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  • Really great job, my friend! Loved reading these chronicles, especially as written by Methos himself. Lots of snide comments, witticisms and insights into the activities of the ancient Immortals through the eyes of someone who knew them.

    I supply the names and origins, you come up with these wonderful stories!

    Love it.



    • Glad you liked those stories, they were fun to write. Btw in the midst of the whole matter, I asked for two more names :
      2nd century BC
      1rst century BC
      Any part of the world you like, both females. please

      Cheers !


      • Originally posted by Gardner View Post
        Glad you liked those stories, they were fun to write. Btw in the midst of the whole matter, I asked for two more names :
        2nd century BC
        1rst century BC
        Any part of the world you like, both females. please

        Cheers !
        No worries, my friend, i'll post them tomorrow.



        • Koh Mingyu
          Known aliases : None
          Notable characteristics : Undetermined
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : None known

          Most recent base of operations : Ancient China
          Occupation : Warlord, renagade disciple of Sun
          Tzu, sought to kill him
          Prior occupations : Undetermined
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 850 BC
          Place : Ancient China
          Victor : Methos
          Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

          Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
          Born : 21st century BC; Xia Dynasty, China
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Sun Tzu
          Known past associates : Sun Tzu, Ts’ong Hu
          Known ennemies : Methos
          First recorded sighting : 860 BC Eastern China
          Blood brother of Ts’ong Hu, got the ennemity of
          Methos who was a scholar and friend of Sun Tzu,
          While Koh Mingya wanted The Art of War book to
          help him conquer China mainland

          I stayed with Sun Tzu for twelve years, being taught by the ancient Chinese monk and helping him write the Art of
          War, the book every chief of state in the world ought to read and which ought to be required reading for every man in the world in charge of leading an army corps. I fought and killed the Iommortal Koh Mingyu whowanted to obtain the book and keep it to himself, to use the teachings of Sun Tzu so he could conquer mainland China with his armies. Sun Tzu didn’t agree and since he couldn’t fight, I was the one in charge of ridding the world from this menace. Not that it would do the world any good thereafter, since the book’s publication it has been used countless of times in warfare and Sun Tzu may well be responsible for for the armies marching on countries, having followed the teachings
          of the former Horseman of War, me.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Known aliases : The Chaos-Bringer, Mother Kali
          Notable characteristics : Rumored to be a four-
          armed death goddess, illusion-casting abilities
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : None

          Most recent base of operations : Tamealipti, India
          Occupation : Queen of local cult held by Kamir
          Prior occupations : Goddess of death and chaos
          Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
          Date : 1356 In conflict against Sanjiv Gupta who
          disrupted a ceremony held by Kamir, founder of
          the Thugee cult
          Place : Tamealipti
          Victor : N.A
          Watcher: Ancient Immortals Research Team

          Original cultural affiliation : Hindus
          Born : 20th century BC Indus Valley, Late
          First death : Unrecorded
          First teacher : Unrecorded
          Known associates : The Four Horsemen
          Known past associates : Kamir
          Known ennemies : Sanjiv Gupta
          First recorded sighting : 1700 BC. Hindus Valley
          Encounter with Kronos and Methos

          Lord Rama
          Known aliases : Ramavijaya, Ramar, Phrea Ream,
          Phra Ram, Mega Serit Rama, Raja Bantugan
          Notable characteristics : The eighth avatar of Indu
          God Vishnu
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : None known

          Most recent base of operations : Hindus Valley
          Occupation : Traveller, adventurer
          Prior occupations : King
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 1700 BC
          Place : Hindus Valley
          Victor : Kronos, at this time leading the Four
          Horsemen of the Apocalypse
          Watcher : Research, Four Horsemen Chronicle

          Original cultural affiliation : Indian
          Born : 21st Century BC, present-day Uttar Pradesh,
          First death : In war against Ravana, Rhakshasa
          king of Sri Lanka
          First teacher : Unrecorded
          Known ennemies : The Four Horsemen
          First recorded sighting : N.A Mentioned as one of
          Kronos earlier kills by Methos to Xanthia of Miletus

          Well, that was bound to happen. Here is a moment of my past as co-leader of the Four Horsemen fo the Apocalypse.We rode for hundreds of years together, all it took was a woman to take us apart (looking at you Cassandra!) In 1700 BC India was known as the Hindus Valley and was ruled by Lord Rama the Immortal and his wife Sita, a mortal woman of great beauty. Kronos challenged Lord Rama and took his head, spreading a legend among the Hindus about a demon who killed their king, raped their queen and magically created a demonic woman Ajatashatra, a four armed killer with ugly features who became the chaos-bringer, the giver of death, Mother Kali. There is a lot to be found about
          us, in the Bible, in Hindu myth but what is true is Kronos killed Rama, I raped Sita and Kronos and I became the teachers of the woman better known as Mother Kali. We were the Four Horsemen, we were death, war, pestilence and famine and our legacy was carried out by our disciples, all Immortals.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Yi Young-yi
          Known aliases : None
          Notable characteristics : None
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : None

          Most recent base of operations : South Korea
          Occupation : Commander, Gojoseon Kingdom
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 108 BC Han Conqest of Gojoseon
          Place : South Korea
          Victor : Yau Chouan Chou, Commander in the
          army of Han China
          Watcher: Ancient Immortals Research Team

          Original cultural affiliation : Korean
          Born : 18th century BC, Gojoseon Dynasty, Korea
          First death : Undetermined
          First teacher : Lee An-Kor
          Known past associates : Lee An-Kor
          Known ennemies : Yau Chouan Chou
          First recorded sighting : 380 BC. Joseon Kingdom
          During war agaisnt Feudal State of Yan, observed
          final battle of Lee An-Kor agaisnt an Egyptian
          Immortal identified as Memnet-Ra

          In a moment of lucidity Yau Chouan Chou once told me how he defeated a Gojoseon Immortal in single combat in 108 BC and the Quickening of Yi was so powerful, the immortal so ancient and so cruel that it drove him insane. He asked me how I would feel if I was driven over the edge : would I kill a friend ? Kill a lover ? I didn’t want to kill my friend and to have to deal with a Dark Quickening, so I took him to Shaman Thai Anh Tam of Vietnam whom I already wrote about, in an early chronicle. She was rumored to be so powerful and wise that she could rid an Immortal from his demons and she just did with Yi, locking him in a cave, on a sacred place near present Khe Sanh. Yi fought himself for one night
          and one day, while I had conversation with Tahi. Thai guessed what I was in an instant, but she agreed to help me because she felt even an avil, curle, merciless man like I was could be redeemed. She never met Kronos then. Yi got out of his cave, cured, a sane man. And I got myself a litle better from my encounter with the Shaman.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Known aliases: Unknown
          Notable characteristics: Unknown
          Weapon: Unknown
          Recorded kills : None

          Most recent base of operations: Harran,
          Mesopotamia, Neo-Assyrian Empire
          Occupation: Soldier
          Prior occupations : Soldier, Middle Assyrian
          Empire (14th century to 10th century BC)
          Roster of Immortals Status: Deceased
          Date: 609 BC Fall of Harran, Median and
          Babylonian capture of the city
          Location: Harran
          Victor: Unidentified Median mercenary, tentatively
          cross-identified as the Kurgan
          Watcher: Ancient Immortals Research Team

          Original cultural affiliation : Babylonian Amorite
          Born : 17th century BC, Southern Mesopotamia,
          present-day Syria
          First death : 1595 BC, Hittite sack of Babylon
          First teacher : Muwatilis the Hittite
          Known ennemies : Muwatilis the Hittite
          First recorded sighting : 1500 BC. Cilicia
          Hunting Muwatilis the Hittite, witnessed his final
          battle against Tizkar of Sumer

          Ashur-dan the Assyrian, the aptly named, since he believed he was a God and a supersticious Immortal, collecting the heads of his ennemies he kept in bags he carried everywhere with him. He was called the collector by his friends and the giver of head by his ennemies, because he offered some of them as presents.Ah, I knew him well, he got me captured and tortured because he thought I was coming after him, fortunately for me I bribed his corruptible headman (pun intended) and vamoosed. That was two or three hundred years before he fell to the sword with his name on it. It may have been the Kurgan who got to him, or Kronos, I don’t really know.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Inanna of Kish
          Known aliases : None
          Notable characteristics : Disguised herself as male
          bodyguard to King Astyages of Medea
          Weapon : Undetermined
          Recorded kills : None known

          Most recent base of operations: Median Kindom
          Present-day Iran
          Ocupation : Mercenary archer, Median Empire
          Prior occupation: Part of a cadre of female archers
          Prior occupations : Master archer
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 580 BC Conqest of Median Kingdom by
          Cyrus the Great
          Place : Median Kingdom
          Victor : Araxis the Mede
          Watcher : Researcvh, Ancient Immortals

          Original cultural affiliation : Kassite
          Born : 1350 BC, Middle-Assyrian Empire
          First death : 1330 BC, Protecting the life of King
          Ashur-Ubalit of Assyria
          First teacher : Ashur-Dan
          Known past associates : Ashur-Dan
          First recorded sighting : 1330 BC Assyrian Empire
          Officer in Assyrian company of female archers,
          dug up from grave by Ashur-Dan, mistaking him
          for a Kassite war god, Marutta

          Innana of Kish escaped the madness of Ashur-dan, her husband, in the same fashion Cassandra escaped Horsemen camp circa 1400 BC. Both women were taken as slaves, killed, then reborn Immortals to fall in the clutches of evil Immortals in the 14th century BC. Ashur-dan was evil, a cruel husband who became mad over the centuries and when finally he was killed by the Kurgan in 609 BC (unless it was Kronos in a twist of irony), she didn’t need to run from him anymore, freed at last. But that wasn’t for long as Araxis the Med challenged her to a fight and took herhead by the time of the conquest of the Median kingdom by Cyrus the Great, my student.
          I remember the fight and how Innana begged for her life, having enjoyed her freedom only too briefly by mortals standards. But Araxis despised the woman who hid under male cloth, even though they were on the same side.Retrospectively, I could have chosen to interfere, saving her life, but my duties to King Cyrus took precedence. Another regret out of thousands.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Ang Chwun-hwa
          Known aliases : None
          Notable characteristics : The only recorded female
          Immortal who died in childbirth, apocryphal tale
          Weapon : Not carrying one
          Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

          Most recent base of operations : No fixed location
          Occupation : Midwife, created herbal remedies to
          help women though childbirth
          Prior occupations : Zhou Emperor concubine,
          Scholar, studyed the words of Shennon the
          Herbalist, aka the Emperor of the Five Grains
          Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
          Date : 106 BC Han Dynasty Last seen helping
          mortal wife of Jin Ke though childbirth
          Place : Eastern China
          Victor : N.A
          Watcher : Researcvh, Ancient Immortals

          Original cultural affiliation : Zhou Chinese
          Born : 1046 BC; Zhou Dynasty, China
          First death : 1030 BC; Emperor’s concubine giving
          birth to Emperor’s son, according to legend
          First teacher : Undetermined
          Known past associates :Xanthia of Melitus, Jin Ke
          First recorded sighting : 978 BC. Yangtze River,
          China. Midwife and healer, encounter with Xanthia
          of Melitus, found her to be an herbal genius
          though a bit delusional about Immortal

          Of course the tall tale of a pre-immortal woman dying in childbirth is apocryphal but this story is the one of Ang Chwun-hwa who was the concubine of Emperor Zhou in 1030 BC and had promised him an heir. She faked her pregnancy and presented him with a foundling she and I (as her physician) passed as legitimate heir. Ang had been poisoned by a jealous rival and was dying from slow poisoning, so we cooked a tale in which she died after giving birth to her child and once she was “buried” (an empty coffin) we both exited China for India where we lived for a few years.
          She decided she xould help women go through labor so she would never see the horror of bothced childbirths and dedicated her immortality preparign herbal remedies for pregnant women, wether to ease the pains of pregnancy and childbirth or to terminate one. Ang’s teachings have reached medieval times when herbalist Grace Chandel discovered her teachings in a monastery of eastern China; the manuscript was hidden in an ancient monastery.
          In 106 BC she became acqauinted to Immortal Jin Ke who was ready to take her head, but laid his sword down when this amazing woman helped Jin’s mortal wife through labor and saved the woman’s life. Jin Ke was so elated with the birth of his two sons that he spared Ang’s life.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

          Shekinah of Hebron
          Known aliases : Shekina of Jerash
          Notable characteristics : 5’6’’ tall
          Weapon : Custom broadsword
          Recorded kills : None known

          Most recent base of operations : Babylon, living
          among its Jewish community
          Occupation : Artesan, married to Immortal Gideon
          Prior occupations : Freedom fighter, guerillas
          against Canaanites, Romans and any invader of Judea
          Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
          Date : 637
          Place : Babylon
          Victor : Lucius Oranius Capito
          Watcher : Researcvh, Ancient Immortals

          Original cultural affiliation : Israelite
          Born : 9th century BC; Hebron, Judean Kingdom,
          present-day West Bank
          First death : Destruction of Hebron by Canaanites
          First teacher : Gideon
          Known past associates : Gideon, Xanthia of Miletus
          Known ennemies : Lucius oranius Captio
          First recorded sighting : 598 BC. Jerusalem,
          Judea. During invasion of Judea and conquest of
          Jerusalem by King Nabuchnedezzer II, identified
          as past disciple of Gideon

          Shekinah of Hebron was formally identified as an Immortal by Watchers one yer before Judith of Bethulia took out the Quickening that made her famous. Since both women were ennemies of King Nabuchodonezzer there is a valid possibility that Shekinah is the woman who helped Judith kill General Holofernes, and not Elishevah as I previously wrote in my journals. Anwyway, Shekinah had formidable weapons and by that I do not mean her sword, but also the sexual power which she held over men, making them obey her every whem and when she married ancient Hebrew Gideon, it wasn’t out of love, rather an arrangement to face common ennemies and life in the Game as a deadly force
          to be reckoned with. She would never acknowledge it to my face, but this is a woman who did love her Gideon and Gideon loved her. When Lucius Oranius Capito killed Shekinah, his world fell apart and he was never the same man over the centuries.

          From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

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          • Issam of Awsan
            Known aliases : None. Not to be confused with
            Immortal Issam Boumedienne
            Notable characteristics : None
            Weapon : Undetermined
            Recorded kills : None known

            Most recent base of operations : Haram Kingdom
            Present Yemen
            Occupation : Concubine to the King
            Prior occupations : Courtesan, storyteller
            Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
            Date : 200 Invasion of Haram Kingdom by Arab tribes
            Place : Haram Kingdom
            Victor : Ari al-Muzaiyin
            Watcher : Research, Ancietn Immortals

            Original cultural affiliation : Yemenite
            Born : 6th century BC; Hagar Yahirr, Kingdom of
            Awsan, Modern Yemen
            First death : Killed during attack from Western
            Yemen raiders
            First teacher : Xanthia of Miletus
            Known past associates : Xanthia of Miletus,
            Dasmapia of Ammon
            First recorded sighting : 500 BC Southern Yemen
            Durign war against neighboring Kingdom of Qataban

            Issam of Awsam wasn’t just the King of Haram’s favorite she also protected the Harem’s other women and cared about the women’s children as if their were her own. When they were cold, she sew them cloth, when they were hungry she fed them, when they were unclean she cleaned them up; when the girls grew up she taught them to be proper women, when the boys grew up she taught them to behave with women. She had a fierce independent streak eher enamoured King came to respect. Oh, she had many rivals and she knew she could never truly be free but she felt it was her duty to stand watch, to observe and record the lives of her companion. A true Watcher in spirit. She was even invited to choose the eunuchs who stood guard before the harem’s doors.
            A woman who could behave like that ! She must have had sexual charisma to burn ! A shame her charisma didn’t work on Ari al-Muzaiyin who was a general fo the arab armies that invaded the Kingdom of Haram, raped and looted their way across the king’s castle and had they way of the victors with the King’s woman. The women were raped and merclessly killed, the children and eunuchs put to the sword, and the nightly sky lit with the passing Quickening of one of the bravest women the Immortal scene was ever graced with.

            From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

            Mei-li Choe
            Known aliases : None
            Notable characteristics : Mistress of kung-fu
            Weapon : Yan broadsword
            Recorded kills : None known

            Most recent base of operations : No fixed location,
            training peasant guerillas, An Lushan Rebellion
            Occupation : Rebel fighter
            Prior occupations : Student
            Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
            Date : 755 Battle of Yangqiu, An Lushan Rebellion
            Place : Yongqiu, China
            Victor : N.A Last seen overwhelmed by Tang
            soldiers, possibly decapitated or later executed
            Watcher : Research, Eastern Asia, China

            Original cultural affiliation : Chinese
            Born : Late 5th century BC, China
            First death : Undetermined
            First teacher : Yuenü, foster mother
            Known associates : Lan Xiong
            Known past associates : Yuenü, Yau Chouan
            First recorded sighting : 360 BC Southern China
            With foster mother Yuenü, sought tutoring from
            Yau Chouan Chou, later seduced the ancient
            Immortal, or was seduced by him (the Watchers
            aren’t sure)

            I would like to make matters clear where the chronicle of Yau Chouan Chou is concerned: he wasn’t the mysoginist oen would pretend him to be, rather a man from his time who had a hard time beliving women could be the equals of women on the field of battle. And yet, he was always proven wrong with the likes of Mei-Li Choe or May-Ling She, his last known student. Mei-li was the mistress of kung-fu of the 5th century BC in China and she is the one who taught her art to Master Yau who later passed those skills on May-Ling Shen who herself gave a lesson in humility to the boorish Highlander called Duncan MacLeod.I knew Mei-li and believe me this woman was a kicker ! I even saw her best techniques used in combat by Golden Swallow in the Shaw Brothers productions. And oddly enough, the Godlen Swallow was herself azn Immortal. Life has

            an odd way of moving in circles.

            From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

            Parthenia of Udyana
            Known aliases : Iphigenia, Sappho
            Notable characteristics : Lesbian Immortal, in
            relationship with Samira Hamid, occasional triolet
            with Xanthia of Melitus
            Weapon : Malysian kriss
            Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

            Most recent base of operations : Punjab, India
            Occupation : Undetermined
            Prior occupations : Kingmaker
            Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
            Date : 10 AD Fall of the Indo-Greek Kingdom
            Place : Pashawar
            Victor : Unrecorded
            Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

            Original cultural affiliation : Indo-Greek
            Born : 180 BC; Indo-Greek Kingdom, region of
            Peshawar, India
            First death : 160 BC Smothered by boa snake
            First teacher : Xanthia of Melitus
            Known associates : Samira Hamid, Xanthia of
            First recorded sighting : 160 BC. Indo-Greek
            Kingdom. Found and mentored by Xanthia and her
            other disciple, Samira Hamid

            Xanthia once told me about her lover Parthenia of Udyana during our reunion in Normandy in 950. There was her student, Amanda, a wild little hellion who was jealous of my relationship with her mistress. When I asked Xanthia if she and Amanda had an intimate relationship she answered they didn’t.That was a student/teacher relationship, akin to an older aunt and her niece. To which I retorted that “funny aunts” had existed since the dawn of mankind. Xanthia had a light laugh but swore she hadn’t been involved in any serious lesbian relationship since her days in the Punjab
            by the 2nd century BC. At this time she reuntied with Samira, a former disciple, and she did the mistake of accepting her as lover. When she took a new student from the Indo-Grek kingdom, the three women became involved in a risqué ménage à trois which led slowly to jealousy from the insecure Parthenia. The relationship ended badly and Xanthia took an oath to never mix romance with her work as a teacher again. The last time she heard of Parhenia she was in the Punjab when the Indo-Greek kingdom dissolved itself.

            From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017
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          • Apollo, I removed Amestrin of Ugarit from yesterday's post, I got a better idea for her.


            • Originally posted by Gardner View Post
              Apollo, I removed Amestrin of Ugarit from yesterday's post, I got a better idea for her.
              No worries, Gardner. Another great set of chronicles with interesting tales to tell.

              And here are those two names you wanted:

              2nd century BC

              Melanie of Traxiane - Greco-Bactrian female

              1st century BC

              Hentempet - Ptolemaic female



              • Beautiful names Apollo, thanks! Although I already have an Egyptian, can I have a Sub-Saharan one instead ? I am still keeping the Hentempet name for future purposes (wink!) Glad you appreciate those stories too, Bystander.
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                • Anunit of Mazaca
                  Known aliases : « The giver of life and death »
                  Notable characteristics : Known for developping
                  feminine hygyene for abortions and childbirth
                  Weapon : Hittite cavalry saber
                  Recorded kills : None known

                  Most recent base of operations : Kayseri,
                  Central Anatolia, Turkey
                  Occupation : Holy woman, medecine woman
                  Prior occupations : Traveller, scholar, shrine
                  Caretaker, occasional midweife/abortionist
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 36 BC Midwife catering to birth of Archelaus,
                  last king of Cappadocia
                  Place : Caesareae in Cappadoccia, Roman
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                  Original cultural affiliation : Cappadocean
                  Born : 19th century BC; Masaca, Cappadocia,
                  present-day Central Anatolia
                  First death : Killed in earthqake
                  First teacher : Methos
                  Known past associates : Xanthia of Melitus
                  First recorded sighting : 163 BC Kayzeri,
                  Cappadoccia. Put to death by King Ariarathes V
                  for aborting his favorite 14-years old concubine
                  Dug up from grave by Xanthia of Melitus

                  I remember Anunit of Mazaca, a woman I mentored upon her first death and whom I loved dearly until she left after two hundred years spent together. Her departure broke my heart, filling me with emptiness. Mortal women died quickly and if I couldn't spend my immortality with a fellow immortal then what was the point with living ? It is around that time that I met Kronos, Silas and Caspian who filled the vacuum in my life. We became blood-brothers and decided a combined power of four immortals had better chances of surviving life on Earth than one single Immortals. I must admit I admired
                  Kronos' raw power, his will, the strenght with which he ketp us united and how he needed le to plan his raids. I had a close relationship with Silas, but Caspian turned me off sometimes. Still, they filled me with a sense of belonging Ionly felt with my beautiful Anunit. Ah Anunit, why did you fear me so ? Did you fear my power, of the potential for evil you sensed in me ? Did you fear my darkness unless you didn't want to be infected my that darkness. You were right to fear me because me and my brothers became a force to be reckoned with and hell followed our wake.

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

                  Yzebel of Arzawa
                  aliases : None. Not to be confused with
                  Ayzebel of Berytus
                  Notable characteristics : The ony female Immortal
                  to seduce and love Aganesthos of Tiryns
                  Weapon : Undetermined
                  Recorded kills : None known

                  Most recent base of operations : Kingdom of
                  Lydia, Western Anatolia, present-Turkey
                  Occupation : Artesan, painter
                  Prior occupations : Traveller, scholar
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 678 BC Mermnads Dynasty. Murdered by
                  Teushpa in a fit of jealouy, final fate unknown
                  Place : Kingdom of Lydia
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher: Ancient Immortals Research Team

                  Original cultural affiliation : Arzawan
                  Born : 17th century BC; Apasa, Kingdom of
                  Arzawa Western Anatolia
                  First death : Unrecorded
                  First teacher : Unrecorded
                  Known associates : Teushpa of Cimmeria
                  Known past associates : Aganesthos of Tiryns
                  Known ennemies :
                  First recorded sighting : 1320 BC Durign an
                  alliance between Arzawan Kingdom and
                  Mycenean Greece against Hittite Empire, lover of
                  Aganesthos of Tiryns

                  Ayzebel of Beritus was the only known Immortal woman who was capable of finding the innate goodness hidden in Aganesthos of Tyrins the harshest taskmaster of the Bronze Age and to be able to marry him, to love him unconditionally. They stayed two or three hundred years together before parting ways but the grumpy bear that was Aganesthos became a changed man : he became kinder, calmer.. in some fashion.
                  Not that he forsook his innate violence, after all he was one of the most temperamental and uncompromising teachers of his era, one who didn’t accept failures from his disciples. But still. Yzebel had toned that violence down. A true shame she thought she could do the same with another former student of mine, Teushpa of Cimmeria, Conan the Barbarian with a mix of the Kurgan. How can artesans, painters, such as Yzebel can grow attached to brutes such as him is an enigma that needs to be decyphered once and for all. It is not for today or tomorrow. He was vindictive,
                  possessive, jealous and when I visited the happy couple in Anatolia I found her gone, while my disciple pretended she had left for parts unknown. Under my stern gaze – my best Horseman of Death gaze – he admitted the truth : he killed her in a fit of jealousy and when he woke up from drunken stupor, she had gone like a puff of smoke. I hope he didn’t kill her permanently and that she lived for a few more centuries before an Immortal finally did her in.

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson

                  Na’Amah of Ramah
                  Known aliases : Channah of Palestine, Yskvet
                  Notable characteristics : Proponent of peace,
                  preaching rejection of the Game and the end of
                  violence between Immortals
                  Weapon : Not carrying one
                  Recorded kills : None known

                  Most recent base of operations : Constantinople
                  Byzantine Empire
                  Occupation : Holy woman, prophetess
                  Prior occupations : Undetermined
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 1347 Black Death sweeping through
                  Constantinople, Field Watcher died
                  Place : Jerusalem, Palestine
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Middle East

                  Original cultural affiliation : Israelite
                  Born : 1070 BC; Mount Ephraim, Ramah in
                  Benjamin, Ancient Israel
                  First death : Unrecorded
                  First teacher : Cassandra
                  Known associates : Malthace of Palestine
                  Known past associates : Cassandra, Xanthia of
                  Melitus, Malthace of Palestine, Aretas of Nabatea,
                  Salome, Elishevah
                  First recorded sighting : 132, Palestine
                  During revolt of Simon Bar Kokhbah against
                  Rome, encounter with Gideon

                  I was in Constantinople when the Black Death struck and if you haven’t lived through it you cannot imagine what it was like or how it felt like. It felt like death on a horse. My brother Kronos (always him!) was in London at that time and I am one hundred percent convinced he brough the rats with him from the Orient, starting the entire catastrophe. Not that poor hygiene in those days didn’t help, in fact it was another one of his tool : ignorance of mortal kind. And rats.
                  He must have appreciated the dispute of Silas and Caspian over red wine or white wine in ‘96. Again talking about my brother when I am supposed to write around Na’amiah of Rabah, a disciple of Cassandra and afflicted with the same passions and demons as the ancient soothsayer.
                  Na’amah was one of the Seven Prophetesses of Israel, seven immortal women who were diviners, healers, tribe leaders and among them Xanthia and Cassandra. Cassandra infected her with the bitterness she felt toward Immortal men but Na’amiah fought those demons and tried to curb the violence of the Game, giving her message everywhere she went, suggesting to Immortals they lay down their swords, to live in peace. We have seen how well that worked with the Immortal posing as me. Na’amah wasn’t as delusionnal as “the other Methos” but she wanted to curb our inner violence so we could survive and thrive as a race. Naturally, in the 14th century we weren’t as numerous, and we
                  had more troubles finding each others. Now the world stands on a seaside cliff, ready to jump in the abyss and our race has but two decades to live. We are pitifully few. What would Na’amah do now, I wonder.
                  I remember the debate she had with me and how she found me unsettling. Did Cassandra tell her about me ? Did she gave her a good description of my face ? She couldn’t prove anything but she didn’t feel at ease with me around her.

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson

                  Irene of Antioch
                  Known aliases : Kymaera of Antioch
                  Notable characteristics : Ferocious fighter, raised
                  entire crops of children who became warriors
                  using Spartan techniques in combat
                  Weapon : Selucid infantry saber
                  Recorded kills : None known
                  Inconclusive fight against Arishat of Carthage, 197
                  BC; Ari al-Muzaiyin, 145 BC, Battle of Antioch

                  Most recent base of operations : Antioch on the
                  Orontes, near present Ankara, Turkey
                  Occupation : Chariot racer, Circus of Antioch
                  Prior occupations : Seleucid warrior, commander
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 115 Antioch Earthquake
                  Place : Antioch
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                  Original cultural affiliation : Seleucid
                  Born : 325 BC,Seleucia, Seleucid Empire
                  First death : 301 BC; Commander of Seleucid
                  Army, killed fighting Antagonids, Battle of Ipsus
                  First teacher : Kyra of Sparta
                  Known associates : Marcus Constantine
                  Known past associates : Kyra of Sparta
                  Known ennemies : Ari al-Muzaiyin
                  First recorded sighting : 301 BC. Seleucid Empire
                  Taught Spartan combat techniques by Kyra, they
                  saved her head when she faced Ari al-Muzaiyin

                  I remember racing against Irene at the time of the earthquake, I bet her fifty gold coins that I would win on the fourth and she agreed o it because she liked placing bets. To her, playing the Game already was placing a bet so she didn’t mind the gold coins. It’s not like a Quickening was going to be lost.
                  The crowd cheered as we ran around the colyseum and then the ground started moving, thousands of people screamed and I don’t remember quite clearly what happed, I know we ran for safety while everything started crumbling.
                  We must have been trampled in the stampede. I was dug up from a pile of rubbles, called miraculous because I survived unscathed. I looked after Irene but could find no trace of her. I am sure she survived the earthquake, at least I belive so because if she had lost her head, I would have received her Quickening and I would feel her presence in me. I she is out there somwhere, I hope we can resume our race. I wonder how many gold coins she would ask this time.

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson

                  Princess Chiomara
                  Known aliases : Chiara of Galatia
                  Notable characteristics : Fiery temperament, no-
                  nonsensical and intelligent woman
                  Weapon : Celtic broadsword
                  Inconclusive fight against Marcus Constantine, 25

                  Most recent base of operations : Galatia, Roman
                  Occupation : Warrior woman
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 25 BC Warring against Marcus Constantine’s
                  Legions, didn’t accept the incorporation of
                  Galaltia in the Roman Empire
                  Place : Near present Ankara
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                  Original cultural affiliation : Galatian Tectosagi
                  Born : Galatia, present Anatolia
                  First death : Unrecorded
                  First teacher : Unrecorded
                  Known ennemies : Marcus Constantine
                  First recorded sighting : 186 BC Galatia, present
                  Anakara. Leading Galatians in battle against
                  Roman legion led by Marcus Constantine raped
                  by a centurion; fought and beheaded him later on

                  I once looked into the chronicle of Princess Chiomara of Galatia, suspecting she may have been a past identity of Cassandra because this was a formidable woman who didn’t accept to pose as a victim after that centurion raped her in 186 BC. Instead she decapitated him and gave his head to her mortal hsband, statign that only her husband would only lay with her. She disappeared in 25 BC, for the second time confronting my old friend Marcus and when I asked Marcus about Chiomara, he wrote back that he didn’t kill her and that her physical description didn’t match Cassandra’s. So who knows. My nemesis had scores to settle with rapists of allkind, all though fault of mine but I enslaved and raped thousands like her. Should I look behind my back each time I am in a crows for fear a former

                  victim might turn to be Immortal like Cassandra did ?

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

                  Parthos of Aram
                  Known aliases : None
                  Notable characteristics : None
                  Weapon : Undetermined
                  Recorded kills : None known. Inconclusive fight
                  against Aganesthos of Tyrins, 1800 BC; Ahaziah
                  of Ramoth-Gilead, 732 BC

                  Most recent base of operations : Aram-Damascus
                  Northern Syria
                  Occupation : Chariot racer
                  Prior occupations : Chariot-driver, Assyrian
                  Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                  Date : 732 BC
                  Place : Aram-Damascus
                  Victor : N.A
                  Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                  Original cultural affiliation : Aramite
                  Born : 19th century BC; Aram-Rehob,
                  Aramean Kingdom, Old Assyrian Empire
                  First death : Trampled by horses
                  First teacher : Kushtashpi the Lawgiver
                  Known past associates : Kushtashpi
                  Known ennemies : Aganesthos of Tiryns, Ahaziah
                  of Ramoth-Gilead
                  First recorded sighting : 1800 BC Assyrian
                  Kingdom. Inconclusive fight against Aganesthos of
                  Tiryns war between Assyria and Babylon

                  I won against Parthos of Aram fair and square, he owned sixty gold coins but he wouldn’t pay up. No one likes a sore loser. He even accused me of cheating, pretending I gave drugged water to his horses, riight ! When he challenged me to a fight, he found how a Horseman can deal sore losers and tried to recoil from the fight, but I wasn’t in the mood to let this slide and I went for he kill. I don’t regret not having spared his head, this was an Immortal with a solid reputation as a player of the Game who knew what he risked when he challenged others of his kind, and if I hadn’t taken his head, it would have been some other Immortal to be sure.

                  From the Journals of Adam Pierson, 2017

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                  • Another great set of chronicles, my friend. More interesting tales of these ancient Immortals, although do you have the death date for Parthos of Aram. The stats say he went missing in 732 BC, but Methos states he took his head after a chariot race. Thanks.

                    And here's that name correction you wanted for the 1st century BC:

                    Karimala of the Blemmyes - female



                    • Whhops ! Editing misshap lol

                      Parthos of Aram
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 732 BC
                      Place : Aram-Damascus
                      Victor : Methos
                      Watcher : Research, Ancient Immortals

                      I love Karimala of the Blemmyes, a Nubian with links to mythological monsters. Thank you!

                      Question, regarding SIS (thy creation) : why give the role of Allegra Chambers to an Indian actress ?
                      She was born in Canterbury in 1650, she would have been of British blood, not of Indian ancestry imo.

                      And for the Ptolemaic Egyptian :

                      Black Friar Asylum Charmian
                      Known aliases : Hentempet, Yasmine Abdelaziz
                      Notable characteristics : Mind forever stuck in the
                      past, believes herself to be the last Queen of Egypt
                      Usually ot dangerous to others, but alethal weapon
                      under the guidance of Jacob Kell
                      Weapon : Custom broadsword, undetermined
                      origins, confiscated
                      Recorded kills : None known

                      Most recent base of operations : Black Friar
                      Mental Asylum, Swansea Wales
                      Occupation : Mental patient
                      Prior occupations : Handmaiden
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 24 October 2013
                      Place : Dublin
                      Victor : Etain of the Second Look
                      Watcher : Sylvia Krause, Black Friar Chronicle

                      Original cultural affiliation : Egyptian
                      Born : 58 BC; Thebes, Egypt
                      First death : 30 BC, Slave and advisor of Cleopatra,
                      committed suicide alongside her
                      First teacher : In likelihood, Nefertiri
                      Known associates : Sean Burns, Black Friar mental
                      Known past associates : Nefertiri
                      First recorded sighting : 1943. Valley of the Kings,
                      Egypt. Found by Sit-hathor Iunet, identified as an
                      immortal but clearly not as the actual Cleopatra

                      The immortal pretending to Cleopatra was actually Cleopatra's handmaiden, she was mentored by Nefertiri when she poisoned herself after her mistress' suicide and briefly stayed on the immortal scene before disappearing by the time of the birth of Christ. She was never heard from again and was to be an urban legend, likely to be anotheirdentity of Nefertiri herself. Until she challenged Sit-Hathro Iunet in the Valley of the Kings in 1943, claming to be Cleopatra, back from the dead to reign upon Egypt and restore it to power.
                      Sit-Hathor was old enough to have known the actual Cleopatra and knew the woman was delluded; she tried to help but couldn't do much until she finally travelled with her to England where she entrusted her to the care of Doctor Burns. The fact that she claimed Mement-Ra was his master clue us in the brainwashing she must have received from the ancient wizard and from Nefertiri.

                      Sylvia Krause, 2012

                      From Watcher Bureau, Ireland
                      To Ravenwood
                      Date : 10.10.2013

                      The following notes on Kell's followers have been compiled by field Watchers and by Sylvia Krause, Sean Burns' Watcher :

                      - Abel Attwood, already mentally unstable, could permamently settle for the personality of the lethal Cain Attwood and thus become a formidfable weapon for Kell.
                      - Charmian could become Kell's new concubine and be entranced into playing hte Game on his behalf.
                      - Berg Doepker, a fragile being prompt to violent anger could become a dangerous killer in the hands of Kell.
                      - Ugolin Ferrant, even as foolish as he is, can become a savy player if led by Kell.

                      Sylvia Krause' theories were proven correct on the field of battle when the group took on Inek Procjnow, a former Hussar who proved his worth during the Immortals War of 2012. Abel/Cain Attwood and Ugolin Ferrant completely landed the hussar on his knees, as did Charmian and Berg Doepker. Jacob Kell had little effort in giving Inek the coup de grâce.

                      From Watcher Bureau, Ireland
                      To Ravenwood
                      Date : 24.10.2013

                      We supposed Jacob Kell and his surviving followers would target Liam Riley, a lifelong ennemy of Kell but this time, the surviving immortals of Ireland stood ready : coming from other part of the island came Seamus of Athlone, Etain of the Second Look and her student, youngish Paddy Bell whom no one would give a decade in the Game. Remember Boyer ? Never underestimate a computer geek. Combined with the might of Lang Quing, China's Little Dragon, Kell's group didn't stand a chance. Etain of the Second Look's powers allow her to anticipate an opponent's moves during a fight, Paddy learnt all the tricks of the sword with mortal teachers and Internet, Seamus of Athlone found his fire back and Lang Quing, no surprise, was the one to take on Jacob Kell.

                      Updating Piers Jacobs...

                      Piers Jacobs
                      Known aliases : Jacob ‘Jake’ Pierce
                      Notable characteristics : Womanizing rogue,
                      ladies man; British patriot
                      Weapon : British infantry saber

                      Most recent base of operations : London, England
                      Occupation : Major, parachute regiment; also
                      member, Immortals Secret Services/Scociety
                      Prior occupations : Agent, MI5; race car driver
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 30 January 1972 Bloody Sunday
                      Place : Belfast, Northern Ireland
                      Victor : Annie Devlin
                      Watcher : Gareth Hunter

                      Original cultural affiliation : English Jew
                      Born : 1737; Brighton, England
                      First death : 1779; Infantryman in British regiment
                      killed during Anglo-Marathan War
                      First teacher : Richeard of Mercia
                      Known associates : Secret Immortal Society, also
                      in relationship with Alice Ming
                      First recorded sighting : 1779. Bangalore, India
                      Found and recruited in the SIS by Richeard of Mercia

                      Reporting the death of Piers Jacobs by the furious blade of Annie Devlin in Belfest the same day that will go down in history as Bloody Sunday as our troops tried to tame those Irish rebels. Helen Bondeville and Allegra Chambers will no doubt mourn the passing of their colleague of the SIS as well as a great friend and occasional lover. He was a serious man with an agenda but never forgot that to survive as an Immortal you need to live your life fully. He put as much care in his preparations for his missions as he put in forging alliances with other Immortals or bonds with the SIS group. And as far as the Game was concerned, he took it seriously and trained constantly, his fatal flaw being he expected the same fair-play from his opponents as he had when his sword was in his hand. Unfortunately, Annie Devlin isn’t fair-play : she used her trick of the sword to defeat Piers and took him out in mere minutes while Jabs’ men shot 28 innocent civlians, to our collective shame as British citizens.

                      Gareth Hunter, 30 January 1972
                      London, England

                      Correcting discrepancies between Lydia Melchior and Edwina of Mercia created by Dana in 2008. Edwina was meant to have been killed by Matsuhiro Kanagawa. I found a better background story for Lydia.

                      Edwina of Mercia
                      Known aliases : Carolyn of Mercia, Carolyn of
                      Wessex, Glorianna of Knavesmire, Mary of Guise,
                      Gloria Wallis, Edwina Solomon, Edwina Archer,
                      Carol-Ann Archer, Carol Jessup
                      Weapon : One-handed broadsword
                      Recorded kills : Leofric, Basilica Hands
                      Inconclusive fights against William Nichol, 1076;
                      Hansel Rau, 1317; Theresa Malloy, 1656; Polo
                      Metaxas, 1696

                      Most recent base of operations : Philipines
                      Occupation : Chief Nurse, US Army, Korean War
                      Prior occupations : Seamstress, weaver, nurse,
                      teacher, traveller, lady-in-waiting, maiden
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 3 May 1942
                      Place : Philipines
                      Victor : Matsuhiro Kanagawa
                      Watcher : Andrea Vargas

                      Original cultural affilation : English
                      Born : 648, Mercia Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy
                      (present-day English Midlands)
                      First death : 668, Jumped from castle tower
                      First teacher : Alex Raven
                      Known associates : Ceirdwyn, Robert & Gina de
                      Valicourt, Sean Burns, Hugh Fitzcairn
                      Known past associates : Bethany Clarke, Appius
                      Lepidus Baro
                      Known students : *See Addendum*
                      Known ennemies : William Nichol, Hansel Rau,
                      First recorded sighting : 668. Mercian Kingdom
                      Found and mentored by Alex Raven

                      It always amazes me that the female immortals not only survive but become extremely good players in the Game. Edwina surprises me more than most. Raised as a gentle lady the sharpest thing she ever carried was a needle. And she was quite proficient with it. The Mercian Tapestry that now hangs in the Paris Watchers Headquarters is one of the finest examples of earlier 7th century needle work. And if the chronicles are accurate also designed by Edwina herself. But after her First Death everything changed as it does with all immortals. Thrust into a new world where she would need to fend for herself Edwina took to the sword with the same tenacity that she brought to her other endeavors. She was also lucky enough to find and excellent teacher in Alex Raven who taught her not only to use the sword but about immortality and how to live in a world that was hostile to women.

                      In return for having been tutored so well by Alex Raven, Edwina of Mercer decided to dedicated her immortality to searching and mentoring young, impressionable immortals who had been killed and been reborn in the cruel world of the Game. She scoured most of Western Europe in search of new immortals or pre-immortals so that she could teach them how to be proper men and women in the world of immortals.
                      Her students have become intelligent and strong people, players of the Game only when confronted by challengers. Most of them still live to this day and are the proof of how a dedicated teacher can influence the world of immortality in a positive manner. Every year, they gathered around their teacher and celebrate her anniversary, remembering the old days when they were heroes.

                      In 1941, the war in Southeast Asia erupted, marking the involvement of Japan and of the USA in the Second World War. Dozens of immortals on both sides were involved - most notably the BMR, the SIS, Xanthia of Melitus, Deoneces and Kyra of Sparta, the MacLeods. Standing among them was Edwina, war nurse serving in the US army, stationed in the Philipines during the takeover of the archiplago by Japan.
                      Matsuhiro Kanagawa was in charge of the fightings this side of the war, and when his men threatened the wounded GI's in Manila, Lydia offered Kanagawa her life if he would withdraw his troops from the Philipines.
                      Matsuhiro Kanagawa agreed to the deal, he took Lydia's head after a brief fight, let General MacArthur's wounded men live and, the following year, kept his promise when Tokyo gave their independance to the Philipinos.

                      Watcher Research, Western Europe

                      Gardner & DMVTREK 2008

                      ADDENDUM : Students :
                      James Wallace, Pascal Chaussende, Crispin Cordwainer, Bethany Clarke, Heilewid of Flanders, William of Winchester, Sybil Dvorak, Athalos of Thebes, Calyute, Thembaletu, Lisa Madison, Lalita Kittasara

                      Lydia Melchior
                      Known aliases : Lydia Chkalov, Lydia Stahl
                      Notable characteristics : Scar on left hip predating
                      First Death; butterfly-shaped tattoo on shoulder
                      Weapon : Flamerge rapier

                      Most recent base of operations : Houston, TX
                      Occupation : Photographer
                      Prior occupations : Secret agent, Soviet Military
                      Intelligence; war nurse, journalist, colonist
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                      Date :
                      Place :
                      Victor :
                      Watcher : Andrea Vargas

                      Original cultural affiliation : Palestinian Jew
                      Born : 1443; Herat, Palestine
                      First death : 1471, Hit by lighting stroke during
                      First teacher : Melchior of Babylon
                      Known associates : Susan Dieprecht, Salman Abu Sita
                      Known past associates : Luke Monroe, Melchior
                      of Babylon, Katherine of Samothrace, BMR
                      First recorded sighting : 1471. Herat, Palestine
                      Found and mentored by Melchior of Baylon, later married him

                      Notes from Wikipedia:
                      Lydia Stahl (1890-?) was a secret agent who worked for Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) in New York and Paris. She was born Lydia Chkalov in Rostov, in the south of Russia, in 1890. Once the wife of a Tsarist officer, she later married Baron Stahl, a Baltic nobleman, and emigrated to the United States where she became a naturalized citizen. When her only son died in 1918, the lonely and grief-stricken Lydia returned to Europe. She befriended the Finnish writer Hella Wuolijoki and was a regular visitor to her estate Marleback in Southern Finland, which was a meeting place for leftist intellectuals and politicians. Through her relationship with Otto Kuusinen, she met the American radical John Reed, and maintained a correspondence with him until his death in 1920. She joined the Soviet secret service while a refugee in Finland in 1921.
                      During the 1920s, Lydia established a photography studio in Paris where she copied secret documents for Soviet Military Intelligence. In the spring of 1928 she was transferred to New York to help the GRU resident Alfred Tilton. She remained in New York until 1933, when she returned to Paris to work for the apparatus which included Robert Gordon Switz. Lydia's ami was the French professor Louis Pierre Martin, former attache of the Naval Ministry and member of the Legion of Honor.
                      In 1933 counterespionage uncovered an apparatus in Finland which included Tilton's wife Maria, Lydia's friend Ingrid Bostrom, and Arvid Jacobson. He provided information which led French counterintelligence to Lydia. She was arrested in December 1933 and other members of the apparatus, including Switz and his wife, were arrested shortly afterward. Lydia was convicted of espionage in April 1935 and served a four-year sentence. She disappeared after her release from French prison.

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                      • Great stuff, Gardner! I really enjoyed reading these chronicles and the updates you've made. Especially loved the Piers Jacobs story.



                        • Fire from the Sky
                          Known aliases : Karimala of the Blemmyes, Zuri Kenyatta
                          Notable characteristics : Posing as African-born
                          Goddess; sexually promiscuitous, conquered
                          Immortals sexually before taking their heads
                          Weapon : Tribal spear
                          Recorded kills : Unknown immortal at time of
                          appearance, in front of mortals
                          Inconclusive fight against Appius Lepidus Baro,
                          250; Sekou Nkruma, 520

                          Most recent base of operations : Present-day
                          Occupation : Witch, warrior-woman
                          Prior occupations : Undetermined
                          Roster of Immortals Status : Missing
                          Date : 520
                          Place : Kooby Fora, Kenya
                          Victor : N.A
                          Watcher : Research, Eastern Africa

                          Original cultural affiliation : Sudanese Beja
                          Born : 1st century BC; Blemyes nomadic kingdom,
                          First death : Repelling raiders attack
                          First teacher : Kashta of Nubia
                          Known past associates : Kenyatta Clan , Kashta of
                          Nubia, Sekou Nkruma
                          First recorded sighting : 250, Egypt. Romantically
                          linked to Kashta of Nubia, in war against Roman Emperor Decius

                          There is the legend in Eastern Africa about Fire from the Sky, a dark-faced woman of amazing powers who killed an African prince around 400 AD, triggering an earthquake and the biggest lighting inferno to grace the land of Kenya. The woman put such an impression on the Kenyans that they called her Fire from the Sky, the witch who rose from the dead and killed the Prince who put him to death, taking his head and drinking his essence. This folktale clearly describes an immortal, a challenge and a Quickening.
                          Fire from the Sky is recorded as having raised a tribe of twelve children - who started wandering Eastern Africa upon reaching adulthood and all died in wars, all of them bearing the name "Kenyatta" and rising from the dead. We do not know what happened of them. Fire from the Sky raised those children after marrying a local prince, himself an immortal and is said to have kept him aprt from the education of her childen, never letting him approach her daughters. She fought often, led her tribe in war and battles, and often illuminated the Kenyan sky with ligtnings. She is written to have lived six generations before burying her husband and disappearing with her children, thus marking the time of her diseappearance around 520 AD when she fought a battle against the legendary Sekou Nkruma, the warrior who turned into a doctor. Sekou lives to this day, we presume she won the battle, being such a formidable warrior and allowed him to live.

                          Fire from the Sky, a Kenyan legend
                          Watcher Research, Eastern Africa

                          Updating :

                          Blake Wilmington, since she has the same birthdate than Nebefer (Brotherhood of Ra) and Fire from the Sky...
                          Original cultural affiliation : Meroitic
                          Born : 320; Meroë, Napata/Meroitic Kingdom
                          First death : 350; During invasion of Nubia by
                          Kingdom of Aksum, raped and killed by Aksumite
                          First teacher : Kellistra
                          Known past associates : Kellistra, Maude de
                          Valerie, also part of Jack the Ripper hunt squad
                          First recorded sighting : 1888, London England as
                          Jane Doe I during Hunt for Jack the Ripper

                          And please I need five more Immortal women for the 11th century...
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                          • Originally posted by Gardner View Post
                            Whhops ! Editing misshap lol

                            Question, regarding SIS (thy creation) : why give the role of Allegra Chambers to an Indian actress ?
                            She was born in Canterbury in 1650, she would have been of British blood, not of Indian ancestry imo.

                            To be honest, my friend, Indira Varma was my choice at the time as i liked her in Torchwood, where she didn't play an Indian character. Since then, i would replace her with another, more appropriate, actress: Jenna Coleman.

                            I'll get those names for you ASAP



                            • Gardner
                              Gardner commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Good choice! I think she is very beautiful. I used Indira Varma for a teacher from India, Chandra Kapoor.

                              Chandra Kapoor
                              Known aliases : Dharmendra, Sunilta Kumar,
                              Sanjeeva Datt-Suresh, Professor Chandra Suresh
                              Notable characteristics : Pacifist
                              Weapon(s) : Never seen carrying any
                              Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                              Most recent base of operations : Madras
                              Occupation : Teacher
                              Prior occupations : Ethnologist, historian, writer
                              Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                              Date : 7 June 1953
                              Place : Madras
                              Victor : Keith Douglas
                              Watcher : Aamir Khan

                              Original cultural affiliation : Hindu
                              Born : 1526; Bangalore, Karnakata Province,
                              India. Mughai Empire
                              First death : 1566, Killed with family by Mughai
                              soldiers for not paying taxes
                              First teacher : Supriya Bhaskar
                              Known associates : Keith Douglas, Sanjiv Gupta,
                              Supriya Bhaskar, Indira and Kajari Bedi
                              Rajmathi Patel
                              Known past associates : Kaliyamma Bedi
                              Known ennemies : Kamir
                              First recorded sighting : 1566, Karnakata Province
                              Found and mentored by Bhaskar

                              Keith Douglas came to Chandra's home in search for knowledge, for the origin of the Game and of immortality. So far he received different views of immortality but sought advice from an Hindu; he was tipped by Ahasuerus on the possibility to learn more from Chandra Kapoor before he took the Wandering Jew's head and thus boarded a plane for India. Madras gave him the answers he sought in the presence of Professor Kapoor who lectures he attended, posing as a foreign student on an exchange student program between America and India. Kapoor was interested by the presence of a foreign immortal in Madras and develloped a friendship with the polite, knowledge-hungry boy.
                              Chandra explained to Douglas that Hindi immortals belived that pre-immortals upon First Death didn't reach the multi-layered paradise of Hindu religion : they became the living dead who walked the earth, killing each others and the last one, the last immortal standing would accumulate all the life-energies of the death immortals and be joined with Buddha, thus becoming the chosen one. There can be ony One immortal to unite with Buddha. Keith Douglas lauded this vision of immortality and spent one entire year folowing the tutelage of Hindi masters before finally uniting Chandra's Quickening with his, promising his fallen teacher that one day his sould would be with Buddha.

                              From the Chronicle of Keith Douglas

                          • Greetings, Gardner! Here are those names you wanted:

                            11th century

                            El-Jamah of Kanem - female
                            Milja of Travunija - female
                            Sabahat of the Khazars - female
                            Lyubochka of Pskov - Kievan Rus' female
                            Vuissance of Dijon - Burgundian female



                            • Very interesting list of names again, Apollo, thank you.
                              Here is to keep you waiting, while I find more stories to tell...

                              The Redeemers
                              Estrela Acosto, Gabriel Calvino, Joe Fujita, Moses Johnson, Alice Chase
                              Most recent base of operations: Washington DC
                              Occupation: Charter member, the Redeemers

                              The remnants of the Combined Immortals of America are back in the game, so to speak, trying to help America back on the right tracks as Donald Trump is taking our country to the abyss. They have been on the four conrers of the American territory since Trump got elected, fighting neo-Nazis who triggered recent riots in South Carolina, helping survivors of the hurricane in Miami, gathering political strenghts in Washington CD in the hope to demote Trump from his functions and woundering is they wouldn't simply hire an Immortal assassin to sanction Trump as they foolishly did in 1963 with President Kennedy. They are everywhere, wokring with civilians, trying ti curb racial tension, trying ot help the poor and disinfranchised. But isn't it too late for America ? The CIA did all the damage they could to thei homeland underr the lead of Tobias Berrick; the self-annointed Redeemers of America try theri best but theri hopes are vain because the future looks very grim.

                              Watcher Bureau, US Northeast


                              • Nice idea with the Redeemers, my friend. I completely endorse the change you made to the CIA, since the original idea was that Merrick was the driving force behind their activities and the others were driven by patriotism and were susceptible to his twisted ideology.

                                BTW I've started updating my Immortals now as i'm transferring them to my PC again, and i'd like to incorporate the updates you've made in the intervening period. I'm starting with the currently active and inactive Immortals. I'm not going to ask you to post all 463 of them at the same time! Lol

                                I intend to do it in sections a week at a time;

                                For this week could you post the full chronicles for the active and inactive Immortals of Central Africa, except for Kun Hou. Thanks in advance.



                                • Central Africa, no problem. Here is an updated chronicle for you :

                                  Milena of Trieste
                                  Known aliases : Milena Morgendörfer
                                  Notable characteristics : Hunchback, walked with a
                                  limp, severely handicapped
                                  Weapon : Using a crossbow, shooting an Immortal
                                  through the heart before taking his head
                                  Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                  Most recent base of operations : Trieste, Germany
                                  Occupation : Back-alley abortionist
                                  Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                                  Date : February 1202
                                  Place : Trieste
                                  Victor : Hugo Hauser
                                  Watcher : Gunther Kolben, Chronicle of Horst &
                                  Hugo Hauser

                                  Original cultural affilation : German
                                  Born : 1085; Trieste, Patriarcat of Aquilea, Holy
                                  Roman Empire
                                  First death : 1105; Hung as witch
                                  First teacher : Sigihild of Teutoburg
                                  First recorded sighting : 1202. Trieste, Germany
                                  Found and killed by Horst & Hugo Hauser who
                                  killed her in a 'gesture of mercy‘; managed to shoot
                                  Horst down before Hugo killed her

                                  The woman was an ugly sight : misshapen, walking with a limp, unable to carry a sword (I don't think she even owned one) but still good with the crossbow according to her chronicle, ugly as sin, but still with a quick mind and witty tongue. She also had the sharpest needles in Trieste with which she helped 'women in need of solutions'. Smart enough to never get noticed. Until the day of February 1202 when she was noticed by the Hauser brothers, two sharks prawning for prey. The sibling killers first mocked her and then offered to kill her in a 'gesture of mercy' (they said). Milena gave them a stern send-off,succesfully shooting Hugo Hauser down but the killers wouldn't listen. If Hugo was the one who took Milena's head, the killing was a combined gesture has those two share a link that goes beyond fraternal relationship.

                                  Watcher Research, the Chronicle of Horst & Hugo Hauser


                                  • CENTRAL AFRICA DATABASE
                                    ACTIVE AND INACTIVE ROSTER

                                    Ivane Kazbegi
                                    Known aliases : None
                                    Notable characteristics : Trained himself in the use
                                    of a sword, also taught by mortal teachers
                                    Weapon : Moorish broadsword
                                    Recorded kills : Tshala Massanga

                                    Most recent base of operations : Bangui, Central
                                    African Republic
                                    Occupation : Soldier, Georgian peacekeepers unit
                                    stationed in CAR
                                    Prior occupations : Soldier, Georgian
                                    Peacekeepers, Russo-Georgian War
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Vasyli Belanov

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Georgian
                                    Born : 1978; Shida Kartli, Georgia
                                    First death : 2008; Battle of Tskhinvali, Russo-
                                    Georgian War
                                    First teacher : Zourab Shelia
                                    Known past associates : Zourab Shelia
                                    First recorded sighting : 2008. South Ossetia,
                                    Georgia. Briefly mentored by Zourab Shelia

                                    I have been watching Ivane Kazbegi since we landed foot in CAR and I can say this is not a pedophile preying on little children. Ivane is a good man who saw countless horrors and had to fend for himself in the Game, getting all the help he could find to perfect his swords skills. He may be serious about the Game but this is a man who is also serious about keeping peace in war-torn countries and who would never hurt a child. And while some of those kids did offer him sex in return for his kindness, he never lowered himself to accepting those favors. I have never sen him doing any thing suspect to the children there, he gives them food and water, helps them write English or Georgian poems but that is all. He is dedicated to his mission and his on the look out for any Immortal in the area. A very caring man… or careful man.

                                    Vasyli Belanov, May 2014

                                    Estelle Malembo
                                    Known aliases : Louise Kakiyé
                                    Notable characteristics : None
                                    Weapon : Military saber
                                    Recorded kills : Theodore Bagowono, Gordon
                                    Byrne, Pierre Kangeshe, Kwami Longange

                                    Most recent base of operations : DMR of Congo
                                    Occupation : Leader, Congorillas, leading scare
                                    tactics against Rwandan rebels and Congolese
                                    Soldiers responsibles of rapes and crimes against
                                    civilians in any part of Central Africa
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Leah Chisughi

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Congolese
                                    Born : 1944; Belgian Congo, present
                                    Democratic Republic of the Congo
                                    First death : 1964, Leading Simba Rebellion vs
                                    Central Government of Congo-Leopoldville
                                    First teacher : Philippe Ibaka
                                    Known associates : Nasika
                                    Known past associates : Philippe Ibaka
                                    First recorded sighting : 1995. Rwanda Hunting
                                    perpetrators of mass rapes during Rwandan War,
                                    fought and berheaded Theodore Bagowono

                                    Estelle Malembo and her group, the Congorillas, have been dishing out justice on the countless women and girls who were raped during the war in the Congo, hunting and killign soldiers perpetrating those heinous acts. They are like demons, appearing, killing and then disappearing in a puff of smoke. No one knows were they come from, in likelihood from the four corners of the continent, unless Estelle recruited her girls solely in Congo.

                                    Watcher Bureau, Central Africa

                                    Ghost Mulenga
                                    Known aliases : Theodore Mulenga, Nyambe
                                    Notable characteristics : Immortal child
                                    Weapon : Curved saber
                                    Recorded kills : Massala Imbako, Casper Ndinge,
                                    Julien Bakangué

                                    Most recent base of operations : Central African
                                    Occupation : Soldier, army of Central African
                                    Republic, leading a battalion of child soldiers
                                    Prior occupations : Drifter
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Active
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Nelson Koré

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Bemba people of
                                    Born : 1945; Chingola, copperbelt province of
                                    Northern Rhodesia, present-day Zambia
                                    First death : 1957, Killed in landslide
                                    First teacher : Kunto Ourgane
                                    Known past associates : Kunto Ourgane
                                    First recorded sighting : 1957. Northern Rhodesia
                                    Found and mentored by Kunto

                                    In the midst of the sex scandals surrounding soldiers of the Blue Helmet Corps involved in abusing Congolese children, at least one of those men received just punishment after assulting immortal boy Ghos mulenga, not expectign the Bemba child to be so quick and able to use his sword against an adult-sized immortals. Mghos Mulenga scored a victory last night, in legitimate defense.

                                    Nelson Koré

                                    Roxane Bangura
                                    Known aliases : Roxana N’Koto, Sarah Mbodji
                                    Weapon : 17th Century Toledo rapier
                                    Weapon backgrdound : gift from Sunda Kastagir;
                                    the Blade originally belonged to Raul Hernandez

                                    Most recent base of operations : N'Djamena, Chad
                                    Occupation : Abortion doctor, N'Djamena General
                                    Hospital; shelter manager
                                    Prior occupations : Whore
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Elodie Ndaré

                                    Original cultural affiliation : BaKongo
                                    Born : 1615; Southern Congo, present Republic of
                                    First death : 1645; Captured as slave during tribal
                                    warfare, killed shortly thereater in slave revolt
                                    First teacher : Sunda Kastagir
                                    Known associates : Sunda Kastagir
                                    Known past associates : Laurent Kaliganshe,
                                    Kaltouma Bechir
                                    First recorded sighting : 1645. Southern Congo.
                                    Found by Oliveira, taught of immortality

                                    Abortion in South Africa was legal for very limited reasons until 1997, when the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (Act 92 of 1996) was passed, providing abortion on demand for a variety of cases. It allowed Roxane Bangura to switch her unsafe position as back-alley abortionist for a respectable position of medical doctor with needed credentials in Johannesburg Gen. Hospital where she has been helping women vicims of rape and incest who became pregnant, not mentioning the numerous teenage girls coming in her office.

                                    The colour of Roxanne Bangura’s skin isn’t what defines her as an immortal, even though her African heritage helps define her background, past history and personality. What defines her is the colour that predominate in her heart : a strong, warm yellow that benefits the five young children in her charge, five war-orphans she took under her wing and who turned her into a much better person now that she has people to care about, to feed, dress and educate. She provides shelter for them and even though she had to sell her body to survive in Kinshasa in the 19th century, being a prostitute isn’t what defined her. It is her inner strenght and the love she has for her children. Strong enough that when Immortals come to her looking for an easy kill, she knows how to face them : with bared teen and a drewn Tulwar saber. She bagged five immortals in the last thirteen years we have been observing her. We needn’t worry about her because she has some quite formidable weapons.

                                    Elodie Ndaré, 2016

                                    Jabari Kadewale
                                    Known aliases : Karega Agaranaike
                                    Notable characteristics : Eyes sensitive to sunlight
                                    Weapon : Roman Gladius
                                    Recorded kills : None known. Inconclusive fight
                                    against Hamran of Babylon, 1960

                                    Most recent base of operations : Kinshasa,
                                    Democratic Republic of the Congo
                                    Occupation : Surgeon, repairing damages caused
                                    to female victims of war mass rapes
                                    Prior occupations : Medical doctor
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Idrissa Koubé

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Congolese
                                    Born : 1908 Belgian Congo, present day DMR of
                                    the Congo
                                    First death : 1948, Shot by Belgian troops during
                                    rally protesting Belgian Imperial rule
                                    First teacher : Sekou Nkruma
                                    Known past associates : Sekou Nkruma, Peter
                                    Gaicus, Massala Imbako
                                    Known ennemies : Hamran of Babylon, trafficking
                                    organs stolen from Congolese women
                                    First recorded sighting : 1971. Kinshasa, Zaire
                                    Surgeon in conflict with Hamran of Babylon

                                    It never stops, more and more women, girls and infant girls are coming to Jabari Kadewale for repairs, their genitalia mutilated, their minds destroyed by the horrors of gang rapes, dozens, hudnreds of htem. Japari is a strong man but there is a rupture point in any immortals and I am afraid the day will come when finally Jabari doesn’t just repairs women, he pîcks up his sword and start dishing out justice of the men responsible for raping, torturing and mutilatign those innocent women. Once a warrior in the middel of the 20th century, Japari became a doctor udner the guidance of Darius and Grace Chandel and laied down his sword,swearign to nafver take a life again. I do hope the horrors he vews ever day do not infect his mind and taint the good doctor he became over the last six decades.

                                    Idrissa Koubé, 2015

                                    Ibrahim Kiesso
                                    Known aliases : ‘The King of Slaves’
                                    Notable characteristics : Flamboyant dresser, total
                                    disregard for human life, taste for young girls
                                    Weapon : Broadsword manchu
                                    Recorded kills : Ibrahim Endélé, Kaltouma Bechir

                                    Most recent base of operations : Yaoundé,
                                    Occupation : Human trafficking, runs a teen/child
                                    prostitution ring servicing pedophiles from the
                                    Western world
                                    Prior occupations : Slaver, exploiting children and
                                    women from Benin, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Michel Djibango

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Cameroonian
                                    Born : 1432; Cameroon
                                    First death : 1472, Killed by Portuguese sailors
                                    during skirmish
                                    First teacher : Unrecorded
                                    Known past associates : Dimej Yar’adua
                                    Known ennemies : Lucien Sango
                                    First recorded sighting : 1656. Western Nigeria
                                    Slave-treader, in partnership with Dimej Yar’adua.
                                    Dissolved their association over territorial dispute

                                    If the rate of teen prostitution is rising in Cameroon today it is because of Ibrahim Kiesso, who for four centuries and a half has been specilaizing in the trade of human flesh. First trading slaves in the 17th and 18th century, then working In the brotels of Southeast Asia during the 1950’s, of Latin America in the 1970’s and then back to his homeland for the past decade. He managed to survvie the Immortals War and it is a shame so many good immortals persihed, when he still lives.

                                    Michel Djibango, Yaoundé

                                    Beatriz Kimpa Vita
                                    Known aliases : Sister Angelique Namaita
                                    Notable characteristics : Prophetic abilities,
                                    considered to be the Congolese Joan of Arc
                                    Weapon : Not carrying one
                                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                                    Most recent base of operations : Kinshasa
                                    Democratic Republic of the Congo
                                    Occupation : Senior nun, Augustine Sisters
                                    Prior occupations : Kongo Empire prophet,
                                    Catholic nun, leading Antonianism movement
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Sister Mary Ignatius

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Congolese
                                    Born : 1684; Miount Kibangu, Kongo Empire,
                                    present Democratic Republic of the Congo
                                    First death : 1709, Drank poison to trigger
                                    immortality at her prime
                                    First teacher : Cassandra
                                    Known past associates : Cassandra, Tantini
                                    Known ennemies : Roland Kantos
                                    First recorded sighting : 1706. Kongo Empire
                                    Cassandra, mistress of a Portuguese officer,
                                    investigating the story of Beatriz, rescued her in
                                    time from being burnt to death

                                    Rebels invaded the Augustien Sisters convent, burnt it to the ground and raped all the nuns there, including Beatriz Kimpa Vita and myself. We were lucky to stay alive after this. After enduring this ordeal, Beatriz remembered the lessons of her teacher, Cassandra, picked a sword and came after the offenders, tracking them down to their lair and one by one, butchered them all. Beatriz may be a saint, but this is a three centuries old immortal hiding a lioness beneath her cloth.

                                    Sister Mary Ignatius

                                    Sekou Nkruma
                                    Known aliases : Baruch Dongo, Mengistu Worku,
                                    Ignatius Fortuna, Benjamin Dede
                                    Notable characteristics : Amazing sense of humor
                                    Weapon : Manchu broadsword
                                    Recorded kills : Martin Hyde; usually not a player of
                                    the Game. Inconclusive fight against Fire from the
                                    Sky, 720; Charles Quasah, 1327

                                    Most recent base of operations : Kinshasa,
                                    Democratic Republic of Congo
                                    Occupation : Medical Doctor, World Health
                                    Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                    Date :
                                    Place :
                                    Victor :
                                    Watcher : Meseret Defar

                                    Original cultural affiliation : Axumite
                                    Born : 423, Kingdom of Axum, present-day Ethiopia
                                    First death : 441, Killed in battle against Nubians
                                    First teacher : Sunda Kastagir
                                    Known associates : Grace Chandel, Paula
                                    Kagame, Jerome Bluescher, Jabari Kadewale
                                    Known past associates : Sunda Kastagir, Dina
                                    Katumba, Sooriya Djambé, Mebrahtom, Seraphina,
                                    Jaelle Mafany, Pierre Kangeshe
                                    First recorded sighting : 441, Axumite Kingdom
                                    Student of Kastagir

                                    Trying to stem the tide of the disaster is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. Every day we see more and more cases of the AIDS virus. By the time the patients realize that they have the disease it is too late to do anything more than just hold there hands and wait for them to die. That is why Sekou has gone to the city to try to help the government come up with some plan to try to educate and identify people with HIV. One of the centerpieces of the plan is to build more clinics and schools and is helping to fund this project out of his own pocket. It will do nothing for the poor souls already infected but it could save the lives of thousands in the years to come.

                                    Meseret Defar, 2008

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                                    • Tshala Massanga
                                      Known aliases : Lucien Kabila, Tshala Muana
                                      Notable characteristics : None
                                      Weapon : Custom broadsword
                                      Recorded kills : Unidentified Nyamwezi immortal
                                      from Tanzania, invading Luban Kingdom

                                      Most recent base of operations : Bangui
                                      Central African Republic
                                      Occupation : Singer
                                      Prior occupations : Merchant, hunter-gatherer
                                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                                      Date :
                                      Place :
                                      Victor :
                                      Watcher : Jonas Numbi

                                      Original cultural affiliation : Luba people
                                      Born : 10th century; Kingdom of Luba, pre-colonial
                                      Congo; Katanga region of Southeast Congo
                                      First death : Undetermined
                                      First teacher : Sudala
                                      Known past associates : Sudala, Sunda Kastagir,
                                      Sekou Nkruma
                                      First recorded sighting : 1880. Katanga, Congo
                                      Encounter with Sunda Kastagir and his past
                                      disciple, Sekou Nkrma

                                      Another one of the "sons of Sudala" has been identified, one hailing from the distant past of Congo but who proved to be more pacifical than Kashta of Nubia, prefering the pen and the mike to the sword, living by the old adage "the pen is mightier than the sword". He entertains mortals with his songs, choosing provocative humor and witty banter to make his voice heard on the musical scene. However I wonder if Bangui is the place he needs, I heard he wants to travel abroad and move out of Bangui. Maybe Dakar, Nairobi or a city from North Africa. His mind isn't set yet. Why not New-York City, Paris or London ? Unless he wants to avoid confrontations with other Immortals, the Game being played more frenquently in the Occidental world than in Africa.

                                      Jona Numbi, May 2017


                                      • I do a lot of copy-pasting here, myself. Question: In your 08-20-2017, 08:07 AM post, you wrote about Baltsar Kjellberg and put his original cultural affiliation as "Swinn Jew". What is "Swinn"?


                                        • What do you mean, ,copy pasting ? Are borrowing the stories I post ?
                                          I meant a Swedish Jew. A Jewish man born in Sweden.


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                                            Another thing : another female Immortal born in the 12th century, please. A Greek one!
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                                              Sorry to hear about your mother, Apollo1, then it is fortunate for you that the HLBB came back online. And for me too!
                                              Another thing : another female Immortal born in the 12th century, please. A Greek one!
                                              Thanks, Gardner. Yeah the HLBB came back at the right time for me. Working on updating my old chronicles and adding the new ones you've done in the interim is helping me deal with things at home. Coming on here is good therapy, i think!

                                              I have that name you wanted my friend,

                                              12th century

                                              Kallisto of Nicopolis - Greek female

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