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  • Like what you did there with Capito and the tie-in with Henry of Kent, plus adding another identity for Caspian. And Capito a noble headhunter before he killed Crito? Yeah, it kind of works. A bit like the ultra-religious headhunter Damon Case; not a bad man just driven by circumstance.



    • Glad it worked for you! Tomorrow I'll start working out stats for the 2nd centuries immies you sent me.
      Also waiting for the next batches of immortals :-)

      And please, give me a male Immortal, born 5th century BC for my lists...
      You can see I am making the most of your resourceful mind ;-)
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        Harjot Shahraj
        Known aliases : Singha Khan, Mohan Patel
        Notable characteristics : Religiosu fanatic
        Weapon : Sikh curved saber
        Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

        Most recent base of operations : Mumbai, India
        Occupation : Bodyguard, the Eternal Sihan
        Prior occupations : Sikh warrior
        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
        Date : 1 June 1928
        Place : Mumbai
        Victor : Appius Lepidus Baro
        Watcher : Research, Baro Chronicles

        Original cultural affiliation : Indian Sikh
        Born : 1598; Lahore, India
        First death : 1628; Sikh warrior killed at Defence of
        Armitsar, repelling imperial forces of Emperor
        Shahjahan of India
        First teacher : Guru Ramdas ji, cross-identified as
        The Eternal Sihan
        Known associates : The Eternal Sihan
        Known ennemies : Sanjiv Gupta, Appius Lepidus
        First recorded sighting : 1628. Arimtsar, India
        Fighting Immortal Sanjiv Gupta, Imperial troops

        The chronicle of Appius Lepidus Barro is one of constant regrets over the Immortals he needlessly killed in his youth, and then over the Immortals he was forced to kill, endlessly playing the Game, unable to afford himself the occasional burnout. He thought he was safe in Mumbai, India, but the word is out : on the Immortal scene, you are not safe. Not even close. In Mumai he built a cosy little life for himself, he had a house, servants, a lovely mistress, and then he investigatedf hte diseppearance of his mistress, who fell in the lutches of a local nasty Immortal by name of Sihan a cultist and guru who had an Immortal bodyguard with an even nasty temper as Appius' on a bad day.
        Barro killed Sihan's bodyguard, a Sikh warrior who was fully aware the Game was played with as much vigor i nthat part of Asia as it is played in the rest of the world. Not only did Appius regret killing a kindred spirit like Harjot Shahraj, he alwo wished he had killed the Eternal Sohan who raped and murdered his beloved Shandra.
        The Eternal Sihan is inactive those days, currently in prison after one hudnrted of women of India bore witness to his cruelty as a sect leader. I have an inkling his days are numbered now that I sent Appius some words on the Eternal Sihan's current whereabouts.

        Adam Pierson, 2017
        From the Chronicle of Appius Lepidus Baro


        • Antonia Guidera
          Known aliases : Ichtaca (birth name) Carla Lopez
          Notable characteristics : Entombed during 1600
          Weapon : Custom machete
          Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

          Most recent base of operations : Cancun,
          Occupation : Curator; Museo Mayan de Cancun
          Prior occupations : Student, sacrificial virgin
          Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
          Date :
          Place :
          Victor :
          Watcher : Consuelo Rodriguez

          Original cultural affiliation : Native American
          Born : Chichen Itza, Maya Lowlands, unknown date
          Present-day Yucatan State, Mexico
          First death : Sacrificed to Water-God Chaac
          First teacher : Carlo Baldoni
          Known past associates : Carlo Baldoni
          First recorded sighting : 1924 Yucatan Peninsula
          Found by Carlo Baldoni on excavation site

          The Maya held the belief that cenotes or limestone sinkholes were portals to the underworld and sacrificed human beings to please the water god Chaac. The most notable example of this is the "Sacred Cenote" at Chichen Itza where extensive excavations have recovered the remains of 42 individuals, half of them under twenty years old. In 1913, archaeologist Sylvanus G. Morley persuaded the Carnegie Institution to fund an extensive archaeological project at Chichén Itzá, which included mapping the ruins and restoring several of the monuments. The Mexican Revolution and the following government instability prevented the Carnegie from beginning work until 1924. Over the course of 10 years, the Carnegie researchers led by immortal archaeologist Carlo Baldoni excavated and restored the Temple of Warriors and the Caracol. Baldoni had the surprise of finding the well-preserved remains of an immortal girl who must have been locked up there for the past 1600 years. Baldoni recovered the body of the young woman today known as Antonia Guidera and taught her about human history, about the tragic demise of her people the Mayas, about the Conquistadores and more importantly about immortals and about the Game. Guidera recently landed a position as curator in Mexico City, trying to preserve the past of the natives of her original country. Watcher research was successful at establishing her aproximate birth date as circa 150 AD , making her one of the oldest living Mesomaerican Immortals.

          Watcher Research, Mexico


          • Now she's just neat!


            • Glad you like her Bystander


              • Thanks for the latest updates, mate.

                Here's the next batch of names plus the extra one you wanted:

                6th century

                Tjia of Makuria - female
                Tatijana of Serbia - female
                Aregwedd of Glywysing - female
                Gudeliva - Visigothic female
                Sirimavo of Ay - female
                Ajara of Pundravardhana - female

                9th century

                Dessislava of Bolghar - Volga Bulgarian female
                Gudbjorg She-Wolf - Norwegian female
                Etheria of Romagna - female
                Touktar of the Tatars - female
                Hrachia of Arminiya - female

                5th century BC

                Natrajan of Panchala - male



                • Beaiutiful list of names. Thank you for the extra one. Ah, an Hindu, that's very well.


                  • Here is one of the 3rd century Immortal women, who I found to be older than you thought...

                    Myrine of Paeonia

                    Known aliases : Timocleia of Thebes
                    Arachidamia of Sparta
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : Greek hoplite sword
                    Recorded kills : None known

                    Most recent base of operations : Pyrrhus, Sparta
                    Occupation : Leading Spartan warriors during
                    Siege of Pyrrhus with Kyra of Sparta
                    Prior occupations : Warrior woman
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                    Date : 272 BC
                    Place : Pyrrhus
                    Victor : N.A
                    Watcher : Research, Southern Europe

                    Original cultural affiliation : Greek
                    Born : 6th century BC, Kingdom fo Paeona
                    First death : 521-486 BC, Durign subjugation of
                    Paeonians by armies of Darius the Great
                    First teacher : Unrecorded
                    Known past associates : Deoneces of Sparta
                    First recorded sighting : 335 BC Thebes, Greece
                    During pillage of Thebes by Thracian army,
                    murdered the Thracian captain who raped her
                    Encounter with Deoneces of Sparta

                    According to Plutarch's biography of Alexander the Great, when his forces took Thebes during Alexander's Balkan campaign of 335 BC, Thracian forces pillaged the city, and a captain of the Thracian forces raped an Immortal woman named Timocleia, identified as such by Cleophon of Athens, at this time a commander in the Macedonian cavalry and serving on Alexander's command staff. After raping her, the captain asked if she knew of any hidden money. She told him that she did, and led him into her garden, and told him there was money hidden in her well. When the Thracian captain stooped to look into the well, Timoclea pushed him into the well, and then hurled heavy stones into the well until the captain was dead.
                    Timoclea was seized by the Thracian soldiers and brought before Alexander the Great. She comported herself with great dignity and told Alexander that her brother was Theagenes, last commander of the Theban Sacred Band, who died "for the liberty of Greece" at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC, defeated by Alexander's father Philip of Macedon. Alexander was so impressed with Timocleia that he ordered her and her children released and she was not punished for killing the Thracian captain.
                    Timoclea became Cleophon'slover from 335 to 326 BC and parted ways with him, not seen by Watchers before 272 BC in Pyrrhus, Sparta, when she lad Spartan warriors alongside Deoneces (Cleophon's disciple) and Kyra of Sparta. The three Immortals fought side by side and also did a luscious menage à trois in the bed between two battles.

                    Watcher Research, Balkans

                    Same thing for Achaxe of Sarmatia, way too old to be an 3rd century woman, cross-identified as Ara of Sarmatia.
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                    • Great write-up, my friend. Nice tie-in to Cleophon, Deoneces and Kyra. Deoneces did love his threesomes, didn't he? Lol

                      Here's the next batch of names for you:

                      10th century

                      Fakhriyya bint Mohsen - Fatimid female
                      Izdihar Hijaz ibnat Raia - Cretan Arab female
                      Guerina of Benevento - female
                      Heyzoete of Flanders - female
                      Asvattha of Kabul Shahi - female
                      Bixenta of Soule - Basque female

                      11th century

                      Qalhata of Alodia
                      Remenyke of Esztergom - Hungarian female
                      Aoife of Galloway - female
                      Ciecherella of Venice - female
                      Naatje of Guelders - female
                      Rubea of Galilee - female
                      Nanlha of Bumthang - female



                      • Another great list of names, dear Apollo, thank you. So far so good : our number are reaching 30 to 35 % female immortals on the overall Immortals population for each century. In the future, I hope we can push things forward and find more, reach a 40-45% ratio of immortal women identified by Watchers, depending on population growth and on the number of active players of the Game per century. Those would be acceptable number, depending on which region of the world we decide to explore (see map). There are regions of the world where more women are born than males, and yet we have 30% women of Immortals positively identified by Watchers, which remains extremely low.

                        And also find more Bronze Age immortals of both sexes.

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                        • Comment

                          • Thanks to your 4th century list, Apollo, I was able to find the origins of some characters with undetermined backgrounds.

                            Known aliases : Eumolpus of Aksum
                            Notable characteristics : Gregarious immortal,
                            never seen without his Nayangatom family
                            Weapon : Tribal spear, machete
                            Recorded kills : None known

                            Most recent base of operations : Northern Ethiopia
                            Occupation : Nomad/pastoralist, living in mobile
                            livestock village, keeping a free target from
                            headhunters and feuding Ethiopian tribes
                            Prior occupations : Ditto, presumably
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 13 May 1975
                            Place : Nyangatom land
                            Victor : The Chamelon of Eritrea
                            Watcher : Research, Eastern Africa

                            Original cultural affiliation : Nyangatom
                            Born : 4th century, Aksum Kingdom, Northern Ethiopia
                            First death : Tribal warfare, on the wrong end of a
                            Turkana trisbesman spear
                            First teacher : Sunda Kastagir
                            Known past associates : Sunda Kastagir
                            First recorded sighting : 1973. Northern Ethiopia
                            Encounter with Sunda Kastagir, told about the
                            Nyangatom by the Afar Clan women, investigated
                            his existence, found him to be a former disciple

                            Tangaki was warned by Sunda Kastagir about Immortals coming after his head, the Immortal had a good laugh. Why

                            would so-called Immortals want to take his head, and what kind of power ? He had lived for generations, couldn’t remember whern he was born and had seen his people grow old, and die, the young being born to grow old again and each time passing as a witch who was impervious to old age and injury. He didn’t have a care in the world, so why should he worry about othersof his kind ? The passioned Kastagir wisely chose to leave Tangaki to his business, after all he had chosen his own path and was happy with it. When the Chamelon of Eritrea challenged him, Tangaki chose to defend his village with his spear. But the Chameleon was quicker than his spear and outmatched him. When she took his head, it was a short Quickening, it is obvious the Nyangatom never played the Game. But at least, he had lived a happier life than most Immortals could ever pretend to.

                            Watcher Bureau, Eastern Africa

                            Hussein Khali
                            Known aliases : Hekanefer of Meroe
                            Notable characteristics : Tattoos on forearms
                            Weapon : Moorish boradsowrd
                            Recorded kills : None known
                            Inconclusive fight against Faiza Bouembassa,

                            Most recent base of operations : Cairo, Egypt
                            Occupation : Sex-trafficker, selling sub-Saharan
                            Africa girls to the slave markets of Egypt and of
                            the Maghreb
                            Prior occupations : Slaver
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 12 May 2000
                            Place : Cairo
                            Victor : Kashta of Nubia
                            Watcher : Research, Northern Africa

                            Original cultural affiliation : Barabra Nubians
                            Born : 4th century, Kingdom of Nubia, Sudan
                            First death : Killed during foiled rape, the Berber
                            princess he attacked retaliated with her knife
                            First teacher : Neberfer, Brotherhood of Ra
                            Known associates : Omar Fakroun
                            Known past associates : Hamza el-Kahir, Nebefer
                            Known ennemies : Kashta of Nubia, Faiza
                            First recorded sighting : 1641. Tripolitania
                            Selling slaves to immortal Omar Fakroun

                            What huge man ! The lifelong hatred between Hussein Khali and Kashta of Nubia reached a boiling point when Hussein started trafficking women on Kashta territory, a city protected by the Nubian giant and while the giant can be gentle, his is a walking nightmare toward immortals who threaten the safety of mortals. Hussein the slaver and rapist drives Italian cars, wears armani, is a mundane immortal who surfs the net but even with a classy appearance, his is a murdering bastard who lived too long and Kashta finally killed him after investigating the slave-ring which saw the disappearance of his handsmaiden's daughter. The daughter's track led him to a complicated network running from
                            Caro and extending itself to countries of the Maghrebe and Westenr Africa. While Hussein's death won't prevent another slaver to take his plac,e at least that one is out of the Game.

                            Watcher Bureau, Northern Africa

                            Borwyn of Deira
                            Known aliases : Bleddfach of the Cornovii
                            Notable characteristics : None
                            Weapon : Northumbrian broadsword
                            Recorded kills : None known

                            Most recent base of operations : Northumbria
                            Present-day England
                            Occupation : Warrior in the army of Aethelfrid of
                            Prior occupations : Ditto
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 616, Battle of Chester
                            Place : Chester, England
                            Victor : Ceirdwyn, warrior in the armies of Cearl of
                            Mercia, Selyf ap Cynan and Iago ap Bel
                            Watcher : Research, the Chronicle of Ceirdwyn

                            Original cultural affiliation : Cornovii
                            Born : 347. Cornoviorum, present Midlands of
                            First death : 367 Fighting invading Norsemen,
                            soldier i nthe First Cohort of Conovii
                            First teacher : Richomer of Dover
                            Known past associates : Richomer of Dover
                            Known ennemies : Ceirdwyn
                            First recorded sighting : 581. Kingdom of Deira,
                            Northern England. Warrior under King Aelfrith of
                            Bernicia, encounter with Richomer of Dover

                            Borwyn was a brute, a huge warrior of a man who pillaged and raped his way across Northumbria and was the product of his time : a brutal and barbaric immortal while Ceirdwyn had experienced the benefits of a civilized empire in Rome.Nearly two centuries after the fall of Rome, Ceirdwyn had to reinvent herself a a warrior-woman while never losing the benevolent side of herself, reflecting the wisdom and kidness of Boddicaea (aka Xanthia of Melitus). When she faced Borwyn, she stood her ground and faced what was to come. Sometimes In the Game, there is no choice, no moral ambfguity : you have to fight the fight and to take names.
                            From the Chronicle of Ceirdwyn

                            Notes : Early decline of the Cornovii appears to set in at Viroconium Cornoviorum, earlier than with many British cities which retain their prosperity until the time of the great barbarian attack of 367. Late in the same century, the only known British military unit, the First Cohort of Cornovii (Cohors Primae Cornoviorum), can be found serving at the Pons Aelius (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) garrison at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. By this time the five hundred-or-so men of the unit are probably under the command of Coel Hen of the 'kingdom' of Northern Britain.

                            Rashid al-Qadir
                            Known aliases : Spithridates of Carmania
                            Notable characteristics : None
                            Weapon : Moorish broadsword
                            Recorded kills : None known
                            Inconclusive fight against Al-Ghawi Raif, 1310

                            Most recent base of operations : Morocco
                            Occupation : Soldier
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                            Date : 1 April 1405
                            Place : Outskirts of Marrakesh
                            Victor : Halis ag Emoctar
                            Watcher : Ahmed Irzan

                            Original cultural affiliation : Persian
                            Born : 317; Carmania, Arsacid Empire
                            First death : 337, Warring against Banu Taghlib
                            tribe which settled in Persia
                            First teacher : Khojasteh
                            First recorded sighting : 1310. Medina, Arabia
                            Triying to seduce of the wives of Al-Ghawai Raif

                            When Rashid al-Qadir challenged Halis Ag Emoctar in the middle of Marrakesh's bazaar, the Persian warrior felt confident about he superiority of his blade, scoffing at the Tuareg immortal in blue robes. After the last song of the Muezzin had ended, both men began fighting : scimitar and main gauche against Tuareg longsword, two blades made of the purest steel clashing and wielded by fierce combattants.Both men being of equal streghts, the battle lasted for two hours, after both immortals had scoured the streets of Marrakesh, fighting and cursing each other. Then al-Qadir attempted a risky move against his opponent, hitting ground, using his left hand to prevent his fall, and his right hand to strike at the heart of the dragon; a move that allowed him to take the head of Mehmet Osman twenty years ago but didn't work against the Tuareg. Rashid al-Qadir fought well and was removed from the Game when he least expected it. This is the way of Allah the misericordious.

                            Allah Ackbar

                            Ahmed Irzan, 1405

                            Kun Hou
                            Known aliases : Inspector Chun, Michael Wang
                            Cross-identified as Lim Teoh
                            Notable characteristics : Ruthless businessman
                            Weapon : Dao sword
                            Recorded kills : None known

                            Most recent base of operations : Shabunda,
                            Democratic Republic of the Congo
                            Occupation : Regional director Kun Hou Mining
                            Industries for Eastern Congo
                            Prior occupations : Investment banker; chief of
                            guards, Forbidden City, corrupt official, pirate,
                            business partner of immortal Bo Gang
                            Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                            Date :
                            Place :
                            Victor :
                            Watcher : Linda Heow

                            Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
                            Born : 4th century; Chi Tu Kingdom, Malaysia
                            First death : Unrecorded
                            First teacher : Unrecorded
                            Known past associates : Herbert Gris,Bo Gang
                            Known ennemies : Hideo Tanaka
                            First recorded sighting : 607 Chi Tu Kingdom,
                            Malaysia. Encounter with iang Xiang-jiang at this
                            time an ambassador of Chinese Sui Dynasty,
                            disclosed to the Ambassador he was already three
                            hundred years old

                            Kun Hou was thought killed a long time ago by Hideo Tanaka after the old Samurai took out Bo Gang in 1615, but Kun Hou re-appeared in New-York in 1995, contracting deals with Graydon Hammer to developp mining industries in Africa. For twenty years he has been plundering the Horn of Africa, and then Western African countries, avoiding other immortals, going so far as allying himself with Mement-Ra’s immortals to avoid losing his head during the Immortals War. He is thriving now, living off cheap third-world labor forces, same way Hammer did in his time.

                            Linda Heow, May 2015
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                            • Chan-sook of Samhan
                              Known aliases : None, identified as the shady
                              “Dancer of Seoul”
                              Reporting missing in 562 at the time of Gaya
                              conquest by Kingdom of Silla
                              Notable characteristics : Teenaged Immortal
                              Weapon : Not carrying one at time of death
                              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                              Most recent base of operations : Seoul, present-
                              day South Korea
                              Occupation : Dancer
                              Prior occupation ; Singer and poetess, Gaya
                              Confederacy (350-536)
                              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                              Date : 13 May 1953
                              Place : Seoul
                              Victor : Chang, aka Wayne Chang
                              Watcher : Research, Eastern Asia, Subdivision of

                              Original cultural affilation : Korean Samhan
                              Born : 330; Samhan Confederacy, South Korea
                              First death : 346; Dancer at court of King
                              Geunchogo, fatally stabbed in foiled rape
                              First teacher : Oppa Eunkyhung
                              Known past associates : Oppa Eunkyhung
                              First recorded sighting : 1953. Seoul, South Korea
                              Found and killed by Chang

                              Chang, the top-assassin of the Far East specializing in political assassinations was in Seoul to murder a general of Soyuth Korea army - on the payroll of North Korea - after having savored the irony of murdering a North Korean politician while of the payroll of South Korea. Chang was an immortal who liked irony, 'the salt of immortality' as he called it; if there was a ruthless opportunitic, that was Chang. While in Seoul, Chang sought some rest and recreation in a popular tavern of the city's centertown where he attended the show of a local dancing woman. The woman turnout to be an immortal, so far unlisted in our chronicles. Chang, ever the opportunist, hunted the young woman after her show and took her out; this wasn't a fight, the poor woman didn't carry a sword at the time of her death. A merciless execution, but you could see hatred in the eyes of the cold Chang who rarely let slip any feelings from his cold demeanor. Here was a man with scores to settle with women as his 'dispute' with his foster mother Kellistra may attest.

                              From the Chronicle of Wayne Chang
                              Watcher Research, Eastern Asia


                              • Minor adjustement :

                                Hazeem al Bachrim aka Haresh Clay
                                Original cultural affiliation : Ashanti
                                Born : 801; Kumasi, Kingdom of Ghana

                                Kumbi Saleh is in Mauritania, the Ashanti were from Ghana. You can never trust the informations from the Watcher CD by the look ot it.
                                Such amateurish work !


                                • Black Margaret
                                  Known aliases : Adaeze of Kumbi Salah, The Immortal Meryem
                                  Notable characteristics : Flamboyant dresser
                                  Confrontational personality
                                  Weapon : Moorish broadsword
                                  Recorded kills : None known

                                  Most recent base of operations : Scotland
                                  Occupation : Hunting Connor MacLeod, sought to
                                  acquire the Masamune katana, originally
                                  belonging to Tak-Ne of Alexandria
                                  Prior occupations : Companion of Angus
                                  MacFadden, fought the English at Flodden Fields
                                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                  Date : 1555
                                  Place : Glencoe, Scotland
                                  Victor : Connor MacLeod
                                  Watcher : Research, Connor MacLeod Chronicle

                                  Original cultural affiliation : Mauritanian
                                  Born : 4th century; Kumbi Saleh, Mauritania,
                                  Empire of Ghana
                                  First death : Spouse of King Khaya Magan put to
                                  death for alleged adultery and for not beign able to
                                  produce an heir
                                  First teacher : Tak-Ne of Alexandria
                                  Known ennemies : Connor MacLeod
                                  First recorded sighting : 1513. Edimburgh,
                                  Scotland. At court of King James IV of Scotland,
                                  tumultous romance with Angus MacFadden

                                  Black Margaret sought the legendary Masamune katana belonging to the late Take Ne of Alexandria, now in the possession of his student, Connor MacLeod. Margaret offered a tidy sum of money to the Highlander for the sword, but MacLeod stubbornly refused. Margaret offfered her Moorish sword in ecchange, but MacLeod is a stubborn immortal. She must have wanted it a lot, because she finally threatened MacLeod’s wife with a fate worse than death if MacLeod didn’t hand her the katana. This got MacLeod very angry. He sent his wiffe back in the house and challenged Black Margaret. Margaret laughed but she saw she had no choice. The fight was very brutal, MacLeod put all his strengh, his soul and his love for bonny Heather in the fight and in the end, stood victorious, Margaret falling to her knees.
                                  I didn’t expect MacLeod to take the head of the Moorish woman. It was a powerful Quickening. It scared poor Heather and put the fire to the barn, but you could see the love of the mortal woman for her husband, and how much in awe she was before the Quickening, though she did witness one once, when the Kurgan beast murdered Ramirez. Helping the Highlander to his feet, Heather embraced her husband and together, they buried the fallen Moor.

                                  Albert McNeil, May 1555


                                  • Amestris of Khotan

                                    Known aliases : Safiya bint Ho-Yay, Schahrazad
                                    Notable characteristics : Persuasive, clever mind,
                                    survived confrontations with Immortals by talling
                                    tales of other Immortals
                                    Weapon : Never seen carrying one
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Alamut fortress,
                                    Ankara Turkey
                                    Occupation : Slave/Storyteller
                                    Prior occupations : Traveller, scholar, long-
                                    suspected of havign discovered Watcher’s
                                    Chronicles in Medina
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                                    Date : 1080 Captive in Hassa-i-Sabbah’s fortress
                                    Place : Alamut
                                    Victor : N.A Either killed or spared by Hassan
                                    Watcher : Research, Hassan-i-Sabbah Chronicle

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Khotan, half-Iranian
                                    Born : 4th century; Kingdom of Khotan, Xinjian
                                    Province, China
                                    First death : Unrecorded
                                    First teacher : Unrecorded
                                    Known associates : Hassan-i-Sabah, Xanthia of
                                    Melitus, Prisca Negra, Sunda Kastagir
                                    Known past associates : Selim Ubadah
                                    First recorded sighting : 654. Mecca, Arabia
                                    Encounter with Selim Ubadah, told him stories of
                                    long-gone Immortals from Mesopotamia

                                    In 1900 Immortal Aurel Stein (the Immortal Indiana Jones) uncovered the city of Khotan,capital city of the Kingdom of Khotan, buried under centuries of sand. Stein had been inspired in his research by the writings of fellow immortal Hsien-Tsiang who had travelled through Central Asian and along the Silk Road where he was met by an ancient woman by name of Amestris.
                                    Amestris hailed from the Kingdom of Khotan and had reinvented herself as a wife of Mahomet in the Mecca under the name of Safiya bint Ho-Yay where she met Immortal Selim Ubadah. Ubadah gave Amestris the incentive for telling fantasy stories of ancient Immortals, wizards, and adventurers, thus making her the Immortals’ immortal chronicler.
                                    Intrigued by the stories of Hsien-Tsiang, Stein decided to research the existence of the strange Amestris and of her city when he was sixteen years from achieving Immortality during an expedition to Central Asia.
                                    The other source of inspiration to Stein was the work of the Swedish explorer and geographer, Sven Hedin (aka Immortal Tosh Ivarsson), who had done extensive, detailed mapping of large parts of Central Asia, including the routes of the famous Silk Road. Central Asia was an area that theretofore had not been mapped in great detail.
                                    Aurel Stein eventually found the city of Khotan through a combination of luck and observation of how the site was irrigated for centuries with water that had been redirected via canals from the nearby rivers, including the Kara-kash River. Stein's deduction was that the ruins of the city laid under the village of Hetian/ Yotkan.
                                    During his diggings, he found tablets that described a woman of great beauty and wisdom, named Amestris, confirmign the existence of the woman and her origins as the fabled Scheherazade from the 1001 Nights, or more accurately, Schahrazad, a captive/consort of Immortal Hassan-ii-Sabah.

                                    From the Chronicle of Aurel Stein

                                    Llewelyth Develynn
                                    Known aliases : Jenett Vergh Lewys, Alice Lloyd
                                    Cross-identified as Elyan the White and Conwenna
                                    Notable characteristics : Thought herself forsaken
                                    by God because of her barren womb, saw her
                                    encounter with Kenneth as a blessing
                                    Weapon : Not carrying one at time of death
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Carmathen,
                                    Carmathenshire Wales
                                    Occupation : Alehouse proprietor
                                    Prior occupations : Warrior women ,marching with
                                    the army of Ceirdwyn
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                    Date : 1545
                                    Place : Carmathen
                                    Victor : Kenneth
                                    Watcher : Mathias Rydderch

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Welsh
                                    Born : 5th century; Talley Abbey, Kingdom of
                                    Ceredigion, Wales
                                    First death : Fell from top of Abbey, possible suicide
                                    First teacher : Bors de Ganys
                                    Known associates : Kenneth
                                    Known past associates : Alex Raven, Bors de
                                    Ganys, Merlin, King Arthur, the Knights of Camelot
                                    First recorded sighting : 1411. Southern Wales
                                    Investigating massacre of British soldiers by local
                                    immortal with Alex Raven

                                    Maybe it is a blessing to Llewelyth to welcome young Kenneth in the alehouse, but I have received worrying reports from the monks up in London about the Saxon's activities. He isn't a two years odl orphan, but a nearly three hundred years old little savage who killed many immortals who tried to help him. I fear for my mistress who craving for motherhood will make her bling to the boy's odd behavior of open hositlity to all those put themselves between himself and his mother.
                                    They way a wolf hate when one looks at his prey.

                                    Mathias Rydderch, Carmathen 1545


                                    Llewelyth Develynn referred to herself as a former Knight of the Round table, once a student and consort of Bors de Ganys who sieged at Camelot under a male identity, she told so to Alex Raven during their investigation of a massacre of British soldiers in 1411. She recounted how she mourned the passing of her husband, Boris (aka Bors, no doubt) who fell by the axe of a ‘savage Viking’ (Silas) but mourned her absence of children even more, beign unable to be a mother herself, or only through adoption.

                                    Watcher Research, the Knights of the Round Table

                                    Siobhan of Cork
                                    Known aliases : The Banshee of Cork
                                    Cross-identified as Findabair of Meath
                                    Notable characteristics : Wore a death mask over
                                    her face
                                    Weapon : Medieval broadsword with silver handle
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Cork County
                                    Occupation : Warrior, leading guerillas tactics
                                    against the British during Tudor Conquest of
                                    Ireland, passing herself as a supernatural being
                                    Prior occupations : Undetermined
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                    Date : 1603
                                    Place : Cork County
                                    Victor : Maharbal of Carthage, at this time fighting
                                    on the side of the English Protestants
                                    Watcher : Research, Maharbal Chronicle

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Irish
                                    Born : 5th century; Kingdom of Meath, Ireland
                                    First death : Raped and killed by cattle-raiders
                                    during times of warfare
                                    First teacher : Seamus of Athlone
                                    Known ennemies : Maharbal of Carthage
                                    First recorded sighting : 1594. Cork County,
                                    Ireland. Inconclusive fight against Calvin Marius,
                                    cross-identified as Maharbal of Carthage

                                    Siobhan of Cork was a good woman, one who hated the British who soiled and pillaged her land, killed the men of her country, raped its women and enslaved its children. This is why she led guerilla tacticts against the Brits killing countless soldiers and officers of the Queen, passing herself as a supernatural being with her ear-piercing shrikes and death masks, training her young warriors to do the same. The Banshees of Cork were eventually investigated by Maharbal of Carthage, at this time working for the English; Maharbal fought the Banshee, discovering his nature as an immortal, taking her out, silencing Siobhan forever.

                                    From the Chronicle of Maharbal of Carthage

                                    Known aliases : None
                                    Notable characteristics : Travelled in male disguise
                                    Teenged Immortals
                                    Weapon : Suevi custom broadsword
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a plyer of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Gallaecia,
                                    modern-day Northern Portugal
                                    Occupation : Sword-for-hire
                                    Prior occupations : Invader, pluderer
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                    Date : 868, during Reconquista of Northern Iberia
                                    by Count Vimara Peres
                                    Place : Vila Real
                                    Victor : Ben Said al-Maghribi
                                    Watcher : Watcher Research, Iberian Peninsula

                                    Original cultural affilation : Suebic
                                    Born : 453; Suevic Kingdom of Galicia
                                    First death : 468; Durign sack of Cinuimbriga by the Suebics
                                    First teachers : Auina of Tuihanti and Petya of the Getae
                                    Known past associates : Auina and Petya
                                    Known ennemies : Cristovao Bastos
                                    First recorded sighting : 468. Cinimbriga, Portugal
                                    Inconclusive fight against Cristovao Bastos during
                                    sack of the city by the Suebics, fatally stabbed through the chest

                                    The chronicles of Ben Said-al-Magribi report how in 868 he fought the forces of Count Vimara Peres during the first reconquista of Iberia by Spanish troops, the first attempt to repell Moorish occupation of the Iberian peninsula. Ben Said was in Northern Portugal, when in the middele of a heated battle he sensed the presence of one of his kind, a mercenary who introduced himself as Glismoda, a Suevi briefly listed on the roster of immortals in 468 when she fought Cristovao Bastos during the sack of Coimbra by the Suevi tribe. Glismoda was thought to have been killed by the Portuguese hero, but somehow lived four centuries before re-appearing as a soldier of Count Peres. The battle raged on, ending on a stalemate by the end of the day. The following evening, Ben Said and Glismoda faced each other as immortals are prone to do. Ben Said fought with the same vigor and passion he bestowed on the Portuguese army and won against the Suevi warrior, taking her raw power and battle instinct; the following day, Ben Said won another victory when his army successfully defeated the army Count Vimara Peres.

                                    From the Chronicle of Ben Said al-Magribi
                                    Watcher Research, Iberia
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                                    • Great job with these chronicles, my friend. Really interesting stories from these ancient Immortals. Nice connections with other Immortals coming into their orbit and crossing their paths.

                                      Some more names for you:

                                      12th century

                                      Bozidara of Bohemia - female
                                      Akasaganga - Butuan female
                                      Josiane of Edessa - female
                                      Etheria of Genoa - female
                                      Borghildur - Icelandic female
                                      Anastazja of Ostrow - Polish female
                                      Kulleni Dereje - Ethiopian female



                                      • Great new names Apollo. Glad you liked those new updates, Watcher Research also ought be the task of finding the origins of previously created Immortals . Cheers !

                                        Fooxin Hu
                                        Known aliases : Xingxin Hu, cross-identified as
                                        Manslayer Lai Ou-yang
                                        Notable characteristics : Martial Arts practitioner,
                                        man-hater; entombed in a cave for 300 years
                                        Weapon : One-handed Chinese war sword
                                        Recorded kills : None known

                                        Most recent base of operations : Shandong
                                        Province, China
                                        Occupation : Socialite, serial killer
                                        Prior occupations : Ditto, presumably
                                        Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                        Date : 1391
                                        Place : Jinan, Shandong Province
                                        Victor : Maharbal of Carthage
                                        Watcher : Research, Eastern Asia - China

                                        Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
                                        Born : 5th century; Kingdom of Turpan, Xinjiang,
                                        First death : Sentenced to death for the murders of
                                        one-hundred and seventy men, locked in a sealed
                                        vault for three hundred years
                                        First teacher : Zhou Tong
                                        Known ennemies : Maharbal of Carthage
                                        First recorded sighting : 750. Kingdom of Turpan
                                        Found asleep in a cave by Zhou Tong who made
                                        of Fooxin a master assassin at his service

                                        As with Pharaxes, Fooxin Hu was another one of Maharbal’s villains who was entombed for centuries before being freed. Their own hellish Phantom Zone, driven insane after centuries spent alone in the darkness, in a state of half-life. Already insane upon First Death, Fooxin was found by Master assassin Zhou Tong who took her to his service and taught her the rules of immortal life, but soon found out she was an uncontrollable character. He was forced to send her away, preferring to concentrate on another project of his, five immortal assassins under his control (see Poison Clan chronicle). Left alone, Fooxin Hu became free to become the serial assassin she dreamed of being, fending for herself in the Game with her Ten fingers and palm technique she used on countless men, and presumably on her fair share of immortals.
                                        The she met up with Maharbal of Carthage, travelling ot the Orient by the end of the 14th century, frensh from warring against the Golden Horde of the Khans, and tried her technique on him. Maharbal turned the table on her and dispatched her forever.

                                        From the Chronicle of Maharbal of Carthage

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                                        • Kaneptha
                                          Known aliases : Tija of Makuria (birth name)
                                          Isidora La Nuit, La Bruja Negra
                                          Notable characteristics : Sociopathic, incestuous
                                          relationship with her brother Khemistos
                                          Weapon : Custom broadsword
                                          Prone to sacrificing Immortals during ceremonies

                                          Most recent base of operations : Lagos, Nigeria
                                          Occupation : Priestess, Nigerian vodoo
                                          Prior occupations : High priestess, Cult of Anubis,
                                          sacrificing virgins in Ciudad Juarez, ruler of a
                                          vampire cult in New Orleans LS
                                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                          Date : 12 September 2016
                                          Place : Lagos
                                          Victor : Arminius Vambery
                                          Watcher : Research, Western Europe

                                          Original cultural affiliation : Nubian
                                          Born : 617, Kingdom of Makuria, Sudan
                                          First death : 642; Warring against Rashidun Calphate
                                          durign Muslim conquest of Egypt
                                          First teacher : Ankhanaten Rey
                                          Known associates : Khemistos
                                          Known ennemies : Arminius Vambery, Kashta of
                                          Nubia, Sit-Hathor Iunet, Marie Laveau
                                          First recorded sighting : 898. Cairo, Egypt
                                          Reigning on the Egyptian underworld as High
                                          Priestess of the Cult of Anubis, got in conflict with
                                          Kashta of Nubia and Sit-Hathor Iunet

                                          Known aliases : Nerapth of Makuria (birth name)
                                          Damian Van Lundt, Frère Damien
                                          Notable characteristics : Sociopathic, incestuous
                                          relationship with his sister Kaneptah
                                          Weapon : Wallachian infatry saber
                                          Prone to sacrificing Immortals during ceremonies

                                          Most recent base of operations : Lagos, Nigeria
                                          Occupation : Cult leader, Nigerian voodoo
                                          Prior occupations : Posing as Anubis, Egyptian
                                          God of the Underworld; sacrificing virgins in
                                          Ciudad Juarez, vampire cult ruler in New Orleans
                                          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                          Date : 12 September 2016
                                          Place : Lagos
                                          Victor : Arminius Vambery
                                          Watcher : Research, Western Europe

                                          Original cultural affiliation : Nubian
                                          Born : 615, Kingdom of Makuria, Sudan
                                          First death : 642; Warring against Rashidun Calphate
                                          durign Muslim conquest of Egypt
                                          First teacher : Ankhanaten Rey
                                          Known associates : Khaneptah
                                          Known ennemies : Arminius Vambery, Kashta of
                                          Nubia, Sit-Hathor Iunet, Marie Laveau
                                          First recorded sighting : 898. Cairo, Egypt
                                          Reigning on the Egyptian underworld as a
                                          reincarnation of Anubis, God of Death, got in
                                          conflict with Kashta of Nubia and Sit-Hathor Iunet

                                          Khemistos and Kaneptah were a deadly husband-and-wife duo of remorseless killers, opportunist cultists staging cults across the world, in manners fitting the countries they settled in : followers of Anugbis in Egypt, Voodoo in the Carribean and Western Africa, Aztec followers in Latin America, snuff pornographers in Ciudad Juarez, followers of Kali in India and who knows were else. Each time they killed, they shared the power of theri victim.

                                          They must have killed dozens of Immortals those two, in each part of the world they started a cult, gathering followers who would kidnapp previously identified Immortals and bring them to their coven where Kaneptah and Khemistos would kill them, sharing the Quickenings, with their public in awe in front of their power over lightnings, never questioning the transfer of energy. They started as an Anubis cult in 898, killing Immortals from Egypt and Nubia; in New Orleans during the late 18th century (1768-1790); then more Immortals in Ciudad Juarez from 1983 to 1992. There are a lot of missing Immortals in the chronicles, we suspect them of having murdered people from pre-Columbian America, Carribean, Southern Asia, especially India; also in the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia.

                                          Finally Armnius Vambery got to them last September, havng followed theri trails since the Angkor Vat massacre of 1953, two dozen mortal followers killed in mass suicide, as it is the case when they decide to leave for another part of the world. More Immortals from Cambodia reported missing. But this time, they didn't have the time to kill more, Vambery was watching from afar and finally tracked them down to their lair. So stupid of them to leave tracks.
                                          So stupid to live like vampires, sleeping by day, living by night. Not even good with swords, they never bothered with giving a fair fight to the Immortals they killed. A long last, their reing of terror is over.

                                          Watcher Bureau, Western Africa


                                          • Roberta Pembroke
                                            Known aliases : Aregwedd of Glywysing,
                                            Nellie Owens, Genevieve Masters, Stella Gilbert
                                            Notable characteristics : None
                                            Weapon : Never seen carryin any
                                            Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                                            Most recent base of operations : Denver CL USA
                                            Occupation : Director, Pembroke Institute for
                                            Gifted Children
                                            Prior occupations : Aristocrat
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                            Date : 1 September 1869
                                            Place : Denver CL
                                            Victor : Damon Case
                                            Watcher : John L. Slocum

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Welsh
                                            Born : 6th century; Kingdom of Glywysing, Wales
                                            First death : Handsmaiden spurning advances of a
                                            local knight, stabbed to death
                                            First teacher : Sir Gawain, Knights of the
                                            Round Table
                                            Known past associates : Orville Webber,
                                            George Geddis
                                            First recorded sighting : 1699 Vienna, Austria
                                            Meeting Hugh Fitzcairn, rebuked his advances

                                            That woman didn't know her place, no sir, and she wouldn't even look at me in the eye when I talked to her, as if I was some commoner barely worth tending to her gardens. But old Slocum is no goose and knows how to recognize a woman who doesn't know her place.
                                            She wasn't much of a Christian either, giving all sorts of talk on how women should dispose of their bodies freely and do as they please. Well, I couldn't accept it, no way. At least, Myra Clinton was kind to me, my sweet lady. But that's not the kind of talk a Watcher may use.
                                            I would like to ask re-assignement, dear Sir, since that English monk came into town yesterday night, to show Ms Pembroke her true place in the world and in the Game.

                                            John Slocum
                                            September 1969

                                            From the Record of the Tribunal
                                            14 November 1869

                                            In the matter of the dismissal of John L. Slocum, the Tribunal ruled to uphold the decision of Slocum's Area Supervisor to dismiss with prejudice on the grounds of gross incompetence and negligence. The Tribunal agrees that the initial allegations that Mr. Slocum had physical relationships with and/or contributed to the deaths of his assignments, Myra Clinton and Roberta Pembroke, cannot be proven from the evidence presented.
                                            However, the evidence does clearly indicate that Slocum falsified Watcher records and, in one instance, destroyed a Watcher Chronicle. Both of these are gross offences in the eyes of the Tribunal and are grounds for dismissal with prejudice. And, in light of his contemptible behavior before this Tribunal, the Tribunal reminds Mr. Slocum that he will be Watched for an undisclosed number of years. Should he attempt retaliation or betrayal of this organization in any manner, he will again face the Tribunal, this time under the charge of Treason. He should need no reminder that the penalty for Treason is death.

                                            Kumari Sumati
                                            Known aliases : Ajara of Pundravardhana,
                                            Rachna Malati, Tara Reena
                                            Notable characteristics : Lived on Holy Grounds
                                            Entombed for one hundred years
                                            Weapon : Never seen carrying any, rejected the
                                            violence of the Game, only cared about her
                                            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                            Most recent base of operations : Kolkotta, India
                                            Occupation : Opium den proprietor
                                            Prior occupations : Brothel manager
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                            Date : 1963
                                            Place : Chinatow, Kolkotta
                                            Victor : Huan Mulan
                                            Watcher : Research, the Chronicle of Hua Mulan

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Pundra
                                            Born : 6th century; Pundravardhana Kingdom,
                                            First death : Fell to mysterious « Pandu disease »
                                            a kind of anemia, possibly killed by a vampire bat
                                            First teacher : Hsien-Tsiang
                                            First recorded sighting : 645. Pundravardhana
                                            Found in a cave by Chinese monk Hsien-Tsiang
                                            who taught her the rules of Immortality

                                            Huan Mulan spent some time as protégé of Kumari Simati, an opium den manager of Kalkota located in the city’s Chinatown. Not a bad woman, Kumamri rejected the violence of the Game but was blind to her mortal husband’s taste for young girld. When Surrendra put his hand on Huan during the night, the Chinese immortal stabbed him and left him for dead. Kumari alerted by her husband’s scream for help tried to stop Huan but found her kitten was a tigress in disguise. Huan decided Kumari should have protected her and needed her punishment, which she gave to her, immortal-style.

                                            From the Chronicle of Huan Mulan

                                            Katia Esau
                                            Known aliases : None
                                            Notable characteristics : Periods of mental
                                            unstability, suffered from lycanthropism
                                            Weapon : Not carrying one at time of death
                                            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                            Most recent base of operations : Forest of Northern
                                            Ukraine, outskirts of Berdytchiv
                                            Occupation : Highwaywoman, serial killer
                                            Prior occupations : Undetermined
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                            Date : 799
                                            Place : Northern Ukraine
                                            Victor : Mor Than
                                            Watcher : Watcher Research, Eastern Europe

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Ukrainian Jew
                                            Born : 6th century; Greek colony of Chersonesus,
                                            First death : Mauled by wolves
                                            First teacher : Anatellon, at this time among the
                                            colony founders
                                            First recorded sighting : 799. Outkirts of Berdytchiv
                                            Attacked Mor Than who killed her; then raped and
                                            tortured her for three days before taking her head

                                            Eastern countries abound with stories of werewolves and vampires, trolls and ghouls, written to scare little childrne into obedience and being cautious when not under their parent's watch. Thos stories come from poor souls, madmen beliving themselves to be actual wolves and vampires.
                                            One of those people was Katia Esau, an immortal woman afflicted with lycanthropism : during full mooon she thoughts herself a wolf and thus attacked and killed mortals.
                                            When she assulted Mor Than, she didn't even seem aware of his immortal nature; Than killed her and then kept her prisoner for three days, torturing and raping her before finaly tiring of her. He took her head and thus gave her everlasting peace.

                                            From the Chronicle of Mor Than

                                            Ele’ele Grenville
                                            Known aliases : Teuila
                                            Notable characteristics : Prophetic skills,
                                            predicted the end of the British Empire to Helen
                                            Bondeville, SIS; formerly cannibalism practicioner
                                            Weapon : British cavalry saber
                                            Recorded kills : Isadoro de la Iglesia, Father John

                                            Most recent base of operations : Island of Makira
                                            Solomon Islands
                                            Occupation : Coconut plantation proprietor
                                            Prior occupations : Village woman, dancer
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                            Date :
                                            Place :
                                            Victor :
                                            Watcher : Research, Oceania immortals

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Melanesian
                                            Born : 6th century; Solomon Islands
                                            First death : Virgin offered in sacrifice to the gods,
                                            jumped in a volcano, revered as a goddess when
                                            she came back alive
                                            First teacher : Unrecorded
                                            Known past associates : SIS, Bevil Grenville,
                                            former husband; once a lover of Jack London
                                            First recorded sighting : 1893. Southern Solomons
                                            under British Protectorate. Encounter with the
                                            Secret Services Immortals

                                            Only recorded two kills in two hundred years, a connection with sailor Bevil Grenville (ex husband) and charisma to burn : I don’t know how many immortals Ele'ele landed in her bed, maybe fifty or so, and I wagger some of them are buried in her plantation. She used to be a discreet player of the Game, that one, bidding her time, like a spider weaving her webb, waitign for the time of the Gathering. But somehow, the Solomon woman changed over time, retired from the Game and seldom welcome anyone in her bed. So unless she took a Quickening that did her in, she had a quick change of heart, I don’t really know.

                                            Mary Ouspensky, March 2013

                                            Brigitta of Antwerp
                                            Known aliases : Heyzoete of Flanders
                                            Notable characteristics : Walked with a limp
                                            Teenaged Immortal
                                            Weapon : None, not a player of the Game, lived
                                            under the protection of her mortal husband
                                            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                            Most recent base of operations : Antwerp, Belgium
                                            Occupation : Seamstress
                                            Prior occupations : Unknown
                                            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                            Date : 14 June 1601
                                            Place : Antwerp
                                            Victor : Bossaert of Brabant
                                            Watcher : Research, Bossaert Chronicle

                                            Original cultural affiliation : Dutch
                                            Born : 962; County of Flanders, West Francia
                                            First death : 978, Drowned fording a river while
                                            trying to rejoin her lover from a rival family
                                            First teacher : Marie-Louis Biez
                                            Known associates : Bossaert of Brabant
                                            First recorded sighting : 1599. Antwerp, Belgium
                                            Found Bossaert on the streets, adopted him with
                                            her husband as their son

                                            Brigitta yearned for a child of her own and when she found Bossart on the streets of Atwerp, beging in rags, she took him under her roof and made him a part of her family, as if he was her own. Unfortunately, Bossart was a killer locked in the body of a child and he had located Brigitta long ago, posing as a beggar in the street near her house. Soon, he was fed and clothed in her house, but didn’t get on well with her husband Jan who suspected something oddd about the ‘child’, he spoke too much like an adult. When Brigitta found the dead boy of her husband in the garden she screamed in despair, so wracked in grief she didn’t sense the little killer coming after her head. And soon her short chronicle was finished.

                                            Watcher Reesearch , Western Europe
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                                            • Great job with these latest chronicles, my friend. Really interesting stories.

                                              The next batch of names:

                                              15th century

                                              Hiawassee - Cherokee female
                                              Judyta Gajarsky - Lithuanian female
                                              Mihrimah Pamuk - Mamluk female
                                              Reveka Macek - Moldavian female
                                              Kin-ngoh Tay - Tondo female
                                              Tatjana Kojic - Bosnian female
                                              Faneesh Sikdar - Bengali Muslim female
                                              Mea Cascio - Caspaia female
                                              Bouchra Ouaziz - Fez female



                                              • Thank you Apollo. Good new list of names. How do you decide on which name you are going to pick for the new lists ? Do you have a master plan in mind or are they at random. The woman from Volga Bulgaria has a very interesting to tell, in relation to the Kurgan and Darius. The chronicles I posted are updated bios of women with previously undetermined background. Some of the names you gave me are brand new characters, others I linked them to those previously created characters.


                                                • Gudbjorg She-Wolf
                                                  Already in your files under a different names, but we already have a ferocious Viking woman. So I kept the new name and discarded the previous one.
                                                  I also updated the birth date.

                                                  Known aliases : Gudrun Haraldsdottir
                                                  Notable characteristics : Long mane of black hair
                                                  Weapon : Viking broadsword
                                                  Recorded kills : None known, sexually assulted by
                                                  the Kurgan at unknown date

                                                  Most recent base of operations : Norway
                                                  Occupation : Warrior-princess
                                                  Prior occupations : Viking warrior-woman
                                                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                                  Date : 1015, Battle of Nesjar
                                                  Place : Nesjar, Norway
                                                  Victor : Ceirdwyn, leading the army of Swedish
                                                  vassav Sveinn Hakornason
                                                  Watcher : Research, the Chronicle of Ceirdwyn

                                                  Original cultural affiliation : Norwegian Viking
                                                  Born : 801, Rogaland, Norway
                                                  First death : 820, Raiding an English town
                                                  First teacher : Kretarno, Viking leader, cross-
                                                  identified as Kronos
                                                  Known past associates : Kronos
                                                  First recorded sighting : 1015. Nesjar, Norway
                                                  Heiress to the throne of Olaf Haraldsson, actually
                                                  Olaf’s mistress with pretense of becoming ruler of
                                                  Norway after his death

                                                  In 1015, Ceirdwyn proved herself a worthy student of Xanthiaof Melitus and General Cosntantine as she led the army of Sveinn Hakomason at the battle of Nesjar. This time, she faced another warrior-princess such as her, Thea Hovik, disciple of Viking warrior and plunderer Kretarno (see Kronos chronicle) who centuries later who cause harm to Ceirdwyn’s first teacher. How the world of immortality is small, how connected are those immortals ! Thea challenged Ceirdwyn and fought her like a she-devil, while Ceirdwyn was like a tomcat.
                                                  Thea had the pretense of ruling Norway after the death of her lover, King Olaf Haraldsson, and convinced him to let her lead his armies in warfare. She did hold her own against Ceirdwyn, but after a long, strenuous battle, lost her head and King Haraldsson had to find himself another consort and anotehr general.

                                                  From the Chronicle of Ceirdwyn
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                                                  • Originally posted by Gardner View Post
                                                    Thank you Apollo. Good new list of names. How do you decide on which name you are going to pick for the new lists ? Do you have a master plan in mind or are they at random. The woman from Volga Bulgaria has a very interesting to tell, in relation to the Kurgan and Darius. The chronicles I posted are updated bios of women with previously undetermined background. Some of the names you gave me are brand new characters, others I linked them to those previously created characters.
                                                    Not a specific master plan in general, but for each era I like a good mix of Immortals across as many cultures as possible, although sometimes the dominant cultures will have more representatives. As will the denser population centres such as empires and larger kingdoms.