war and taught the rules of immortality to Nakano. Nakano studied Zen Buddhism under Nichiren the monk in the 1200s AD and became one of the ancient Japanese wise men known as "Yamabushis" who taught their Way to a select few. He has trained many mortals and Immortals over the centuries, including one Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez (aka Tak Ne of Egypt) who learned from Nakano his metallurgy skills. Nakano was also a great sorceror and mastered the mystical power of illusion. Some of his more ambitious students, such as Kane, have desired this power and tried to kill him. His last student was Connor MacLeod, whose spiritual education he expanded, making him a better warrior, adding some illusion tricks to his skills. Nakano disappeared from Watcher records after Kane’s attempt at killing him, but we dought the Mongol managed to kill him : an old devil like Nakano with illusion-casting powers cannont be put down so easily. We believe he is still living outhere, drinking to the health of past friends and enjoying his immortality.

                            Watcher Research, East Asia - Japan

                            A violent character with uncompromising morals, placing the Law before everything, possibly to atone for the countless cimes he comitted in his “youth” : Kobayashi killed Immortal holy men from Japan on orders from Matsuhiro Kanagawa who sought to destroy Master Nakano Yodarushi and thus sent his disciple after any Immortal shrine keepr he could find, helped by hired muscle who would forcefully take the unfortunate Immortal out of Holy Grounds where Kobayashi would execute him or her. So far, four that we know of were murdered, all from different religions in Japan, including a Christian priest, two shintoist monks and a zen buddhist who studied under Nichiren in the 13th century. All innocent men, none of them Nakano Yodarushi.

                            Kobayashi got a change of heart after his encounter with a “Holy Man” in 1952, whose Quickening altered his personality and changed a bandit into a champion of the Law. The identity of the Holy Man isn’t known to us but clues point us to Master Nakano Yodarushi, missing since the 17th century and whose illusion-casting powers match the Holy Man’s : apparently an Immortal able to blend so much with his environment that it looked like magic. Who knows. Kobayash, a master hunter, found him anyway and killed him. The Q. Kobayashi received is called a “Light Quickening’, contrary to a Dark Quickening that changes a good man into an evil Immortal, the Light one does the opposite. Kobayashi has been at war with his teacher Kanagawa ever since, before the latter’s death in 2006.The Law hasn’t had a champion like him since the days when Mako was taming the wild west in the 19th century or the state of Texas in the 1990’s.

                            Ishy Matsu, 2015