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    Known aliases : None
    Notable characteristics :
    Immortality triggered past his prime
    Weapon(s) : None
    Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

    Most recent base of operations : Stonehenge
    Present-day Salisbury
    Occupation : Druid
    Prior occupations : Not known
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : November 327
    Place : Stonehenge
    Victor : Blasius Suetonus
    Watcher : N.A

    Original cultural affiliation : Celtic
    Born : 1 AD; Anglesey, Britannia
    First death : 61 AD; Menal Massacre, killed during
    destruction of Druidic stronghold on Inglesey by the
    Roman Empire
    First teacher : Asteria of Gaul
    Known past associates : Asteria of Gaul
    First recorded sighting : 327. Stonehenge
    Challenged and beheaded by Suetonus

    Gaius Suetonius Paulinus ordered the Roman army to destroy the Celtic Druid stronghold on Anglesey in Britain, sacking Druidic colleges and sacred groves. The massacre helped impose Roman religion on the world and sent Druidism into a decline from which it never recovered; Amergan was high priest of the Anglesey stronghold and survived only to bury his brethen and to see the Druid cult vanish into obscurity until his death three hundred years later by the blade of Blasius Suetonus, marking his first and only recorded appearance.
    Later research allowed him to identify him as a past student of Druidess Asteria of Gaul at a time when she lived as a Druidess in Celtic Britain during the times of Britannia's invasion by the Romans.

    Watcher Research, Celtic Britain

    Winston Mobay
    Known aliases : Desmond LaFleur, Mu’ammar ibn
    Notable characteristics : Tattoos on right arm
    Weapon : Sharpened metal stakes, cup-hilt saber

    Most recent base of operations : No fixed locatiuon
    Occupation : Bombmaker, ISIL
    Prior occupations : Enforcer, Jamaican criminal
    underground of London
    Prior occupations : Vaudou occultist, mercenary;
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 27 June 2017
    Place : London
    Victor : Allegra Chambers, SIS
    Watchers : Robert Saidé

    Original cultural affiliation : Jamaican
    Born : 1854 Morant Bay Jamaica
    First death : 1884, Killed during represals of anti-
    British riot
    First teacher : Luther
    Known past associaters : Luther, Carlos Jonus,
    Grayson, Callestina
    First recorded sighting : 1899. New Orleans, LS.
    Found and mentored by Baron Samedi

    Winston was born a slave and was killed by British soldiers who murdered his family during the represals of 1884 in Jamaica. After that, he became a fearsome adversay for the colons, posing a a vengeful spirit. By the turn of the century, Winston left the island and landed in New Orleans where he became a Voodoo cultist under the guidance of Baron Samedi, a houngan and fellow immortal who taught him of his true nature and of the Game. Winston lived in New Orleans another twenty years until he moved to the black continent, hiring himself to petty warlords and dictators as merc, using his immortality and voodoo knowledge to forge a rep for himself. Then, in 1944, he met up with Grayson and Callestina in North Africa who hired him to do their ‘dirty laundry’ : assassinations and enforcement.

    Watcher Research, Immortals of Jamaica

    The SIS’s own explosive expert, Allegra Chambers investigated a string of terrorist attacks from a gang of bombmakers making dozens of victims in the centertown of Manchester where only recently she took out the ringleader of a sex-slave operation and also an Immortal. This time the ringleader also turned out to be an Immortal mercenary working for the Jamaican underground of London with links to ISIL. It seems Winston Mobay became a Muslim and had his mind turned over by the Caliphate of Iran, triggerred several attacks between London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. The SIS was on the call and it was Allegra who had to take the Jamaican out of the Game he played on 27 June after the three successive attacks on London this same months.

    SIS Chronicle, 2017

    Jacob Kell
    Known aliases : Father Jacob, Jacob Case,
    Jacopo Gui, Jason Kellman
    Notable characteristics : Raving lunatic, led other
    immortals as pawns in the Game
    Weapon : Crusader sword
    Recorded kills : Maximilian Schulz, Slavisa Vukelic,
    Haris Nillson, Sean Burns, Asheed Awuja, Liam
    Riley, Dela-o-Kande Umaru

    Most recent base of operations : Black Friar
    Mental Asylum, Swansea Wales
    Occupation : Mental patient
    Prior occupations : Catholic priest, preacher,
    Missionary priest, judge of Spanish Inquisition
    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
    Date : 24 October 2013
    Place : Dublin
    Victor : Lang Quing
    Watcher : Sylvia Krause, Black Friar Chronicle

    Original cultural affiliation : Scot
    Born : 1448; Stirling, Scotland
    First death : 1488; Battle of Sauchieburn, part of
    Second Rebellion against King James III
    First teacher : Keith Fraser
    Known associates : Sean Burns, Black Friar patients
    Known past associates : Keith Fraser, Roland
    Kantos, Coronus of Persia
    First recorded sighting : 1488. Stirling, Scotland
    Found and mentored by Keith Frazer

    A raving madman, Kell plays in the same team as Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh and other sect leaders who believe they have a God-given power over men and that they shouyld rule over the world until kingdom come. On three separate occasions he surrounded hismelf with acourt ofimpressionable, young immortals whom he sent on suicide missions against other immortals, calling it his crusade against the forces of darkness. His holy calling. Like Manson who believed in an impending apocalyptic race war, Kell wanted to trigger the Gathering with as many immortal casualties as possible. during Renaissance days, when he had that brief, unpleasant dispute with Connor MacLeod over the death of the Scot's foster mother; during the dawn of the industrialized age when he tried to prevent the comeing of a new era and finally in the 1960's when he gathered young hippies around him and lauched them into a murder spree to rival Charles Manson's in intensity. Since no immortal want his Quickening, he has ben confined in isolation at Black Friar and his forbidden even the most remote of contact with his fellow immortals. Needless to say, when the Immortals War erupted, Kell was howling at the moon like the crazy bug he is.

    Sylvia Krause, 2012

    From Watcher Bureau, Great Britain
    To Ravenwood
    Date : 17.09.2012

    Breakout at Black Friar ! Under the command of two of the most dangerous inmates kept under Sean Burn's watch, Jacob Kell and Alfar of Winchester, five extremely dangerous Immortals have escaped from their confinement, with eight other Immortals who pose as much risk to the Immortal and mortals communities due to their varying degrees of madness. The attached files describe who those Immortals are to be approached with extreme caution : Alfgar of Winchester, Jennifer De Chaillot, Jacob Kell , Loretta Lynn, Kieson MacDougall, Karolina Olin.
    Potentially dangerous : Abel Attwood, Ugolin Ferrant, Charmian, Berg Doepker.
    The following notes on Kell's followers have been compiled by field Watchers and by Sylvia Krause, Sean Burns' Watcher :
    - Abel Attwood, already mentally unstable, could permamently settle for the personality of the lethal Cain Attwood and thus become a formidfable weapon for Kell.
    - Charmian could become Kell's new concubine and be entranced into playing hte Game on his behalf.
    - Berg Doepker, a fragile being prompt to violent anger could become a dangerous killer in the hands of Kell.
    - Ugolin Ferrant, even as foolish as he is, can become a savy player if led by Kell.

    From Watcher Bureau, Ireland
    To Ravenwood
    Date : 24.10.2013

    We supposed Jacob Kell and his surviving followers would target Liam Riley, a lifelong ennemy of Kell but this time, the surviving immortals of Ireland stood ready : coming from other part of the island came Seamus of Athlone, Etain of the Second Look and her student, youngish Paddy Bell whom no one would give a decade in the Game. Remember Boyer ? Never underestimate a computer geek. Combined with the might of Lang Quing, China's Little Dragon, Kell's group didn't stand a chance. Etain of the Second Look's powers allow her to anticipate an opponent's moves during a fight, Paddy learnt all the tricks of the sword with mortal teachers and Internet, Seamus of Athlone found his fire back and Lang Quing, no surprise, was the one to take on Jacob Kell.


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      Iman Fasil
      Known aliases : Gautier of Savoie, Fasil ibn Said,
      Don Diego Torres y Sanchez, Fasil Say, Al-
      Rahman,Gianmarco Salieri, Aman Abbasi,
      Samuel Frend
      Notable characteristics : Fondness for black clothes
      Weapon : Toledo Salamanca rapier
      Recorded kills : *See Addendum*

      Most recent base of operations : Damascus, Syria
      Occupation : Diamonds broker
      Prior occupations : Diamonds broker, circus
      acrobat, sword-for-hire; soldier, Ottoman Turks
      army, scholar
      Roster of Immortals Stauts : Deceased
      Date : 6 February 1986
      Place : Damascus
      Victor : Ari al-Muzaiyin
      Watcher : Hassan ibn Muhammad

      Original cultural affiliation : French
      Born : 1145; Montmelian, Savoy, France
      First death : 1187, Fighting with the Saracens
      during the Crusades
      First teacher : Selim Ubadah
      Known past associates : Selim Ubadah, Sharifa
      Fatima, Tengiz Davidov, Terence of Coventry,
      Arjando of Castile, Polo Metaxas, Fevzi Oz,
      Chand Bibi, Erdem Cosarn, Khayrul Khalis
      Known ennemies : The Kurgan, Connor MacLeod
      First recorded sighting : 1195 Mecca; fought and
      killed the Chameleon of Iberia

      There are many examples of brave immortals whose lives have been completely ruined by immortality and by the Game, whose extreme lifestyles have eventually worn them out, changing them into parodies of the men and women they once were. Iman Fasil was one of those men.

      Originally a noble warrior, Fasil had lost view of his original cultural affiliational goal, that of living the great life of an immortal away from the Game - taking more and more part in the fighting, and losing pieces of his soul year after year, century after century. A flamboyant dresser, Fasil's last choice of clothing reflected what he had become: a player with darkness in his heart, in his mind. When the end came, Fasil thought only of the Game as he came after Connor's head. But the Scot got the upper hand and quickly put an end to the dark immortal's life.

      Born Gaultier de Montmelian, French knight, Fasil was a firm believer in the Christian God and was among the leaders of the third "Holy Crusade" against the Infidels who allegedly held Jerusalem prisoner. He constantly preached to his men that they were God's right hand, warriors of righteousness. However, his faith faltered when he was taken prisoner by the Muslims and came in contact with the Arab culture and civilisation. He was taken to Damascus as a slave, and there, after learning not only Arab but Persian - perhaps the most melifluous language ever created for poetry! - and reading the Koran, Gaultier found there were many ways to love God and discovered his love for Allah. And maybe falling for one of the Sultan's handmaidens helped too.
      Anyway, Gaultier converted to Islam, rejected the Christian god and was welcomed with open arms into Saladin's court. His name was now Iman ("faith") Fasil ibn Said, after the Muslim who taught the Koran to him. Fasil had no qualms about betraying his fellow countrymen since they pillaged and raped their way across the whole country, behaving like the savages they were.

      On Saladin's side, Fasil had the promise of paradise after his death, if he behaved like a good believer and a good soldier. Then came the year of glory for Saladin when he got the upper hand on the French army, starting with the Battle of Hittin and ending with the reconquest of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, Fasil wouldn't enjoy this victory much, as a Crusader sword stabbed him in the chest ... and that was the end of Iman Fasil's pre-immortal life.
      It would be an understatement to write that Fasil felt disgruntled about coming back to life: he found himself with no reward, even though he had done the proper thing and died, a martyr, on the field of battle. Where was the paradise promised? Where were his fifty houris, his eternal reward? Fasil was looking forward to fighting the good fight, to repaying Saladin for his kindness and generosity, even to dying in Saladin's name. He had been a true believer, after all. But no. Fasil was alive, and well aware he had been killed. And been cheated of his prospect of paradise. What a joke it was !

      Fasil came back to his master among those soldiers who had survived Hittin and felt for the first time the presence of an immortal : his mentor turned out to be Said (aka Selim Ubadah) a fellow immortal, himself nine hundred years old. Selim instructed him in the Game, told him that his immortality was not only a proof that Allah existed but also that he was doing his will. Fasil took this to heart and went on fighting for the Saracens until the year 1229 when Al-Kamel delivered Jerusalem to the Emperor Frederic II.
      Iman was challenged by an immortal named Kevin of Lincoln we strongly suspect to have been Sir Kay of the Knights of the Round Table.

      Al-Kamel's betrayal triggered an outcry of indignation throughout the Arab world. Fasil, disillusioned and weary of war, felt he had done his part in Allah's name. He was ready for peace.
      Fasil's chronicles during this period reveal a deeply divided soul. His belief in Allah still held firm. As a good Muslim, he knew that paradise awaited his mortal companions - if they died fighting for their faith. But by this time, Fasil had died on various battlefields a dozen, a score of martyr's deaths. Each time, he was returned to the blood and muck of an unending war. Was this all that immortality meant?
      While still loving Allah, Fasil decided he should explore the vast world and followed his mentor Selim to southern Europe, toward Spain.

      In Toledo, around 1592, Fasil made a new friend in the person of Armando Torres, a master swordsmith and mortal who taught Fasil about the Renaissance in Europe and who presented him with a beautiful gift when Fasil married his daughter Constanza: a Toledo Salamanca rapier, a wonder of a weapon which Fasil used until his death. I think that period was the happiest of his life, considering the hell he went though in later years. This is not counting the lost century when he vanished in 1799 in China, and was not identified by any Watchers for almost a hundred years; our researchers are of the opinion that he was in the Himalayas, but his adventures there are unknown.

      After thirty years of marriage and the death of his beloved wife, Fasil wandered back to Syria, finding the country changed and settled in Istanbul for almost half a century. There, after three changes of identity (Don Diego Torres y Sanchez, Fasil Say, Al Rahman), he became captain of the city's guard until a fatal wound forced him to flee the locale.
      In 1640 Iman moved to Florence, Italy hiring himself as mercenary sword until a fateful encounter that changed the course of his life. The Kurgan had been rampaging through the city for over a week and had killed half the immortals living there (the other half having fled); Fasil decided to obey Allah's will one more time and to protect the city from the Russian behemoth. Fortunately for Fasil, the battle was Inconclusive. He was certainly overmatched and would have died at the Kurgan's hands; in fact, no Watcher knows why he survived. It is recorded that the challenge devolved into a running fight - with Fasil running for his life, and the Kurgan pursuing - which eventually ended in a cemetery. Both immortals entered a crypt, remaining there some time. When they emerged, they went their seperate ways. The reason why? This is just one of the mysteries of the Game.

      No one knows what the Kurgan told Fasil, mewed up with him in the darkness of a tomb, but it became obvious the Kurgan had put the fear of God into him, so to speak.
      From that day forward, Fasil became an active participant in the Game, killing with abandon, gaining ferocious enemies and killing people who might have been his friends in other circumstances. He met both Connor and Duncan MacLeod and started a feud with them after killing a young protege of Connor's.
      Fasil felt more and more that his life had turned into a black joke and felt less and less the presence of Allah in his heart. In 1656 he went to the immortal Hamza el-Kahir for counsel and advice, and maybe could have found some peace if not for the interference of Duncan MacLeod and for Xavier St.Cloud taking Hamza's head.

      After that, Fasil gave up his faith in his beloved God and hired himself out to circuses around Europe, working as an acrobat. He did various jobs, took several heads and even fought Connor on three separate occasions. The fourth time they met was the last.
      Yet, before that, Fasil had regained a bit of the person he used to be: meeting Charles Mako ("the law is all that separates man from the animal") and Carmina La Morte ("You are but a shadow of the man you were. Good lord, get a life !") apparently did him good, because he did afterwards return with renewed faith to his religion. He continued playing the Game, but succeeded at putting his life together. Lately, he worked in law enforcement in Damascus, again a believer in Allah who had never abandoned him after all. And then he was challenged by Ari al-Muzaiyin and met his end against the immortal who murdered his teacher centuries ago.

      Watcher Research, the Chronicle of Iman Fasil

      Recorded kills : The Chameleon of Iberia, Farjad of Damascus, Kishore Sahu, Ishaq ibn Jhanda,
      Mir Chakar Rind, Zerai Deres
      Inconclusive fight against Kay de Marys, 1229, Ibn Mohamed Kara, 1378, Rudjer Djapic, 1440; Samson Bilecik, 1553, Polo Metaxas, 1669; Carol Sremac, 1766; Safiyah Khan, 1816; Lidio Valora, 1905; Inconclusive fight against Connor MacLeod at unknown dates


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        Tak-Ne of Alexandria
        Known aliases : Xanthos of Mycenae, Epitectus
        Cuspianus, Cuspianus Secundus, Xanthopoulos,
        Salvo Montalbano, Luciano Calaveri, William of
        Baskerville, Jacques Belarmand, Juan Sanchez
        Villalobos Ramirez
        Notable characteristics : Flamboyant dresser
        Immortality triggered past his prime
        Weapon : Dragonhead Masamune katana
        Recorded kills : *Se Addendum*

        Most recent base of operations : Hedgeburg, Scotland
        Occupation : Teacher of Connor MacLeod
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : October 1541
        Place : Hedgeburg, Scotland
        Victor : The Kurgan
        Watcher : Angus McQuillan

        Original cultural affiliation : Egyptian
        Born : 896 BC, Alexandria Egypt
        First death : 846 BC, Trampled by runaway cart
        First teacher : Achilles of Troy
        Known associates : Nakano, Xanthia of Melitus,
        Achilles of Troy, Cassandra, Hideo Tanaka
        Known past associates : Lucretia Garibaldi, Raan,
        Peter Gaicus, Gaius Septimus, Ptolemaios, Tyroc
        Of Babylon, Zhang Shi, Haiim of the Twelfth Tribe,
        Andreas of Melk, Otavio Consone, Connor MacLeod,
        Pharzanabus of Sardis, Reuben Xanthou, Sabela of
        Majorca, James Wallace, Hikoshiro Sadamune
        First recorded sighting : 405 AD Memphis
        Egypt Holding a party with Marcus Constantine

        Sometimes, Ramirez felt the immortals were the unlucky ones, compared to the immortals : the freaks of nature forced to live longer than the ordinary men. After living more than two thousand years, Ramirez felt that he wouldn't be among the survivors during the time of the Gathering; as if he had lived too long.
        It is a sad day for me to report the untimely death of immortal Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, one of the greatest of his kind, at the hands of the Kurgan who he had fought on three separate occasions, in Babylon, China and Greece, each time barely escaping with his head. The Kurgan was looking for Ramirez'protege, the young Connor MacLeod, seeking the scotsman's head. He found a brave opponent, but in spite of his two millenium of experience, Ramirez fell prey to the enraged Kurgan. As if it wasn't enough for him to kill Connor's teacher and friend, the Kurgan brutally raped Heather MacLeod, Connor's wife, leaving her broken and dishonored. The following morning, when Connor returned to Hedgeburg, he and his wife buried the Egyptian immortal. Connor replaced his claymore with Ramirez' sword, a dragonhead katana given to him by his father-in-law, Masamune-Saman in 480, carrying with him found memories of his friend and mentor.

        Angus McQuillian
        6 October 1641


        Recorded kills : Ouanamon, Teushpa of Cimmeria, Hammuran of Babylon, Remus, Palaemon of Thebes, Jezebel of Carthage, Broken Blade, the Demon of Hokkaido, Bernardo Gui, Desdemona
        Inconclusive fight against the Kurgan, 479 BC, 1180, 1270; Bernardo Gui, 1323

        Kate Devaney
        Known aliases : Faith Blaine, Elinor Dashwood,
        Kate O'Riordan
        Notable characteristics : None
        Weapon : Damascus steel rapier
        Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

        Most recent base of operations : Belfast, Ireland
        Occupation : Fashion designer
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : 3 June 1990
        Place : Belfast
        Victor : Gabriel Piton
        Watchers : Beth & Susan DeMarco

        Original cultural affiliation : Irish
        Born : 1692, Kildare County Ireland
        First death : 1712, Killed by highwaymen on the
        Road to Dublin
        First teacher : Connor MacLeod
        Known past associates : Connor MacLeod
        Known ennemies : Gabriel Piton
        First recorded sighting : 1712 Dublin Ireland, found
        by Seamus of Athlone

        Kate Devaney met her First Death on the road to Dublin where she was joining the man to whom she was bethroted, when her carriage was attacked by a band of highwaymen. She was killed by the band's leader while defending her virtue and was left abandoned in a ravine in which she came back to life in shock, violated and dishonored. Eventually she was picked up by another carriage which too her to her fiancee, a mortal friend of immortal Connor MacLeod who took her aside and told her exacly what happened to her.
        Disbelieving, incensed at the prospect of never carrying children, Kate sent the man away - ruining the friendship between Connor and her groom - and got married. Seasons came, then years. Angus grew older while his wife stayed young and barren. A faithful woman, Kate stayed by his side in spite of the nasty rumors branding her a witch, a fairy who could never get old and never carry children.
        When Angus died from peritonis, Connor was by Kate's side and this time she listened to him.
        It took years of unhappy marriage for Kate to accept that motherhood would be lost to her, but Connor managed to give her a modicum of hope and hapiness with his enchanted tales of immortality - he isn't the greatest storyteller of Europe for naught. Kate decided to start travelling in earnest thanks to her husband's money under the name of 'Faith' : she could be her own woman, adopt orphaned children, get married time and time again and, why not, settle with a fellow immortal and live happily ever after.
        Three centuries later, Devaney became the toast of Belfast society, a fashion designer who came into conflict with the immortal Gabriel Piton, fellow designer and robber who murdered a mortal girl, student and friend of Kate. Devaney usually avoided the Game, but she was forced to take action against Gabriel's actions.
        Unfortunately for her, Gabriel was a much better sword than she was and was quickly killed by her ennemy.

        Watcher Research, from the Chronicle of Gabriel Piton

        Lachlan Murdoch (not an Immortal, but WWE Edge made that character shine :-))
        Known aliases : The Ghost Bandit
        Notable characteristics : Known as a ghost around
        Cork County, attacking stagecoaches
        Weapon : Irish medieval braodsword
        Recorded kills : None known

        Most recent base of operations : Cork
        County, Ireland
        Occupation : Bandit leader, highwayman
        Prior occupations : Undetermined
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : 3 May 1712
        Place : Cork County
        Victor : Connor MacLeod
        Watcher : Connor MacLeod Chronicle

        Original cultural affiliation : Unrecorded
        Born : Unrecorded
        First death : Unrecorded
        First teacher : Unrecorded
        Known associates : Bobby Ramsey
        Known ennemies : Connor MacLeod
        First recorded sighting : 1712. Cork, Ireland
        Attacking stagecoach in which Kate Devaney and
        Duncan MacLeod travelled

        The highwayman who challenged Connor MacLeod on a deserted road of Dublin in 1712 has been confirmed as an immortal who made the mistake of provoking the wrong kind of immortal, a man who play the Game when those under his protection are in danger. Lachlan had an edge about himself, certainly a dangerous man who tricked stagecoach drivers by using the immortal child he kept as his servant, Bobby Ramsey, and then would shoot everyone in sight with a pair of pistols, before robbing the dead from their valuables.
        Unfortunately, the passengers he intended to rob were an immortal and a pre-immortal woman, Connor and Lady Kate Devaney.
        After Lachlan’s death, Bobby ran away in fear, afraid that Connor would kill him too. A true shame, Connor never killed any immortal children, so who knows were Bobby would be now, had he trusted the Scotsman ?

        From the Chronicle of Connor MacLeod

        Giovanni Battista
        Known aliases : Janus Severus, Paulus Orosius,
        Antonio Andrade, Dante Boccario, Peter Deunov,
        Gianfranco Fassino
        Notable characteristics : Lives on Holy Ground
        Eyes sensitive to sunlight
        Weapon : Crusader sword
        Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

        Most recent base of operations : Vatican, Italy
        Occupation : Bishop
        Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
        Date :
        Place :
        Victor :
        Watcher : Rodolfo Visconti

        Original cultural affiliation : Italian
        Born : 1327, Sienna Italy
        First death : 1357, Drank poisoned wine
        First teacher : Leofric
        Known past associates : Marcantonio Fitipaldi,
        Jost von Meggen, Leofric, Ludovico Da
        Bologna, Alima Nguessan
        First recorded sighting : 1655 Paris; encounter with Darius

        With use of political stratagems, coercion and various degrees of blackmail, Cardinal Giovanni successfully had Joseph Ratzinger elected as Pope in 2005 after doing all he could to keep his previous tool living as long as possible. Giovanni loves the manipulation of Christian masses he can make by being the counsellor of the Pope in power. He has been doing this for the past seven hundred years. His great secret Game. The other Game, the one practiced by the Immortals isn't thrilling to him anymore, he prefers to dabble in politics.
        As far as immortality is concerned, there is only one question to which he wants an answer : where do the Immortals come from ? How many of them are there on Earth precisely ? (From our numbers, 692 all told in 2007)
        Why did Immortals keep fighting and what is the source of their power ? Those questions obsess Giovannand he will use every mean necessary to obtain answers, even if it means sacrificing the lives of mortals or immortals.

        Rodolfo Visconti 2008

        Pierre Mulet

        Known aliases : Pierre Lenoir
        Notable characteristics : None
        Weapon : French marine saber
        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

        Most recent base of operations : Waterloo, Belgium
        Occupation : Second musketeer, Army of Napoleon
        Prir occupations : Marine officer at Battle of
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : 17 June 1815
        Place : Outskirts of Waterloo, Belgium
        Victor : Connor MacLeod
        Watcher : Oscar Tripette

        Original cultural affiliation : French
        Born : 1785, Calais France
        First death : 1805, Sailor killed at Battle of Trafalgar
        First teacher : Jean-François de Margelasse
        Known past associates : Jean-François de
        First recorded sighting : 1815. Waterloo, Belgium
        Challenged Connopr MacLeod to a fight and lost

        The battle of Waterloo that marked the beginning of the end for Emperor Napoleon was a hotbed of immortal activity : no less than eight immortals were found on the scene : the MacLeod cousins in the army of Wellington, Captain William Essex at their command, Darius administering help and last sacraments to the wounded and dying, Beck and Ertl with with army of Von Büchler and finally Jean-Marc Claret on the French side
        A more obscure infantryman on the "wrong" side of the battle this day, young infantryman Pierre Mulet who had suffered his First Death fighting a losing battle in Napoleon's army at Trafalgar ten years earler. He was mentored by immortal Seraphina, at this time disguised as an English lieutnant and as a man. Pierre couldn't believe the wild tales coming out of that strange woman's mouth but was forced to when three immortals came after his head at Austerlitz and during the Peninsular Wars.
        Finally, he decided he had taken enough and that it was time to show teeth. And so, on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, he challenged the first Immortal he could meet, going straight after Connor MacLeod's head.
        A true shame MacLeod wasn't in the mood to spare Mulet's head. But Mulet had already died two years ago.

        Oscar Tripette, 1815

        Pierre Boucher
        Known aliases : Paul Buzard, Philippe de
        Notable characteristics : Suffers from acute
        depression, feels his immortality has become a
        burden; suicidal behavior in the Game
        Weapon : St. Maurice sword
        Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

        Most recent base of operations : Paris
        Occupation : Aristocrat
        Prior occupations : Soldier, Army of
        France; explorer, New France colonist
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : 21 August 1792
        Place : Paris
        Victor : Guillotine, Quickenign lsot
        Watcher: Research, Connor MacLeod Chronicle

        Original cultural affiliation : French
        Born : 1477 Nantes France
        First death : 1515, Battle of Marignan
        First teacher : Fouchier of Nantes
        Known associates : Connor MacLeod
        Known past associates : Olivier Barthelemy
        First recorded sighting : 1515. Marignan, France
        Student of Fouchier of Nantes

        On this sad day of April 25, 1792, another dear friend of Monsieur Connor MacLeod was led to Dame Guillotine, blinded and hands tied behind his back. Monsieur MacLeod was convicted of treason the day before yesterday and sentened to death by decapitation and awaited his sad fate in the Conciergerie when his friend Pierre Bouchet visited him last night. I do not know what was said between those two men but Monsieur Bouchet seems to have taken the place of he Scotsman, for God knows what reason. Maybe a need to sacrifice himself or his yearning to end his immortality led him to this decision. Whlie I am confident Monsieur MacLeod is glad to still have his head on his shoulders, I feel he will be visiting the church of Vincennes tonight, mourning and praying for the sake of his friend's soul. Louise Duval 25 Vendemiaire 1792


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          Manuel Diaz
          Known aliases : Manny Ortega
          Notable characteristics : None
          Weapon : Cutlass, double-lenght of chain to use as
          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

          Most recent base of operations : El Salvador
          Occupation : Mercenary
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 7 April 1988
          Place : El Salvador
          Victor : Quani Colotl
          Watchers : Research, the Chronicle of Quani Colotl

          Original cultural affiliation : Half latino-American,
          Born : 1945 Molokai Hawai USA
          First death : 1968, First tour of duty in Vietnam,
          artillery barrage
          First teacher : Wayne Guthrie
          Known past associates : Wayne Guthrie (in pre-
          First recorded sighting :
          Pre-immortal : 1968. Mentored by Wayne Guthrie
          Immortal : 1988. Found and killed by Quani Colotl

          When Manny was first drafted in Vietnam, he was a terrified young man who got lost in the jungle where thousand young men lost their lives, because the government of their country couldn't figure out that Vietnamese folks were in their element. Manny's platoon sergeant was immortal Wayne Guthrie, a berzerk man who loved war and battles and told Manny that he shouldn't be afraid, that bullets couldn't kill him. I'm positive that he didn't mention the mines that could tore his legs off of his body. Anyway : Guthrie's got unlucky as an artillerie barrage decimated the lot of them, leaving few survivors, a dead immortal (Guthrie's head got blown off) and a re-awakened young immortal who felt utterly disoriented, and decided to leave the hell out of Dodge, without looking back.
          Manny spent the next two decades years running away from immortal predators, tryiing to protect himself with a sword he stole to an antiques shop and selling himself as an enforcer to mob guys, or as a merc in war-torn countries of South-America. And then in 1988, he met Quani Colotl, in San Salvador, who discovered the inexperienced boy Manny was and quickly took his head, mercifully ending Manny’s lifetime of terror.

          From the Chronicle of Quani Colotl
          Research, Central America Immortals

          Stsoch Basalok
          Known aliases : Jasna Gora, Max Bashkin,
          Victor Osbourne, Hugo Stiglitz, Osta Vasilek
          Notable characteristics : Sensitive to immortal
          range. Gift for outthinking opponents'maneuvers
          Weapon : Battle axe
          Recorded kills : Damir Yieroslav, Inek Procjnow, Andre Bolkonsky, the Janissary, Pyotr Nikolievitch, Ditmar Jost, Sava Bochjuk. Inconclusive fight against Llona Zhuganova, 1579; Father Alexi Garnoff, 1582; Millij Chojecka, 1617;
          Turpak Glik, 1785; the Kurgan, 1940

          Most recent base of operations : Newark NJ
          Occupation : Manager, Cafe Vasilek
          Prior occupations : Soldier, sword-for-hire
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 4 February 1985
          Place : Newark NJ
          Victor : The Kurgan
          Watcher : Sonia Ivanova

          Original cultural affiliation : Polish
          Born : 1466, Southeastern Poland
          First death : 1506, Killed with family during Tatar
          First teacher : Victor Markov
          Known associates : Boris Ulov
          Known past associates : Victor Markov, Silas,
          Inek Procjnow, Miloslaw Bem, Czibor Gemerek,
          Ryszard Peczak, Max Polokov
          Known ennemies : the Kurgan, Rolf-Gunther Kolb
          First recorded sighting : 1648; During destruction of
          Jewish community by Cossacks led by Bogdan
          Khmelnitsky, fighting Cossacks with Gideon

          First a farmer who defended his farm and his family from Tatar raiders and got killed for it, Stosch became a wanderer after his farm was torched with him and his family inside. His teacher, Victor Markov, found him naked in the woods, half-starved and half-crazed from the trauma of coming back from the death in his burnt farm. Markov taught him the rules of immortality and gave him a beautiful Cossack sword which had been made by a master metalsmith in Moscow. Basalok spent the next centuries as a traveller, a soldier, educating himself and learning more about the vast world. Sometimes he married and adopted children, other times he would fight immortals and get more powerful.
          But the Game always catch up the best immortals : taking the alias Vasilek, Basalok had settled for a quiet, undisturbed life in Newark, cautiously checking the local immortals for any troublemakers. His cafe was very popular among the mortals and was sometimes visited by other immortals.

          What is it that pushes immortals to rush for fights ? Is it the same call of nature that push lemmings to drown in the sea ? No one knows, countless theories have been built, studies have been made by better Watchers than I am. All I did was discreetly follow "Vasilek" as went out one night and watch as he roamed the Newark streets, waiting for someone.
          That someone came in the huge shape of the Kurgan, who didn't even introduce himself (as if he needed to). The fight was quick, uneven. And another good man died, victim of the Game's wanton cruelty.

          Sonia Ivanova

          Kim Yun-Dol
          Known aliases : Hong Gilgong, Kim Dol-sung,
          Bang Hyun-Seok, Kim Ki-duk, Jonathan Kim
          Notable characteristics : Ambidextrious
          Weapon : Twin falchions
          Recorded kills : Long Chao, Kitbuga, Halim Saad, Kutemeikashite, Anousheh Khayami, Valeria Rozhkova, Kwon Jun-ha, Song Hae-sung, Abdul-Mu’id Daher

          Most recent base of operations : New-York NY
          Occupation : Security guard, Schlumberger
          Prior occupations : War photographer, sailor,
          mercenary, soldier, silk merchant
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 7 February 1985
          Place : New-York NY
          Victor : The Kurgan
          Watcher : Research, Kim Yun-Dol Chronicle

          Original cultural affiliation : Korean
          Born : 1552; Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
          First death : 1592, During invasion of Korea by
          Japanese army
          First teacher : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
          Known past associates : May-Ling Shen, Zhang-
          Shi, Cho Chan, An Jon, Kim Yun Joon, Qiu Jin
          Known ennemies : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
          First recorded sighting : 1595, Okinawa Japan;
          Indentured servant of Matsuhir oKanagawa

          Surrounded from all sides by Oriental countries, Korea was often subjected to invasions like in 1592-98 when Japan attacked Korea with destruction of many buildings and the killing of many Koreans. Among them a pre-immortal merchant named Kim Yun-Dol. Kim's body was found by Hattori Hanzo, ancient immortal and forger of swords who taught Kim of the Game and kept him as indentured servant, in exchange for letting him keep his head on his shoulders. Kim's hate for his master grew every passing day, until he managed to flee from him, poisoning him and robbing him of money, but without daring to take his head.
          The Korean society changed as traders and merchants began to trade with Japan and the West, and Kim knew he could never fit in any of those countries anymore. So he left for China and travelled to Outer Mongolia with several headhunters on his trail. He met Zhang-Shi, master of Kung-Fu and May-Ling Shen who both taught him more of the Game and to defend himself from his pursuers. A merchant by trade and heart, Kim evolved into a powerful fighting machine, so deeply involved in the Game that he lost track of the peaceful family man who saw his wife and children slaughtered by the Japanese.
          After witnessing the invasion of Tibet by China, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagazaki, the Vietnam war, the rape of Nanking and so many other horrors, Kim felt it was time for him to retire after four centuries of fighting. The Korean immortal vanished in the middle of the 1960's and didn't re-appear until this year when he fell prey to the furious onslaught of the Kurgan; the Kurgan's Watcher reported that Kim no longer wanted to play the Game and was tired of fighting, wanting only to rest. The Kurgan granted him his wish, contemptuously taking his head and Quickening.

          Sarah Lao, 1985
          Watcher Research, US Northeast

          Update, 03.03.2015

          It seems Sarah Lao’s write-up for the deceased Kim Yun-Dol was greatly exaggerated. Kim Yun-Dol never was a proficient player of the Game as Sarah seems to believe, unless this was a fantasy from her part.
          Kim Yun-Dol’s life with Matsuhiro Kanagawa disgusted him from immortal life and he only sought training with May-Ling Shen and Zhang Shi to find self-defense techniques to ward off potential immortal opponents.
          His fight against Flameshadow was based on a misunderstanding, the Japanese kabuki mistook him for a serial killer of Japanese schoolgirls. And where on earth did Sarah find the idea that such an honorable warrior like Hattori Hanzo could take Kim as slave ? Matsuhiro Kanagawa was Kim’s tormentor, not Hanzo. Kim did keep twin falchions in his place of work, out of common sense, but I don’t think he used them in the past twenty years since he retired from the Game. Yung was a lot of things, but he never became a champion of the Game.
          Or only in the imagination of Sarah Lao.

          Watcher Research, US Northeast

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            The Kurgan
            Known aliases : Ganderfal, Och Ragenko, Nogano,
            Korrigan, Count Von Krohn, Koschei the Deathless,
            Captain Blackmane, Andrei Kiprov, Anatole
            Kuragin, Gustave Kergen, Victor Krueger
            Notable characteristics : 6'6" homicidal pychopath
            Scarred throat and voice from wound received in
            battle against Tak-Ne of Alexandria, 1641
            Weapon : Custom broadsword
            Recorded kills : *See Addendum*

            Most recent base of operations : US NorthEast
            No fixed adress
            Occupation : Headhunter, independent means
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 12 February 1985
            Place : New-York NY
            Victor : Deoneces of Sparta
            Watcher : James Horton

            Original cultural affiliation : Scyths
            Born : c. 1000 BC, Shores of the Caspian sea
            Scyth Kingdom, present-day Eastern Russia
            First death : c. 965 BC, Fighting Persian army
            First teacher : Kellistra
            Known associates : Memnet-Ra
            Known past associates : Kellistra, Tizcar of Sumer,
            Ankhanaten Rey, Carnelian the cannibal (Caspian)
            Known students : *See Addendum II*
            Known ennemies : Maharbal of Carthage, Juan
            Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, Connor MacLeod,
            Sunda Kastagir, the Ghost Brigade
            First recorded sighting : 539 BC, Babylon. Fought
            and beheaded Gilgamesh and his student Ubiartu

            From the Records of the Tribunal
            3 April 1993
            The following was found in the private diary of renegade Watcher James Horton

            The Kurgan's life story can be summarized in one sentence : no love, no friends, no senses of humour (albeit a perverted one). The Kurgan lived only for the Game : when he crossed paths with an immortal, the immortal was dead. If the immortal was a woman, she was raped before being beheaded. If the immortal was one of the best fighters ever, he stood only two minutes in front of the Kurgan's fury. For the Kurgan was only made of fury, hate, lust for battle, thirst for blood. Other Watchers will say I am overstating the Kurgan's reputation. I am not. That monster was like a tsunami, like a tornado. Nothing could stop it.
            Even if I live one century, I will forever remain amazed by the fact that Connor MacLeod managed to take his head in a single blow. After a terrific fight, I must admit. (There is also the fact that Connor's mortal girlfriend, managed to distract the beast long enough to allow MacLeod to gather some strenght.)
            Yes, the Kurgan scared the living hell out of me.
            Yes, I believe that creature to have been a spawn of Satan, a demon who escaped from the darkest pits of hell. Yes, I hated him for his acts of violence, pillage and rape. Yes, I also hate myself for having been forced to sit down and watch without interfering. Connor MacLeod did the world one great favor when he beheaded the Kurgan. He got the mortal and immortal communities rid of a major plague.
            Yet, how many remain living, terrorizing the world ?
            How many like Kenny, Peter Kanis, Xavier St.Cloud ?
            Isn't it time we took the matter in our own hands ?
            Isn't it time to abandon all pretense of non-interfering and start culling the immortal population of its more vicious elements ?
            I cannot imagine myself raising my daughter in a world ruled by a demented sociopath lile the Kurgan used to be.

            From the Chronicle of the Kurgan :

            What made the Kurgan the 'king' of all tall, dark, temperamental headhunting immortals on earth was his mad sense of humor, his keen understanding of human nature : he could see that man, under its veneer of sophistication and civilisation, was no better than the wild dogs he fought in a pit during his childhood.
            For three thousand years he fought on countless battlefields on the five continents and bore witness to the utter savagery of men who - once removed from civilisation - were turning into murdering and raping beasts. The Kurgan felt that if the winner of the Prize, someday, he would reign over the world and tame the wild beasts forever, building an army of demons that would obey to no one but him.The Kurgan felt he was the only one to see this and that's why he felt lonely, never making friends, only choosing the best swords to clash his might against. As for women... rape was conquest to him, as a conquered land, as taking the Quickening of a vainquished foe. He took what he needed and wanted by force. And still had the gusto of making practical jokes to his ennemies and to his occasional students. The Kurgan has had over a dozen of them in his life, all of whom could see the dark humor hiding behind the barbarian.

            Gimillu the Babylonian was a madman and murderer, but also an architect who wanted to build a city so vast, that it would become the Eighth Wonder in the world. A crazy genius ahead of his time.
            Bolster terrorized the Frankish Kingdom before being put down by Achilles of Troy.
            - Hasdrubal Skaras is a competent leader and a man who feels African immortals should be the ones to inspire fear to white immortals; he knows mortals originate fom the African continent and is incensed at seeing how his homeland has been pilaged by the Europeans. He is also the only one of the Kurgan's disiples to be active and healthy to this day.
            - Ragnar Danneskjold was a barbarian and a Viking who kept the names of ancient Norse Gods living in mortal memories two hundred years after the Vikings had turned to Christianity.
            - Blacksoul Yasu Shin cared less about conquering the world than about discovering new civilisations and acquiring knowledge. Once a cauldron of hate and rage, the Kurgan tamed him into becoming a cultured, efficient war machine.
            - Llona Zuganova was a woman who had been raped and butchered to death when the Kurgan found her and turned a frightened farm girl in to a warrior woman. Llona was quite a firebrand in Central Asia and Russia, until the beginning of the 20th century when she had an epiphany about what she had become : she the peaceful farm girl, had become a killer who terrorized entire countries for centuries. She lost her head in 1918 to an immortal who barely touched hs sword and never played the Game, Artur Drakov the kingmaker.
            - Bertulf, a terror in the Dark Ages, adapted himself to societal changes and discovered the joys of the Renaissance, relived to finally see the end of obscurantism in Europe. He went missing in 1789 when the French Revolution erupted in France.

            ADDENDUM I

            Recorded kills : Gilgamesh, Ubiartu, Shamsi-Adad of Assyria, Verrus Basus, Hypsenor of Chalcis, Octamasadas of Bishapur, Octar the Hun, the Three Nephites, Oraz Yegorov, Kassar Olsvoi, Chendrakent, Martinian of Ephesus, Draga of Regensburg, Grimoald, Yoo Cho-Mi, Gennadi Belanog, Libuse, Ivan Trotski, Illya Muromets, Aliosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich, Cuchulain of Muirthemne, Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, Crommach of Brittany, Flavio Parrocchi, Francesco Niccoli, Oscar Lapaglia, Madelena Padovano, Reuben Xanthou, Keraja Ben Bella, Said al-Arabi, Izzat Qazai, Artamanya of Ascalon, Malthace of Palestine, Jean-François de Margelasse, Theseus, Alistair Wallace, Octavio Consone, Gertrud Strazzer, , Charlie Ring, Maharbal of Carthage, Stosch Basalok, Kim Yun-Dol
            Suspected kills : Constantine of Ephesus

            Inconclusive fight against Haiim of the Twelfth Tribe, 370 BC; Nicodemus, 365 BC; Verus Bassus, 197 BC; Endymion of Argos, 146 BC; Decima Justus, 64 AD; Odolf, 532; Ivan Trotski, 766; Theseus, 855; Gennadi Belonog, 896; Andrew Kaspis, 1074; Guard Guedj, 1220; Jin Ke, 1225; Yoo Cho-Mi, 1231; Abdul Shattar Edhi, 1242; Rodelinda of Lombardy, 1400; Ailell of Kells, 1544; Kronos, 1680; Captain Jacques Montpellier, 1705; Sunda Kastagir, 1725; Connor MacLeod, 1804; Seraphina, 1810; Stosch Basalok, 1940; Dimitri Bukharin, 1963; Osaga, 1970; Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, 479 BC, 1180, 1270.

            ADDENDUM II Students

            Spitama of Hyrcania (521 BC); Gimillu (370 BC), Hasdrubal Skaras (216 BC), Niklos the Aegean ((65 AD), Dragos Torok (4th century), Bolster the Giant (400), Ragnar Danneskjold (765), Bertulf (920), Sigurd Jarlson (1074), Kaspar Borg (1090), Lobon Naro-Boshung (1140), Llona Zhuganova (1470)


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              Ragnwald Veland
              Known aliases : Reggie Weller
              Notable characteristics : 3'2’’
              Collector of rock, pop and funk music
              Weapon : Dutch cutlass
              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : Montgomery AL
              Occupation : Astronomer
              Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
              Date :
              Place :
              Victor :
              Watcher : Sandra Faber

              Original cultural affiliation : Norwegian
              Born : 1695, Oslow, Norway
              First death : 1720, Hung as witch for his theories
              on the movement of stars
              First teacher : Tycho Brahe
              Known past associates : Tycho Brahe
              First recorded sighting : 1720 Constantinople,
              Byzantine Empire. Witnessed his teacher’s death
              by the blade of Ya Nefer Ma’at of Egypt

              A vodka-guzzling astronomer, yet also a scientific genius that looks to the stars for an answer to why he was spared death and pain like those around him. Small in stature, he uses humor and bluster as survival skills. People saw the young man in the high-top sneakers and the ripped jeans and they underestimated him for centuries, yet he thrived on challenges in the Game, in the bed and among the stars.
              Long may he live !

              Sandra Faber

              Billy-Bob Burdette
              Known aliases : ‘Cracker Bob’
              Notable characteristics : Questionable mental
              health & taste in clothing
              Weapon : Nail-studded bat
              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : US SouthEast
              No fixed adress
              Occupation : Drifter
              Prior occupations : Moonshiner
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 14 July 1978
              Place : Dodge County GR
              Victor : Tyler King
              Watchers : Derek Duke

              Original cultural affiliation : American
              Born : 1895 Flat Rock GR USA
              First death : 1931, Moonshiner'shoot-out
              First teacher : Undetermined
              First recorded sighting : 1978, Dodge County.
              Found and killed by Tyler King

              I don't know how that little guy survived the past forty years in the Game with just a nail-studded bat and the most offending garbs ever recorded in Watcher's history. Billy Bob had probably gone cracker even before his pre-immortality and the unfortunate immortal who tried to mentor him probably lost pâtience befroe he could even teach him to fight. Cracker Bob survived as a drifter in Georgia, running from challenges, the way I figure it out, before he got hunted by my man King and lost his bat, his ridiculous hat and his sword.

              Derek Duke, 1978
              From the Chronicle of Tyler King

              Carlos Johnus
              Known aliases : Carlos Collins
              Notable characteristics : Shaven head, covered
              with tattoos
              Weapon : Custom broadsword
              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

              Most recent base of operations : Charleston, South
              Occupation : Majiruana smuggler
              Prior occupations : Mercenary, vigilante
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 17 September 2010
              Place : Charleston
              Victor : John Doe I
              Watchers : Malcom Coyle

              Original cultural affiliation : Afro-American
              Born : 1795, Charleston SC USA
              First death : 1863, Hung by Ku Klux Klan members
              First teacher : Undetermined
              Known past associates : Winston Mobay, Grayson,
              First recorded sighting : 1991 Chicago Ill
              Encounter with Winston

              After being reborn, unaware of his new condition, Carlos took bloody revenge by killing his tormentors one after the other. Later he confronted members of the Ku Klux Klan in various southern states during the decades following his first death. Each time he got killed, he would come back as an angel of veangeance, taking great pleasure in terrorisiing those would would crush the black people of rural America.
              By the end of the 20th century, his ideal of revenge become tiring and there always was the need of getting a little bit of money to live. So Carlos took a more lucrative way of life as a marijuana smuggler in the mid-Eighties. It's at this time that he met fellow immortal Winston, a mercenary and assassin working for Grayson and Callestina who recruited him into the service of Kell. And so, after being a dark angel and a smuggler, Carlos became a merc and an assassin until the deaths of Grayson and Callestina. Carlos is now back on the streets of LA as a petty smuggler and dealer, staying as much out of the Game as possible.

              Malcom Coyle
              Charleston 2010


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                Thanks for these updates, Gardner, old friend! You've no idea what a thrill it is to read these again after so long. Ah! The memories...!
                BTW Any chance you could post the updated Chronicle for Deoneces of Sparta? After all the work we did I can't find the damn thing in my records...! Got everyone but him! No idea where the damn thing went and I never transferred the info when I got a new PC!

                Thanks, mate


                • Gardner
                  Gardner commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Deoneces of Sparta
                  Known aliases: Marcus Dominius, Damasos of
                  Colchis, Marco Montisori, Mando Montevideo,
                  Matthew of York, Drake Matthews, Damian Magos,
                  Markos Damaskinos, Matthew Deacon
                  Notable Characteristics: Facial scar over right eye
                  Current Weapon (s): Hand-and-a-half broadsword
                  Recorded kills : *See Addendum*

                  Most recent base of operations : London, England
                  Occupation: CEO, Ravenwood International
                  Security / Head Tribune, Watcher Tribunal
                  Prior occupations: Cell leader, National Republican
                  Greek League, 1941-1944; Leader, Greek partisan
                  group, 1940-1941; Greek Intelligence Agent, 1910-
                  1914; Founder member, Filiki Eteria, 1821-1830;
                  Greek; mercenary; tribune, Roman auxilia, cohortes
                  equitatae; Spartan warrior
                  Roster of immortals status: Active
                  Date :
                  Victor :
                  Watcher: Derek Thurston

                  Original cultural affiliation: Spartan
                  Born: 518 BC, Sparta, Laconia Greece
                  First Death: 480 BC; Battle of Thermopylae
                  First Teacher: Methopholus (aka Methos)
                  Known Associates: Kyra I, Ravenwood Immortals,
                  Xanthia of Melitus, Fallen Angels
                  Known past associates : Alexon of Thessaly;
                  Methos, Maharbal of Carthage, Aegilaus,
                  Katherine of Samothrace, Clymene of Thespia,
                  Medios of Thebes, Appius Lepidus Baro, Browen
                  Hughes, Epistor of Macedon, Cleophon of Athens,
                  Rajeshwari, Lord George Byron, Timocleia of
                  First recorded sighting: 480 BC, Corinth. Student of


                  Recorded kills : Djeserka, Shopak of Saba’a, Atropates of Dascylium, Tenagon of Aleppo, Trebatius Juba, Gavius Dexion, Shisupala, Kane, Senghi Khan, Khabul Khan, Edouard Niquet, Koert Bloodgood, Atek Kazaz, Abd al-Haqq, Ejder Orga, Hank Denke, Chiaro Colleano, Catajano Grande, Jerome Haller, Patrick Kraus, Taher ibn Hamed al Jaber, Malik Tanju, Bassan ibn Emad, the Kurgan, Issa Job, Kalif Farah, Kronos, Huneric the Vandal, Ari al-Muzaiyin, ESA Abdul al-Nigeri, ESA Zahir 'Imran Abadi
                  Dark Deoneces : Durand of Burgundy, Calvinus Viator, Decebal of Dacia, Averki of Bospora, Baldewyn of Septimania

                  Inconclusive fight against Clerophon of Athens, 478 bc. Pharzeanabus of Sardis, 331 BC; Lucius Oranius Capito, 223; Hugo Hauser, 1537; Hazeem al-Bachrim, 1689; Jamal Laboudini, 1827; Huneric the Vandal, 1972

                  Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta handled the Western Asian ISIL operatives themelves, thanks to the information gathered by Nuha Kalash who was lucky to have returned to London with her head on her shoulders. It was a miracle she survived, but Deoneces and Kyra train their troops well and can turn anyone willing into a perfect Spartan warrior. Against the combined might of the duo, Zahir Abadi and Yazir Kanaaan didn’t stand a chance.

                  Watcher Bureau, England

                  Omar Matoub spent two years running from Kyra and Deoneces of Sparta after the Eternal Swords of Allah were destroyed by the two Spartan warriors. In 1992 he was found in Rome, a place were he hid, preparing the Jihad against Occidental immmortals but was found again, and nearly killed by Kyra. He escaped with his life, his small group of mortal followers dismantled by Kyra and Deoneces.
                  In 2011, the Immortal War broke out. Omar spent the two years of the war proving weapons and informations to the Muslim immortals who targeted innocent immortals everywheren and especially in London. The Secret Daggers couldn't find him, he is with no doubt in a place of hiding in the Sultanate of Daesh plotting the demise of more immortals.
                  Since November 2015's killings in Paris; Omar Matoub has been leading three Jihadist immortals like himself, including a former disciple of Mossane Nkobé, indiscrimnately killing Westerner immortals and murdering civilians with bombs.
                  Ravenwood is on the lookout for him, the two Spartans are coming the cities of Europe searching for him, with help from Kashta of Nubia and Sit-Hathor Iunet, overseeing immortals activities from Brussels, Belgium.

                  Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

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                So Carlos survives the ending of Kell in this story! Nice!


                • Gardner
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                  I negated the Highlander IV movie, I found it dumb : the Sanctuary doesn't work for me, I do not like Duncan killing his kinsman, three pre-immortals born In Glenfinnan is too much. I didn't like the posse massacre at the end either. That movie simply didn't work for me.

                • dubiousbystander
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                  I did notice also that you completely changed Kate's story.

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                Thanks for the Deoneces stats, mate, I thought I was going mad losing that one! Lol I agree with you about that movie; hated the whole Sanctuary idea, and having Jacob Kell being another Glenfinnan native (seriously?) was a lousy idea. Immortals are rare enough as it; two is a stretch, three is simply not realistic. And Kell taking over 400 heads? Having Duncan take over 200 was also a bit far-fetched. I think our headcounts are a tad more realistic.


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                  I changed several minor things sice 2012. Includign the fact that the CIA immortals (aide Morehead and Felder, the most dangerous of the lost) where spared their heads by the SIS. However, they have reunited in Washington DC after the lection of Donald Trump as "the Redeemers" trying to curb the damages done by the CIA durign the last centuries and by Trump sicne his election.


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                    That's interesting to hear, my friend. Could you post the updated CIA stats so I can make the adjustments to my own records?



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                      Bystander : once I negated Highlander 4 story I didn't quite know what to do with Kate. Untill my inspiration muse touched me with her magic finger.
                      Apollo :
                      The Redeemers
                      Estrela Acosto
                      Gabriel Calvino
                      Alice Chase
                      Joe Fujita
                      Moses Johnson
                      Most recent base of operations : Washington DC
                      Occupation: Charter member, the Redeemers
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Active


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                        Thanks for that Gardner.

                        BTW I've been working on an update to Appius Lepidus Baro, the first student of Deoneces, to make him a more rounded and interesting figure instead of two dimensional. Hope you like the changes.

                        A.k.a Aubrey le Breton
                        Aliases: Titus Avidius Lupus, Bruyant of Lorraine, Auguste Laurent, Ariando Lozano, Andrew Lake, Alex Logan
                        Notable characteristics: once arrogant and egotistical, personal tragedy has softened his persona; now soft spoken and fiercely protective of his friends and those he feels loyalty to, a highly-skilled swordsman
                        Weapon: Roman gladius discarded; custom broadsword, forged himself in 1364
                        Recorded kills:
                        Inconclusive fight v Flavius Sulla, 94, Lucius Oranius Capito, 217, 1643, 1842, 1903, Cassius Polonius, 1589

                        Most recent base of operations: South America; no fixed location
                        Occupation: Global trouble-shooter for Ravenwood
                        Prior occupations: Roman centurion, Praetorian Guard, bodyguard to the nobility, sword-for-hire, blacksmith, adventurer, independent means
                        Roster of Immortals Status: Active
                        Watcher: Hector Heguera

                        Original cultural affiliation: Roman
                        Born: 243 BC, Metapontum, Roman Republic
                        First death: 216 BC, Centurion in the army of Consul Gaius Terentius Varro, Battle of Cannae
                        First teacher: Deoneces of Sparta
                        Known associates: Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta, Henry of Kent, Frances “Frankie” Drummond
                        Past associates: Marcus Constantine, Peter Gaicus, Ceirdwyn, Seraphina, Katherine of Samothrace, Decima Justus
                        First recorded sighting: 212 BC, Southern Gaul; student of Deoneces

                        Appius (or Aubrey as he preferred to be called, Alex these days) is the perfect example of how time and circumstances change Immortals over the centuries, especially those of us in the ancient bracket. Adopted into one of the old patrician families in Metapontum, Aubrey spent his youth desperately trying to earn the love and approval of his wealthy father and the respect of his peers among the old families of Rome. He picked up the typical patrician traits of arrogance and self-importance, looking down on the plebeian classes with disdain, strutting around the classier environs of the city with his gaggle of like-minded sycophants mixing with all those other sons and daughters of nobility, spoiled and entitled (oh, how times change!). His presence at Cannae was another attempt to impress his father, since all sons of senators could find glory and wealth in the legions of the mighty Republic. His death stole away his “destiny” but not, as Deoneces found, any of his less redeeming traits. After all, his teacher was Greek, not Roman! But if there’s anything I’ve learned about the Spartan over the centuries; do not get on his bad side. Needless to say, Aubrey’s training was brutal. He was forged in blood and iron, by one of the greatest warriors of the Immortal world. And yet his arrogance and disdain for the lower classes never left him. It would explain his early rivalry with Capito, whose own family was looked down upon by the wealthier clans of Rome.
                        Aubrey’s early encounters with others of his kind were marked by his own unpleasant demeanour, four heads taken needlessly through imagined slights, misunderstandings, or his own disdain for anyone he considered lowborn. But fate was to take a strange turn during the time of the Black Death in England. A chance encounter with a peasant girl while on a mission for a wealthy lord he was in service to, was to prove to be his epiphany. He told me it was love at first sight, “the most beautiful redhead he had ever seen” who was feisty to boot. He said she tamed the Roman within him. He was supposed to torch the village for refusing to pay their taxes, but Aubrey instead carried the girl off to safety, betraying his lord. They went on the run when an Immortal the lord had used before to murder political rivals and enemies was sent to hunt them down. But Aubrey and his lover, Esme, fled to France. By the time the hunter located his quarry, Aubrey had settled as a blacksmith in an Alpine village. In the end, the fight was savage and a close-run thing, but Aubrey triumphed and found peace at last. He married Esme, who knew his secret, and they were together for 30 years. When she died of old age, Aubrey was devastated, but she made him promise to live his life to the full and to protect others from what he used to be.
                        He kept the promise. He forged a new sword, carving his wife’s face into the pommel, and travelled the world learning new skills, experiencing new cultures, and helping others where he could. He has proved to be every bit as formidable as his teacher; his rivalry with Capito became less about their Roman heritage and more about Aubrey trying to rid the world of a dangerous headhunter. I don’t think he cared that he wasn’t the one to take out Capito in the end, Aubrey isn’t the man he used to be.
                        None of us are.

                        Adam Pierson, August 2017

                        If I give you 12 names for his kills, do you think you could do your usual great write-ups for them?



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                          Yes I like him very much! I chose a different actor for him : Ioan Gruffud, married in real life to Alice Evans, aka Kyra !
                          As for those twelve Immortals, sure ! I'll need details on their death dates, especially the villain pursuing him and Esme.

                          Here are three more from updates chronicles :

                          Dabar of Mauretania
                          Known aliases : Dabarius
                          Notable characteristics : None
                          Weapon : Roman long sword
                          Recorded kills : None known

                          Most recent base of operations : Mauretania
                          Caesarensis, Roman Empire
                          Occupation : Serving Equestrian Emperor
                          Prior occupations : Warrior
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 217, Performing assassination of Emperor
                          Place : Carrhae, present Harran, Turkey
                          Victor : Appius Lepidus Baro
                          Watcher : Research, Northern Africa

                          Original cultural affiliation : Berber
                          Born : 280 BC; Berber Kingdom of Mauretania
                          First death : 255 BC; Warring against neighboring
                          Berber tribe
                          First teacher : Sudala
                          Known past associates : Sudala
                          Known ennemies : Marcus Constantine
                          First recorded sighting : 250 BC. Mauretania
                          Found and mentored by Sudala

                          The chronicle of Sudala speaks of a disciple of hers, one Dabar of Mauretania who lived for 472 years and disappeared at the time of Emperor Caracalla’s reign, in 217. Sudala led a Berber tyribe in 217 BC and she became the mentor of Dabar; Dabar never became the fierce warrior Kashta of Nubia became, rather a bodyguard and soldier living in shadows, choosing the anonimity provided by the mortal world, instead of fighting in the Game alonng with other immortals. For political reasons, Dabar chose to turn against the emperor he served and allowed him to be murdered by an assassin later executed by a Scythian archer; the archer was on Dabar’s payroll, needing him to conceal his part in the emperor’s murder.

                          Warcher Research, Northern Africa

                          Update 23.05.2012

                          The past chronicles of Tak Ne of Alexandria allowed us to disclose the final fate of Dabar of Mauretania, killed in duel by Appius Lepidus Baro for the murder of the Emperor the ancient Roman served as captain of his praetorian guard. Baro felt he had failed Emperor Caralla utterly and sought to avenge him in a berand of justice.

                          Known aliases : Iampsas, Masinissa
                          Notable characteristics : Undetermined
                          Weapon : Numidian cavalry saber
                          Recorded kills : None known

                          Most recent base of operations : Diocese of Africa
                          former Numidia, Later Roman Empire
                          Occupation : Leading guerilla warfare against
                          Roman occupation of his homeland
                          Prior occupations : Commander, Numidian
                          Cavalry Second Punic War
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 493, Invasion of the Diocese by Vandals
                          Place : Cirta (modern Constantine)
                          Victor : Appius Lepidus Baro
                          Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                          Original cultural affiliation : Numidian
                          Born : Numidia, undetermined date
                          First death : Unrecorded
                          First teacher : Unrecorded
                          Known past associates : Kahina, Berber Princess
                          First recorded sighting : 217 BC. Numidian
                          Cavalryman under Hannibal Barca’s command,
                          Close associate of Cleophon of Athens and his
                          student, Maharbal of Carthage

                          Cleophon of Athens came to appreciate the support of Mastanabal's cavalry during Hannibal Barca's campaign and respected him as one of the bravest and most loyal soldiers he had met so far in the Game. Ancient authors compare the Numidian cavalry to a pack of dogs, because of the way that they savaged the flanks and rear of enemy formations. It required strict discipline for opposing infantry not to break ranks when they came under attack from Numidian cavalry, but in time the Romans learned from their mistakes and became more adept at combating them.
                          After the Roman empire parted Numidia in two different lands, turning it into the Africa Nova, and later on, the Diocese of Africa. Finally, after fighting the Romans endlessly, the Numidian faced the invasion of the Vandals and disapeared from Watcher records at that time.

                          Robert Langdon
                          Watcher Research, Ancient Immortals


                          We can confirm the death of Mastanabal by the sword of Appius Lepidus Baro, former praetorian guard and Roman centurion operating in the Diocese of Africa. Baro was forced into a confrontation but saluted the courage and bravura of his opponent who fell before his sword like a true warrior.

                          Lucius Cornelius Sulla
                          Known aliases : Sylla, Flavius Sulla,
                          Agathos of Athens, Honorus Galla, Marcus Furius
                          Camillus, Flavio Salieri, Marshal Ugo Cavallero
                          Notable characteristics : Air of aristocracy
                          Weapon : Late Norman sword
                          Inconclusive fight against Sicarius, 390 BC;
                          Appius Lepidus Baro, 94 AD

                          Most recent base of operations : El Alamein, Egypt
                          Occupation : General, Italian Army
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 23 October 1942
                          Place : El Alamein
                          Victor : Appius Lepidus Baro
                          Watcher : Luigi Sukarno

                          Original cultural affiliation : Etruscan
                          Born : 547 BC, Etruria
                          First death : 509 BC; Driving King Tarquin out of
                          Rome, executed for treason
                          First teacher : Targitaus
                          Known associates : Francisco Di Vittorio
                          Known past associates : Marcus Constantine,
                          Leofric, Lucius Oranius Capito, Dexius Calvinus,
                          Oranius Dio, Kahina
                          Known ennemies : Appius Lepidus Baro, Manlius
                          First recorded sighting : 94 AD. Romontagus Gaul
                          In battle against Appius Lepidus Baro

                          In 509 BCE, a group of Roman nobles, who were fed up with their Etruscan king, Tarquin, drove him from Rome and into early retirement. Leading patrician families among the Romans took power and ruled as members of the Senate. Without a king, Rome had become a republic. What the Senate created would develop into a model in some regards for those founding the United States of America.
                          Flavius Sulla was among those nobles who cast Tarquin out and perished for it, he would be reborn later under the name of Flavius Sulla, mentored by Scythan immortal Targitaus; Flavius became a well-known Senator who passed reforms though the Roman senate and created a military assembly (Comitia Centuriata), consisting of both plebeians and patricians. Lucius reinvented himself as Sylla in 390 AD, mentoring Roman general Marcus Constantine who had perished during the sack of Rome by the Gauls.
                          In 138 BC, Sylla was a famous Roman general standing poised to take the unprecedented step of marching on Rome with his legions, to purge the Senate of his political enemies and to ensure the downfall of a rival general, once more famous, now vying for command of the Roman armies. Of an old but decayed patrician family, he was famous for his conquest of foreign kings and his unrivaled luck in battle. Sylla was ruthless, brilliant, alternately merciful and pitiless to his enemies and met his final end agaisnt the blade of his sworn ennemy, Appius Lepidus Baro.

                          Luigi Sukarno, October 1942

                          Cheers !
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                            Originally posted by Apollo1 View Post
                            Jacob Kell being another Glenfinnan native (seriously?) was a lousy idea. Immortals are rare enough as it; two is a stretch, three is simply not realistic.
                            So... this is not the same storyline as where powerful Immortal women become fertile and settle down on Holy Ground with a favored fighter for a while, having children?


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                              Originally posted by dubiousbystander View Post

                              So... this is not the same storyline as where powerful Immortal women become fertile and settle down on Holy Ground with a favored fighter for a while, having children?
                              Yes it is.


                              • dubiousbystander
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                                Nice! It is! Though why would it be unlikely for three Immortals to have ended up in the same area?

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                              Two McLeods and a priest's son born in a same Scottish village lost between Highlands mountains. I don't believe it. That's too many.


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                                Okay, Gardner, my friend, I actually have 14 names for you:

                                Rufus Marsus - Roman male - killed 185 BC
                                Harkhuf Atiqa - Egyptian-Nubian male - killed 24 BC
                                Hyllos of Argos - Greek male - killed 398
                                Lifgarda of Hanover - Germanic female - killed 1252
                                Zlatka Golakova "The Volga Viper" - Bulgar female - killed 1360 (the Immortal who hunted Aubrey & Esme)
                                Maginulf of Pavia - Lombard male - killed 1454
                                Georgi Borzakov - Russian male - killed 1688
                                Sabite Bayar - Turkish female - killed 1753
                                Yang Jing-xiang - Chinese male - killed 1781
                                Qasar Tserendjav - Mongol male - killed 1831
                                Mei Mian - Cambodian female - killed 1894
                                Harjot Shahraj - Indian Sikh male - killed 1928
                                Rykaard Graaf - Dutch male - killed 1967
                                Aureo Figo - Colombian male - killed 1989

                                Good luck, my friend! Look forward to reading what you create



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                                  Excellent!! I see you haven't changed at all. Good names, intriguing names with fascinating stories to tell.
                                  Cheers !

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                                I'm so happy to see this thread back up and running! Any chance of novel immortals Gardner?


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                                  Which novel do you want ? ;-)
                                  I am very happy to this this thread back online too !!


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                                    All of them would be ideal hahaha.

                                    Did the "Court of Beauties" from the Element of Fire ever get individual chronicles?


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                                      The court of beauties are from Measure of a Man. Yes, they have separate chronicles.

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                                    I totally thought I wrote Measure of a man. Hahaha


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                                      Apollo, can you please post the names and stats of the Harem women I once created for the Immortals War ? I would need them.
                                      And please, another few names for Appius, between Hyllos of Argos and Lifgarda...

                                      Adjustement ot Mastanabal write-up :

                                      Cleophon of Athens came to appreciate the support of Mastanabal's cavalry during Hannibal Barca's campaign and respected him as one of the bravest and most loyal soldiers he had met so far in the Game. Ancient authors compare the Numidian cavalry to a pack of dogs, because of the way that they savaged the flanks and rear of enemy formations. It required strict discipline for opposing infantry not to break ranks when they came under attack from Numidian cavalry, but in time the Romans learned from their mistakes and became more adept at combating them. After the Roman empire parted Numidia in two different lands, turning it into the Africa Nova, and later on, the Diocese of Africa. Finally, after fighting the Romans endlessly, the Numidian faced the invasion of the Vandals and disapeared from Watcher records at that time.

                                      We can confirm the death of Mastanabal by the sword of Appius Lepidus Baro, former praetorian guard and Roman centurion operating in the Diocese of Africa. Baro cordially despised any Immortal ennemy of Rome and didn’t even give Mastanabal a fair fight. It was a summary execution.

                                      Robert Langdon

                                      Watcher Research, Ancient Immortals

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                                        Originally posted by Gardner View Post
                                        Apollo, can you please post the names and stats of the Harem women I once created for the Immortals War ? I would need them.
                                        And please, another few names for Appius, between Hyllos of Argos and Lifgarda...

                                        Adjustement ot Mastanabal write-up :

                                        Cleophon of Athens came to appreciate the support of Mastanabal's cavalry during Hannibal Barca's campaign and respected him as one of the bravest and most loyal soldiers he had met so far in the Game. Ancient authors compare the Numidian cavalry to a pack of dogs, because of the way that they savaged the flanks and rear of enemy formations. It required strict discipline for opposing infantry not to break ranks when they came under attack from Numidian cavalry, but in time the Romans learned from their mistakes and became more adept at combating them. After the Roman empire parted Numidia in two different lands, turning it into the Africa Nova, and later on, the Diocese of Africa. Finally, after fighting the Romans endlessly, the Numidian faced the invasion of the Vandals and disapeared from Watcher records at that time.

                                        We can confirm the death of Mastanabal by the sword of Appius Lepidus Baro, former praetorian guard and Roman centurion operating in the Diocese of Africa. Baro cordially despised any Immortal ennemy of Rome and didn’t even give Mastanabal a fair fight. It was a summary execution.

                                        Robert Langdon

                                        Watcher Research, Ancient Immortals

                                        No problem, i'll post ASAP



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                                          Thanks! I finished all the stats, felt like 2012 all over again... great fun.

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                                        Great stuff!

                                        I have three names for you:

                                        Maeonius of Assyria - Assyrian male
                                        Yishuya of Palestine - Hebrew female
                                        Kadashman - Babylonian male




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                                          Thank you, Apollo. I already have Yishuya of Palestine on my lists ;-)