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  • Another good set of chronicles, my friend. One thing though, of the Black Friar escapees, what happened to Karolina Olin...?

    Meanwhile, the SIN EATER saga continues:

    Keaton Bartlett, aka The Sin Eater VII

    Known aliases: Bart Kelsoe
    Notable characteristics: Psychopath; sexual
    sadist; religious fundamentalist; under the thrall
    of The Sin Eater VI; wears replica skull mask
    Weapon: English cavalry sabre, a gift from
    Absalom Finch

    Most recent base of operations: Manchester,
    Occupation: Acolyte of Absalom Finch
    Prior occupations: University student
    Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
    Date: 29 Dec 1936
    Place: Manchester
    Victor: Eadwulf, SIS
    Watcher: Roger Adams

    Original cultural affiliation: English
    Born: 1915, Preston, England
    First death: 1934; Stabbed to death in self-
    defence by woman he had been stalking and
    planning to kill
    First teacher: Absalom Finch, aka The Sin Eater VI
    Known associates: Absalom Finch

    First recorded sighting: 1934, Birmingham, England.
    Found by Absalom Finch, at this time a guest lecturer
    at the university, and quickly falls under his spell,
    becoming his devoted disciple.

    The seventh Sin Eater proved to be merely a tool, a distraction, used by his predecessor to hoodwink Richeard of Mercia and the SIS to enable Absalom Finch to escape their clutches. After the tragic events orchestrated by Finch in which SIS member Allegra Chambers was forced to kill her own former student and fellow SIS Immortal Thomas Baxter, the sixth Sin Eater knew Allegra and her cohorts would leave no stone unturned to hunt him down, especially the revenge-seeking Allegra. So Finch used his devoted apprentice Keaton Bartlett as a decoy, sending him to Manchester with a replica mask and the Sin Eater name to draw off the SIS.

    When Bartlett began killing there, Allegra was determined to be the one to take his head, but Richeard of Mercia was concerned that her emotions would cloud her judgement and make her vulnerable to the Sin Eater's machinations - none of them were aware that Finch had already slipped away to Europe and the Sin Eater they were hunting was just his devoted apprentice.

    While Eadwulf was sent by Richeard to hunt him down, Allegra was ordered to stand down, a decision she was furious with. However, once Eadwulf was easily able to track Bartlett to his lair and take his head, Allegra suspected that it had been too easy. Starting her own investigation, she soon discovered the true identity of Bartlett's master and, against the orders of Richeard of Mercia, she left England for France to hunt him down.

    The Second World War would interrupt her personal vendetta and bring her back into the SIS fold, although she made it clear to Richeard that when Finch resurfaced, she would be the one to end him and nothing he could do would stop her.

    From the Chronicle of the Secret Immortals Society



    • Good story with the Sin Eater tool. Great! Karolina Olin is out there somewhere. The people in her head are debating the pros and cons of participating In the Gathering or lying low for a few decades. They are such a crazy bunch! LOL


      Original cultural affiliation : Polish
      Born : 15th century; Lower Silesia, Poland
      First death : Murder victim, raped and killed by
      child molester Karol Olinsky
      First teacher : Non applicable
      Known associates : Sean Burns, Black Friar
      mental patients
      First recorded sighting : 1450. Duchy of Sienna,
      Italy. Fought and beheaded Marco Collodi

      Karolina Olin's origins was disclosed to Dr. Carolyn Mortimer by another persona of Karolina : Karol Olinsky who was her foster dad and a pedophile who raped her from infancy until she was fifteen or sixteen. Then he murdered her to keep her as his plaything forever. A decade later, "Karolina" killed her tormentor herself, hacked him into bits and decapitated him. The ensuing Quickening overloaded and she lived with her stepdad tormenting her from the grave, living in her mind. She turned crazy and has been killing Immortals ever since with each Quickening giving her an added persona. She now has twenty-four different ones, including eight dominants.
      The Immortals she kills protect her from her tormentor in some way... complicated to describe but let's say they keep him silent and away I nthe darkest recesses of her fractured mind. I feel sorry for "Karolina", I hope someday she will find a way to deliver herself from her torments.

      Dr. Sylvia Krause,
      Black Friars Asylum, May 2012

      Tiresa Toleafoa
      Known aliases : Teresa Tutuola
      Notable characteristics : None
      Weapon : Not carrying one
      Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

      Most recent base of operations : Apia, Western
      Occupation : Tattoo artist, managing a tattoo shop
      Prior occupations : Samoan warrior princess,
      viewed by her people as a half-Goddess
      Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
      Date : 1898 Second Civil War. Witnessed the
      battle of Gabriel Mondotua against Klaus Jung
      Place : Western Samoa
      Victor : N.A
      Watcher : Research, Oceania

      Original cultural affiliation : Polynesian
      Samoan Native
      Born : 16th century; Western Samoa
      First death : Killed during war against neighboring
      First teacher : Jacob Van Houten
      Known associates : Gabriel Mondotua
      Known past associates : Jacob Van Houten
      First recorded sighting : 1722. Western Samoa
      Encounter with Jacob Van Houten when the Dutch
      visited the Samoas, was explained the nature of
      the Game and how Europeans live through Immortal life

      Tiresa Toleafoa was digusted by the violence of the Game, by the decapitation she was forced to witness and in awe before the power of the Quickening, the gigantic fireworks which followed the passing of Klaus Jung’s Quickening in the body of her Immortal friend Mondo. To her life should be more than senseless violence and killings and Immortal life more than just the Game and rules to live by. She si a free spirit and won’t have it any other way. But can she truly spend the coming 20th century alone on the Samoas and not expect another Immortal to come after her pretty head ? There will be others and the 20th century promises to become more and more violent. There are talks that the fabled Gatherign may take place one century from now. What will become of Tiresa then ? Assuming she lives to see the the final days of the Gathering.

      Watcher Bureau, Oceania

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      • Le Cirque des Monstres

        Le Cirque des Monstres, a carnival once funded by a Cajun, French-speaking Immortal, travels from one town to another, the carnivale immortals have all their time and take the Game with a grain of salt. Who wants to challenge them when they stand as a combined front ? Oh they have lost a few of their members over the decades - the strongman, the Albino, the Dog-Man, but they live on carefree. However, the Gathering is looming on the horizon, twenty years from now they will face their last challenges. Will they turn against each others or separately lose their heads against stronger opponents ? They are such a close-knit family, but even the best families have quarrels behind the amiable familiy albums and those quarrels may be solved on the field of battle.

        There are also the frustrations inherent to beings who won't fit in the mortal world. Beepo the court jester who had to run all his life and is a thriffle bitter because of the disadvantage his size give him in the Game, or "the Tattooed Wonder" who's had those tattoos even before her First Death and needs to hide to avoid scrutinity; the Dog Man before his untimely death who didn't fit either.
        And still they are well-liked by us Watchers because they are a constant reminder of Immortality's sense of humor : anybody can turn Immortal even curiosities like carnivale freaks, giants, diviners, dwarves or scary-looking monster-ladies.

        Watcher Bureau, US Midwest

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        • Good job with the White Knights of Amerika. There are all kinds of Immortals out there, not just those who believe mortals are inferior, but obviously the racist ones too, and they all end up the same way in the end: dead.


          THE SIN EATER SAGA (Cont.)

          From: Justin Grieves, Supervisor, Secret Immortals Society Watcher Team
          To: Sir Martin Huw Loundes, Chief Archivist
          Re: Radoslaw Bujak, Bruno Falck, Doeyen Coolssens

          For forty years or so the above mentioned Immortals were aberrations in our chronicles; young Immortals who, for unknown reasons, despite being mentored by what we would deem as "good" Immortals, committed heinous acts and were themselves then killed by other decent Immortals, one was even slain by his own teacher. Some Watcher scholars speculated that they had all encountered some previously unidentified ancient Immortal powerful enough to corrupt them. He/she had even been dubbed "the Corruptor" in the archives.

          Now, however, we have been able to positively identify "The Corruptor" as Absalom Finch, the sixth Sin Eater. A talented psychiatrist before he became immortal, Finch had already proved his talent for manipulating vulnerable minds during the Thomas Baxter Incident of 1936.

          Following information provided by Richeard of Mercia and Allegra Chambers concerning the movements of Finch after the Second World War, we can now update the chronicles of the three unfortunate Immortals.

          TO BE CONTINUED.

          BTW Could you post the Immortals killed in 2014?



          • Oh the plot thickens... Looking forward to the bios of those three Immortals.
            Nice comments on the White Knights, couldn't agree more.

            Have you noticed I updated the Crque des Monstres and Black Mambas bios ?

            2014 deaths.

            Ataui the Huntress
            Known aliases : Ataui Zerng
            Notable characteristics : Hunting male immortals
            Weapon : Machete

            Most recent base of operations : Southern Sudan
            Occupation : Traveller
            Prior occupations : Ditto
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 8 March 2014
            Place : Bahr El Gazal
            Victor : Apolo Obote
            Watcher : Research, Eastern Africa

            Original cultural affiliation : Sudanese
            Dinka People
            Born : 1964; Dinka territory, Southern Sudan
            First death : 1984; Second Sudanese Civil War
            Massacred with hundreds of civilians by Sudan
            government forces
            First teacher : The Chameleon of Eritrea
            Known past associates : The Chameleon
            Known ennemies : Apolo Obote
            First recorded sighting : 1984. Southern Sudan
            With the Chameleon, hunting the men led by
            Apollo Obote who massacred her village and
            raped her along with her fellow village women

            Ataui had a revenge to take in the Game, against men, against the brutality of Immortals, if only so to rid herself from the shame she suffered when she was being raped by Apolo Obote and his men in 1994. So she played the Game, she hunted those of her kind, picking the best ones and acquiring the powershe needed to face the man who still tormented her in her nightmares. She killed six that we know of but that wasn’t enough to face Apolo Obote who was the man to take her out. He didn’t even remember having raped her.

            Watcher Bureau, Eastern Africa

            Assia Kouroumbé
            Known aliases : None
            Notable characteristics : Dellusional paranoid
            Missing between 1990 and 2012
            Weapon : Swept-hilt rapier

            Most recent base of operations : Salem OR
            Occupation : Assassin
            Prior occupations : Bank robber
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 30 November 2014
            Place : Seattle
            Victor : Dorothy DeShields
            Watcher : Research, US Northwest

            Original cultural affiliation : African American
            Born : 1971; Ncharlottesville, SC USA
            First death : 1990, Foiled bank robbery
            First teacher : Blake Wilmington
            Known past associates : Blake Wilmington
            First recorded sighting : 1990. Salem OR
            Student of Wilmington, as part of her ‘Manson
            Family’, all psychotic youngsters

            Assia Kouroumbé came after the immortal she shouldn’t have in the person of Dorothy DeShields, a woman expert in taming the wild west and taming gun-toting immortals as she did with Jan Van Wuuren and Malcom Pryce in 1869. She wasn’t impressed by Assia who displayed an habit of shooting immortals down before takign their heads, being a fast healer and carrying a .44 Magnum with her at all times. Assia fell down in the same city where her teacher was killed twenty-two years ago and that was the end of Assia the hunter.

            Watcher Research, US Northwest

            Jonathan Hasimoto
            Known aliases : James Hasaki, Hikari Takei,
            Notable characteristics : None
            Weapon : Black-braids katana, inherited from
            Genrei Hojeko after his death
            Recorded kills : Litonya, Nilo Talos

            Most recent base of operations : US Southwest
            No fixed location
            Occupation : Webmaster, occasional headhunter
            Prior occupations : Gunner, 93rd Bombardment
            Group, WWII
            Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
            Date : 14 October 2014
            Place : Burbank, CA
            Victor : Henry of Kent
            Watcher : Georginna Sulu

            Original cultural affilation : Japanese-American
            ‘Nikkei Beikokujin’ Shintoist
            Born : 1913; Fairhaven MA, USA
            First death : 1943; B-23 bomber gunner killed
            during mission over Berlin, WWII
            First teacher : Genrei Hojeko
            Known past associates : Genrei Hojeko, Kiri Asaro
            First recorded sighting : 1945, Fairhaven MA.
            Found and mentored by Genrei Hojeko,
            Investigating the story of a Japanese-American
            gunner impervious to bullet wounds

            The story of Jonathan Hasimoto the invulnerable WWII gunner was the talk of the immortal community on American soil, maybe this is why Jonathan Hasimoto became such a target for the North American players of the Game who came after his head : eight challenges in sixty years, Brian Cullen probably envied him. Hasimoto, however, didn't let the Game destroy his life and enjoyed his immortality as much as he could, changing identity every five years, going from one part of America to another. He seldom made friends in the American community, aside from Kiri Asaro, a fellow Nikkei Beikokujin and avoided the company of Joe Fujita whom he pitied, feeling the immortal was manipulated by Thomas Morehead.
            When the 'Gathering' started boiling in the 1990's, with the Immortal War raging in 2010-2011, Jonathan went underground and did his best to survive. Axel Kjarstad and Sigrid Solvig were quite amazed to find such strenght in the diminutive, smiling Japanese man. March 2011's census gave us good news about Hasimoto's whereabouts as we found he is still living among us. With the Game ended, he now has centuries to enjoy his immortality, let’s just hope that he is on the side of the angels.

            Watcher Research, US Southwest

            Yu Jin-yong
            Known aliases : Jim Yu
            Notable characteristics : Introverted
            Weapon : One-handed broadsword
            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

            Most recent base of operations : Phoenix AZ
            Occupation : Comic book artist
            Prior occupations : Graphical arts student,
            University of Kwangjiu; Comic book artist, Image
            Comics (Wildstorm Imprint)
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 3 October 2014
            Place : Phoenix
            Victor : Unidentified, body found beheaded with
            evidences of a Quickening
            Watcher : Madison Lee

            Original cultural affiliation : Korean
            Born : 1957; Kwangju, South Korea
            First death : 1980; During brutal repression of
            Kwangju Rally protesting dictatorship of General
            Chun Doo-hwan
            First teacher : Woo Bok-Soon
            Known past associates : Woo Bok-Soon
            First recorded sighting : 1980, Kwangju. Found
            and mentored by Woo Bok-Soon, journalist
            documenting The repression which led to two
            hundred deaths

            After going through the speculation boom of the 1990's which saw the near-demise of the comic book industry and the 2000's which saw Marvel and DC Comics clean up their wounds and dish out competent storylines with great artwork, Jim Yu has turned into an expert cartoonist but was forced to turn down Karen Berger's invitation to work for the Vertigo imprint in 2011 : the war was raging on, he felt he needed a sabbatical to be taken somewhere on Holy Grounds. After disappearing completely from Watcher scope, here is is : back in Phoenix, AZ, alive and well, having started a new comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment, called Highlander after the old movie by Russel Mulcahy.
            While Mulcahy's movie faded in obscurity in the 1980's (some Immortals made sure Hollywood wouldn't pick too much interest in the stories of fictional immortals), the idea of people walking the earth forever is appealing to readers of the 'Fables' comic book series. Let's hope, however, that Jim Yu remains discreet on whic himmortal's adventures he chooses to portrait in his stories.

            Madison Lee, Phoenix AZ
            2 April 2012

            Chao-Tak Chalor
            Known aliases : Nai Khanomtom , Santi Thakral,
            Nong Thoom, Lor Tok
            Notable characteristics : Scar behind left ear
            Weapon(s) : Klewang machete
            Inconclusive fight against Sriroj Alak, 1798

            Most recent base of operations : Chaing Mai,
            Occupation : Thai boxing competitor, Muai Thai
            Prior occupations : Thai boxing
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 13 January 2014
            Place : Chaing Mai
            Victor : Siah-Seck
            Watcher : Pachrapa Chaichua

            Original cultural affiliation : Thai
            Born : 1452; Chai Nat Province of Thailand
            First death : 1483, Attacked by tiger
            First teacher : Chani Srijumpa
            Known associates : Srijumpa
            Known past associates : Kongsampong Pramoj
            First recorded sighting : 1487. Chai Nat Province.
            Found and mentored by

            The history of Muay Thai can also be traced to the middle of the 16th century. During the battles between the Burmese of the Konbaung Dynasty and Siam, the famous fighter, Nai Khanomtom, was captured in the year 1767. The Burmese knew of his expertise in hand-to-hand combat and gave him an opportunity to fight for his freedom. Soon after winning the match, he was freed by his captors and allowed to return to Siam. He was acknowledged as a hero, and his fighting style became known as Siamese-Style boxing, later to be known as Muay Thai. This fighting style was soon to be recognized as a national sport.
            Little do his admirers know he is an immortal with centuries of practice under his belt, no wonder he is such a champion on the ring !

            Watcher Research, Southeast Asia

            Cheslav Taranenko
            Known aliases : Dimitri Parvanov, Ivan Paznak
            Notable characteristics : 5’9’’, muscular
            Weapon : Axe
            Recorded kills : None

            Most recent base of operations : Vitebsk, Belarus
            Occupation : Logger
            Prior occupations itto
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 3 December 2014
            Place : Vitebsk
            Victor : Vasilisa Vasilyevna
            Watcher : Jakub Kupala

            Original cultural affilation : Belarus
            Born : 1527; Vitebsk, Bielorussia
            First death : 1566, Felled by tree while chopping
            wood in the forest
            First teacher : Zoryn Morozov
            Known past associates :Zoryn Morozov,
            Alex Raven
            First recorded sighting : 1577. Forest of Vitebsk.
            Found and mentored by Zoryn Morozov; viewed
            As a magician by children and fellow loggers
            Because of his fast-healing abilities

            Cheslav makes a living with one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and keeps al limbs and head attached to his body. He thinks living in the wildernest of Belarus wil protect him from headhunters, from the perils of immortality. He is right, in some way, but even in the deepest parts of the world, predators can occasionally look for a midnight snack. Cheslav hasn't been training for the past fifty years, he'd better sharpen his sword instead of his chainsaw for a change.

            Jakub Kupala, Vitebsk 2014

            Pilar Gonçalves
            Known aliases : None
            Notable characteristics : Immortal child, taught to
            use her innocent looks in the Game by Jade el-
            Weapon : Batard sword with short blade

            Most recent base of operations : Madrid, Spain
            Occupation : Street urchin, occasional headhunter
            Prior occupations : Street urchin
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 8 February 2014
            Place : Madrid
            Victor : Harry Houdini
            Watcher : Marisol Izquierdo

            Original cultural affiliation : Iberian Gypsy
            Born : 1886; Southern Spain
            First death : 1898; Perished in circus fire set upon
            by thieves
            First teacher : Jade el-Amin
            Known past associates : Jade el-Amin
            First recorded sighting : 1898. Liverpool, England
            Found and mentored by Jade el-Amin, at this time
            a circus acrobat

            In the Game, the first victim is innocence, the innocence of children killed too soon, reborn to hunt or be hunted. Kenneth, Bossart, the Coyoteros are prime example of it as is Pilar Gonçalves from England who was taught by Jade el-Amin to sue her innocent features as an advantage. Jade and Amanda were similar in all things, including the manner they mentored youg immortals. Trickery, deceit, lies, murder. Ever since her first death, Pilar has been killing her fair shaire of immortals, a lot of them wanting to use her, but some who weren’t evil. Still she killed, little by little becoming like Kenneth. Her last quarry was Harry Houdini the master escapist who saw clearly through her game and wasn’t above killing an immortal woman hiding behind the face of an innocent child.

            Watcher Bureau, Iberia

            Cain Brewser
            Known aliases: Cole Bridger, Carlo Borgia
            Notable characteristics: Wily & devious; talent for
            mimicry and disguises; untrustworthy
            Weapon: Customised broadsword
            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

            Most recent base of operations: Milan, Italy
            Occupation: Independent means, posing as
            flamboyant fashion designer "Carlo Borgia" to con
            fashion houses and A-list celebrities; also agent of
            Ravenwood with the ‘Secret Daggers’
            Prior occupations: Grifter, con-artist, black
            marketeer, information broker, petty thief
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 3 January 2014
            Place : Milan
            Victor : Gabriel Piton
            Watcher: Gianluca Tito

            Original cultural affiliation: American
            Born: 1899, Kansas City, MO, USA
            First death: 1929; Petty thief trying to rob Thor
            Steen, killed to trigger his immortality
            First teacher: Thor Steen
            Known associates: Marcantonio Fitipaldi, SIS
            Known past associates: Thor Steen, Oktav Haas
            Known ennemies: Gabriel Piton (deceased)
            First recorded sighting: 1943, Northern France
            Challenged by Raymond d’Amboise for selling
            Jews to the Nazis

            A born survivor, Brewster always seems to come out on top, switching sides when things look bad. During WWII in Europe, he sold information and black market goods to the Nazis, until he found himself a target of the shadowy SIS, then he decided it would be better to survive the war with his head on his shoulders than go up against "those scary dudes" of the SIS.
            Working for Haas, identifying runaway Jews, discovered by the SIS, and challenged by Raimond d'Amboise, saved his own skin by offering to become a double agent. Brewser spent the rest of the war working for the SIS and lining his own pockets. During the Immortals War, Brewser was on the side of the SIS and of Kellistra's army, doing his best to find informations on Memnet-Ra(s agents in exchange for keeping his head after the war ended.
            Cain was recently posing as a fashion designer in Milan, a rich socialite on whom Ravenwood was keeping an eye until he tried to con Gabriel Piton, a heartless man even less merciful when it comes to confronting immortals trying to stealth women or valuables from him.

            Gianluca Tito, Milan 2014

            Apollo1/Apollo2 2011

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            • Vitalya Lobanova

              Once thought killed by Alexi Garnoff in 1357, Vitalya Lobanova re-appeared alive and well in Chicago, debuking child-sex rings, mercilessly killing those prowning on children and teens, killing pimps and clients and is suspcted of a rash of killings in Atlanta, GR, in recent years. Naturally, her killings have alerted the FBI whose best agents are investigatign her actions but this isn’t a girl who can be caught easily, not when she has evaded the attentions of thqe SIS in Lodnon durign cold war years when she was operating as the mysterious “Siberian She-Wolf”, a masked spy and killer taking on British Inteeligence operatives. She would have given a hard time to James Bond himself !

              Anya Lutchenko, 2018

              Thelma Frixione
              Known aliases : Emanuela Marin
              Notable characteristics : None
              Weapon : Scottish basket-hilt claymore
              Recorded kills : None, no a plaeyr of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : Esmeraldas,
              Occupation : Innskeeper
              Prior occupations : Pirate ship woman
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 7 May 1765
              Place : Esmeraldas
              Victor : Terence Kincaid
              Watcher : Carlita Quinonez

              Original cultural affiliation : Ecuadorian
              Born : 1667; Guayaquil, Ecuador
              First death : 1687, Undetermined
              First teacher : Angus MacDonald
              Known past associates : Angus MacDonald
              Known ennemies : Gavriel Larca
              First recorded sighting : 1687. Guayaquil, Ecuador
              Taken as captive and concubine of Immortal pirate
              Angus MacDonald during looting and burning of Guyaquil

              The old sea wolf got to a good woman, who didn’t play the Game but still kept her basket-hilted claymore over the fireplace in her home. When asked, she told it came from her dearly departed husband and said nothing more. She couldn’t disclose the secrets of the saber and of her immortality to mortals, even those she chose to marry in one century of life. Even they suspected something when she didn’t age or never bore them children. She had a good life as the captain’s woman in the 1690’s up until the age of piracy waned and pirates became government-sponsored corsairs. Then she retired from the sea life and settled in Ecuador, hopping for a little peace and quiet. But the Game never leave anyone in peace for long.

              Watcher Bureau, South America

              Jimi Korusai

              Known aliases : James Koroi, William Naupoto
              Notable characteristics : Tribal tattoos on torso
              and arms
              Weapon : Tribal spear, pirate cutlass

              Most recent base of operations : Fiji Islands
              Occupation : Fijian peacekeeper
              Prior occupations : Fijian warrior
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 1978 Part of Fijian peacekeeping troops
              sent to Lebanon, Lebanese Civil War
              Place : Lebanon
              Victor : Khalida Al Nairan
              Watcher : Research, Pacific Islanders

              Original cultural affiliation : Polynesian
              Fijian Native
              Born : Fiji Islands, unrecorded date
              First death : Unrecorded
              First teacher : Unrecorded
              Known past associates : Darius, Tute Tetuiari’i,
              Chrsitna Missionary Hannah Dudley, aka Sister
              Mary Bethel of Calcutta
              Known ennemies : Damon Case
              First recorded sighting : 1830. Fiji Islands
              Encounter with Christian Missionaries brought by
              London Missionary Society, tense encounter with
              Damon Case interested by a fight

              Jimi Korusai is one of the few lucky Immortals who survived a confrontation against Damon Case and when we read the 1830 chronicle it looks like Damon Case was the lucky one because Korusai was a savage warrior who nearly put Case to pieces with his tribal spear, savaging him to death like a cat does a mouse.
              Case escaped in the nick of time thanks to mortals inteference and was free to kill Immortals another day while Korusai stood watch on his islands for another hundred and forty years. Then in 1978 he joined the Fijian Peacekeeping corps in Lebanon – the rock grew legs – where he lost his head agaisnt Khalida Al Najiran, a woman even more savage in the Game than he ever was when he still had his fire burning in him.
              Korusai only played the Game in the defense of his homeland, against Immortal invaders and when he finally decided to travel abroad his luck ran out. The Game is the russian roulette of the Immortal world.

              Watcher Bureau, Oceania

              Mercedes Cosamayor

              Known aliases : None
              Notable characteristics : Lived on Holy Grounds
              Weapon : Portuguese navy saber, stole it from
              one of Magellan’s soldiers in 1521

              Most recent base of operations : Umtalac, Guam
              Occupation : Organizer, mixed martial arts
              competitions; matriarchal clan leader
              Prior occupations : Goddess and protector of Guam,
              viewed as such because she never seemed to age
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 8 December 1941 Capture of Northern
              Mariana Island by Japan, WWII
              Place : Umtalac
              Victor : Toshio Noda
              Watcher : Research, Oceania

              Original cultural affiliation : Native Micronesian
              Chamorro people
              Born : 1501; Umtalac, Guam, Mariana Islands
              First death : 1521, Killed by Portuguese soldiers in
              retaliation for theft aboard their ships
              First teacher : Simon de Miranda, 1667
              Known associates : Simon de Miranda
              Known past associates : Cassivellaunus
              First recorded sighting : 1521. Mariana Island
              Found by Ferdinand Magellan during exploration
              Party, encounter with Cassivellaunus, Magellan’s
              Cartographer who never had the time to train her

              Andrew Kaspis (aka Cassivellaunus) made the travel to Guam in 1995 because he wanted to find out wether the Chamorro Immortal woman he met in 1521 had survived all those centuries and didn’t find her. He didn’t expect her to have lived this long but had heard of Simon de Miranda giving her decent tutoring in 1667 and howSimon fell in love with the Micronesian Immortal who had such vitality in her. Mercedes lived a long, fruitful life until 1941 when the Japanese caught Mariana Island durign the war in the Pacific and Immortal Toshio Noda chalenged Mercedes to a fight. Mercedes was a superb hand to hand combattant and was good with a sword too, but she didn’t have the fire it takes to survive in the Game, while Toshio did, his loyalty to the Emperor of Japan being his incentive to challenge and kill those of his kind.
              The woman who once was the goddess of Guam did the error insular Immortals make too often, keeping themselves apart from the rest of the world, not growing up, learning from their mistakes, not seeking out different teachers with different styles of fighting. And that was her downfall.

              Watcher Bureau, Oceania
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              • Roldàn Ferreira

                Known aliases : Bastiàn Roque, Rocco Baderm,
                Fernand Robelle, Robert Ferris, Roy Ferrer
                Notable characteristics : Eyes sensitive to sunlight
                Weapon : One-handed Irish broadsword
                Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                Most recent base of operations : Chicago, Ill
                Occupation : Director, medical doctor, Ferrer
                Institute, catering to Vietnam war veterans as well
                as any people needing specialized psychological
                Prior occupations : Psychiatrist, Black Friars
                Asylum; attlefield surgeon
                Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                Date : 8 May 1974
                Place : Chinatown, Chicago, Ill
                Victor : Huan Mulan
                Watcher : Joseph, ‘Joe’ Dawson, as counsellor to
                Vietnam war veterans

                Original cultural affiliation : Spanish
                Born : 1457; Malaga, Spain
                First death : 1487, Ambulance carrier killed during
                Siege of Malaga, Spanish Reconquista
                First teacher : Sean Burns
                Known associates : Sean Burns, Peter Gaicus,
                Grace Chandel
                First recorded sighting : 1487. Malaga, Spain
                Disciple of Sean Burns, battefield surgeon during
                Siege of Malaga (‘I am not Spanish, I am Irish’)

                From the private diary of Joe Dawson :
                April-May 1974

                My assignment has been through a lot in four centuries of warfare and playing the Game, I have studied his life and I still cannot fathom the existence of those beings. Immortals ! He is going to live forever while I will grow old and die, stuck in a wheelchair, but I cannot afford to be bitter. The shrinks at Watcher Academy told me I was given a second chance in life and so did Ian Bancroft. To observe and to record withouth interfering and the more I know Roy Ferrer (aka Roldan Ferreira), the more I like this guy. He is a godsend, a lot of us vets would go crazy without him. Only he can alleviate the pain we all feel from out tour of duty in ‘Nam. Damn war ! I write all this as part of my therapy, as I na would say ‘write what you know’. So this is ‘off the record’, so to speak. Roldan was mentored by Sean Burns, one of the few Immortals who created modern psychology and brought some good to the world. Roy took after him and has been treating homeless people and war veterans since the days of American Civil War; one century later he runs a shelter in Chicago (my hometown ! I am blessed).


                Recently Roy has been taking care of one of his kind, an Immortal girl by name of Huan Mulan pretending to be a runaway, a abused girl in need of help. According to her chronicle that’s her M.O She comes to her man in tears, in need of help, and when the time is right, whack ! Another Immortal bites the dust. I am told there are others like her, playing the Game by cheating : the Coyoteros in South America, Kenneth the Saxon boy, the Von Arlon children from Germany…


                Should I warn Roy ? Of course! But that would be interfering, that would be telling him my secret as a Watcher and a lot of Immortals are paranoid about their secrecy. All this, and no slap on the wrist for blabbermouthed Watchers : a bullet through the brain ends the matter quickly.
                And yet, Roy may not have long to live with Huan Mulan, one week at most. He has faced others of his kind in the past, there was that Viking in Norway (wasn’t it Kanwulf ?), the seducing Callestina who nearly did him in; the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run in 1932. Each time he kept his cool and his head.
                His weakness is with children, even Immortal ones, he cannot help but want to help them, to heal their hurts. Forgetting that Immortal children aren’t children anymore… had he met Kenenth and survived he would be more cautious. In the three years I have been watching him I could see that he isn’t a fool, but kids remind him of the fatherhood he can never hope to experience because mortal loved ones are easy targets in the Game, cannon-fodder for Immortals like Slan Quince or Horvan Kant.


                So there I am : if I keep mum, Roy likely dies because Huan Mulan is a merciless predator. If I speak, his world changes and he finally finds out about Watchers and mine ends because the Watcher Tribune won’t take kindly to my interference. Unless I find a way to remove Huan’s presence from the shelter.
                And that’s interferign too. Damn that vow !!


                My work with other vets has been keeping me busy of late, I am doing some counselling too, listening to the horror stories we share, trying to help alleviate the pain my brothers in arms feel. We are all of a kind here, survivors. That’s the one thing we have in common. I have a sergeant there who was at My Lay and cannot forgive himself for the pat in took in the day of rape and killing that happened in 1968, and all the counselling in the world cannot rid him of his torment. There is another one, even more psyched up, who collected ears from P.OW he kept around his neck, and then the one who was in love with a prostitute from Bien Hoa and found her torn up body after a night of bombings. Helping them is helping me too, a great deal and Roy brings a lot to us, he means a lot to all of us. Not interfering is breaking my heart because Huan Mulan is truly close to him and now Roy behaves with her as a favorite uncle. I am on a deadline.


                They say that not taking a decision is already taking a decision. Huan Mulan is gone, she left the shelter last night in the middle of a violent freak storm which caused a massive power outage in th shelter. Roy is dead.
                The ears-collector freak found him in the basement, decapitated, it looked like a cyclone had destroyed the furnitures and medical paraphernalia we have in stock. My heart is broken and I hate myself.
                Had I taken a risk… Roy would live, maybe he would have accepted me as I am – his Watcher – and he would have taken out a vicious player of the Game out of the Immortal world.


                I spoke about my feelings with Ian and with the Academy shrink. They say what I feel is normal, usual.
                We all get attached to our assignments, that’s part of the job. Ian confessed that he truly loves the Immortal monk he is asigned to – Darius – and that he hopes to God that Darius stays forever on Holy Grounds, even as unlikely as it sounds because Immortals need to move constantly to survive, like sharks.
                When his previous Immortal died, it was a shock to him but Immortals do play the Game and put themselves at risk constantly. I angrily retorted that sometimes in life, we have to do more than just watch !
                Ian smiled at me and promised me a risk-free assignment, a blues singer since I am into jazz and blues, which naturally picked my interest.
                Before he left me, Ian warned me agaisnt the Watcher Tribunal’s death penaly and that if I was ever to break my vow of non-interference, I’d better have a good excuse…


                • Good chronicles again, my friend. I especially liked the changes you've made to Roy Ferrer. A good choice.

                  Meanwhile, THE SIN EATER SAGA continues with the first of the three False Sin Eaters, young Immortals corrupted by Absalom Finch into doing his will, while he hid in the shadows.

                  I'd like your help fleshing them out if you could. I need a victor (preferably a good Immortal) stopping a heinous killer; a first teacher, and a short write-up from the pov of the victor's Watcher, without mentioning Finch since his involvement was not known at this time. Thanks.

                  Radoslaw Bujak, aka False Sin Eater I

                  Known aliases: Radek Boklowski

                  Most recent base of operations: Warsaw,
                  Polish People's Republic
                  Occupation: Polish dissident, murderer
                  Prior occupations: Polish resistance, 1939-45;
                  Captain, Polish Army
                  Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                  Date: 21 Mar 1949
                  Place: Warsaw
                  Victor: ?
                  Watcher: Radman Eile

                  Original cultural affiliation: Polish
                  Born: 1880, Grodno, Poland
                  First death: 1920; Battle of Warsaw, Polish-
                  Soviet War
                  First teacher: ?
                  Known associates: Absalom Finch, The Sin
                  Eater VI



                  • Yu Jin-yong
                    Known aliases : Jim Yu
                    Writer of Highlander comics. Hahahah!


                    • From my own sense of humor !
                      Apollo : three bogus Sin Eaters make way too many Sin Eaters where the Sin Eater saga is concerned, IMO.
                      Glad you liked Roy Ferrer.

                      Cheers !
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                      • Okay, mate. Make it two. I was having a hard time developing the third anyway.
                        Delete Doeyen Coolssens, if you would please. I still have an idea in mind for Bruno Falck.



                        • Don't you mean delete Radek Boklowski ? You didn't post the bio of Doeyen...


                          • Actually, i like Boklowski and i have details worked out for Falck. I just need your help filling in the blanks; a victor and teacher for both. Doeyen's name can be deleted or i might save it until i can come up with something. I might even need it as a victim of the Hellfire Club.

                            I'll post Falck's stats asap



                            • Gardner
                              Gardner commented
                              Editing a comment
                              I'll fill in the blanks when I come back from holidays next week. Happy writing ! Cheers...

                          • No worries, mate. Happy holidays!



                            • Roman Alvarez
                              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                              Date : 14 March 2018
                              Place : Mexico
                              Victor : Swenja Baatz

                              Ajan Alvear
                              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                              Date : 14 March 2018
                              Place : Mexico
                              Victor : Lootje De Groot

                              Roman Alvarez and Ajan Alvear certainly love women but they were not match against the combined swords of Lootje DeGroot and Swenja Baatz, the two women looking for a good fight six years after the agitation of the 2012 Immortals War. Roman and Ajan were good in the sack but after a good night of sex, the two ladies wanted more and Mother of God, did they have more ! Two powerful Quickenings they sharted in utmost delight those two girls, true shame about Ajan and Roman.

                              Watcher Bureau, Mexico

                              Romain De Villiers
                              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                              Date : 27 March 2018
                              Place : Paris
                              Victor : Sigrid Solvig

                              Romain de Villers was challenged and killed by Sigrid Solvig in the Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower. The Quickenings caused a power outage for several hours but no collateral damage was reported. The French National Front lost its most ardent supporter, a man who couldn't condone the presence of negro or Maghrebi Immortals in Paris and was hunting Gabriel Tiacoh and Fatimatou Bahglani after he killed Zein Kassis in 2000.

                              Watcher Bureau, France

                              Radoslaw Bujak
                              Known aliases : Radek Boklowski
                              Notable characteristics : Mentally unsable, easily
                              controlled and manipulated
                              Weapon : Basket-hilted saber
                              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                              Most recent base of operations: Warsaw,
                              Polish People's Republic
                              Occupation: Polish dissident, murderer
                              Prior occupations: Polish resistance, 1939-45;
                              Captain, Polish Army
                              Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                              Date: 21 Mar 1949
                              Place: Warsaw
                              Victor: Alex Raven
                              Watcher: Radman Eile

                              Original cultural affiliation: Polish
                              Born: 1880, Grodno, Poland
                              First death: 1920; Battle of Warsaw, Polish-
                              Soviet War
                              First teacher: Stosch Basalok
                              Known associates: Absalom Finch, The Sin
                              Eater VI
                              Known past associates : Stosch Basalok
                              First recorded sighting : Warsaw, Poland
                              Found and mentored by Stosch Basalok

                              From: Justin Grieves, Supervisor, Secret Immortals Society Watcher Team
                              To: Sir Martin Huw Loundes, Chief Archivist
                              Re: Radoslaw Bujak, Bruno Falck

                              For forty years or so the above mentioned Immortals were aberrations in our chronicles; young Immortals who, for unknown reasons, despite being mentored by what we would deem as "good" Immortals, committed heinous acts and were themselves then killed by other decent Immortals, one was even slain by his own teacher. Some Watcher scholars speculated that they had all encountered some previously unidentified ancient Immortal powerful enough to corrupt them. He/she had even been dubbed "the Corruptor" in the archives. Now, however, we have been able to positively identify "The Corruptor" as Absalom Finch, the sixth Sin Eater. A talented psychiatrist before he became immortal, Finch had already proved his talent for manipulating vulnerable minds during the Thomas Baxter Incident of 1936. Following information provided by Richeard of Mercia and Allegra Chambers concerning the movements of Finch after the Second World War, we can now update the chronicles of RadoslawBujak and Bruno Falck.
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                              • Hope you had a good holiday, my friend, and welcome back!

                                Thanks for the updates, shame about Roman Alvarez. I have plans later to do a proper kill list for the Spaniard, as he was one i hadn't properly looked at before. Still, i like the fact it was Swenja Baatz who took him out, another favourite bad girl of mine.

                                I'll be posting Bruno Falck's stats soon and i have a new chronicle for Doeyen Coolssens, whose death now occurs much later and at the hands of Aldrich Monk.

                                Could you post the chronicles for the Immortals killed in 2015, please?



                                • Roman Alvarez needs to be a bit more flawed as a character, he is too perfect in my opinion. Unless his weakness be in his taste for women, which Swenja and Lootje managed to play on.

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                                  • Sameh Hadad
                                    Known aliases : Taroob Maghadam, Jana Sabiyah
                                    Notable characteristics : Religious fundamentalist
                                    Weapon : Tulwar sword
                                    Recorded kills : Jacques Morant, suspect of
                                    various kills in America, Maghreb and Middle East

                                    Most recent base of operations : Aleppo, Syria
                                    Occupation : Fighter, ISIL
                                    Prior occupations : Operative, ESA
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                                    Date : 15 November 2016
                                    Place : Aleppo
                                    Victor : N.A Watcher killed during Aleppo
                                    Offensive of November-December 2016
                                    Watcher : Bureau, Western Asia

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Iraqi
                                    Born : 1780; Karbala, Ottoman Iraq
                                    First death : 1802, during Wahhabi sack of
                                    Karbala, killed with family by Wahhabi plunderers
                                    First teacher : Najia El Khalej, Swords of Allah
                                    Known associates : Eternal Swords of Allah
                                    Known past associates : Najia el Khalej, Jamal
                                    Labdouni, Hemmuc Ben Bellah, Sid'Ahmed Taya
                                    Known ennemies : European Immortals, CIA,
                                    Deoneces & Kyra of Sparta
                                    First recorded sighting : 1804. Karbala, Iraq
                                    Found and mentored by Jamal Labdouni and the
                                    Swords of Allah

                                    The only ISIL / ESA operative still unaccounted for is Sameh Hadad who disappeared in November 2016 during the Battle of Aleppo. She may have been killed by Hazeem al Bachrim or Carter Wellan who operated in Syria at that time unless Deoneces and Kyra finally got to her. Samh was an ardent follower of the ESA and a zealous disciple of Najia El Khalej who infected the yougn Immortal with her hatred of the Western World. Between the end of the 19th century and the 1960’s she was running her own network of freedom fighters and terrorists in countries of the Maghreb – Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria – and killed scores of offciials of the ciolonial army of France. Only once she was captured in Algeria, in 1962; raped, tortured and finally killed by a French officer, captain Jean-Marie Le Pen, who became the president of the French National Front in later decades. The bombing of Le Pen’s flat and nearly eradication of his family in the 1970’s was originally attributed to Ingrid Henning, but it was her responsibility though she failed to kill her tormentor. In recent decades she manufactured bombs for the ESA during their reign of terror in the 1970's and joined the Kurdish freedom fighters in the 1990's, eventually expelled because of too estreme tactical maneuvers involving explosive-rigged children.
                                    2014 saw her join ISIL, financing the Immortals led by Omar Matoub who also hunted and killed their way across the MiddleEast and Western European countries.

                                    Watcher Research, ESA operatives

                                    Waitavira Tjambiru
                                    Known aliases : None
                                    Notable characteristics : None
                                    Weapon : Custom broadsword
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Himba lands
                                    Northern Namibia
                                    Occupation : Mercenary gun
                                    Prior occupations : Himba tribeman
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Research, Southern Africa

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Namibian,
                                    Himba tribe
                                    Born : Namibia, Himba lands, unknown date
                                    Adopted and raised by local Himba tribe
                                    First death : Unrecorded
                                    First teacher : Unrecorded
                                    Known ennemies : Ernst Damler
                                    First recorded sighting : 1904-1908. Himba lands
                                    Fighting German troops during Herero Wars,
                                    decimated battalion led by Ernst Daimler

                                    Waitavira Tjambiru was part of a small family of Herrero nomads who lived in the beginning of the 20th century and disappeared during the Herrero massacre led by Ernst Daimler between 1904 and 1908. Only Waitavira survived ot present times, his family remains at lage, its present fate unknown. None of the Himba clans accounted for in Namibia present the marks of Immortality and besides, they are constantly on the move so it would be hard to keep track os Waitavira lost family. Either the Game killed them all or they are waiting in the shadows for the time of the Gathering.

                                    Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa
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                                    • Bashir ibn Khalid al Kal
                                      Known aliases : Garuba Ibn Muhunnad
                                      Notable characteristics : Never seen without
                                      blood-brother Salim; master strategist
                                      Weapon : Hausa cavalry saber
                                      Inconclusive fight against Mohamed Ousmane,
                                      1749; Sankara Baba-Ladé, 1804

                                      Most recent base of operations : Hausa State,
                                      Occupation : Tribal leader
                                      Prior occupations : Hausa warrior, sword for hire
                                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                      Date : 1900 Conquest of Southern Nigeria by the
                                      Place : Hausa State
                                      Victor : Eadwulf, SIS
                                      Watcher : Samira Kanté

                                      Original cultural affiliation : Hausa
                                      Born : 15th century; Katsina State, West Nigeria
                                      First death : Defending Queen Amina of the
                                      Hausa against invadign Arabs
                                      First teacher : Sghair M’Barek
                                      Known associates : Selim Ibn Khalid Al Kal
                                      Known past associates : Sghair M’Barek
                                      Known ennemies : Fulani Immortal Clan
                                      First recorded sighting : 1804, Hausa Sate.
                                      During invasion of Hausaby the Fulani, fought
                                      Sankara Babba-Ladé leading the Fulani invasion

                                      Salim ibn Khalid al Kal
                                      Known aliases : Mansir Ibn Muhunnad
                                      Notable characteristics : Never seen without
                                      blood-brother Bashir; master strategist
                                      Weapon : Tulwar sword

                                      Most recent base of operations : Hausa State,
                                      Occupation : Tribal leader
                                      Prior occupations : Hausa warrior, sword for hire
                                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                      Date : 1900 Conquest of Southern Nigeria by the
                                      Place : Hausa State
                                      Victor : Richeard of Mercia, SIS
                                      Watcher : Samira Kanté

                                      Original cultural affiliation : Hausa
                                      Born : 15th century; Katsina State, West Nigeria
                                      First death : Defending Queen Amina of the
                                      Hausa against invadign Arabs
                                      First teacher : Sghair M’Barek
                                      Known associates : Bashir Ibn Khalid Al Kal
                                      Known past associates : Sghair M’Barek
                                      Known ennemies : Fulani Immortal Clan
                                      First recorded sighting : 1804, Hausa Sate.
                                      During invasion of Hausaby the Fulani, witnessed
                                      the fight between Bashir and Sankara Babba-Ladé

                                      In 1900, the conquest of Southern Nigeria saw the involvement of the SIS who witnessed the savagery of the white men against local tribesmen deemed inferior by the all-mighty, all-knowing British Empire. Bashir and Selim Ibn Khalid led resistance agaisnt the invaders and captured a battalion of British servicemen and decided to punish them for the murder and rape of local village men and women, torturing them to death before hanging them on a tree. The death triggered an outcry of anger and indignation in England, fueled an out-o-control war in Nigeria between the SIS-led Englishmen and the Hausa warriors. Eventually England assertted control of the Hausa state, but peace needed its rpice : the heads of the Ibn Khalid brothers who were confronted by Eadwulf and Richeard of Mercia. The battle was a fierce one, Sghair M’Barek taught his dsiciples well, but Richeard and Eadwulf proved better, more experienced fighters because of the more frequent battles they fought against Immortals in Europe. A bitter victory for the two Immortals who realised the damage caused in Nigeria by the Empire they so faithfully served.

                                      Keiko Watanabe

                                      Update :

                                      The Dark Quickenign travelled all the way from Chion Iwajima, to Frederika Toth, from Toth to Toshio Nakayata and then to Keiko Watanabe now a ruthless killer and vandalizer. Gone is the valued champion of the Game, this is now a crazed murderer no Immortal in Japan dares to kill, for fear of being infected with her madness. News travel fast in Japan and the sh-devil is hunting again after having killed two innocent Immortals last year.

                                      Watcher Bureau, Japan

                                      Rion Tajashima
                                      Known aliases : Akino Tamura, Riina Ooyama
                                      Notable characteristics : Japanese patriot,
                                      fanatically devoted to the Emperor; teenaged
                                      Weapon : Black braids katana

                                      Most recent base of operations : East Tokyo,
                                      Occupation : Street gang leader, East Tokyo
                                      Prior occupations : Brothel whore; one of the
                                      Tokyo Roses operatign durign WWII
                                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                      Date : 17 July 2014
                                      Place : East Tokyo
                                      Victor : Kenshiro Tatsuya
                                      Watcher : Makiko Inaba

                                      Original cultural affiliation : Japanese
                                      Born : 1701; Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan
                                      First death : 1720; Brothel whore poisoned by
                                      jealous rivals
                                      First teacher : Hattori Hanzo
                                      Known associates : East Tokyo Hellions
                                      Known past associates : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
                                      Known ennemies : Flameshadow, Hattori Hanzo,
                                      Kenshiro Tatsuya
                                      First recorded sighting : 1720. Yoshiwara Brothel,
                                      Edo, today Tokyo. brothel courtesan/prostitute,
                                      servicing Hattori Hanzo

                                      The rivalry between Kenshiro Tatsuya and Rion Tajashima ended with Rion’s death by the blade of the Tokyo “bug” who took the Game at heart, while Rion saw Immortality as means to satisfy her ambitions to rule the criminal underground after three hundred years of serving one criminal mastermind or another, among whom the infamous Matsuhiro Kanagawa. With Kanagawa’s death she felt free to live her immorality as she saw fit, but the Game is still present even after the end of the Immortals War and in Kenshiro she found the one male she couldn’t defeat. How so, I wonder. Is it because she loved him in some twisted fashion and saw in the Bug the Immortal she couldn’t face for fear of losign him forever if she killed him ? Love and hate are two sides of the same coin and when Rion flipped the coin, it landed on the hate side. Shame really, because together the Bug and the Hellions could have been a force to be reckoned with during the final days of the Gathering.

                                      Makiko Inaba, July 2014

                                      Lee Yang-ji
                                      Known aliases : None
                                      Notable characteristics : Teenaged Immortal
                                      Otaku, fan of manga and Japanese anime training
                                      to become like oe of his cartoon heroes
                                      Weapon : Klewang machete
                                      Recorded kills : None

                                      Most recent base of operations : Koreatown;
                                      Osaka, Japan
                                      Occupation : Fashion photographerl, webmaster,
                                      Blogger, part-time vigilante
                                      Prior occupations : High school student; trained by
                                      the Korean Initiative
                                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                      Date :
                                      Place :
                                      Victor :
                                      Watcher : Yang Sok-ii

                                      Original cultural affiliation : Korean
                                      Born : 1997; Ansan City, South Korea
                                      First death : 2014; Student drowned during
                                      sinking of MV Sewol ferry during travel from
                                      Incheon to Jeju, South Korea
                                      First teacher : Woo Bok-Soon
                                      Known past associates : Korean Initiative
                                      First recorded sighting : 2014. Seoul Hospital,
                                      South Korea. Found by Woo Bok-Soon

                                      The devil wears black robes with a klewang machete in one hand, a wakizachi in the other, a formidable woman barely in her third year of Immortal life, fresh from her training in Seoul with Woo Bok-Soon. The teenaged girl has settled in the Korean community of Osaka, cleaning up the criminal underground from drug pushers and pedophiles. She has been fed all her childhod with manwah and mangas and takes herself seriously, playing the Game and determined to be among the winners in the final Gathering. Immortality gave her a second chance at life after she drowned durign the sinking of the Sewol ferry and she is making the most of it.

                                      Yang Sok-ii, March 2018

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                                      • 2015 deaths :

                                        Salomon Nyobé
                                        Known aliases : Ibrahim Mbassi
                                        Notable characteristics : None
                                        Weapon : French Infantry saber
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Yaoundé,
                                        Occupation : Social rights activist/blogger, trying to
                                        fight /endemic child abuse in Cameroon and also
                                        protecting migrant workers from exploitation
                                        Prior occupations : Civil rights activist, leading
                                        campaign of civi disobedience dubed « Operation
                                        Ghost Town » (1991)
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 2 June 2015
                                        Place : Yaoundé
                                        Victor : Ibrahim Kiesso
                                        Watcher : Anne Marie Kiessou

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Cameroonian
                                        Born : 1954; Subum, Northwestern Cameroon
                                        First death : 1986. Lake Nyos incident, intoxicated
                                        during eruptions of deadly gasses
                                        First teacher : Ibrahim Endele
                                        Known past associates : Ibrahim Endele
                                        Known ennemies : Barthelemy Kiesso
                                        First recorded sighting : 1991. Yaoundé,
                                        Cameroon. Leading Operation host Town with
                                        Ibrahim Endele

                                        Robert Castelli
                                        Known aliases : Paul Labrouche, Victor Mauriès
                                        Notable characteristics : Threats the Game as a
                                        load of nonsense, strong dislike of challengers
                                        Weapon : French infantry saber
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Algiers, Algeria
                                        Occupation : Businessman, part-time writer
                                        Prior occupations : Hunting immortals of the
                                        Maghreb settled in France he perceived as a
                                        threat to French security, eventually let them live
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 15 July 2015
                                        Place : Algiers
                                        Victor : Sid’Ahmed Taya
                                        Watcher : François Levy

                                        Original cultural affiliation : French Algerian
                                        Born : 1919; Oran, Algieria
                                        First death : Oran Massacre of 1962, murdered
                                        with hundreds Pied-Noirs by Algerian natives
                                        First teacher : Thalia of Athens
                                        Known associates : Thalia of Athens
                                        Known past associates : Darius, successfully got
                                        Castelli rid from his ‘anti-Arab’ hatred
                                        First recorded sighting : 1962. Oran, Algeria
                                        Foudn and mentored by Thalia of Athens, helped
                                        him exit Oran, was reported missing officially

                                        Robert Castelli accepted the Game, the Immortality and never left hatred drive him against Maghrebi immortals after the Pied-Noir were forcibly relocated to France’s metropilitan cities.When the Swords of Allah struck Western Europe, he made himself discreet and didn’t join the ranks of the French National Front, nor did he hook up with the immortal nostalgics who wanted to resurrect the Knights of Charlemagne. Fantism wasn’t the answer he said to them, they laughed tio his face. “Good luck ! they said, we shall se how you do when one of the bastards come after you”. Castelli hid very well and finally reunited with his roots in Algiers where he runs a little business, passing himself as a writer of historical romance until the Game caught up with him in the person of Sid’Ahmed Taya, Muslim Arab. A touch of irony considering how Castelly made peace with his ghosts and a ghost from his past eventually killed him.

                                        François Levy, 2015

                                        Danielle Foccart
                                        Known aliases : Louise Ayetotche, Lisa Gbagho,
                                        Deborah Ngalani, Veronique Tadio
                                        Notable characteristics : Mathematic genius
                                        Weapon : Schiavona
                                        Recorded kills : Usually not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Abidjan,
                                        Ivory Coast
                                        Occupation : Government operative
                                        Prior occupations : Graphical arts student, school
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 15 December 2015
                                        Place :Abidjan
                                        Victor : Myriam Kenye
                                        Watcher : Bamba Mamadou

                                        Original cultural affilation : Ivorian
                                        Born : 1875; Bandama Valley, Ivory Coast
                                        First death : Teacher killed during the French-
                                        Madinkan War of 1895
                                        First teacher : Dennis Vachon
                                        Known past associates : Dennis Vachon
                                        Known ennemies : John Doe I
                                        First recorded sighting : 1905 South Africa. Boer
                                        War. Inconclusive fight against John Doe I

                                        She is a genius that one ! With a computer and graphics she was able to predict the fall of the African continent from famine and AIDS epidemic one hundred years from now. That certainly did something to our morale which was already down. Thank you very much, Danielle ! Sometimes I wonder why she is wasting her time with us peasants instead of moving to a more "civilised" continent; she ought to go to the States, with her numbers and laptop, she could show the Americans how much long have the States to live before dividing themselves into squabbling factions !

                                        Bamba Mamadou, 2008.

                                        Danielle Foccart investigated the internet scam devolopped by Myriam Kanye over the years and tried to put it down, but Kanye suspected an immortal was on her trails and tracked down Foccart to her lair, using her web resources. The fight was brief, Foccart was better at math than at fencing.

                                        Bamba Mamadou, 2015

                                        Tantini Kahindu
                                        Known aliases : None
                                        Notable characteristics ; Sufferred from PTSD
                                        after having been raped and killed by Hutu
                                        Weapon : One-handed broadsword
                                        Recorded kills : None known

                                        Most recent base of operations : Lagos, Nigeria
                                        Occupation : Women’s rights activist
                                        Prior occupations : Student, Augustine Sisters
                                        school maintained by Beatriz Kimpa Vita
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                        Date :
                                        Place :
                                        Victor :
                                        Watcher : Elijah Okello

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Congolese
                                        Born : 1985; Minova, DMR of the Congo
                                        First death : 2010, Raped and murdered by Hutu
                                        soldiers, her village was suspect in aiding and
                                        abettting Congo Defense Forces
                                        First teacher : Beatriz Kimpa Vita
                                        Known associates : Aletha Brown
                                        Known past associates : Beatriz Kimpa Vita
                                        First recorded sighting : 2011. Kinsashe, DMR of
                                        the Congo. Found by Beatriz

                                        The horrors of gang rape and of the war in Congo reminds Tantini Kahindu of the wildlife in Africa : untamed, savage, destrying all beauti and innocence in this world. Six years after being ravaged by Hutu soldiers, her village destroyed for futile reasons, Tantini has found a new home in the Augustine convent maintained by immortal Beatriz Kimpa Vita. She studies, trains with the sword, learns about the vast world outside so that when she feels ready, she can leave Congo for good and make a new life for herself, hoping to keepr her nightmares away forever. This is agood person, a young woman scared and scarred but who, under proper guidance, will find her way on the Immortals scene and maybe in the Game.

                                        Sister Felicité, Augustine Sister, 2015

                                        Luis Inferno
                                        Known aliases : Valdaguez Urive, Luis Domingo,
                                        Sin Cara
                                        Notable characteristics : Constantly seen with a
                                        mask over his face
                                        Weapon : Two-handed german broadsword
                                        Recorded kills : Georgina Gracie

                                        Most recent base of operations : Buenos Aires,
                                        Occupation : Professional wrestler
                                        Prior occupations : Ditto
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 25 June 2015
                                        Place : Buenos Aires
                                        Victor : Gabriela de Savedra
                                        Watcher : Research, Central American Immortals

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Mexican
                                        Born : 1938; Mexico City, Mexico
                                        First death : 1968, Tlateloco Massacre, part of
                                        Mexican Dirty War when the government used its
                                        forces to suppress political opposition
                                        First teacher : Linda Flaherty
                                        First recorded sighting : 1968. Mexico City
                                        Found and mentored by Linda Flaherty,
                                        witnessed her battle against Milagra Pelipe

                                        Luis Inferno came after Gabriela de Savedra, a formidable woman with an intense personality, one he wanted to challenge. Was he wrong ! Gabriela is prepared to fight her man no matter the weapons and skills he has been honing over the centuries and this was a woman who did a lucrative career as a professional wrestler during the mid-Nineties, pitting her strenght against the likes of Lyta, Beth Phoenix or the Bella Twins.
                                        Luis Inferno fought bravely but was overmatched in the end.

                                        Watcher Bureau, South America

                                        Ricardo Lozada
                                        Known aliases : Salvadore Astiz
                                        Notable characteristics : Master sadist
                                        Immortality triggered past his prime
                                        Weapon : Flamerge rapier
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game
                                        Inconclsuive fight against Carmen Morales, 1983

                                        Most recent base of operations : Cordoba,
                                        Occupation : Businessman
                                        Prior occupations : Military officer, Argentine
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 2 May 2015
                                        Place : Cordoba
                                        Victor : Gabriela de Savedra
                                        Watcher : Research, South America

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Argentinian
                                        Born : Argentinia, unknown date
                                        First death : Unrecorded
                                        First teacher : Unrecorded
                                        Known ennemies : Carmen Morales, Gabriela de
                                        First recorded sighting : 1983, Buenos Aires,
                                        Argentina. Military officer torturing political
                                        Opposants, tortured and raped Gabriela de

                                        Marc Mariano
                                        Known aliases : Clint Jiminez, Cornelius Garner
                                        Notable characteristics : None
                                        Weapon : Roman short sword
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Cordoba,
                                        Occupation : Political activist, trying to ‘help’
                                        Argentinian people remember their negro slaves
                                        Prior occupations : Bounty hunter, soldier in army
                                        of Argentina, servant, slave
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 7 September 2015
                                        Place : Cordoba
                                        Victor : David Bautista
                                        Watcher : Julia Lopez

                                        Original cultural affiliation : African-Argentinian
                                        Born : 1728; Santiago del Estero, Argentina
                                        First death : 1757; Murdered by master’s son for
                                        preventing him from raping his negro girlfriend
                                        First teacher : Julius Scipio
                                        Known associates : David Lopez
                                        Known past associates : Julius Scipio, Darius
                                        Crews, Hunter Sena, Lorenzo Barcala, Leonardo
                                        First recorded sighting : 1757. Santiago del Estero
                                        Purchased by Julius Sdcipio, made a free, man
                                        and paid servant

                                        For Marc Mariano it was a difficult task to put Argentina people in front of the sordid past of slave trade but not impossible, after all the Afro-Argentinas weren’t born in Latin America, they had been victims of deportation and massacres as much as the Jews in Europe. Mark worked hard and made a lot of ennemies among people who ddn’t want to be remembered. In September 2015, David Bautista came after Mariano and the Afro-Argetnines lost their voice on the net.

                                        Watcher Bureau, South America

                                        Georgina Gracie
                                        Known aliases : Jenny Bell, Gina MacArthur
                                        Notable characteristics : Red head
                                        Weapon : Black/red-braids katana
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Salvador,
                                        Bahia, Brazil
                                        Occupation : Dojo proprietor, jiu-jitsu teacher
                                        Prior occupations : International courrier, prize
                                        student of Master Geo Omori
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 15 February 2015
                                        Place : Salvador
                                        Victor : Luis Inferno
                                        Watcher : Hiro Tatsui

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Scottish-Brazilian
                                        Born : 1900; Sao Paulo, Brazil
                                        First death : 1925; Killed in mugging
                                        First teacher : Geo Omori, cross-identified as
                                        Known past associates : Natsuta
                                        Known ennemies : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
                                        First recorded sighting : 1925. Sao Paulo, Brazil
                                        Daughter of a Brazilian clan in feud with Geo
                                        Omori’s martial arts school, found and trained by
                                        the ancient Japanese

                                        Luis Inferno tried his acrobatic and wresting skills against Georgina Gracie’s jiu-jitsu moves and after a harrowing fight, as much for himself as it was for Georgina, the Latin immortal won. Gracie was a disciple of an oriental immortal and survivied on the immortal scene for ninety years before being taken out of the Game.
                                        Luis Inferno fights fair : he only comes after immortals he knows are able to fend for themselves and won’t prove to be easy kills, that’s a sense of honor from him but still : a good woman is dead when se bore the hope the Game had ended with the death of Mement-Ra in Egypt.

                                        Watcher Bureau, South America

                                        Frank Brennan
                                        Known aliases : None
                                        Notable characteristics : None
                                        Weapon : Ivanhoe sword, sig-sauer gun
                                        Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : No fixed
                                        locations. Homebased in Calgary, AL
                                        Occupation : Mercenary
                                        Prior occupations : Security agent
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 2 May 2015
                                        Place : Calgary
                                        Victor : Keenainak
                                        Watcher : Arnaud Gall

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Canadian
                                        Born : 1956, Vancouver BC Canada
                                        First death : 1994, Security agent gone rogue,
                                        shot and killed by Nick Sutherland
                                        First teacher : Natsuta
                                        Known associates : None
                                        Known past associates : Annie Devlin, Natsuta
                                        Know ennemies : Katherine of Samothrace
                                        First recorded sighting : 1994. New-York NY.
                                        Found and mentored by Natsuta, however didn’t
                                        show much interest in the Game

                                        Amanda warned Frank to stay clear from Nick Wolfe and Brennan did, not seeing the point of a confrontation with an ancient Immortal like Amanda who could easily overmatch him. He ran like a coward and queitly exited Paris for Canada where he was operating until his death by the harpoon of Keenainak, master hunter.
                                        He was wanted by the Secret Immortals Services for his past associations with Annie Devlin and the IRA, and if Amanda or Keenainak hadn’t killed him, well, it would have been someone from the SIS to be sure.

                                        Arnaud Gall, May 2015

                                        Fjola Gottidatir
                                        Known aliases : Karla Jensen, Fiona Williamson,
                                        Amanda Grayson, Amanda Grayson-Magnus
                                        Notable characteristics : 6’6’’
                                        Weapon : Two-handed broadsword
                                        Inconclusive fight against Axel Kjarstad, 1767

                                        Most recent base of operations : Anchorage,
                                        Occupation : Flight attendant, Northstar Airlines
                                        Prior occupations : Professional wrestler,
                                        gymnastic coach, nurse, midwife
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 2015 Southeast Alaska plane crash
                                        Place : Ketchikan
                                        Victor : N.A Decapitated on impact
                                        Watcher : Aaron Sorenson

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Norse Greenlander
                                        Born : 1420; Southwest Greenland
                                        First death : 1447, Fell through ice while walking
                                        over frozen lake
                                        First teacher : Heimdall Kanwulfsson, also her
                                        Known associates : Kanwulfsson Clan, Ceirdwyn,
                                        Alex Raven, Kellistra (presumably)
                                        Known past associates : Eir and Freya
                                        Kanwulfdottir; Thor, Heimdall; Kvasir and Balder
                                        Kanwulfsson, Bjorn Gustavson, Per-Bjorn Fjortoft
                                        Known ennemies : Kanwulf Odinson, any immortal
                                        threatening the Kanwulfsson Clan; Axel Kjarstad
                                        First recorded sighting : 1767, Nova Scotia.
                                        Inconclusive fight against Axel Kjarstad

                                        Fjola Gottidatir has been avoiding the Game by being a flight attendant ever since comemrcial flights started in the 1950's. No Immortal is crazy enough to challenge an Immortal on a crowded plane or in the middle of an airport. At least in theory. Fjola survived for four centuries and a half on the Immortal scene and she's had her dfare share of kills, but she wants to rest now, like the rest of the Kanwulfson Clan which she joined when she married Heimdall Kanwulfsson. But time have changed by this beginnign of the 21st century and who knows how many Immortal terrorists are there, ready to put a bomb in a plane to target an Immortal ? Can Fjola survive an airplane crash ?

                                        Aaron Sorenson, May 2015

                                        Peter Hackett
                                        Known aliases : Hawknose Pete, Peter Morgan,
                                        Peter Black, Peter Boshuk, Peter Hanlon
                                        Notable characteristics : Broad-nosed
                                        Damaged by the Game, lives in constant fear of
                                        other immortals and of the outside world
                                        Weapon : Never seen carrying any
                                        Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Ossining State
                                        Correctional Facility (Sing Sing) NY
                                        Occupation : Prison inmate
                                        Prior occupations : Car thief, fraudster, occasional
                                        store robber, drug dealer, highwayman, drifter
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 2 July 2015
                                        Place : Ossining State
                                        Victor : Angelique Hudson, Correctionnal Officer
                                        Watcher : Theo Wishnower

                                        Original cultural affilation : English
                                        Born : 1410, London England
                                        First death : 1446, Hung as thief
                                        First teacher : Jeremy Dexter
                                        Known past associates : Jeremy Dexter, Anthony
                                        Masters, Amanda, Nell Fagin, Kenneth
                                        Know ennemies : None
                                        First recorded sighting : 1446. London, England
                                        Student of Dexter

                                        To R.
                                        Re: Hackett's Sentence

                                        You owe me 50 bucks the judge just sentenced Pete to 3 to 5 years. We got Theo Wishnower hired on as a guard at the prison so there is no problem. Theo's just reported that the prison psychiatrist had been called into talk to Pete. The shrink feels that the reason that Pete keeps getting arrested is because subconciously he is afraid of the outside world. I mean come on nobody could be this stupid to keep getting caught : Hackett has been running from the world of the Game for the past four hundred years, after having been hunted by others of his kind. He nearly got killed by successively Antonius Kalas at St. Christopher, Peter Kanis, Kenneth, was betrayed by Nell Fagin and sold by Amanda to the police in the 1930's. He cannot even trust himself to hold a sword. The guy's a wreck. But he doesn't need a prison term, just therapy from Doctor Burns.
                                        When he is released, I hope for his sake he will find the courage to board a plane for Europe.

                                        DMVTREK 2008

                                        Anna Petrovik
                                        Known aliases : Anne Peterson, Anya Petrov,
                                        Ana Petrucciani
                                        Notable characteristics : None
                                        Weapon : Scottish claymore

                                        Most recent base of operations : Seattle, WA
                                        Occupation : Proprietor, Valhalla Club
                                        Prior occupations : Innskeeper
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 1 March 2015
                                        Place : Seattle, WA
                                        Victor : Aicha Guelleh
                                        Watcher : Thora Eriksdottir

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Swedish
                                        Born : 1601; Stockholm, Sweden
                                        First death : 1628, Vessel passenger killed by
                                        pirates when boarded by Sarah McLaughin
                                        First teacher : Sarah d’Abbeville
                                        Known associates : The Six of Vinland, in
                                        relationship with Richie Ryan
                                        Known past associates : Sarah d’Abbeville
                                        First recorded sighting : 1628. Bristol, England
                                        Trained by Sarah

                                        It's a Watcher dream to have one's assignment as manager of a club whose clientele is entirely made up of immortals. Anna certainly always get what she wants : ten years ago, when she decided to make her dream of an immortal club come true, I was sceptical about that project ever succeeding. Watcher HQ didn't give it much a chance, and some of Anna's friends warned her of the risks immortals might take by meeting each other in such a place, even if built on Holy Ground. Turns out "The Valhalla" works wonders : it is the perfect place for immortals to relax and unwind, to enjoy each other's company and exchange news about friends or ennemies without having to worry about getting their heads chopped off. The place is located in the center town of Seattle, opens at 10 PM until 6 AM, and is heard about through the immortals' grapewine; it is not to be found in the Yellow Pages and it works so that it strongly discourages mortals to come in.

                                        Anna doesn't make the distinction between "good guys" or "bad guys" : everyone has to let their swords and assorted weapons at the entrance and is remembered the place has been built on Holy Ground. If an immortal or two gets quarrelsome,she "invites" him (or her) to go and play outside. The drinks and food are the best an immortal has to offer, the service is great : mortal staff aware of the nature of "The Valhalla" 's clientele who know how to keep their mouths shut, particularly since they are privy to extraordinaire tales of immortality to make my Watcher historians and researchers pale with envy.
                                        A lot of immortals have been regulars here; I work as the barmaid, which means that I hear a lot of stories, rumors that might be or not be true :

                                        - Sulieman al Rashid al Tanisi took a head he shouldn't have, the quickening completely destroyed his psyche.
                                        A hero is dead, replaced with a practicioner of dark magic.
                                        - There was a reunion of ancient immortals on the top of the Empire State Building last year, all former students of Methos. They included Ishtar of Erch, ancient Babylonian goddess.
                                        - An immortal was captured in 1929, decapitated, and had gruesome experiments performed on his head (how the hell do they know that, I wonder...)
                                        - A joke on dearly departed Hugh Fitzcairn : his ego lives on forever !
                                        - Asterix the Gaul, is based on the adventures of real immortals who lived one thousand years ago in a Gallic village.
                                        -There is an organisation of mortals outside preying on immortals : they come out of the shadows, kidnap their target and take his head. His or her quickening gets lost forever. (Jesus, they know about the Hunters ! Only fair, after all...)
                                        - The Kurgan cried like a little girl when he got the shit kicked out of him by an immortal woman named Kay Murdstone. Now I don't know wether that's true or now. Kay must have been a terrifying woman to actually make the Kurgan cry...

                                        Well, most of this the Watchers know, the immortals are just exchanging news, but sometimes I hear more intriguing stuff :

                                        - There was until the early Nineties an organisation of immortals secretly ruling America from behind, since the dawn of the constitution, in 1789.
                                        - Near Paris is an holy spring where insane immortals can get healed, their madness wiped clean from them.
                                        - There are people among the immortal community who have personal memories of the sabertooth tiger, the cave bears and of megatheriums. Yeah, right !
                                        - Methos has proofs of the existence of a human civilisation predating the Great Lizards... ??!!
                                        - Immortals are born from angels who impregnate immortal women. (Okay, Elvis was very drunk tonight...)

                                        See what I mean ? By the way, Anna knows I am a Watcher. I know she is an immortal and I know she runs an immortal club. We agreed to keep each other's secrets and everything's fine...

                                        Merry new year !

                                        Thora Eriksdottir
                                        Barmaid, The Valhalla
                                        31 December 2007

                                        Aicha Guelleh
                                        Notable characteristics : Master of disguise
                                        Weapon(s) : Falchion, ‘Fangs of Anansi’
                                        Recorded kills : *See Addendum*

                                        Most recent base of operations : US Northwest
                                        No fixed location
                                        Occupation : Independent means, traveller
                                        Prior occupations : Assassin, mercenary sword
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 6 March 2015
                                        Place : Seattle, WA
                                        Victor : Richie Ryan
                                        Watcher : Simon Achidi

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Ghanean
                                        Born : 1468, Prestea Western Ghana
                                        First death : 1490, Beaten to death by husband
                                        First teacher : Anansi the Spider
                                        Known associates : Ari al-Muzaiyin, Safiyah Khan,
                                        Sghair M’Brek, Sid’Ahmed Taya
                                        Known past associates : Anansi, Antoinette
                                        Sithole, Owino Saidi
                                        Known ennemies : Sunda Kastagir, Owusu
                                        First recorded sighting : 1865. Benin City, Benin
                                        Hunted and killed Oni Kerekou

                                        After fighting Olapede Chukwu in Eastern Cape and nearly losing her head, Aicha Guelleh decided she had enough of beign a pawn in the Immortals War and left South Africa for the next plane to America. We do not know where she set her foot as of that time of writing, but she is out hrere somewhere, planning to target more active and inactive immortals of the North American continent.

                                        Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa
                                        Three years after the war ended, Richie Ryan is living in Seattle with an immortal girlfriend, Anna Petrovik. Both immortals get wind of a sudden rash of beheadings between Portland and Seattle and get ready. One night azfter closign the Valhalla Club, Anna is attacked and killed by Aicha Guelleh. Richie Ryan swears revejnge and hunts the African immortal, facing one of the most proflific killers of the African continent. After a harrowing fight, Richie avenges his lover.

                                        From the Chronicle of Richie Ryan


                                        Recorded kills : Oni Kerekou, Aminata Aiddo, Alima Nguessian, Kambo & Nasieku Theuri, Sooriya Djambé, Raphael Osewe, Anna Petrovik
                                        Inconclusive fight against Owusu Ojokolo, 1776; Naziha Khemir; William Sumaye and Olapede Chukwu, 2011

                                        Aristide Gumbel
                                        Known aliases : Narcisse Billaud
                                        Notable characteristics : Occasional rapist,
                                        Weapon(s) : Basillard sword
                                        Recorded kills : None known

                                        Most recent base of operations : Baton Rouge LS
                                        Occupation : Proprietor, Guerin’s MechaRepairs
                                        Vaudou practicioner, selling herbs and
                                        paraphernalia to tourists
                                        Prior occupations : Mechanic, metalsmith
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 15 May 2015
                                        Place : Baton Rouge
                                        Victor : Ohane Munroe
                                        Watcher : Ellisa Durée, Chronicle of Ohane

                                        Original cultural affiliation : African-American,
                                        Born : 1799, Baton Rouge LS
                                        First death : 1833, Intoxicated by fumes during
                                        tenement fire while living in New Orleans
                                        First teacher : Analise Thibadeaux
                                        Known associates : Analise Thibadeaux
                                        First recorded sighting : 1833. New Orleans
                                        Found by Thibadeaux

                                        Aristide Gumbel didn’t even recognize Ohane Munroe, the girl he raped in 1850 whom he didn’t recognize as an immortal, so drunk that he was on moonshine. But Ohane Munroe never forget him and swore to get to him someday. Finally she found him in Baton Rouge, the herbalist living satisfied of his immortality.
                                        Ohane pretended to be an innocent young immortal while Aristide pretended to be a nice guy, not the sexual predator he truly is. When he made the moves on her, Ohane stabbed him with a poisoned dagger, and while Aristide was reeling in shock, she picked her short sword and took his head. His Quickening burnt his house down, Ohane was free from her nightmares at last.

                                        Elisa Durée, May 2015

                                        Known aliases : Hojii Nakamura
                                        Notable characteristics : Chameleon, blends in his
                                        Weapon : Custom broadsword, belonging to
                                        immortal Blacksoul Yasu Shin
                                        Recorded kills : Isako Hojo, Blacksoul Yasu Shin,
                                        Ojiwara Mito, Natsuto Kiyoshi, Lucy Sparks, Lan

                                        Most recent base of operations : Yokohama, Kanto
                                        Occupation : Kabuki actor, retired from the Game
                                        Prior occupations : Adventurer, sword-for-hire
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 15 October 2015
                                        Place : Tokyo
                                        Victor : Kyala
                                        Watcher : Kondo Isami

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Japanese
                                        Born : 1598, Honshû Japan
                                        First death : 1630, Kabuki actor poisoned eating
                                        ill-prepared fugu
                                        First teacher : Izumo no Okuni
                                        Known associates : Hideo Tanaka, Kawasai Ninja
                                        Clan, Izumi Sakaki
                                        Known past associates : Izumo no Okuni,
                                        Natsuko Kiyoshi, Genrei Hojeko, Mitsuru Numai
                                        First recorded sighting : 1655. Hokkaido Japan.
                                        Found and mentored by Izumo no Okuni

                                        From the Records of the Tribunal :

                                        Flameshadow, naming himself as such because he is like the shadow of a flame in a fire place : flickering, vivd, quick, uncatchable and hiding the lethal nature of the forces from which it originates. Born a descendant of Ronin, the most promising kabuki actor of his generation, Flameshadow was murdered by a jealous rival who destroyed his ascending carrer and let him loose in the violent world of immortality. Mentored by the greatest kabuki actress of Japan, Izumo no Onuki, Tome became a scintillating, verbal actor able to blend in any character he impersonated and also became a wizard of the sword, even outmatching his teacher. After the death of Izumo by the sword of Matsuhiro Kanagawa - who also gained a fierce ennemy, Flameshadow started travelling across Japan, gathering actors and actresses like himself and created the Dragonhead Acting Company which has been lasting for the past four centuries.
                                        The Dragonhead's present troupe is made up of the descendants of Gozen's old friends who are aware of his immortality. They serve him, they work for him, in exchange of the protection he has been offering to their ancestries over the past centuries. And naturally, Flameshadow lives in the hope of finding the murderer of his teacher, Matsuhiro Kanagawa, who has been constantly eluding him for the past four hundred years...

                                        Kondo Isami, 2008

                                        From : Yoko Fujikawa, Head of East Asia Bureau, Japan Subdivision
                                        To : Watcher Tribunal
                                        Date : 27.02.2011

                                        To be added to the Chronicles of Hideo Tanaka, Flameshadow, Fujita Isai.

                                        Barely one week after Hideo Tanaka took out Kiem Sun of the Game, the Bushido warrior and his associates - Flameshadow in Yokohama and Fujita Isai in Tokyo - were attacked in their homes by, respectively, Nariko Genji, Ojiwara Mito and Sanjoi Ogai. The three immortals didn't bother with respecting the rules of the Game : this was an assassination contract - on who's payroll is another mystery - and they had not time for the luxury of rules. Each of the three Ninjas was escorted by a dozen of genin - including those operating overseas.
                                        Thanks to the wonders of cell-phones, help was soon on the way : the six immortals combining the Kawasai Clan helped the three immortals fight off the mortal genin - wiping out most of the Yasujiro Clan in the process : Ijiro and Shun Kawasai in Tokyo with Okada Iso and Tanaka Sinbei; Kawakami Gnsai and Kirino Toshiaki in Yokohama.

                                        Chris Ironside
                                        Known aliases : None
                                        Notable characteristics : Explains his still youtrhful
                                        looks to good genes and healthy nutrition
                                        Weapon : 14th century Irish broadsword,
                                        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                        Most recent base of operations : Aukland, New-
                                        Occupation : Stuntman, stunt coordinator fo local
                                        b-movies productions
                                        Prior occupations : Stuntman
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 4 July 2015
                                        Place : Aukland
                                        Victor : Bridget Ingvarsen
                                        Watcher : Philllip Morris

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Neo-Zealander
                                        Born : 1978; Christchurch New-Zealand
                                        First death : 2007; Stuntmaster killed by exploding
                                        First teacher : John Frederick Horrigan
                                        Known past associates : John Frederick Horrigan
                                        First recorded sighting : 2007. Christchurch, New
                                        Zealand. Found and mentored by Horrigan,
                                        investigating story of a miraculous resurrection at
                                        Christchurch hospital

                                        Chris Ironside thought he was going to live forever by simply changing places now and then and avoiding the company of other immortals. He forgot one thing : to thrive in immortality, one has to live in anonimity. Whatever happened to ‘living many secret lives’, one of the cardinal rules of immortality . Danny Cimoli was a prime example of it, ran down by a local immortal of Las Vegas after his five minutes of fame. Ironside posed as the Immortal Ironside because of his ability to stay impervious to wounds, to the astonishment of the film producers hiring him. Not very discreet, Chris was hunted down and killed by Mad Bridget when she was vacationing in New Zealand. Shame.

                                        Phillip Morris, July 2015

                                        Winston Mobay
                                        Known aliases : Desmond LaFleur, Mu’ammar ibn
                                        Notable characteristics : Tattoos on right arm
                                        Weapon : Sharpened metal stakes, cup-hilt saber

                                        Most recent base of operations : No fixed locatiuon
                                        Occupation : Bombmaker, ISIL
                                        Prior occupations : Enforcer, Jamaican criminal
                                        underground of London
                                        Prior occupations : Vaudou occultist, mercenary;
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 27 June 2015
                                        Place : London
                                        Victor : Allegra Chambers, SIS
                                        Watchers : Robert Saidé

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Jamaican
                                        Born : 1854 Morant Bay Jamaica
                                        First death : 1884, Killed during represals of anti-
                                        British riot
                                        First teacher : Luther
                                        Known past associaters : Luther, Carlos Jonus,
                                        Grayson, Callestina
                                        First recorded sighting : 1899. New Orleans, LS.
                                        Found and mentored by Baron Samedi

                                        Winston was born a slave and was killed by British soldiers who murdered his family during the represals of 1884 in Jamaica. After that, he became a fearsome adversay for the colons, posing a a vengeful spirit. By the turn of the century, Winston left the island and landed in New Orleans where he became a Voodoo cultist under the guidance of Baron Samedi, a houngan and fellow immortal who taught him of his true nature and of the Game. Winston lived in New Orleans another twenty years until he moved to the black continent, hiring himself to petty warlords and dictators as merc, using his immortality and voodoo knowledge to forge a rep for himself. Then, in 1944, he met up with Grayson and Callestina in North Africa who hired him to do their ‘dirty laundry’ : assassinations and enforcement.

                                        Watcher Research, Immortals of Jamaica

                                        The SIS’s own explosive expert, Allegra Chambers investigated a string of terrorist attacks from a gang of bombmakers making dozens of victims in the centertown of Manchester where only recently she took out the ringleader of a sex-slave operation and also an Immortal. This time the ringleader also turned out to be an Immortal mercenary working for the Jamaican underground of London with links to ISIL. It seems Winston Mobay became a Muslim and had his mind turned over by the Caliphate of Iran, triggerred several attacks between London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. The SIS was on the call and it was Allegra who had to take the Jamaican out of the Game he played on 27 June after the three successive attacks on London this same months.

                                        SIS Chronicle, 2015

                                        Anne DeBrabant
                                        Known aliases : Agnes Jones, Darla MacKenzie,
                                        Madison Flores, Anne Dupont, Sonia Vandernoot
                                        Weapon : English medieval sword
                                        Recorded kills : Pik Cootzee, Guy Brel
                                        Inconclusive fight against the Bogeyman, 1678;
                                        Wim Lubbers, 1830; Ariando Alvear, 1841;

                                        Most recent base of operations : Rotterdam,
                                        Occupation : Hashish bar proprietor
                                        Prior occupations : Woman soldier, assuming
                                        male identiries
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 27 August 2015
                                        Place : Rotterdam
                                        Victor : Omar Matoub
                                        Watcher : Camille Lemonnier

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Flemish
                                        Born : 1375; Antwerp, Belgium
                                        First death : 1400, Infected wound
                                        First teacher : Roland DeBrabant
                                        Known associates : Kyra of Sparta
                                        Known past associates : Roland DeBrabant,
                                        Nestor Declerq, Almerik Boykens, Hootje Bloem,
                                        Jacinto Catano, Elise Godwin, Balquis Sa’ana
                                        Almasi, Bouchra Ouaziz
                                        First recorded sighting : 1402. East Flanders.
                                        Found and mentored by Roland DeBrabant,
                                        instant chemistry

                                        From Watcher Bureau, Western Europe
                                        To : Ravenwood
                                        Date : 28 August 2015

                                        Omar Matoub re-appeared on the chessboard, so to speak, and took out Anne DeBrabant. One the best underestimated swords of Netherlands fell before the Muslim's raging determination to be the one. After survivign the Immortal War, Anne expected to at last live a long, peaceful life but should have know better : Immortals can ever know peace, it seems, because the Game seems to be the only one thing to give a meaning to their violent existence on earth.

                                        From the Records of the Tribunal/Ravenwood
                                        21 December 2013

                                        One year after the Immortals War, after the dust has cleared and the dramatic takeover of the Watchers by Ravenwood, a census was made on the current population of immortals, worldwide, made of active immortals and inactive immortals (read : living on Holy Grounds).

                                        Anne DeBrabant survived the war and is alive in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Juliet, Mariotta and Emily Rochia left London and went back to Switzerland, although we believe wanderlust may hit those three travelling girls again. Jean-Pierre d'Albertville, Andre de Florac and Malcus of Ephesus also returned to the canton of Zurich, with funds from Ravenwood, determined to build St. Christopher back from the cinder, like the legendary Phoenix.

                                        Roland the noble warrior taught Anne how to survive, how to find her way in the Game and to stop underestimatingher own strenght in a world where being a woman amounted to nothing and where an immortal woman had few chances to survive the Game. Anne became the strong woman she is now only because her husband trusted her inner strenght and loved her enough to see the brave fighterr she would become someday. Alas, his teachings were cut short by that Englis monk, Case, and Anne survived alone, trusting few immortal men, if any, participating in the Game only when forced to. She now lives an unassuming lfe in Rotterdam, away from the Game, but hope that someday she will have the opportunity of facing her husband's killer so that she can avenge his death.

                                        Camille Lemonnier.

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                                        • Thanks for the latest chronicles, my friend. Once again very much appreciated.

                                          Re: Roman Alvarez. Yeah, he may have come across as too perfect when he was initially developed, but i reckon his flaw is his love for women. He simply refused to fight female Immortals at his best, his explanation was, "How can i deprive the world of its most beautiful creation? The sight of a naked woman is God's most precious gift to man. I cannot deprive myself of this gift!" Hence, his demise to Swenja Baatz was, unfortunately, inevitable.
                                          If you could, could you find three female Immortals who may have crossed his path that he would have inconclusive fights against, almost losing his head on each occasion because he didn't have the stomach for killing them?



                                          • I will think of something. Meanwhile...

                                            Lucretia Garibaldi
                                            Known aliases : Lucretia of Rome, Livia Aquilonia,
                                            Guerina of Benevento, Nezetta of San Marino
                                            Weapon : XV° century Italian rapier
                                            Inconclusive fiight vs Veranius Basso, 166 BC;
                                            Friario of Ravenna, 1240; Jean-François de
                                            Margelasse, 1797

                                            Most recent base of operations : Venetian Ghetto,
                                            Occupation : Charity works, married to local rabbi
                                            Prior occupations : Charity works, Venetian Jewish
                                            ghetto; Catholic nun, convent of San Marino
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                                            Date : 1797
                                            Place : Padua
                                            Victor : N.A
                                            Watcher : Carlotta Ottovino

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Roman
                                            Born : 529 BC, Rome
                                            First death : 509 BC, Suicide
                                            First teacher : Cloelia of Rome, aka Cassandra
                                            Known associates : Cassandra, Xanthia of Melitus
                                            Known past associates : Achilles of Troy, Tak Ne,
                                            Enrico Belzoni, Remigio da Varagine, Immaculata
                                            Della Mea, Umberto Drago, Verus Bassus, Daena,
                                            Madelena Padovano, Giuliana Argento, Messalina
                                            of Rome, Paul, Hugh Fitzcairn, Sunda Kastagir,
                                            Etheria of Spoletto
                                            First recorded sighting : 1000 Rome; dinner
                                            with Rebecca, Achilles of Troy and Ramirez


                                            The Immortal women Nezetta of San Marino and Guerina of Benevento have been conclusively cross-identified as past identities of immortal Lucretia Garibladi (B: 529 BC). In 1503 Lucretia was living as a catholic nun in the convent of San Marino during the city’s occupation by Cesare Borgia where she evaded the attention of Pascal Chaussende, always on the lookout for an Immortal woman to use as pawn in the Game, in 1797 she lived as a Jewish woman married to a rabbi of the Venetian Jewish ghetto and went missing when the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte occupied the city, belived killed by French soldier De Margelasse.
                                            Hot-blooded Lucretia once had a tumultuous afffair with Hugh Fitzcairn in 1503 in Milan and with Sunda Kastagir twenty years later in Venice when the Ethiopian was known as "the Moor of Venice".

                                            Watcher Research, Southern Europe

                                            Njeza of Qabala
                                            Known aliases : None
                                            Notable characteristics : White-haired
                                            Weapon : Custom broadsword
                                            Recorded kills : None known
                                            Inconclusive fight against Appius Lepidus Baro, 63 BC

                                            Most recent base of operations : Turkmenistan
                                            Occupation : Rebel fighter, resisting Sassanid
                                            occupation of Albania; also metalsmith/swordsmith
                                            Prior occupations : Repelling Roman invasion of
                                            Albania; swordsmith
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                            Date : 1040
                                            Place : Dandanaqan
                                            Victor : Kismet Necdet
                                            Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Caucasian
                                            Born : 3rd century BC; Qabala, Caucasian Albania
                                            Present Azerbaijian
                                            First death : Killed by raiders
                                            First teacher : Kellistra
                                            Known past associates : Kellistra, Rahul of Sarir
                                            Known ennemies : Appius Lepidus Baro, Darek Alak
                                            First recorded sighting : 63 BC Caucasian Albania
                                            Resisting invasion of Albania by Roman troops, in
                                            conflict against Appius Lepidus Baro

                                            Njeza of Qabala was a woman who worked hard to gain the respect of her male companions in the mortal world and of her male opponents in the Game, she wasn’t supposed to fall by the sword of a religious, supersticious upstart like Kismet Necdet but she did. Necdet only fought powerful women in the Game and came after the Caucasian Immortal. He put little effort in his challenge knowing well a woman like her would always answer the call for a fight. After all warlike Immortals do little else and the Game is what gives a sense to their violent lives.
                                            Qabala has been cross-identified as a past disciple of Kellistra, the legendary disciple of Methos and of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, she should have been able to take out Kismet in minutes. Was she tired of her long life, of the neverending fights ? Did she seize the opportunity for a suicide by combat ?
                                            We shall never know. What we know is she went gracefully to her fate but gave Kismet a fight worthy of his quest for powerful female warriors.

                                            Watcher Research, Ancient Immortals

                                            Ja' far Daei
                                            Known aliases : Mundhir Jal Ghanem
                                            Notable characteristics : Religious fundamentalist
                                            Weapon : Yemeni cavalry saber
                                            Recorded kills : None known
                                            Inconclusive fight agaisnt Ishaq Ibn Jhanda, 1382

                                            Most recent base of operations : Southern Yemen
                                            Occupation : Yemeni warrior, fighting Mamlukes of
                                            Egypt in conflict triggered by the Swords of Allah
                                            Prior occupations : Warrior, fighting the Infidels
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                                            Date : 1382
                                            Place : Yemen
                                            Victor : N.A Possibly Ishaq Ibn Jhanda
                                            Watcher : Research, ESA Chronicles

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Yemeni
                                            Born : 1229; Rassulid Dynasty of Yemen
                                            First death : 1259, Fall of Baghdad to the Mongols
                                            First teacher : Taher Ibn Hamed Al Jaber
                                            Known associates : Eternal Swords of Allah
                                            Known ennemies : Ishaq Ibn Jhanda
                                            First recorded sighting : 1259. Baghdad, Iraq
                                            Found and mentored by Taher ibn Hamed and
                                            Jamal Labdouni

                                            Ja’far Daei was a disciple of Taher Ibn Hamed Al Jaber and didn’t live for very long, barely one century of immortality before he disappeared in 1382 after an unconclusive fight against Ishaq Ibn Jhanda.
                                            His Watche was killed by a Mameluke arrow so it is impossible to determine wether Ja’far died agaisnt Ishaq or not.

                                            Watcher Research, Middle East

                                            Mohsen Ibn Rida-Siraj
                                            Known aliases : Mustafa Hakkad
                                            Notable characteristics : Formerly a religious
                                            fundamentalist, rejected the violence and hatred
                                            of the Swords of Allah who branded him as traitor
                                            Weapon : Moorish broadsword
                                            Recorded kills : None known, retired from the

                                            Most recent base of operations : Mecca, Arabia
                                            Occupation : Islamic scholar
                                            Prior occupations : Warrior, Swords of Allah
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                                            Date : 1803 During capture of Mecca by First
                                            Saudi State, hunted down by Jamal Labdouini
                                            Place : Mecca
                                            Victor : N.A Possibly pone of the Swords of Allah
                                            Watcher : Research, ESA Chronicles

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Saudi Arabian
                                            Born : 1543; Northern Arabia
                                            First death : 1578, Soldier of the Sharifs of Mecca,
                                            in punitive raid against raiding Najdi tribes
                                            First teacher : Taher Ibn Hamed Al Jaber
                                            Known past associates : Eternal Swords of Allah, Darius, Hsien-Tsiang, Hamza el Kahir
                                            First recorded sighting : 1578. Saudi Arabia
                                            Disciple of Taher ibn Hamed and Jamal Laboudni

                                            Mohsen Ibn Rida-Siraj deserted the Swords of Allah in 1643 but Jamal Labouni accepted no desertion and hunted down the Islamic scholar during the capture of Mecca by the Saudi state and though his final fate is unknown, it does not look good to the observant Watcher who studied the chronicles of Labdouni and his cohorts. Mohsen studied the Quran under Hamza el Kahir, the words of Christ under Darius, Buddhism under Hsien-Tsiang and the Talmud with Avram Mordecai to reach the conclusion that God exist udner diverse shapes and that there are thousands of ways to love Allah (or Christ, or Buddha) and that hatred isn’t the answer to the existence of Christians in MiddleEast. Only tolerance and acceptance of other people’s customs and religious beliefs. As far as the Game was concerned, Mohsen avoided it and found the strenght to forgive Xavier St. Cloud for the death of Hamza, taught forgiveness by Darius.
                                            The man of war who wreaked havok with the Swords of Allah disappeared decades before the Watchers lost his trace and it is our hope that he still lives out there, or at least that he had a peaceful life in the last two hundred years.

                                            Watcher Research, Middle East

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                                            • Another good set of chronicles, my friend. Well thought out.

                                              Meanwhile, here's that adjusted chronicle i promised. Could you help filling in the blanks, please?

                                              Doeyen Coolssens

                                              Known aliases: Dirk Carlsen, Douglas Cole

                                              Most recent base of operations: Liverpool,
                                              Occupation: Smuggler & would-be crime boss
                                              Prior occupations: Privateer, sailor
                                              Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                                              Date: 31 Aug 1968
                                              Place: Liverpool
                                              Victor: Aldrich Monk
                                              Watcher: Harvey Tiller

                                              Original cultural affiliation: Dutch
                                              Born: 1608, Den Haas, Republic of the Seven
                                              First death: 1639; Battle of the Downs, English
                                              Channel, fighting for Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten
                                              Tromp in his defeat of the Spanish navy
                                              First teacher: ?

                                              He over-reached himself this time. He thought he could take on the great Aldrich Monk and the Hellfire Club. Idiot. He had a nice set-up, smuggling stolen artefacts and black market goods for the Club. But then he decided he could smuggle the hard stuff; cocaine and heroin, ad make a tidy side profit.
                                              But the Hellfire Club have a rule: no drugs. Blackmail, extortion, gambling, prostitution, fraud, but absolutely not drugs. So when Monk found out what Coolssens was doing, he issued a warning. But Coolssens didn't listen. He'd been hiring muscle down at the docks for months, carving out a private empire of his own down there. He thought they couldn't touch him. He even had his men fire-bomb a Hellfire Club gambling den on William Brown Street to send his own message. It didn't work.
                                              The Hellfire Club have important people in their pockets. Police, local councillors, enough power to eat away at Coolssens' little empire, until Aldrich Monk decided to take matters into his own hands and confronted the Dutch Immortal at the docks. Coolssens really had no chance in a sword fight with Monk and met his end on his knees on an abandoned warehouse floor.

                                              Harvey Tiller,
                                              31 August 1968



                                              • Good historical research on that one, but I already have several Dutch Immortals born In the 17th century, and only one born in the 19th century. It would fit Doeyen Coolsens better, imo. Cheers !


                                                • "An immortal was captured in 1929, decapitated, and had gruesome experiments performed on his head (how the hell do they know that, I wonder...)" Hahaha, me too.

                                                  Did I miss Apollo's response to your question, Gardner, about why no Immortals have been born recently? Or is that still on the table?


                                                  • Gardner
                                                    Gardner commented
                                                    Editing a comment
                                                    I can't remember what Apollo answered, Bystander, but it is still open to debate. Let's say there need to be a final gathering and that more immortal births would prevent it from eve happening.