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    In the weeks leading up to the event “Kalas in concert”, May-Ling Shen noticed a growing unrest among the immortals. There were rumours that Kalas had managed to make a deal with the Organization to be able to challenge Lord Byron, the other featured musical superstar, in the event as well.

    May-Ling thought it unlikely that the Organization would allow either of the two moneymakers to be eliminated permanently. Surely, the uneasy chatter among the immortals was the worry about who would be sacrificed to be able to get their superstar back. Then again, if they would resurrect either Kalas or Byron, the entire event would be pointless.

    But when it was announced over all major channels that Kalas would indeed face off with Lord Byron and that Ivan Kristov would be the support act, she too grew an uneasy feeling and wondered what there was to gain for either party involved. Well, apart from the vast amount of money, that is, because tickets for the main event would sell out almost the same instant they would hit the market, and all broadcasting networks would offer millions to be able to broadcast it live.

    Puzzled, May-Ling Shen decided to talk with Sean Burns and Grace Chandell about Kalas and his place in the Organization. As usual, they were kind andunderstanding and they offered to ask around and look for more information about Kalas in the listings provided to them.

    Burns and Chandell once again exchanged concerned looks, and the moment May-Ling had gotten out of the room, Grace stood up from her chair and hurried to the small office.
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Ooh. What if Grace is evil now?


      • Nicholas Ward
        Nicholas Ward commented
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        Wouldn't that be uncharacteristic?

      • dubiousbystander
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        Not if she's changed, as Kage became Kirin. As Coltec from Quickenings. Say, is he good now? Was he purged when distilled from Mac?

      • Nicholas Ward
        Nicholas Ward commented
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        True, she might become a loose canon with the right incentive.
        I didn't have plans for Coltec yet, feel free to add to the story any way you like.

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      “Incoming call.“
      The system’s voice broke the silence in the Organisation’s main office.

      The person at the ornate antique desk continued reading, slowly turning the page from an ancient looking tome.

      Call from the secure line in the Vatican.” The system voice continued.

      The person looked up from the text he was reading and adjusted his glasses.
      “On screen”.

      The holographic screen flickered as it established a secure connection.

      Hello”, a clear young voice sounded through the speakers before the image of the empty cardinal’s office appeared on screen. “Anyone there?”

      “Who is this? Where is the Cardinal?” The man’s voice was clear and calm, not even showing a hint of surprise even though it should have been impossible for anyone other than the Cardinal himself to use this channel.

      “The Cardinal is...” The young voice slightly hesitated before continuing. “The Cardinal is with me”.

      “I understand.” The man in the office said as he scribbled something down on a small note.
      “Who are you and what is the reason of this call?”

      “I have information.” The young voice said, ignoring the first part of the question.

      “What makes you think we’d want your information?”The man leaned back in his office chair. “With the access we have to the watcher chronicles, it’s merely a matter of time before we find.., well anything we want about immortals really.” He put the pencil down and gestured in the general direction of the scrolls, books and chronicles in the office. “Besides, we don’t do business with unknown immortals.”

      “Not all information,” The young voice said. “Otherwisethe Organisation wouldn’t keep ties with the Vatican, would it?”

      “Fair point.”
      The man spoke calmly, took off his glasses and pointed one of the legs towards the holographic screen.“What is it about then?”

      I know where the Elder is”. The young voice said bluntly.

      The man shot up from his laid back position, almost dropping his glasses before regaining his composure. The man placed the glasses on the desk next to the chronicle, his hands slightly trembling as he reached for his pencil again.

      “And what is it you want in return?” The man asked, his pencil at the ready.

      “So you’re interested then?” the young voice asked with an obvious sneer.

      “It would make things easier if I knew who you are.” The man said. “But yes, you have my attention.”

      “Thought so,” The young voice stated.
      “First, I want a job in the Organisation.”

      “That can be arranged”, The man said while making notes.

      “Second, I don’t want to fight in the arena unless I am the challenger.” The young voice continued.

      “There are very few with that privilege, so that might be difficult.” The man frowned.

      “Then no information from me.” The static increased as if the connection was about to be interrupted, which was also indicated by a flashing icon on the holographic screen.

      “Wait!” The man urged. “I said difficult, not impossible.” And to his relief, the static slowly decreased and the connection stabilised. “But I will have to know who you are for that.”

      “Only if you give your word on finalising the deal.”
      The young voice proclaimed.

      “You have it.” The man stated firmly. “Please continue.”

      The holographic screen flickered slightly to adjust for the changing image as the immortal, who the young voice belonged to, came into view of the camera. When the image focused, it showed the small stature and innocent looking face of a child.

      I’m Kenneth, and as final part of the deal, I want a new body!”

      The man said as he picked up his glasses again. “I’ll need a few days to make arrangements and spread the word through the proper channels in the Organisation.”

      The man smiled. “Discreetly of course.”

      “Don’t bother trying to find me in the meantime.”
      Kenneth said and disconnected.

      May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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        Ooh, NICE! And our Kenneth might have his pick! It wouuldn't surprise me if he'd want a powerful body, or perhaps a pretty face. I mean, those things CAN go together.


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          The event was in full swing. Lord Byron gave an outstanding rock show while Kalas was recovering from the Quickening he received from Ivan Kristov.

          The fight had been pretty much as expected, and Kalas put Ivan Kristov down on his knees fairly fast.
          The Quickening had been a treat for his senses and the aspiration locked within was almost palpable.
          Kalas had enjoyed it tremendously.

          But now he was sitting in his luxurious chair in the corner of one of his chambers, watching Lord Byron’s performance on a big screen.
          Kalas took a sip of water and closed his eyes for a moment while he listened to Byrons act build up to the finale.
          When the guitars and fireworks swelled in numbers and volume, Kalas stood up, reached for his sword and left his chambers.

          After making his way through the corridor towards the main entrance of the arena, Kalas had to wait for security to open the heavy doors and
          escort him to the central parts of the complex. Even though he saw the necessity of these security measures, which also guaranteed his privacy,
          Kalas was annoyed by the delay.

          As he rolled his eyes and glanced over the various connecting walkways, a massive explosion ripped through the complex, sending a billow of smoke up and through the corridors.
          Sharp erratic flashes of light followed while personnel scrambled to secure and evacuate all immortals from the common areas.

          Shortly after, the breaking news emerging on all available tv-channels confirmed the end of the event and started speculations about a terrorist attack or the possibility of an accident, among promises of a thorough investigation into the matter at hand.
          May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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            Oooh! Now, is this infiltration, or a breakout? Doesn't sound like the place took too much damage.