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  • The best villains in any medium, TV, film, literature, are always the ones who see themselves as the heroes of their own story. In my view the best villains are the ones often doing terrible things for what they see as the right reasons. It makes them more interesting as antagonists. Conflicted heroes who become villains through grief, villains who believe their way is the only way to save the world, anti-heroes manipulated into doing bad things by a greater intellect using them for their own ends....all these i much prefer to moustache-twirling villains who do what they do because they're "evil" (a great example of this is the old and new Battlestar Galactica; in the old series Baltar betrayed the human race because, well, he was evil basically; in the new series, Baltar was a bit of an egotist who was seduced by a Cylon agent and unwittingly became responsible for humanity's downfall. He spent the rest of the series flipping from one side to the other purely for selfish reasons; his own self-preservation, and in the end redeemed himself by saving what was left of humanity. As you can tell, a bit of a favourite of mine! Lol)
    So i can see where you're going with the Sacred Order and why they would believe eliminating the more dangerous Immortals is the right thing to do...

    However, what the Sacred Order don't know (actually they haven't discovered yet, because it's in those scrolls that Utnapishtim saved from the Flood), is the real reason Enki wanted Utnapishtim to survive: to warn the next generation of Immortals not to make the same mistakes they made. The Great Immortal Kingdoms fell because of Immortal hubris; they believed they knew best, that they were better than mortals. They believed it was their divine right to guide humanity by ruling them, but Enki came to discover that Immortals were meant only to be teachers and guides, to build a better world by benevolently aiding mankind from the shadows, not by manipulating them , but by helping them through their vast experiences of life and history.

    The pre-Flood Immortals instead built Kingdoms and became rulers and warmongers. They turned on each other and, in the end, an asteroid (was it divine intervention? I'll let you decide!) brought the pre-Flood civilisations to an end. Enki believed the Immortals were responsible for their own destruction because of their arrogance.

    The Sacred Order, it would seem, are not heeding the lessons of Enki. Arrogance and hubris destroyed the First Immortals. Is history about to repeat itself?

    Amanda and Nick Wolfe dead? Shock, horror! Lol
    Admittedly, I'm not too displeased about Wolfe biting the big one. But Amanda? Still, even in the TV series (both Highlander and Raven) she was average with a blade, definitely not on the same level as Duncan MacLeod. But she still outlasted him (and could Duncan's death have held some sway over her willpower in the fight with Swenja?).
    Mixed feelings here, lol, since i have a soft spot for those bad girls Swenja and Lootje.
    With Amanda dead, i believe only Joe Dawson, Richie Ryan and Methos are left from the main cast now.



    • I wonder where the shenigans of the Sacred Order will take us. Their decision to trigger the Gathering turns out to be worse than Ra's manipulations after all. Who shall sanction them , Ravenwood ? Can Deoneces face the Apostate ? Xanthia ? Kyra ? We shall see. The Order manipulated Messalina and Kallisto into killing Katherine and Seraphina so Deoneces would be broken. He still has Kyra however.

      Amanda, well... I liked her but her time was up. Nick should have been gone long ago.

      Merlino Bolognesi

      Most recent base of operations : Vatican City,
      Rome Italy
      Occupation : Architect
      Prior occupations : Architecture apprentice
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 21 September 2012
      Place : Rome
      Victor : Irene of Antioch, in retaliation for perceived
      attempted rape of Parthenia of Udinya, Sacred
      Order Pathfinder
      Watcher : Fra Giuseppe, Vatican Chronicle

      Nine months after finishing renovating the dining room and most of the dormitory, Merlino Bolognesi gave his goodbyes to his friends of St. Christopher, feeling the time had come for him to re-join the human race outside, to resume his activities as an architect in the cities of Europe. He isn't the only one to feel wanderlust again : the Rochia sisters have spoken of their project to settle in the Stura valley where they were born.
      Merlino is heading to Vatican City where he feels he is needed in renovations projects.

      Brother Antoine, St. Christopher Chronicle
      11 September 2011

      Right in the middle of the Immortals War when tensions between Immortals are at an all-time high, Merlino Bolognesi chose the wrong time to hit on the mysterious Immortal woman Udiyana, an intense woman followed and protected by a very serious player of the Game so far identified as Anya Jarvis. Both women live in Rome, do research work in the Vatican, travel everywhere and are never seen one without the other. Merlino always had his way with the ladies and when it came to Immortal ones he couldn't help stick himself in dangerous situations, not unlike Spaniard Roman Alvarez. With the exception Alvarez knew to choose carefully his women.
      Merlino stayed too long in that monastery of Zurich because Udinya is a woman no one dares approach without being challenged by her chaperone. The Jarvis woman felt Merlino attempted to hurt her protégé and she was quick to draw her sword and take Merlino out of the Game.

      Fra Giuseppe, Vatican Chronicle
      September 2012

      Olimpia Lima

      Most recent base of operations : Amazon River, Brazil
      Occupation : Environmental terrorism
      Prior occupations : Touring guide, Amazon basin;
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 17 Janaury 2015
      Place : Maranhao
      Victor : Andromeda Valdez

      Minor adjustement

      Carter Wellan
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 8 February 2019
      Place : Calgary
      Victor : Lootje De Groot

      Hazeem Al Bachrim
      Date :10 February 2019
      Place : Calgary
      Victor : Swenja Baatz

      It happened earlier this year... Once upon a time in South Africa.

      Alice Lenshina
      Most recent base of operations : Pretoria,
      Republic of South Africa
      Occupation : Guru/sect leader, child trafficker
      Prior occupations : Rebel fighter, leading the 1963
      Lumpa Uprising against the British Crown
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date :2 February 2019
      Place : Pretoria
      Victor : Sheila Meintjes

      Finally Alice Lenshina challenged an Immortal determined to survive the Gathering who strengtt of will outstripped There Can Be Only One.
      Alice thought the Johannesburg city cop would be easy picking, she was wrong. Sheila has had her fair share of kills agaisnt powerfuil opponents and Bebe Kenyatta taught her well. The cat fight between the two women was a superb sight, when two girls with swords give everything they have in a fight it is more fun than going to the movies.

      Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa

      Callestina Oyini

      Most recent base of operations : Pretoria,
      Republic of South Africa
      Occupation : Businesswoman
      Prior occupations : Village leader, slave trader
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 5 February 2019
      Place : Eastern Cape
      Victor : Aisha Al Fadhil

      Callestina chose to challenge Aisha al Fadhil, a well-known soldier woman because she wanted to have a challenge worth her time and also to honor the skills of the woman who had survived the last three decades in the Game unscathed. It would be a lot to assume Aisha is "unscathed" because she carries the psychological wounds of having been on countless battlefields in the last thirty years on the five continents. The war in Afghanistan was one war too many, in 2016 she chose to retire from the US Army and to join the anti-poaching unit of the Eastern Cape alongside the ancient Olapede Chukwu, also a retired warrior and shell-shocked veteran.
      Callestina fancies herself a warrior woman and player of the Game with fighting skills inherited from Grayson's wife whose name she took for herself. While not as classy as the original Callestina she still knows how to choose her quarries, the lioness trailing for antelopes.
      Unfortunately for Callestina, the antelope has big, strong horns : she was trained by an Afghan warrior named Yalvatch and isn't afraid to use her big gun in the Game to ward off potential opponents. Callestina should have known that younger Immortals, those born i nthe second part of the 20th century are the least likely to stick to the old rules. One shot to the head was all it took for Aisha to dispatch the Gabon-born huntress and to send her to the afterlife.

      Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa

      Pamela Cetu
      Most recent base of operations : Johannesburg
      Republic of South Africa
      Occupation : Photographer, militant for the rights
      of the lesbian and bi-sexual women in South
      Africa; vigilante going after men responsible of
      sexual violence against lesbian women
      Prior occupations : Undetermined
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 7 February 2019
      Place : Johannesburg
      Victor : Luke Monroe

      Sheila Meintjes
      Most recent base of operations : Johannesburg
      Republic of South Africa
      Occupation : Police officer, in relationship with
      Pamela Cetu
      Prior occupations : Anti-Apartheid activist, student;
      University of Johannesburg
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 9 February 2019
      Place : Johannesburg
      Victor : Luke Monroe

      In the span of two days, two more women were murdered in Johannesburg, one of the top ten most violent cities in the world with the one of the highest murder rates of women. This time two Immortal, living together, shot at point blank before they could defend themselves and callously decapitated by a young upstart named Luke Monroe, M.IA since the 1880's, suspected of the murders of his two sisters Anabelle and Angelica while under the influence of a Dark Quickening. By the look of it, Monroe - once one of the most amiable Immortals ever - never recovered from the Quickening that changed him, he came after the two women like a fury, shot them down with a sniper rifle and took their Quickenings without even giving them an opportunity to go down fighting.

      Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa

      Luke Monroe

      Most recent base of operations : Pretoria,
      Republic of South Africa
      Occupation : Drifter, headhunter
      Prior occupations : Wealthy merchant
      Prior occupations : Farmer, fur trader
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 13 February 2019
      Place : Greater Krueger National Park
      Victor : Charles Herne

      Charles Herne has no time to waste with yoingish players of the Game, Gathering or no Gathering and when it comes to protect his life from cheating killers armed with sniper rifles, Herne uses the same tactics he used in warfare so long ago, nipping the sniper i nthe bud before he can shoot him for good. The boyish Immortal was hunted down and coldly dispatched, Immortal-style, the Darkl Quickenign seemingly bearing no effects on Herne. Either this is an ancient Immortal with a very strong personality and adaptable psyche or Herne is already a malevolent Immortal bidding his time, waitign for the final days of the Gathering. We shall see.

      Watcher Bureau, Southern Africa


      Chiualuka Ifeanaso
      Most recent base of operations : Belo Horizonte
      Minas Gerais, Brazil
      Occupation : Businessman, restaurant
      franchiseproprietor, International African meals
      Prior occupations : Metalsmith, swordsmith
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 23 July 2019
      Place :Belo Horizonte
      Victor : Susana Viscahio, experimenting on
      Immortal organs transpants
      Watcher : Isabel Lourreiro

      Susana is really a sick, twisted and obsessed scientist !

      Stephane Witkowski
      Most recent base of operations : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Occupation : House contractor
      Prior occupations : Architect, house builder,
      roads/railways renovations; resistant; soldier,
      French Army of Liberation
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 26 July 2019
      Place : Rio
      Victor : Bruna and Camilla Montero
      Watcher : Oscar Gomez

      Poor guy, victim of his antiquated views of women.

      Thalia of Austrasia

      Most recent base of operations : Brazilia, Brazil
      Occupation : Cabaret singer, Coconus Lounge
      Prior occupations : Gunslinger, pirate woman
      scourging the seven seas; sleeping princess
      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
      Date :
      Place :
      Victor :
      Watcher : Athena Agut

      Appius Lepidus Baro


      Most recent base of operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Occupation : Troubleshooter-for-hire, Ravenwood
      Prior occupations:, MI6 officer, bounty hunter,
      sailor, soldier, Praetorian Guard, Roman centurion
      Roster of Immortals Status: Deceaseds
      Date : 28 July 2019
      Place : Rio de Janeiro
      Victor : Lazarus

      The Roman making himself an ennemy of a Pelstinian Jew. A similar story happened with Marcus Constantne and Avram Ben Mordecai, a troubling parallel. Both Immortals met durign the Roman occupation of Palestine, circa 135-390 and Appius was a brutal general in those days, repressing any Jewish revolt agaisnt Rome. The revolt of Queen Zenobia and her capture by Rome is the incident that fueled the hatred of Lazarus toward Baro, since the Roman had a hand in her defeat and humilation. Lazarus hoped to become Zenobia's mentor in Immortality; Constantine became her master and teacher. As centuries rolled by, Lazarus and Appius got in more conflicts and here they were, in Rio, for the final time.

      Susana Viscahio

      Most recent base of operations : Minas Gerais,Brazil
      Occupation : Medical doctor, running a black
      market operation, stealing organs from street children

      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 29 July 2019
      Place : Minas Gerais
      Victor : Clemont Haynes

      Clemont Haynes has been hunting in Minas Gerais, taking action against huntress Viscahio as agent of Ravenwood, policing tHe locals. The woman had killed way too many Immortals for her medical experiments, enough was enough.

      Chevalier d'Eon

      Most recent base of operations : Hollywood,
      Los Angeles County CA
      Occupation : Independent movie producer,
      CEO Aeternus Productions
      Prior occupations : Diplomat, Freemason; soldier;
      spy, as part of Secret du Roi, a network of spies in
      service to King Louis XV

      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 30 July 2008
      Place : Hollywood
      Victor : Chang
      Watcher : Research, Western Europe

      You may hide but you can't hide from Chang the master-hunter !

      CALIFORNIA GATHERING (continued)

      Amy Ross
      Most recent base of operations: Burbank,
      Los Angeles County CA
      Occupation: High school history teacher
      Prior occupations : School teacher
      Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
      Date : 30 July 2019
      Place : Burbank
      Victor : Chang
      Watcher: Lisa Montez

      Chang didn't truly expect to win a fight agaisnt a disciple of Henry of Kent but the prize was worth the challenge.
      A good fight but Amy was too concerned with the safety of her students since the fight took place near her school and that gave an advantage to the Chinese Immortal. Not that Chang would live long enough to savor his Quickening.

      Most recent base of operations : Los Angeles CA
      Occupation : Hitman
      Prior occupations : Member, Ten Tigers of Canton
      Assassin, Headhunting Immortals Serpent Squad
      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
      Date : 30 July 2019
      Place :Pasadena
      Victor : Henry of Kent

      Chang ought to have caught that plane immediately because Henry of Kent was o nthe look out for the Immortal who killed his disciple. For once the master hunter became the hunted and though he mentally prepared himself for what was to come, all his discipline and martial arts training meant naught before the calm anger of the once Great White Dragon of ancient China. Chang who hadn't had any feeling for anything or anybody for decades felt finally something for the last time in his life : fear.
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      • Poor Amy Ross! I really had a sofft spot for the school teacher. A formidable swordswoman for a relatively young Immortal, but in the end probably not quite focused enough to match Chang. Maybe if she'd been a couple of centuries older and with a few more heads under her belt, she might have taken Chang.

        Still, at least Henry of Kent didn't let Chang gloat for long. Once he had the Chinese Immortal's scent there was really only going to be one winner.



        • Yes, poor Amy Ross. I am postponing the Brazil Gathering for July, there are too many death notices for that month

          3 August Chialuka Ifeanaso Susana Viscahio Minas Gerais
          6 August Stephane Witkowski Bruna & Camilla Montero Rio de Janeiro
          8 August Appius Lepidus Baro Lazarus Rio de Janeiro
          10 August Susana Viscahio Clemont Haynes Minas Gerais

          1 August Arquela Chevarria Hiawassee Miami FL

          Chiquito Quiroz
          Most recent base of operations : Andes, Peru
          Occupation : Professional mountains guide
          Prior occupations : Mountain guide, Quechua
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 1964
          Place : Andes
          Victor : The Apostate, in retaliation for guiding five European Immortals to Sacred Order’s place of hiding
          Watcher : Research, South America


          Most recent base of operations : St. Christopher
          Monastery , Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
          Occupation : Benedictine monk, botanist
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 30 March 1992
          Place : Paris, France
          Victor : Carlo Sendaro
          Watcher : Brother Antoine, St. Christopher Monastery

          From the Records of the Tribunal
          5 July 1990

          Botany has always been a great hobby of Bertric’s. He learned about plants and herbs from Brother Aloyisus the Abbey’s herbalist, when he would stayed after the Crusades. Aloysisus was a great teacher and friend to him and the chronicles of that time tell of the friendship and adventures that they had. He put much of use of herbs and healing on the battlefield. Much of his life was spent as a soldier, guide, or a mercenary. But no matter where he was, when he gets back home he has seeds or cuttings from some plant he has come across.
          Lately he has been putting his knowledge to use in the lab. Grace Chandel has been pestering him to join her in the lab to help synthesize new medicines from various plants. The work seems to be going well and they seem to be getting on rather well too.

          DMvTrek 2008

          Update, April 1992

          Bertric's death by the sword of Carlo Sendaro is the incentive that fueled Grace Chandel's decision to take action against her estrangedf husband and to finally rid the world from him. A divorce immortal-style.

          Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

          Carlo Sendaro
          Most recent base of operations : Manaus, Brazil
          Occupation : Plantation proprietor
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 3 April 1992
          Place : Paris, France
          Victor : Grace Chandel

          Halis Ag Emoctar
          Most recent base of operations : El-Aaiún,
          Western Sahara
          Occupation : Singer, guitar player
          Prior occupations : Violin player, camel trader,
          herdsman, warrior, magi; leader, Beni Hassan
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 21 June 2007
          Place : El Aaun
          Victor : Ari al Muzaiyin
          Watcher : Ali Kouiret

          Antonia Guidera
          Technically redundant whern compared to Carmen Morales, Xxcatzin and Xmucane

          Most recent base of operations : Cancun,
          Occupation : Curator; Museo Mayan de Cancun
          Prior occupations : Student, sacrificial virgin
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 22 May 2007
          Place : Cancun, Mexico
          Victor : Quani Colotl

          To Be Deleted. Redundant characters, they bring nothing to the Watchers Chronicles.
          - Afar Clan
          - Otjikandero Clan
          - Amelia Earheart
          - Katsushika Hokusai
          - Ayako Kitoagi
          - Lee Yang-ji
          - Hyech’o
          - Maria Do Carmo Correja
          - Kati Outinen, cute but... an Immortal girl surrounded by nuns who know of her Immortality ?
          Beside, we already have enough surviving Immortal teenaged girls surviving to present days, don't we.
          - Lalago, the girl from Solomon Islands
          - Isadoro de la Iglesia, Lalago's kill, a Kantos copycat
          - Mandawuy, too much like Gateway from the X-Men's Australian adventures

          Rikali Tapai
          Original cultural affiliation : Australian Aboriginal
          Born : 2nd century Noongar land, Pinjarra,
          Western Australia
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Undetermined
          Known associates : Ramsay Munro

          Ramsay Munro
          Original cultural affiliation : Australian
          Born : 1920’s; New South Wales, Australia
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Rikali Tapai
          Known associates : Rikali Tapai, off/on lover

          Francis 1789-94 : Australia. Posing as a British offcier stationed with the New South Wales Corps, Duncan MacLeod gets in conflict with corrupt colonial administrator Francis Grose. When Grose's actions cause the needless deaths of several British offciers during a convicts revolt, MacLeod takes action and sanctions Grose before being forced to hide in the Australian Bush where he is rescued by shaman Rikali Tapai. Grose, suffering a public death, is forced to board a ship in the night and to leave Australia.

          From the Chronicle of Duncan MacLeod
          Watcher Research, Australia

          John Frederick Horrigan

          From : Watcher Bureau, Australia
          To : Watcher Tribunal
          Date : 15.09.2012

          Huneric the Vandal set foot in Melbourne, having targeted John Frederick Horrigan of Ravenwood; need the time necessary to digest the accumulated power, memories and knowledge of Hideo Tanaka and Fujita Isei, Huneric lied low, travelling the roads of Australia, bidding his time. One week was enough. When he felt ready, he tracked down Horrigan but didn't have to hunt for long : the Irishman had been warned - as all personnel of Ravenwood - that Huneric the Teuton was on the prowl and anyone could be attacked anyday.
          The tall, lanky bonde immortal is the master of zen, taking immortal life with a grain of salt and the Game seriously, but not to the point of letting it destroy his soul has it happened to Charles Mako; he has a life in the mortal
          world, friends, lovers. When the war erupted and immortals died in Australia, Horrigan stood ready to fight; the immortal community he was responsible for was smaller than on the other continents and he felt he made a good sheriff - real shame he had to take out Corey Raines, though. When John Frederick Horrigan and Carl Robinson took out Forrest Gardner and Gabriel Mondotua after four others had died, he realised that maybe he wasn't this good at maintaining order in this part of the world, after all. Not dismoralized, however, Horrigan kept his alliance with Robinson and Curtis.

          While Robinson and Curtis were away, Horrigan was alone to face Huneric the Teuton. The fight was brutal, the Vandal broke through Horrigan's defense techniques and not once did he let him take an offensive stance in the battle.
          In the end, the Irishman's head rolled on the ground; his Quickening was strong, but not as powerful as Tanaka's according to his Watcher. Huneric the Vandal left the scene and boarded a plane the following day for South Africa.

          Ramsay Munro

          I suppose we needed Crocodile Dundee on the Immortal scene in Australia, yet another cliché of the Australian myth for the Europeans and Americans who come visit us. Ramsay Munro however is a very serious player of the Game and an apt survivor who protect the wildlife and its endangered species from ‘roos hunters and croc hunters coming for their pelts. In the past two hundred years since we have been following him many Immortals have come after his head and never came back from their safari trip. His sole friend in the Immortal community is the vigilante Rokali Tapai who also hunts predators, of the sexual kind. They once debated on who are the worst : those who kill to eat or those who maim and rape women and children. A never-ending debate.

          Watcher Bureau, Australia

          July 2007

          Frau Totenkinder

          Most recent base of operations : Koln, Germany
          Occupation : Delicatessen proprietor, headhunter
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 12 September 2017
          Place : Koln
          Victor : Benedict Von Arlon
          Watcher : Inga Modrow

          The old witch wanted to get rid of the Immortal pests but they are the ones who ended her Immortal life.
          She nearly killed the lot of them circa 1360 when they lived i nGermany and weren't the seasoned wolf pack they are i npresent days. As in the odl Grimm tales they got lost in the Black Forest and foudn the gentle lady with food and warm beds ready for them, not knowing she was killing Immortal children to perform sacrifical rituals for an ancient God she was serving. The Frau Totenkinder wasn't even listed in our records at that time, she first apears in 1360 as an ennemy of Terence of Coventry and Hannah Baran who were hunting her for past crimes committed againt children and arrived in the proverbial nick of time to prevent hte Von Arlon kids from beign slaughtered.
          The old crone managed to escape and wasn't seen again until she re-appeared in Victorian England, leading an underground cult that was uncovered by the Secret Immortals Services. Again she evaded Immortal justice.
          As the Gathering finally comes here she was, cornered by her former would-be victims. And that one time, she was the one to end in the oven, burnt to a crisp, her Quickenign received by Benedict.

          Watcher Bureau ,Western Europe

          Genna Jorgensen
          Most recent base of operations : Stockholm,
          Occupation : English teacher
          Prior occupations : Teacher, socialite, nanny, nun
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 6 June 2017
          Place : Oslo
          Victor : Karolina Olin
          Watcher : Boushra Said

          Author note : Karolina if played by Sarah Michelle Gellar who looked defintely cool with a sowrd i na hand and defintely crazy when locked up in that asylum durign the infamous poison-induced hallucinations incident.

          Jean-Pierre d'Albertville
          Andre de Florac

          Most recent base of operations : Canton of Zurich,
          Occupation : Abbot
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 2 September 2017
          Place : Canton of Zurich
          Victor :Karolina Olin

          The unpredictable Karolina Olin was identified as the killer of the two monks residing at St. Christopher Monastery and while Malcus sought to avenge his companions, Karolina already vanished. Malcus now runs hte Monastery, having given safe haven to the Von Arlon Children after theri confrontation agaisnt the Cyprus Child Pack.

          Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

          Judith of Bethulia
          'Part of the mini-Gathering of Western Europe)

          Known aliases : None
          Notable characteristics : Teenaged Immortal
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : General Holophernes
          Missing since 597 BC, Siege of Jerusalem,
          destruction of K. of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar II


          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : Independent means, hunting Xnathia in the hope of obtaining the Crystal of Methuselah
          Prior occupation : Bodyguard/lover of Zedekiah,
          King of Judah, tributary to Babylon, in revolt
          against Babylon
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 19 April 2019
          Place : London, England
          Victor : Xanthia of Melitus
          Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals


          Original cultural affiliation : Israelite
          Born : 7th century BC Kingdom of Judah,
          Southern Israel
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Elishevah of Samaria
          Known past associates : The Seven Prophetesses
          of Ancient Israel, Elishevah of Samaria, Daniel of
          Known ennemies : General Holophernes
          First recorded sighting : 597 BC. Kingdom of Israel
          Challenged and beheaded General Holophernes
          during siege of Bethulia, the ensuing Quikcening
          frightened Holophernes troops

          Agathe Vierny


          Most recent base of operations : No fixed location
          Currently Northern Iran
          Occupation : Globe-trotting journalist, Le Monde
          Prior occupations : War correspondant, war
          photographer, soldier and mercenary sword

          Roster of Immortals Status : Active
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher : Sophie Giard


          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 19 July 2019
          Place : Kyoto, Japan
          Victor : Agathe Vierny, reporting arson attack on animation company in Kyoto

          Viola Blanco
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 8 June 2018
          Place : Madrid
          Victor : Karolina Olin

          Mustapha Zemmouri
          Roster of Immortals Status: Inactive
          Date: 2 July 2018
          Place: Granada
          Victor : Karolina Olin

          Karolina Olin's violent personnalities are becoming more and more dominant as more Immortals fall to the combined swords skills and centuries of practice of the dozens of Immortals residing in her psyche. The more benevolent ones, we suspect, certainly do theri best to keep the others in check or she'd have killed more Immortals since she escaped Sean Burns' asylum in 2012.

          Watcher Bureau, Westner Europe


          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 June 2019
          Place :Kabul, Aghanistan
          Victor : Ja'far Daer

          Ja'far Daer

          Most recent base of operations : Kabul, Afghanistan
          Occupation : Traveller, headhunter
          Prior occupation : Yemeni warrior, fighting
          Mamlukes ofEgypt in conflict triggered by the
          Swords of Allah
          Roster of Immortals Status : Active
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher : Research, ESA Chronicles

          From the Western Europe mini-Gathering

          Seamus of Athlone
          Most recent base of operations : Limerick, Ireland
          Occupation : Bard
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 20 April 2019
          Place : Dublin
          Victor : Typhoid Mary

          Padraigh Bell's predition to Typhoid Mary proved partly false as he didn't truly survive in his killer's mind. The only thing of him that survive is his keen swordarm which Typhoid Mary used skillfully when she hunted and killed the ancient Seamus of Athlone. The former Champion of Christendom had sen better days and didn't last very long against the plague carrer, mocking how he was better at drinking than at fighting in his old days.

          Watcher Bureau, Ireland

          Typhoid Mary
          Most recent base of operations : Dublin, Ireland
          Occupations : Assassin
          Prior occupation : Thief & murderer, 40 Elephants
          London gang; highwaywoman; assassin
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date :22 April 2019
          Place : Dublin
          Victor : Lang Quing

          The Little Dragon certainly deserved her reputation and outfighted Typhoid Mary in spite of theassassin's use of poisoned daggers which were Seamus of Athlone's doom. Lang Quing put up a good fight and she ought to have been defeated by the disciple of an Immortla such as Kronos. Yet she won the day, albeit barely. It was the most exhausting fight in which she took part, yet she won anbd made her mentor Henry of Kent proud again.

          Watcher Bureau, Ireland


          Oppa Eunkyhung
          Actor : Psy, Gangnam Style

          Known aliases : Elder Brother Eui-Tae,
          Elder Brother Heung-Soo
          Notable characteristics : Inspired poet and writer,
          womanizing rogue
          Weapon : Custom broadsword, discarded
          Missing since 675, Silla-Qtang War

          Most recent base of operations: Temple of the
          Sacred Knowledge, island of Aegina, Greece
          Occupation : Overseer of the Scriptorium, Sacred
          Prior occupations : Swordsmith,soldier, poet,
          Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher: Special Projects, Order of the Sacred

          Original cultural affiliation : Wiman Koseon
          Born : 140 BC; Gojoseon Kingdom, Korea
          First death : 108 BC; Killed during Gojoseon-Han
          First teacher : Jin Ke, General in Han Imperial
          army during invasion of Gojoseon
          Known past associates : Jin Ke, Chan-sook
          Known ennemies : Any male immortal crossing
          him or challenging him
          First recorded sighting : 108 BC. Gojoseon
          Kingdom. Student of Jin Ke

          The following text is a poem written by Oppa (Elder Nrother) Eunkyhung of Korea, an ancient immortal who wrote peotry and made a living as a singer and scribe. He showed a great sense of humor and intelligence as well as a certain taste for young immortal women : rather than fighting them, he seduced them and brought them to his bed. The song reached the mortal world and was used by Psy, south-Korean artist whose song became a worldwide success.

          Watcher Research, Eastern Asia, Korea

          A hot and human immortal during the day
          A nice immortal girl who enjoys a drink
          A young girl whose blood runs faster at night
          My kind of immortal girl

          I am an immortal
          A hot-blooded immortal during the day
          Drinking a Quickening before the body is cold
          Whose heart explodes when the night comes
          This kind of immortal

          A calm immortal girl, who takes her sword when she plays
          An immortal girl with long hair when she plays the Game
          A girl with sense

          I am an immortal man
          Seemingly at peace, but who plays when the time come
          Who goes crazy when he plays the Game
          An immortal who uses his mind, rather than his muscles

          Beautiful and friendly
          You who play the Game, yes you
          Now we shall play until the end
          Until we reach for the stars

          Oppa Eunkyhung has the immortal style
          Yes the immortal style
          This is Oppa Eunkyhung' Game
          This is Oppa Eunkyhung' style

          Aside from taking heads, drinking Quickenings
          I am a man who knows one thing or two
          About fighting and dancing and singing
          Yes I know one thing or two

          You know what I mean
          I am Oppa Eunkyhung

          Matanbael of Bit-Istar
          Actor :Ghassan Massoud, aka Saladin in the movie Kingdom of Heaven

          Known aliases : Fayrul ibn al Din
          Notable characteristics : Lived on Holy Grounds
          Weapon : Assyrian cavalry saber
          Missing since 642, Dark Xanthia Chronicle

          Most recent base of operations: Temple of the
          Sacred Knowledge, island of Aegina, Greece
          Occupation : Master archivist, Sacred Order
          Prior occupations : Assyrian warrior, plunderer;
          shrine keeper outskirts of Ravansar Spring,
          Tripolitania, known for curing Dark Quickenings
          Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher: Special Projects, Order of the Sacred

          Original cultural affiliation : Assyrian, converted to
          Muslim religion
          Born : 9h century BC; Kingdom of Bit-Istar,
          Western Zagros, present- Ravansar County, Iran
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Methos
          Known associates : Methos
          Known past associates : Unknown Arab who gave
          him his turning point and changed an Assyrian
          warrior into a muslim man of peace
          First recorded sighting : 642. Ravansar County,
          Iran. Refernced as a shrine keeper by Methos
          when he took Xanthia of Melitus to Ravansar
          Spring to cure her of a Dark Quickening

          After 92 years of hunting his old friend, Metopholus finally caught up to Xanthia in Alexandria the year the city was besieged by the Muslims who ordered the burning of Alexandria’s library. A tragedy for the wise Prisca Negra, a Nubian woman once disciple of Sunda Kastagir, and who sought to preserve the world knowledge, only to see it burnt down. But nothing could save her from pillaging Arabs and from the demented Xanthai who took her out after a brief battle. Did Prisca Negra’s Quickening sane her up ? Or was it Prisca’s innate goodness and widsom which washed away Xanthia’s anger and hate ? When Metopholus found Xanthia, it was as if she was reverting to her old self, but the ancient immortal knew better and took her to Tripolitania, to an ancient shrine located in a cave, where he left her on her own for seven days and nights, until Xanthia finally rid herself from her demons. The shrine was kept by a Muslim friend of his, Fayrul ibn al-Din who made sure Xanthia was kept safe.
          In the end, Xanthia’s goodness prevailed and she was back to her senses, but befallen with the memories of the good immortals she murdered and of the mortals lives she destroyed during her rampaging years.

          Adam Pierson, Paris 1994
          Methos Chronicle

          SIS Helen Bondeville
          Most recent base of operations : Birmingham,
          Occupation: Children's entertainer; Operative,
          Secret Immortals Society/Service
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date: 2 December 2018
          Location: Birmingham
          Victor: Scathag of Skye

          SIS Allegra Chambers
          Most recent base of operations: Manchester
          Occupations: Office manager; Operative, Secret
          Immortals Society/Service
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date: 2 December 2019
          Place: Manchester
          Victor: Aoife of Alba

          Helen Bondeville and Allegra Chambers died in simultaneous attacks from the long lost Aoife of Alba and Scathag of Skye
          who put aside their mutual hatred to strike at the core of the SIS. The SIS belles were good with swords and lasted for
          centuries in the Game by training hard while the hateful sisterly pair lasted by using manipulations and illusion tricks
          taught from the witch Cassandra.
          Helen and Allegra were known for their British sense of fair-play and believed in training and mastery of the sword, one
          one's emotions to survive against Immortal opponents. A true shame that their last fights confronted them against women
          known for mind-manipulating their quarries. Allegra and Helen both thought old, dead enemies from the Spanish Cabal
          and Knights of Charlemagne had come back from the dead to torment them and when they discovered the illusions were
          created by Immortals, it was too late.

          SIS Chronicle
          Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

          SIS Alice Ming
          Most recent base of operations: Liverpool
          Occupations: IT Analyst; Operative, Secret
          Immortals Society/Service
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date:7 December 2019
          Location: Liverpool
          Victor: Sobani Samata (Chand Sisters)

          Alice Ming's killing by the long lost Sobani Samata was thought unrelated to the deaths of her colleagues from the SIS, but
          after the later Mini-Gathering in London it is our opinion that the Hellfire Club did recruit the Hindu woman as well as Aoife
          and Scathag to kill off members of the SIS. The Club's purpose was to break the morale of their surviving friends in the SIS.
          This was a huge mistake.
          We didn’t expect Alice Ming to last very long, but she confronted the Chand woman with courage and a will to survive that
          made the admiration of her male counterparts in the SIS. While not as skilled as Lang Quing or May-Ling Shen, she used
          scare tactics against Sobani Samata but in the end Samata proved more determined and won.

          SIS Chronicle
          Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

          Aoife of Alba
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : Solstice of 21 December 2018
          Place : Salisbury
          Victor : Xanthia of Melitus

          Scathag of Skye
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : Solstice of 21 December 2018
          Place : Salisbury
          Victor : Xanthia of Melitus

          One week after the wanton murders of Helen Bondeville and Allegra Chambers who we are going to sorely miss, Aoife and
          Scathag went to Salibury where Xanthia of Mleitus spends three months in the year, from the Solstice of September to
          Christmas' Eve.. The ancient keeper of the Stone of Methuselah is in touch with her ancient Druidic customs and enjoys the
          peace and quiet of the Stonehenge Monument. A peace that was disturbed by the arrival of her old friends who long ago
          surrendered them selves to the practice of black magic and became malevolent witches under the tutelage of Cassandra,
          another ancient rival of Xanthia. Aoife and Scathag chose to set aside their differences during the times of the Gathering
          and felt the shared power of the ancient "Rebecca of Mycenae" would give them the strength they needed. But what they
          truly wanted was the power of the Stone of Methuselah and this was another thing Xanthia wouldn't surrender to the two
          Gentle Xanthia is well known for her sword skills and when it comes to fighting ancient Immortals such as herself, she is
          utterly diabolical, showing a dark side of herself paralleling Kellistra's in power and fierceness. Aoife used the power of
          the "voice", Scathag the power of illusion-casting. That wasn't enough. An ancient Immortal like her can resist such tricks.
          Both women fell by her sword on the outskirts of Stonehenge and it seemed the place itself augmented Xanthia's power
          and will.

          From the Chronicle of Xanthia of Melitus
          Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

          Chand Sisters Sobani Samata
          Most recent base of operations : Liverpool,
          Occupation : Headhunter, independent means
          Prior occupations : Freedom fighter, sword-for hire
          British invaders; rebel, Sepy Mutiny of 1858
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 12 December 2018
          Place : Liverpool
          Victor : Nuha Kalash

          By a fortunate occurence, Nuha Kalash was living in Liverpool when she was challenged by Sobani Samata, decidedly
          determined to see the fina ldays of the Gathering. However, Nuha is as skilled a swordfighter as Sobani demonstrated and
          the woman who was hired by the Hellfire Club to take out at least one member of the SIS soon was sent to join her
          departed soulmates of the Chand sisterhood. In later days, Nuha was going to be contacted by the SIS for informations
          regarding the fate of the Chand and for help against the Hellfire Club. Nuha who had once confronted hte SIS about hte
          occupation of her homeland by hte British Empire chose to let go of their past differences and help as she could.
          From the Chronicle of Nuha Kalash

          Evangeline Black was good at picking on defenceless Immortals but she amounted to nothing in front of Xanthia of Melitus'
          superior skills. When she saw how Aldrich Monk'sz master plan backfired she tried to take the reins of the Club'zs Inner
          Cirlce and have enryone get out of London, but that was too late. Master tactician Richeard of Mercia mounted a co-joined
          attack against the Cardinal Lords and after centuries of mutual hatred, it was the end for the Hellfire Club.
          Theobald Cleaver and Dominic Piper were confronted by Eadwulf and Raymond d'Amboise while Nuha Kalsh confronted
          Sernea whom she once knew British India era as a snubbish, remorseless killer who viewed the locals with disdain and
          contempt. And finally the once blood-brothers went at it like roaring lions, each hungry for hte other's Quickening.
          Richeard of Mercia prevailed as he always did, especially with his quarry only choosing to pick of weaker Immortals.

          SIS Chronicle

          Hellfire Club Evangeline Black
          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : Black Queen, Brismstone Society
          Prior occupations : Founder, Black Friars Club,
          Hellfire Club, Infernus Clava, Brimstone Society
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 December 2018
          Place : London
          Victor : Xanthia of Melitus

          Hellfire Club Theobald Cleaver
          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : White Bishop, Brismstone Society
          Prior occupations : Founder, Black Friars Club,
          Hellfire Club, Infernus Clava, Brimstone Society
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 December 2018
          Place : London
          Victor : Raymond d’Amboise, SIS

          Hellfire Club Serena Harper
          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : White Rook, Brismstone Society
          Prior occupations : Founder, Black Friars Club,
          Hellfire Club, Infernus Clava,Brimstone Society
          Socialite & black widow, pickpocket, street urchin
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 December 2018
          Place : London
          Victor : Nuha Kalash

          Hellfire Club Aldrich Monk
          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : White King, Brimstone Society
          Prior occupations : Founder, Brimstone
          Brotherhood, Friars Club, Hellfire Club, Infernus
          Clava, Brimstone Society
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 December 2018
          Place : London
          Victor : Richeard of Mercia, SIS

          Hellfire Club Dominic Piper
          Most recent base of operations : London, England
          Occupation : Black Knight, Brismstone Society
          Prior occupations : Founder, Black Friars Club,
          Hellfire Club, Infernus Clava, Brimstone Society
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 28 December 2018
          Place : London
          Victor : Eadwulf, SIS

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          • Wow, good job with the latest updates, my friend.
            So, the cold war between the SIS and the Hellfire Club ended in December 2018. With casualties on both sides, as was inevitable. And wasn't it just like Monk to hire others to do his dirty work?
            Nice to see the normally serene Xanthia still has a vicious bite....
            Richeard finally settles a very old score with his once-blood brother and most likely lays some things to rest.



            • You also may have noticed the missing two positions in the Sacred Order have been filled.
              Updating hte Brazil Mini-Gathering...

              Chialuka Ifeanaso
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 3 November 2018
              Place :Belo Horizonte
              Victor : Susana Viscahio, experimenting on
              Immortal organs transpants

              Stephane Witkowski
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 6 November 2018
              Place : Rio
              Victor : Bruna and Camilla Montero

              Susana Viscahio
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 10 November 2018
              Place : Minas Gerais
              Victor : Clemont Haynes

              Bruna Montero
              First recorded sighting : 1976. Buenos Aires,
              Argentina. Encounter with Simon de Miranda,
              hunting him by using a local Argentine Immortal child

              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 15 November 2018
              Place : Sao Paulo
              Victor : Rodriguo Acevedo

              Camilla Montero
              First recorded sighting : 1976. Buenos Aires,
              Argentina. Encounter with Simon de Miranda,
              hunting him by using a local Argentine Immortal child

              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 15 November 2018
              Place : Sao Paulo
              Victor : Paula Acevedo

              Rodrugo and Paula were forewarned hte Montero sisters were in Sao Paulo, cruising for easy pickings. The two former gangbangers were waitign with guns and big swords, no ones to stick by the old rules since Bruna and Camilla didn't apply to them either.

              Estefana Dominguez
              Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
              Date : 18 November 2018
              Place : Sao Paulo
              Victor : Ana Flavia Salvador

              Estefana ran into the benevolent Ana Flavia Salvador who is no gullible woman and didn't by Estefana's sorry story of having been a bait for twenty years, helping hunt 'evil Immortals'. Estefana was as guilty as the Montero Sisters and when she tried to take the head of Ana, her time ran out.


              Awiti Lerato Traoré
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 18 November 2018
              Place : Diourbel, Senegal
              Victor : Safiyah Khan

              When Awiti Lerato Traoré confronted Romain De Villers on his racist beliefs, she told him "I am not afraid of you, YOU are afraid of me ! You
              are afraid of the future and of what it can bring to your homeland". That got Romain pissed off and he drew his blade, forcing Awiti into a
              challenge. Awiti doesn’t play the Game but knows how to fend for herself in the world of Immortality and soon landed the irate Frenchman
              on his knees. However, she spared his head, not wanting his Quickening. She got a light laugh and left him, angry and confused. Awiti is
              truly a wise woman, while Romain is a pompous idiot with outdated beliefs on what France should be. Some Immortals just can't change
              and sooner or later that's what will cost Romain his life. If not by Awiti's blade, then by someone else's.

              Watcher Bureau, Western Europe

              When Saifiyah Khan challenged Awiti, Awiti asked Safiyah were it was written in the Quran that "there can be only one".Safiyah answered
              that Allah had been guiding her sword through the centuries and that playign the Game was the onyl thing that gave sense to their Immortal
              lives. Awiti felt that this was a sad manner to live one's life, immortal or mortal where there are so many things to live by, but Safiyah
              remained unfazed and attacked the Immortal poet. She had been killing Immortals for nearly eight hundred years and always did the will of
              her chosen God who gave her one purpose in life : to hunt Immortals and take their power so one day she may join the Prophet in the
              paradise of Allah. "My success is only by Allah the merciful" she often says "he who guides me thought the straiight path".

              From the Chronicle of Safiyah Khan

              Anansi the Spider
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 23 November 2018
              Place : Bamako, Mali
              Victor : Sghair M’Barek

              Anans the Spider has never raised a sword against a sister, i.e an Immortal woman, on moral grounds and when playing hte Game only targeted male quarries since she targeted Sunda Kastagir in 1390. When she challenged Sghair M'Barek she faced an Immortal who will do anything to protect his adopted daughter, Bolanile Dallo, giving him an incentive Anansi doesn't have : doing anything to protect your own.
              Sghair fought like a demon for the sake of his child while Anansi fought for the sake of playing the Game and little else.
              Anansi tried to seduce Sghair but the ancient hunter would listen to none of his enemy's antics and wouldn't be charmed.
              Then as Anansi was gaining an advantage, Bolanile interfered in the fight and was brutally slain by Anansi who recoiled in horror in front of what she had done : her sword had nearly decapitated an Immortal child, a woman-child ! This gave Sghair one minute for himself and it was all what he needed. In the end, he said to Anansi, there can be only One and that won't be you!

              Watcher Bureau, Western Africa

              The Water-Snakes
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 24 November 2018
              Place : Dakar
              Victor : Safiyah Khan

              Mossane Gasira Nkobé
              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
              Date : 26 November 2018
              Place : Dakar
              Victor : Safiyah Khan

              While in Bamako Sghair M'Barek fought not for the Prize but to protect his young charge, Mossane Gasira Nkobé also fought to protect her Water Snakes who long ago proved to themselves that they weren't children anymore. Mossane still perceives them as youngsters though but the three aren't children anymore. Safiyah Khan took them out one after the other and when finally she faced Mossane, the woman had nothing to live for, her children were gone.

              Watcher Bureau, Western Africa
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              • Yes, i did notice you'd filled those to slots! Lol
                Thanks for reminding me. I had intended to mention it but forgot because i was engrossed in the SIS/Hellfire Club conflict you resolved.
                Good choices for those two places.



                • Minor adjustement :
                  I decided to delete the files of the Cairo Street Kids who bring nothing to the Chronicles, just more useless deaths notice.

                  Zwira Negrouz
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                  Date : 2 March 2019
                  Place : Cairo
                  Victor : Zabibah of Qedar

                  Black Mamba Inah Gaetswe

                  Known aliases : Seka Rize, Kizzy Afrani,
                  Nantobeko, Cikovenda Nadjimé, Rafaella
                  ‘Ella’ Marques, Ayondela Kawime
                  Notable characteristics : None
                  Weapon : Tribal spear
                  Inconclusive fight agaisnt Gabriel Larca, 1513

                  Most recent base of operations : Huambo,
                  Bié plateau, Central Angola
                  Occupation : Rebel fighter
                  Prior occupations : Warrior woman leading
                  Zimbabwean warrior; fighting German colonizers,
                  Leading anti-colonialist movements
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 4 October 1986
                  Place : Huambo
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Southern Africa

                  Original cultural affiliation : Mapungubwe
                  Born : 1192; Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Greater
                  First death : 1220, During fall of the Kingdom
                  First teacher : Chima Onyali
                  Known past associates : Chima Onyali
                  Known ennemies : Gavriel Larca
                  First recorded sighting : 1513. Greater Zimbabwe
                  In battle against Gavriel Larca during Portuguese
                  exploration of the land

                  The Black Mamba is a predatory Immortal woman who has been active in one country or another of the Southern part of the African continent, a title held by five separate Immortals in eight hundred years.

                  The first was Inah Gaetswe, a fearsome spear-wielding Mapungubwe of present Zimbabwe and who led her tribe against the forces of Gavriel Larca during Portugal conquest of South Africa. The second one was mentored by Inah Gaetswe and ran agaisnt Hippolito Cabral in 1625, in war agaisnt the Portuguese like her mentor. Kizzy Afrani became the third Black Mamba, though she had no relation to the two previous ones, having been mentored by Kashta of Nubia, the legendary "Son of Sudala" and she gave hell to German commander Ernst Daimler in 1907 before disappearing like the two previous Mambas.
                  The following Mamba to take that name was Nantobeko of Batusoland, a freedom fighter for four separate decades, never sen withouth her pet cheetah she dressed to kill British soldiers as well as any Immortal foolish enough to challenge her. Finally, the last we know of was Ayondela Kawime, a rebel fighter in Angola who was mentored by legendary Queen Anne Nzinga; herself a disciple of Sunda Kastagir.
                  All those women were thought killed long ago, but cross-referencing work in past chronicles of Ernst Daimler, Larca, Hippolito Cabrall, Olapede Chukwu ad Kashta of Nubia allow to file those five ladies among the list of Missing Immortals, rather than Deceased. They may still be living out there, somewhere, waiting together for the time of the Gathering.

                  Watcher Research, Southern Africa

                  Because I know a serious mistake when I make one...


                  Most recent base of operations : La Vegas NE
                  Occupation : Manager, Paradise Casino
                  Prior occupations : Ditto
                  Roster of Immortals Status :Active
                  Date :
                  Place :
                  Victor :
                  Watcher : Lizzie Tynan

                  Swenja Baatz and Lootje De Groot were enjoying a night out at Paradise Casino in Las Vegas, when they sensed the presence of two of their kind. Of all the places to gamble in ! It had to be a casino ran by Amanda the thief and her consort, ex-cop Nick Wolfe, all–around nice guy and vigilante boy scout, keeping a watchful eye on his beloved Amanda. In the 20 years which followed Nick’s First Death the two birds reconciiled their differences and have been living together, facing the risks and demands of immortal life : having to move out and change identity once every decade, face the odd agressive Immortal (Amanda killed two, Nick one) while running a respectable professional life, lately in Las Vegas. Casino Paradise : the perfect place where a cat-burglar can thrive, imagine, a place where she can rob customers from their money under the letter of the Law. A nice touch of irony.
                  So far the Gathering didn’t cause harm to the raven and the wolf, but tonight their luck ran out. Swenja Baatz had a score to settle with Amanda and the meddlesome Nick wouldn’t let Swenja win, but Lootje De Groot challenged him to a fair fight. The problem with Swenja and Lootje is they had become overconfident and complacent about their place in the Game and in the Final Gathering. They thought their luck would never run out. When Swenja faced Amanda, she faced her exact opposite, a woman would was as devious and ruthless as any Immortla when it came to fin a fight, an Immoirtal able to take on the Siberian Tiger Andre Korda himself and who had bested more agressive players of the Game than thought possible. Like her teacher, gentle Amanda has her bite. Swenja lost her head because she bore in herself the seeds of her own destruction. And when Lootje De Groot took out Nick Wolfe, she didn’t have much time to savor her Quickening as overwhelming grief prevented her from mounting a porper defense against the vengeful Amanda.

                  Watcher Bureau, US Southwest

                  Swenja Baats
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                  Date : 22 July 2019
                  Place : Las Vegas
                  Victor : Amanda

                  Lootje De Groot
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                  Date : 22 July 2019
                  Place : Las Vegas
                  Victor : Amanda

                  From the Tribunal

                  Nine years ago Joe Dawson wrote an eulogy for Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and suddenly everyone believes the Highlander's dead. Who could truly believe it Dawson was the Highlander's friend and would have gone at extreme lengths to make sure the Immortal would gain respite from the Game, including a mock-up funeral so everyone in the Immortals community and their Watchers would be convinced MacLeod was killed by a bogus Immortal. We strongly suspect Dawson wanted to protect the Highlander from rogue Watchers who had been targeting Immortals durign the course of the 2000's, there were a lot of M.IA Immortals reported.

                  Jamal Soliman didn't exist and MacLeod's then girlfriend in Cairo wasn't an Immortal, Aisha Koufri was a mortal woman who died from cancer in 2016. The biographies and Watcher's profile for Aisha and Soliman were mock-up chronicles from Adam Pierson himself. Both Watchers being well-known for falsifying records. Duncan MacLeod went missing from the Immortal scene for the last nine years, seemingly didn't take part in the Immortals War and hasn't been seen durign that year's Immortal Killfeast until now.

                  It seems the attacks on Richie Ryan, Robert de Valicourt and Amanda by well-known players of the Game was ernough to get him out of retirement, investigating the Immortals who were assulting his dear old friends - not that he has many left.
                  Joe Dawson and Pierson (aka Methos) were unavailable for comments, Amanda won't speak to us, she was too busy mourning the hapless Nick Wolfe. The Highlander is currently residing in Casablanc,a Morocco, a guest at his kinman's house, Connor MacLeod. An investigation is made on the group of assassins collectively known as "The Slaughterous Swords" who have been targeting MacLeod and the members of his Immortal family.

                  Duncan MacLeod

                  Most recent base of operations : Casablanca,
                  Occupation : Martial Arts practicioner, traveller
                  Prior occupations : Journalist, smuggler, resistance
                  cell leader, WWII; Scoittish rebel, sword-for-hire
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                  Date :
                  Place :
                  Watcher : Amy Dawson-Thomas
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                • Thank you Dubiousbystander. Though I changed things a little.
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                  • Okay, my friend, you changed the fates of Amanda and Duncan MacLeod? Methinks you have something up your sleeve....! Lol
                    Could the Slaughterous Swords and the Sacred Order be linked somehow? Why else would you suddenly resurrect the thought-dead Duncan, change the fate of Amanda, re-unite Duncan with Connor and hint that the Immortal family, including Joe Dawson, is investigating the recent massacre of Immortal players of the Game.

                    On a side note, not sad to see Wolfe stay dead. Sad about Swenja and Lootje though...



                    • From the Records of the Tribunal

                      With help from Duncan and Connor MacLeod's Immortal family and cross-referencing, Ravenwood investigated the activities of the brutal group of assassins collectively known as The Slaughterous Swords who targeted and murdered major players of the Game in the last twenty four months, in effect triggering a "Maxi Gathering" crisis which impacted the Immortal community to the extant their numbers have now fallen to less than one hundred.

                      The catastrophe it seems is the work of a mysterious group of Immortals naming themselves Order of the Sacred Knowledge who wish to control the Immortal community and get rid of the Gathering threat by eliminating the most dangerous players of the Game. While their intentions may have been good - create order out of chaos so they could guide benevolent Immortals to their vision of what Immortality ought to be - it still triggered a catastrophe.

                      The Slauighterous Swords have been gathered by an Immortal assassin named The Apostate (real idenity unknown); a several thousand years old man who blindly obeys the Sacred Order, targeting and killing Immortals who threaten the existence of the Order.

                      Ravenwood (i.e Immortals Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta, Clemont Haynes, Frances Drummoind, Alex Raven, Sanjiv Gupta, Henry of Kent) had extended interviews with the MacLeod family members (Duncan, Connor, Amanda, Richie Ryan, Rebecca Horne, Joe Dawson himself) and could piece together the sequence of events that led to the present situation : 94 Immortals left living on Earth.

                      The Sacred Order forgot that Ravenwood is allied with the Watchers and never figured out Duncan MacLeod wasn't dead. MacLeod and Methos did their best ot save the lives of their friends in the clan : Richie, et al but couldn't save the lives of Warren Cochrane who was a loose cannon, crazy as a bedbug, and of Robert of Valicourt who was a living dead since the passing of his wife Gina. Duncan reunited with Connor, Methos and Joe are In hiding, planning their next move, Richie Ryan matured and is waiting orders from Duncan. Xanthia of Melitus was ready to take on the women who murdered the SIS ladies. The SIS and Hellfire Club also were on the Order's kills list.

                      There remains a handful of truly agressive Immortals who still pose a threat to the survivotrs, as well as the existence of the Order and its Apostate who endanger both Immortal and Watcher Communities. The SIS survivors, Ravenwood andf the MacLeod family are now united in the hope of halting the massacre and neutralizing the Order

                      Ravenwood's investigations of the Slaughterous Swords presents the combo of Immortals as follows, numbered in chronological order :

                      1. Scathag of Skye D : Xanthia of Melitus
                      2. Aoife of Alba D : Xanthia of Melitus
                      3. Kharma Fayzal D : Sanjiv Gupta
                      4. Lootje De Groot D : Amanda
                      5. Swenja Baatz D : Amanda
                      6. Sid'Ahmed Taleb D : Connor MacLeod
                      7. Rocco Mangiatesta D : Richie Ryan
                      8. Chang D : Henry of Kent
                      9. Sigrid Solvig ACTIVE, killed Robert de Valicourt
                      10. Elise Yeow ACTIVE is hunting Methos
                      11. George of Lydda D : Ishtar of Erech
                      12. Andrew the Apostle D : Ishtar of Erech
                      13. Typhoid Mary D : Lang Quing

                      There are other possible "Swords", long-missing ennemies of Connor and Duncan MacLeod, we identified Messalina and Kallisto of Nicopolis who murdered two of Deoneces' sirens so the Order could break the morale of the seemingly invicible Spartan.
                      The Order has lost most of their first batch of Swords to the MacLeod Clan and Ravenwood. Also, Swenja and Lootje were going to killed of by Henry of Kent who intended to take action against the two ladies, Amanda simply took them out before he did.

                      Author notes :

                      The inspiration for the group comes for a combo of assassins, the Gun Ho Guns from anime Trigun, a pack of colourful killers who try to hurt and kill Vash the Stampede, Trigun's main protagonist. The Gun Ho guns gave me that idea.

                      Also the negative reactions from the Imagine Facebook gang who didn't like my killing off Amanda and MacLeod. They were right and their reaction gave me the incentive for the plot that now explains all the deaths in recent months.




                      Ambrose Bierce

                      Most recent base of operations : Manilla, Philippines
                      Occupation : Writer, biographer
                      Prior ocupoations : Travel books writer, noivelist,
                      Mexical revolution supporter
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                      Date : 14 February 1938
                      Place : Greater Blue Mountain
                      Victor : N.A
                      Watcher : Pandra Arrakis

                      Original cultural affiliation : English
                      Born : 1871; London, England
                      First death : 1913; Supporting Mexican revolution,
                      killed by soldiers of Federal army
                      First teacher : Kay Murdstone, cross-identified as
                      Known past associates : Kellistra, Gabriela de
                      First recorded sighting : 1914 Guatemala City
                      Meeting Gabriela de Sevedra who helped him to
                      find a safe place where to hide

                      Ambrose Bierce wanted to investigate the life of Alyssa Bautista and looked forward to speak to her. The biographer of Immortals knew how to be careful before approaching those of his kind knowing few of them would take well discussing their past lives with a possible opponents in the Game. In the last one hundred years, Ambrose interviewed quite famous names : Grayson, Amanda, Connor MacLeod, Katherine of Samothrace, the impostor posing as Methos, Victor Hesse and his underage lover Ingrid Baran, the SIS group, Kyra of Sparta. The biographies he wrote were disguises as fairy tales and published as works of fiction with the permission of the interviewees. Because some Immortals crave recognition and leaving a trace of their existence on Earth and some of them could be quite egotistical people. Even so, Ambrose was careful when approaching of them, one never knows, swords are quickly drawn in the Game.
                      Harry Houdini was one of his most famous stories, and when he heard Houdini killed Alyssa Bautista, he sought to investigate the matter. Why would the master escapist kill a player of the Game who took out child molesters ? To our surprise, Alyssa was found to be alive and well, Harry didn’t kill her after all. Alyssa’s Field Watcher must have thought her killed by the magician, the Quickening belonged to another Immortal who hunted down both Immortals at that time.
                      Azmbrose Bierce is now spending his time with Alyssa, writing on the stories of the aging Immortal woman living in the body of a young teenaged girl.

                      Watcher Bureau, Southeast Asia

                      From the Tribunal :

                      Ambrose Bierce befriended immortal named Kay Murdstone who informed him of his immortality. We do not know why she chose to do so or when Bierce became an immortal. In 1913, Bierce traveled to Mexico to gain a firsthand perspective on that country's ongoing revolution. While traveling with rebel troops, the elderly writer disappeared without a trace. Another immortal, Gabriela de Sevedra helped him going underground, she had been one of his proteges in litterary circles. A funny fact about him is one of the aliases taken by "B. Traven" : Ret Maru. Et Maru is an alias used by Methos according to the Chronicle written by "Adam Pierson". Was Pierson yanking our chains or was there a connection between the ROG and Bierce ?

                      In one of his last letters, Bierce wrote the following to his niece, Lora:
                      "Good-bye if you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think that a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease, or falling down the cellar stairs. To be a Gringo in Mexico ah, that is euthanasia!"

                      Perfect last word from a newbie immortal

                      Alyssa Bautista

                      Most recent base of operations : Manila,
                      Occupation : Independant prostitute, occasional
                      Prior occupations : Traveller, house worker,
                      indentured servant
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                      Date :
                      Place :
                      Victor :
                      Watcher : Maria Belquis


                      Most recent base of operations : Tokyo, Japan
                      Occupation : Detective, Tokyo Police Department
                      Division of Violent Crimes
                      Prior occipations : Soldier, Yakuza organisation
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                      Date :
                      Place :
                      Victor :
                      Watcher : Ishy Matsu

                      Because there were no valid reasons for Agathe Vierny to get into conflict with Kobayashi...
                      And also since I some Immortals still alive in Japan :

                      Lee Yang-ji
                      Most recent base of operations : Koreatown;
                      Tokyo Japan
                      Occupation : Fashion photographerl, webmaster,
                      part-time vigilante trained by Kobayashi
                      Prior occupations : High school student; trained by
                      the Korean Initiative
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                      Date :
                      Place :
                      Victor :
                      Watcher : Yang Sok-ii

                      There are more Immortals who are alive and well on the Japanese archipelago, though they remain M.I.A on Watchers lists.

                      Awiti Lerato Traoré
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive

                      When Saifiyah Khan challenged Awiti, Awiti asked Safiyah were it was written in the Quran that "there can be only one".Safiyah answered that Allah had been guiding her sword through the centuries and that playing the Game was the only thing that gave sense to their Immortal lives. Awiti felt that this was a sad manner to live one's life, immortal or mortal where there are so many things to live by, but Safiyah remained unfazed and attacked the Immortal poet. She had been killing Immortals for nearly eight hundred years and always did the will of her chosen God who gave her one purpose in life : to hunt Immortals and take their power so one day she may join the Prophet in the paradise of Allah. "My success is only by Allah the merciful" she often says "he who guides me thought the straiight path". Curiously Safiyah chose to spare Awiti’s life after this debate. Did Awiti touch Safiya’s heart in some way ?

                      From the Chronicle of Safiyah Khan

                      Victor Hesse
                      Most recent base of operations : Honolulu, Hawai
                      Occupation : International arms dealer
                      Prior occupations : Weapons smuggler, close ties
                      to Baader-Meinhoff gang
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive

                      Ingrid Baran
                      Most recent base of operations : Honolulu, Hawai
                      Occupation : College student, U. of Honolulu,
                      posing as a gifted child, occasional headhunter
                      Prior occupations : College student
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive

                      I didn't like the plot where Bridget kills Victor and then Ingrid doesn't have her revenge against the woman, getting killed too.
                      I thought best to let them live "happily ever after" since the Final Gathering isn't likely to happen.
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                      • I like the idea of the MacLeod family working with the Ravenwood group on a mission. I'd love to a fly on the wall to see the dynamic between Duncan MacLeod and Deoneces; the romantic idealistic Scotsman and the ancient, pragmatic short-tempered Spartan. Not to mention the fact that the Highlander had a brief fling with Kyra! Lol
                        Also, Amanda and the Crimson Butterfly? Oh yes!



                        • Hello Apollo, I hope you are doing well. The heatwave came and went, I am back to the drawing board so to speak.
                          Here is some Autumn cleaning :

                          New list of deleted characters

                          Farooz Ibn Yusuf, Shakir Ibn Mutarrif, Nzou Kulumba, Clem Tholet, Fatimatou Baghlani, Gereh Savaneh Tiacoh, Tippu Tip, Aslam Ibn Hakam, Zuri Kenyatta, Sylvain Bakamé, Julien Bakangué,
                          Eric Cannago, Jane Chirwa, Atieno Kikwete, Moon Mandele, Kenny Ngulube, the Afar Clan, the Himba Clan, the Brotherhood of Ra, the Chagga Clan

                          Greer Garlant, Maeve O'Connel, Addison Doyle, Daxe Shumafovy, Treshawn Coyle, Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda

                          tohiko Morita, Meng Chuan, Chen Chun-nan, Ow Benxu, Dinh-Hy Duc Ngo, Biju Gujiral, Katsushika Hokusai, Ayako Kitoagi,Chiyome Mochizuki, Tsutsui no Jōmyō Meishū, Uh Shi-Won

                          STEVEN KEANE
                          Had a bit too many students to feel plausible.

                          Abdul Sallis
                          Original cultural affilation : Asante, converted to
                          Born : 1879; Southern Ghana
                          First death : 1901; Killed during rebellion against
                          British rule, War of the Golden Stool
                          First teacher : Ras Tschubai
                          Known past associates : Ras Tschubai
                          First recorded sighting : 1901, Accra Ghana.
                          Student of Tschubai

                          In December 1969, Xavier went to Cape Coast, Ghana, to attend a wrestling festival; he had the good surprise to find one of the contestants was an immortal, Abdul Salis. After killing the blind sculptor in July, Xavier got hungry for a Quickening again and came after Sallis; The wrestler put up a good fight, but his skills weren't enough against the old Moor.

                          December 1969
                          From the Chronicle of Xavier St. Cloud

                          Kwan Fengying
                          Original cultural affiliation : Chinese, of Christian religion
                          Born : 1824; British Strait Settlement of Singapore
                          First death : 1856, Killed during Malay rebellion
                          against the British, suspected of aiding and abetting
                          First teacher : Jin Ke
                          Known associates : Jason Shang
                          Known past associates : Jin Ke
                          First recorded sighting : 1856, Singapore.
                          Found and mentored by Jin Ke

                          Linley Osbourne
                          Original cultural affiliation : British African
                          Born : 1815, British East Indies
                          First death : 1845, Anglo-Sikh Wars
                          First teacher : Ranver Kapoor
                          Known associates : Konds Brothers, Sanjiv Gupta
                          Known past associates : Steven Keane
                          Known ennemies : Neville Sutton, Steven Keane,
                          First recorded sighting : 1845. Madras District,
                          India. Killed by Ranveer Kapoor during Anglo-Sikh
                          Wars, converted to Buddhism by Ranver

                          THE CHRONICLE OF ANNIE DEVLIN

                          NICHOLAS HILLIARD
                          Known aliases: None
                          Notable characteristics: None
                          Weapon: El Cid Colada sword

                          Most recent base of operations: New-York NY
                          Occupation: Weapons smuggler, selling guns to
                          Irish expatriates living in New-York
                          Prior occupations : Engineer
                          Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
                          Date: 14 May 1887
                          Place: Manhattan NY
                          Victor: Annie Devlin, Irish expatriate, executed for
                          betraying the cause of Ireland
                          Watcher: Flora Baine

                          Original cultural affiliation: English
                          Born: 1677, Norfolk, Kingdom of England
                          First death: 1699; Killed by highwaymen
                          First teacher: Richard Bancroft
                          Known associates: Richard Bancroft
                          First recorded sighting: 1699, Norfolk.
                          Found and mentored by Bancroft

                          Six years after her First Death, Annie Devlin was part of the Irish expatriates living in New-York with her teacher, Hugh
                          O'Neil, the man who taught her to hate the English who had been opressing the Irish people for centuries. Hugh became
                          her mentor, teaching her to use the infamous "Devlin Trick" which made her famous for outmaneuvering male opponents
                          during a fight. In 1887 Annie sought to purchase guns to send to Ireland, helping the cause of local Irish rebels, and met
                          Immortal Nicholas Hilliard, a cunning British weapons smuggler known for allying himself with Hiugh O'Neil in the past.
                          Hilliard was ready to talk business with the red head but he was asking too high a price for his contraband.
                          Hugh O'Neil posed as a bard and poet, gathering funds from the Irish Expatriate Society of Manhattan and Annie
                          couldn't condone the behavior of a man ready to sell the Irish rebels to the police : his contraband was found by a police
                          investigation, O'Neil was arrested, pending deportation, while Hilliard discreetly attempted to board ship, only to be
                          met by Annie's angry sword. "We execute traitors, in Ireland, don't you know" were the last words he heard before his
                          head fell on the ground.

                          From the Chronicle of Annie Devlin

                          AUBERT CAVALIER
                          Known aliases : Archibald Cavalier
                          Notable characteristics : British patriot
                          Weapon : British infantry saber
                          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game
                          Inconclusive fight against Duncan MacLeod

                          Most recent base of operations : Dublin, Ireland
                          Occupation : Commander , British troops fightign
                          Irish rebels durign Easter Rising, involved in
                          atrocities comitted against civilians
                          Prior occupations : Commander, British platoon,
                          War of Scottish Independance
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date April 1916, Easter Rising
                          Place : Dublin
                          Victor : Annie Devin, companion of Patrick
                          Pearse, leading the Irish Volunteers
                          Watcher : Research, the Chronicle of Annie Devlin

                          Original cultural affiliation : British
                          Born : 1581; Canterbury, England
                          First death ; Killed by Irish rebels during Irish
                          Rebellion of 1641
                          First teacher : Steven Keane
                          Known associates : Steven Keane
                          Known ennemies : Duncan MacLeod, Annie Devlin
                          First recorded sighting : 1641, County Cork
                          Found and mentored by Steven Keane

                          In 1916, Annie Devlin promised Duncan MacLeod a beautiful war against the English, MacLeod denied his former lover
                          and left her to her war, wanting no part in it after Darius taught him the futility of warfare. Annie Devlinb took part in the
                          Eastern Rising, siding with leader Patrick Pearse, manipulating bold young Irishmen into rising against the British. All
                          they needed, she felt, was to be killed, so their death would inspire future generations into fighting the good fight against
                          the English oppressor. To quote WB Yeats, "a terrible beauty was born".
                          The Irish Republican Brotherhood wanted to proclaim the Irish Republic and make their voice heard. Pearse put a letter in
                          the newspaper saying the British were going to disarm the Irish Volunteers, naturally the Volunteers went to the fight and war
                          was on.
                          More Irish blood was shed. Volunteer leader Eoin MacNeill issued a countermand in a bid to halt the Rising, ultimately lowering
                          the numbers of dead. Annie felt no shame. In war, sacrifices must be made and she made the decision with a cold heart, her
                          companion being as determined as she was. Patrick Pearse may have been a great leader of men, but all leaders have a
                          woman beside them, whispering terrible things in their ears.
                          During the Rising, atrocities were committed on both sides, Irish civilians were murdered by a battalion led by Immortal
                          Aubert Cavalier, a man who led centuries of warfare against Irish rebels, finally facing the raging sword of Annie Devlin.
                          During the Easter Rising, Annie led an auxiliary paramilitary organisation named Cumann na mBan "The Irishwomen's
                          Council« , fighting the British alongside the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Annie herself carried out sniper attacks on
                          British troops, and was confronted by Cavalier.
                          Annie got her wish, the Easter Rising provoked a decades long war between the IRA and the British and another British
                          Immortal fell to her sword. After Pearse’s surrender to the British, followed by his trial and execution, her hate grew with
                          even more vigor.

                          From the Chronicle of Annie Devlin

                          ORIN CLEREBOLD
                          Known aliases : Sean O’Donovan, Padraigh Melloncamp
                          Notable characteristics : Irish patriot
                          Weapon : Custom broadsword, formged for him by
                          Damian Thackaray
                          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                          Most recent base of operations : Belfast, Northern
                          Occupation : Protestant preacher, fighting the IRA
                          with the Ulster Protestant Volunteers
                          Prior occupations : Protestant minister; policial
                          lobbyist opposing Catholic civil rights
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 6 June 1966
                          Place : Belfast
                          Victor : Annie Devin, fighting the UPV
                          Watcher : Research, the Chronicle of Annie Devlin

                          Original cultural affiliation : Irish
                          Born : 15th century Northern Ireland
                          First death : During Irish war of resistance against
                          British colonialism
                          First teacher : Damian Thackaray
                          Known associates : Damian Thackaray:
                          Known ennemies : Annie Devlin, IRA fighter
                          First recorded sighting : 1603. Northern Ireland
                          Trained by Damian Thackaray

                          The Ulster Protestant Volunteers was a loyalist and fundamentalist Christian paramilitary group in Northern Ireland led by a
                          Protestant Immortal and were involved in acts of wanton terrorism against Catholics of Northern Ireland.
                          The UPV's leader was himself killed by Devlin and from then the organisation has been at war against the Irish Republican Army
                          for thirty years, a war that ended with the death of Annie Devlin and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

                          Watcdher Research, Northern Ireland

                          PIERS JACOBS
                          Known aliases : Jacob ‘Jake’ Pierce
                          Notable characteristics : Womanizing rogue,
                          ladies man; British patriot
                          Weapon : British infantry saber

                          Most recent base of operations : Belfast, Ireland
                          Occupation : Major, parachute regiment; also
                          member, Immortals Secret Services/Scociety
                          Prior occupations : Agent, MI5; race car driver
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 30 January 1972 Bloody Sunday
                          Place : Belfast, Northern Ireland
                          Victor : Annie Devlin
                          Watcher : Gareth Hunter

                          Original cultural affiliation : English Jew
                          Born : 1737; Brighton, England
                          First death : 1779; Infantryman in British regiment
                          killed during Anglo-Marathan War
                          First teacher : Richeard of Mercia
                          Known associates : Secret Immortal Society, also
                          in relationship with Alice Ming
                          First recorded sighting : 1779. Bangalore, India
                          Recruited in the SIS by Richeard of Mercia

                          Reporting the death of Piers Jacobs by the furious blade of Annie Devlin in Belfest the same day that will go down in
                          history as Bloody Sunday as our troops tried to tame those Irish rebels. Helen Bondeville and Allegra Chambers will no
                          doubt mourn the passing of their colleague of the SIS as well as a great friend and occasional lover. He was a serious man
                          with an agenda but never forgot that to survive as an Immortal you need to live your life fully. He put as much care in
                          his preparations for his missions as he put in forging alliances with other Immortals or bond with the SIS group. And as
                          far as the Game was concerned, he took it seriously and trained constantly, his fatal flaw being he expected the same
                          fair-play from his opponents. Unfortunately, Annie Devlin isn’t fair-play : she used her trick of the sword to defeat Piers
                          and took him out in mere minutes while Jabs’ men shot 28 innocent civlians, to our collective shame as British citizens.

                          Gareth Hunter, 30 January 1972
                          London, England

                          HUGH O'NEILL
                          Known aliases : Black Hugh, Owen Roe O’Neill,,
                          Charles Hughes, Patrick O'Neil, John Sheridan, Bill Delaney
                          Notable characteristics : Pacifist
                          Weapon : Single-ring rapier

                          Most recent base of operations : Belfast,
                          Northern Ireland
                          Occupation : Proponent of peace
                          Prior occupations : Founder/leader, Immortals Republican Army
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 4 May 1993
                          Place : Dublin, Ireland
                          Victor : Chang
                          Watcher : Sheila Finton

                          Original cultural affiliation : Irish
                          Born : 979, Munster Ireland
                          First death : 1014, Died at the Battle of Clontarf
                          First teacher : Alex Raven
                          Known past associates : Alex Raven, Annie Devlin,
                          Liam O'Rourke, Roger Quinn, Morgan Noonan,
                          Rory Calhoun, Liam Riley, Seamus Finnegan,
                          O’Brien of Cork, Jean-Marc Claret, Jared O’Hare
                          First recorded sighting : 1014. Ireland. Student of Alex Raven

                          Before his first death defending Limerick against the forces of Guillaume II, king of England, Hugh O'Neil had been a
                          firm defender of Ireland's independence. Which he remained during three hundred years, shedding English blood and
                          killing many innocent people in the cross-fire. Its because of Hugh O'Neil that Ireland was plagued with immortals such
                          as Annie Devlin and Liam O'Rourke.
                          After nearly two hundred and fifty years of fighting for such "the cause", Hugh O'Neil grew tired of the endless
                          bloodshed and began making up for his actions, becoming more and more a defender of peace, trying to build a bridge
                          between Ireland and England, and most notably, between the Catholics and Protestants of Ireland. I suspect the horrors
                          of two world wars played a part in this sudden change of heart. Everyone change, look at Kage.
                          Today, Hugh O'Neil lost his head to Chang who wanted his head just for the sake of the Game. I am grieving for Hugh
                          and hope that he now found the peace he had been seeking for the past fifty years, as he had been relentlessly pursued
                          by the ghosts of his victims.

                          Sheila Finton, 1993

                          ANDREW GALLAGHER
                          Known aliases : Jack Gallagher, John Grisham,
                          Jonathan Grisholm, Andrew Jones, Andrew
                          Galway, Andrew Kenneth, Kenneth Jones,
                          Ken Gallagher
                          Notable characteristics : None
                          Weapon : St. Maurice sword
                          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                          Most recent base of operations : Utica, NY
                          Occupation : Director, Central Bank of Utica
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 2 May 1997
                          Place : Utica
                          Victor : Annie Devlin
                          Watchers : Jordan Jorgensen-Russell

                          Original cultural affiliation : Irish-American
                          Born : 1836, New-York NY USA
                          First death : 1874, Restaurant proprietor killed by
                          Shamrocks gang for not paying protection money
                          First teacher : Morgan Noonan
                          Known past associates : Morgan Noonan,
                          Brad Silver
                          First recorded sighting : 1878 Brookly NY. Student of Morgan Noonan

                          Drew Gallagher didn't want to pay his weekly fee to the Shamrocks in the gang-infested New-York of 1874, and that's
                          what got him killed by the Shamrocks. When he woke up in Noonan's house, he discovered a harsher life was waiting for
                          him and that he would need more than accountant and verbal skills to fend for himself in the Game. Drew took Noonan's
                          lessons at heart and trained for the day he would have to face another one of his kind with his sword. Meanwhile, he
                          stayed out of the Game and lived quiet, unassuming lives in backwater cities of the American Midwest, changing
                          identities every two decades. When Annie Devlin asked for his help in her war against the British Empire, Gallagher
                          denied her a bank loan and went so far as to meddling in her business by disclosing her current whereabouts to the FBI.
                          He paid the ultimate price for his bravery.

                          Justin Russel
                          Maureen Jorgensen-Russel, 1997

                          ANNIE DEVLIN
                          Known aliases : Ann Elisabeth Deane, Kate Madigan, Anny O’Dare
                          Notable characteristics : Redhead, Irish patriot
                          Weapon : Duc d'Alba sword
                          Recorded kills: Nicholas Hilliard, Aubert Cavalier,
                          Orin Clerebold, Piers Jacobs, Andrew Gallagher

                          Most recent base of operations : Belfast,
                          Northern Ireland
                          Occupation : Charter member, Iimmortals
                          Republican Army
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                          Date : 13 May 1998
                          Place : Dublin, Ireland
                          Victor : Steven Keane
                          Watcher : Mary Margareth O'Connell

                          Original cultural affiliation : Irish
                          Born : 1855, Dublin Ireland
                          First death : 1881, Murdered by English forces at
                          pro-Irish rally
                          First teacher : Hugh O'Neil
                          Known past associates : Hugh O'Neil, Liam
                          O'Rourke, Duncan MacLeod, Anton Kimserg,
                          Immortals Republican Army, Swords of Allah, Kieran Doherty
                          First recorded sighting : 1881 Ulster, student of O'Neil

                          Annie Devlin's life was joined the Cause of Ireland's freedom from the oppression of the English. Right or wrong, she
                          fought like a devil to free her homeland, but did it at the cost of innocent lives. Hundreds of mortals died because of her
                          schemes, and last week was one time too many : a bomb in Belfast caused the death of twelve innocent people, among
                          them immortal Steven Keane and his mortal wife Bernadette who were visiting the Ulster. Bernadette's life was
                          destroyed, leaving a ravaged Keane searching for the guilty part. He found the murderer in the person of Annie Devlin, a
                          woman out of time, to whom he reminded that war had been over for a long time, a lesson imparted to him in 1996 by a
                          Scot, Duncan MacLeod. Revenge resolves nothing, Keane knew, but he also couldn't let Annie kill more innocent, destroy
                          more lives. Keane didn't kill Annie for the sake of revenge, he killed her to prevent more harm from her.

                          Maggie O'Connell, 1998

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                          • Thanks, Gardner, my friend. I'm doing much better. Being a full-time carer for my dad has helped me move on somewhat and also the realisation that while my mum's passing was painful, i'm also relieved that she didn't suffer for years as some do with what my mum had. So, i'm now looking forward and not dwelling on what can't be changed.
                            Plus, i have so many good memories that i'm clinging to...

                            Good to see you posting again as well. Kinda wondering how you were getting on with this Gathering initiated by the plottings of the Sacred Order. Look forward to what's coming next.

                            Loved the Annie Devlin chronicle.



                            • Here is a new list of deleted characters from my lists :

                              I felt the woman victim of rape who turns into a player of the Game has become a tired trope, as well as the evil Muslim who kills European civilians. Also find an assorted number of redundant characters and minro Immortals.

                              Kaltouma Bechir, Philippe Ibaka, Laurent Kaliganshe, Saleh Koullamalah, Musa Diop, The Kabyle, Anthony Chance,
                              Limbikani, Odena Nkabingwe, Djibo Bakary, Fatou Bassolo M'Bo, Aylenna Boudreaux, Tantini Kahindu, Zé Kalanga,
                              Fanding Kayode, Omar Lalar, William Sumaye, Khalid Anwer

                              LATIN AMERICA
                              Solomon Burke, Vasco Montenegro, Salma Haddad, Jamaal Paredes, Luisa Timpantuna, Narcisse Voyant, Qiu Jin,
                              Jose Marcelo Cruz, Tajo Espinosa, Yasmina Ramos, Gloria Vento

                              NORTH AMERICA
                              Mario Bossard, Fanta Damba, Nessa Douglas, Sonny Beaumont, Raphael Osewe, Roclaw Gajewski, Tanja Hammerstein,
                              Ludwik Malek

                              Fu Kang-ho, Anastasio Felix, Diwil Lestari, Javier Palancio, Sandhya Kalansurya, Vijaya Kalansurya, Karim Raschid,
                              Jamal Al Din, Dania of Hamman, Nabil el-Awali, Atef Hayreddin, Tarek Qabbani, Swords of Allah Nasir Djaballah,
                              Swords of Allah Khaled Hosseini, Swords of Allah Mounir Sallah, Naseem

                              Clayton Barks, Helena Bridger, Hunter Cooper, Te Murupaenga, Raphael Oimbari,

                              Nargis Shahidi, Senja Turja, Emerenzia of Cyprus, Dora Maar, Ariana Agosti, Felix Borizé, Cecherella of Venice, Faruz Kassar,
                              Swords of Allah Abdul al-Nigeri, Swords of Allah Balquis Sa'ana Almasi, Swords of Allah Tawnat Belaouf,
                              Swords of Allah Omar Matoub

                              It means that Haidar Zidane suffers the same fate as Mossane and the other Water Snakes by the sword of Safoya Khan.

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