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    September 18 2018 at 1100M
    Methos: "Wait... you're talking about Administrator Kell!? About THE Jacob Kell!?!? The man is a high ranking Cleric, holds ordained titles on Earth, Kaylium and here on Zeist! Not to mention he is the Council's own representative on Rygar..'re INSANE!!!"
    General Katana: "You said yourself that it could be someone in the Clergy! Are you aware that Kell served under me during the purge on Rygar!?"
    Methos: "Wait... WHAAAT!?!?"
    General Katana: "Oh yes! You won't find any record of it because his involvement was strictly off the books to protect his titles. He was key to gaining access to the Morloy mines. His skills with a sword were impressive and that Blood Lust of his knew NO bound!"
    Methos: "This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!"
    General Katana: "You know he is rumored to be the leader of the Crimson Cult on Kaylium!? Immortals loyal ONLY to him! Practitioners of Sorcery!?
    Methos: "What I do know is you better have MORE evidence than rumors and a couple notches in some chairs if you're going before the council to report on Jacob Kell!"


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      September 19 2018 at 1111 AM
      Methos: "Copy THAT... I can hear you!!! Where the HELL have you been!?!?"
      Duncan: "Sorry... got lost in the woods! What's the status on Connor?"
      Methos: "He slayed the third Hunter and passed the military trials. He's under Council Watch now, a Transporter is taking arrest of him. He was showing signs of Jumper's Delusion... now it's apparently gone!?"
      Duncan: "We handled that on our end.... you're welcome!"
      Methos: "Christ!!! You found Ramirez!?"
      Duncan: "More like he found us. Anna is remaining with him and a friend for healing and restoration. She took in a Dark Quickening!!!"
      Methos: "We know how those go... don't we! Then she's in the right hands and you're in the right position. I'm having you beamed to Kaylium. You'll meet up with Connor and a Bounty Cleric. That would be one... Koto Hiroyu."
      Duncan: "Did you say Koto!? Wait, why there... how deep is this going Methos!?"
      Methos: "Deeper than you can imagine!"


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        September 20 2018 at 0803 AM
        [Duncan picks up his jacket and his gear off the contamination sensors, checks his B.C.U. Holster (blade compression unit) for any malfunction. Obviously if it had... his blade would have shot out, right through his leather jacket! Laughs to himself about memories of some sword concealment mishaps over the centuries... long before these high-tech accessories were available. Turns quickly to a familiar voice calling out!]
        Connor: "They'll let anybody on this planet!?" ~heh, heh, heh~ "Welcome to Kaylium!"
        Duncan: "Nice haircut... you look like a Moor Rat!"
        [The two embrace in a brotherly hug]
        Connor: "Duncan...this is my Chaperone! Chaperone... this is Duncan." ~heh, heh~
        [Duncan waves Connor off in embarrassment and presents himself with a formal and respectful Japanese bow.]
        Hiroyu: "Duncan Macleod... on behalf of my mother and the Koto family shrine, I salute you! I am Hiroyu Koto."
        [He greets Duncan with a respectful bow.]
        Duncan: "How is your mother?"
        Hiroyu: "Sadly she has passed... but always spoke very highly of you! When I discovered the Macleod name in the Clergy cases, I requested this post."
        Duncan: "Connor...what the hell are we doing here!?"
        Connor: [smiles at the fun and thrill of Duncan's query with anticipation.] "Head Hunting!"


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          September 30 2018 at 0850 AM
          [Connor, Hiroyu and Duncan arrive at a location designated by Methos to meet his contact on Kaylium.]

          Connor: ~heh, heh, heh~ "You've got to be kidding me!?"
          Fitz: "Hello Ol' boy! My God, man... what has it been, two hundred years?"
          Connor: "Something like that."
          Duncan: "Something like that redhead in London!"
          Fitz: "Now, now, Duncan."
          Duncan: "You're the investigator for Methos!!!"
          Fitz: "Guilty as charged! And I must say, the findings do not bode well. You are all bound for unpleasantries here!"


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            October 01 2018 at 0845 AM
            [Methos and the General have tracked down Crimson Cult members on Zeist utilizing clues, contacts and locations. Now it's time for information and to assess who is Immortal and who is not!]

            General Katana: "This is a party... isn't it!? We LOVE to PARTY!!!"
            [Katana grabs the security doorman and slams him into a bench seat... violently gripping his genitals with an uneasy firmness.] "Am I making you uncomfortable?" [The General is asking in a calm, tender voice as he tightens his grip!]
            [Methos recognizes the female as the "ring leader" identified as Faith. As she gracefully attempts to flee, he grabs her by the wrist and secures it with a joint lock. Gently he brushes her hair and face while applying pain through her other arm.]
            Methos: "We've seen you all on the security recordings from the last murder scene... we know you transported and staged the last victim."

            [Faith's eyes turn to Brother Bob, the stylish one with a Bowler Hat, crouched in the corner. He jumps to his feet and draws a cane blade.]
            Brother Bob: "I will slay you both in the name of..."
            [The General burst out in maniacal laughter!]
            General Katana: "Ha, Haaaa! You look like an ORANGE BURR... ...I'll peel you next!!!"
            Methos: "Who is your SAGE and where is the last victim being held!?"
            [Faith remains silent as she shakes her head NO, then instantly tears up and winces at both the screams of the doorman and Methos's finger slipping up into the nerve under her jaw bone.]
            Methos: "Now, I'll ask nicely... just once more!"

            [Brother Bob charges General Katana as he spins around and redirects Bob's blade into the doorman. The General draws his sword...]
            General Katana: "It's Showtime!!!"


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              October 02 2018 at 1200 PM

              Fitz: "So you see lads... we're talking about Necromancers! The Crimson Cult use to worship the Bringer of Blood in a sunset ceremony on Rygar. Methos is the oldest known Immortal of Earth, but only the second oldest on Rygar. Watcher records there speak of an Elder known as Olra'b... the Bringer of Blood!"
              Duncan: "So... I'll ask AGAIN... why are we on Kaylium!?"
              Fitz: "The Chronicles tell of disturbing legends involving Olra'b with Immortal Sacrifice, Night Walking, Sorcery, Dark Quickenings, possession and... Mortal Poisoning through Immortal blood transfusions."
              Hiroyu: "You speak of Jinn traits... Obake shifters and Vampiric lore!"
              Fitz: "Exactly mate! You see dear Duncan... the Cult and rumored activities were snuffed out on Rygar centuries ago, but resurfaced here on Kaylium about 200 years ago! Devoted followers are draped in white cloth to honor the legend of Olra'b's appearance... walk the night and bring mischief with them."
              [Connor breaks his content silence as he cleans and prepares a katana across the table.]
              Connor: "Sounds like a bad case of Halloween that needs to be cured with some quick steel!"
              ~heh, heh, heh~
              Duncan: "Not funny... Connor!"
              [Fitz centers in on Connor]
              Fitz: "Easy, Lad! Especially with your reputation for slicing and dicing on Holy Ground!!!"
              [Connor smiles at the accusation.]
              Fitz: "I scouted the location according to the coordinates given by Methos,... it's an abandoned monastery admitting some EXTREMELY dark vibes!!! We're talking about Holy Ground that for all apparent purposes has been desecrated, but still... there's NO telling what could happen if you combat there!"
              Hiroyu: "Better we draw them out and face them on open ground!"
              Connor: "Oh yeah... Napoleon liked to use that tactic! You know how many times I was killed during Waterloo!?"
              [Duncan instantly smiles as he and Fitz can't help but to laugh at that one!]
              Fitz: "So raise a glass... mates! Looks like we're truly in for a Ghost Hunt."
              Duncan: "Hey... who you gonna call!?"
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                October 04 2018 at 0300 AM
                Fitz: "This is it, lads! You feel it right?"
                Connor: "Yeah, it's... different!? A heavy presence."
                Fitz: "Reports say you can hear voices talking and whispering to each other at night... but mostly they just moan and cry out of there!?"
                Hiroyu: "Immortals cannot sense me... I'll circle around and search through the rear passages."
                Duncan: "You don't have to do this Hiroyu... this isn't your fight."
                Hiroyu: "Connor's safety and transport are my responsibility until he is cleared by the council. This venture is part of Methos's investigation. Besides... the Macleods can always come to the Kotos for help, and from where we're standing, you are in MUCH need of it."
                [Duncan bows in formal Japanese respect.]
                Fitz: "If you're drawing out whatever is in there... best I have our transport ready and supply cover on the field. I mean to say I'm NO coward, but I just can't go in there, mate!"
                Duncan: "Trust me, I'm not too KEEN on the idea either."
                [Duncan leans into Connor as they both silently acknowledge each other.]
                Duncan: "What do you think... London Heights!?"
                Connor: "No. No, too obvious of an approach! I say we do Kansas City. Circle and..."
                Duncan: "...and fall back in, right! How we took the Gregson Boys out of town!"
                Connor: "EXACTLY!"


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                  October 07 2018 at 0930 AM
                  [Connor and Duncan climb through a collapsed doorway and enter the old sanctuary. The smell is stagnant and sour... like rotten apricot and stale urine. Their eyes water as they begin to cough! Connor notices the name Olra'b carved into a wall of inscriptions. An extra character carved in front of his name would look out of place to others, except Connor's education in antiquity inscriptions from both dimensions allows him to place it.]
                  Connor: "Look at the inscription... his name is spelled different here!"
                  Duncan: "I'm a little more concerned about the smell. This chapel is massive and decrepit. Watch where you step!"
                  [Something out in the wooden pews makes a sudden shifting sound! Connor spins around, raising his sword blade to a high guard position. He uses the blade as a visor to see beyond the glare of the broken windows. It's then that he is startled by his blade's reflection of the inscribed name behind him. Connor quickly turns back towards the wall!]
                  Duncan: "What is it!?"
                  Connor: "It can't be!?"
                  Duncan: "WHAT!?!?"
                  Connor: "I KNOW HIS NAME!"
                  [Duncan's voice drops low and sharp.]
                  Duncan: "Connor, LOOK!!!"
                  [A figured draped in a dirty cloth has slowly risen to a sitting position in one of the front pews. Duncan maintains a centered Aikido stance for attack or defense as Connor begins circling the old stage using his single handed, blade point en garde. The shrouded figure begins to moan like a cat in heat! The sound of shifting wood also begins to grow louder as more and more shrouded figures begin emerging from beneath the pews.]
                  Connor: "Mother of God!"
                  Duncan: "We REALLY shouldn't be here!"
                  [The figures begin moaning en masse as they start to scramble over and around the pews towards the stage!]
                  Duncan: "Let's MOVE... move NOW!!!"


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                    October 10 2018
                    [Connor pulls off his leather jacket and uses it with his sword in a "cloak and dagger" fighting style to smother, stun, stick and move through the old corridors as Duncan switches to "tight blade" moves combined with Chinese Hung-Gar to strike these cloaked attackers with power and force!]
                    Connor: "When I said let's move... I didn't mean into the basement!"
                    [Duncan blocks the door behind them with a fallen stone and raises his sword to a room of draped cloths awaiting them next.]
                    Duncan: "Oh... I'm sorry! I must have taken a wrong turn between the hallway to valet parking and the FIFTY MANIACS chasing us!?"
                    [Both of them take guard at the sound of moaning and struggling beyond the room's draping and cut-through the sheets, only to discover Hiroyu pinning two cloaked figures to the wooden floor with his duel blades.]
                    Duncan: "Hey... I found your Chaperone!"
                    Connor: "Duncan... that's just rude."
                    Duncan: "Oh, I'm RUDE!?"
                    Hiroyu: "ENOUGH!!! Can't believe the two of you right now!"
                    Connor: "Relax Hiroyu... sorry! He's not arguing, it's just conversation." ~heh, heh, heh~
                    [Duncan GLARES at Connor.]
                    Duncan: "They're breaking through the door... we need another way out of here!"
                    Hiroyu: "There is a window passage between floors! We leave through there!"


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                      October 17 2018 at 0700 AM
                      [The final abductee of Sanctuary feels herself hopelessly secured in the Brace Chair with her attempts to find a bracket weakness leading to no avail! She contemplates the choices in her life that have led her to this solace and the irony that it will now be the instrument of her demise. She feels the presence of another Immortal surge through her. Hearing the door open, she wonders why there is only one moving about. What has happened to the others!? Just then, that haunting and soothing voice comes up close to her ear!]
                      Kell: "Well... well.. here we are! All alone now, because you are the last my dear. I must confess that I had a much more intimate location picked out to savor your Quickening. Dear Annie! Unfortunately that isn't the case now."
                      [She gasps in SHOCK at hearing the name she hasn't gone by in year's... Annie Devlin. How does he know... what does he know?!]
                      Annie: "You invade a Sanctuary, abduct devotees and kill others on Holy Ground... on our ancestral home world of Zeist nonetheless, and believe this will bring you devotion and power?!"
                      Kell: "Ummm... you are STRONG and resourceful. None of the other's broke their VOW of silence to plead or bargain, but not you! You would speak out... you would war against your fate. Irish to the last! I should know my dear... I was just an Isle hop away."
                      [Her fists clench in their restraints as her blood boils at the thought of a Celtic Traitor orchestrating this monstrous act.
                      Suddenly they both feel the strong rush of another Immortal's presence just as a sword blade slices through the door latch! Sparks and metal scatter across the floor as General Katana slides the door open with playful laughter and a sudden expression of mocking shock.]
                      General Katana: "Ohhh my... what is happening here?!"
                      [Kell grips his sword and is startled when Methos steps out of the shadows behind him! Kell's fury rises as he realizes that Methos had used the General's presence to camouflage his own.]
                      Methos: "Go ahead, make a move! Guarantee you I've seen it before."
                      [The General displays a Cheshire grin as he begins to free Annie from the chair and restraints. She sheds her first tears of relief and joy in decades.]
                      General Katana: "Feels good to be the hero every now and then!"
                      [Methos winks at the General while disarming and restraining Jacob Kell.]
                      Methos: "You'll stand before the Council for this and clear the names of Macleod and Ramirez from this plot... I guarantee it!"
                      Kell: "The mighty Methos and devout General will not be enough to stop this brewing."

                      "Hail... Olra'b"


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                        October 18 2018 at 0700 AM
                        Fitz: "Well... lads, after that display... I will DEFINITELY be drinking tonight!!!"
                        Hiroyu: "Their skin burned under the sheets as they made chase into the daylight!"
                        [Connor sits against a cold stone wall for comfort as he shifts and grips his sword with disturbed recollection.]
                        Duncan: "What the hell happened in there, Connor? You said you know his name? Whose name, Orla'b? What was on the wall?!"
                        Connor: "I saw it reversed in the reflection on my blade. With the additional leading symbol engraved, its mirror image is pronounced in period Kaylor as... Barlow!"
                        Duncan: "Who's Barlow?"
                        Connor: "New York, 1977. I was importing antiquities for another dealer shop in the city... a partner team, Barlow & Straker. They opened shop in a small town in Maine the next year, the whole damn place fell under a mysterious medical plague and was abandoned for two years till a wild fire consumed it in 1980! Barlow and Straker were never seen again, but it wasn't the first time I had heard the name. An infamous Serial Killer was stalking the streets of London in the late 1800's, I tracked and hunted him with Scotland Yard till I discovered he was immortal by him taunting me at the crime scenes with his presence! Of course... I was the only one there that could feel him."
                        Fitz: "Wait a minute... mate! You're saying that Jack the Ripper was one of us!?"
                        Connor: "His alias at the time was Barlow. We eventually met outside the city for my challenge... longest sword fight I've ever had! Two hours of dueling. His medical knowledge and rapier skills made him damn near impossible to beat, but I brought the fight to him as well. His skin and clothes began to smoke at dawn! The pain of it slowed him enough to give me the advantage. While on his knees, his last words were... Hail, Orla'b!"
                        [The group goes eerily silent as Connor looks to Duncan...]
                        Connor: "This is older and bigger than us, brother!"


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                          October 20 2018 at 1128 AM
                          [Hiroyu Koto has delivered Connor to the Clergy on Zeist as instructed. Duncan and Methos wait in the Meditation Gardens of the Monastery as Connor appears before the Zeist Council of Three.]
                          High Priest: "Connor Macleod of 8th have stood accused of rebellion against the Clergy and faced the military combat trials on your home world of Earth. In light of your recent cooperation and contribution to an ongoing investigation in relation to your case... you have been found clear of all charges by this Council and promoted to the rank of Inspector for the Watcher division of the Clergy."
                          Connor: "That's more like it!" ~heh, heh~
                          High Priest: "Do you choose to accept this title and the responsibilities of the position?"
                          Connor: "I DO!"
                          High Priest: "Then you are hereby recognized under the Blade of Three... awaiting certification of the Watcher Chronicler."
                          Connor: "What of the conspirator charges against Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez!?"
                          High Priest: "Senior Ramirez has been cleared of his charges as well... but must stand before this Council for his titles to be restored! Till such a time he will be labeled as a Rogue Cleric."
                          Connor: "Understood and graciously recognized."
                          [Connor salutes the Council by assuming their stance of Blade's Rest and bows his head, showing submission of self with an exposed neck to another.]
                          "Until ALL are ONE!"
                          High Priest: "Until ALL are ONE... Inspector Macleod!"


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                            October 21 2018 at 0900AM


                            Methos: "Well, well! It's Inspector Macleod now... as I hear it! How does redemption and promotion feel on the same day?"
                            Connor: "Feels GOOD!" ~heh, heh, heh~
                            Duncan: "Here... I brought you something to celebrate the moment."
                            [Connor opens a long travel case and reveals a bottle of 92' Drambuie packed with his Masamune Katana. A gift from Ramirez after slaying the Kurgan with it and saving Gwen in 1985.]
                            Connor: "Hey! How did you get this here to Zeist?"
                            [Un-sheathing this beautiful weapon, he takes delight in a few KATA moves.]
                            Duncan: "Well... it wasn't easy! And you're welcome."
                            Methos: "I've sent word to Ramirez through Wynden of our status and his title suspension. General Katana is overseeing the prosecution of Jacob Kell himself. It's still hard to believe!"
                            Duncan: "Which part? That Kell was a secret Cult leader or that General Katana actually did the right thing for once?"
                            Methos: "He was an invaluable asset, Macleod, and KEY in clearing Connor's name!"
                            Connor: "How's Anna doing?"
                            Duncan: "She's good! Training, healing and helping Gwen and Ramirez rebuild the forest camp."
                            Connor: "Good. Thank them ALL again for me!"
                            [He sheaths the Katana and throws the bottle to Methos.]
                            "We'll need to go further into the Watcher Archives to unravel this Olra'b mystery."
                            Methos: "Well... I just so happen to have the oldest chronicles in my private library at the Chateau along with drink recipes from our late and great Joe himself! What do ya' say?"
                            [Duncan cracks a million-dollar smile at the memory and thought of Joe "In Spirit" prepping them for a new mission!]
                            Connor: "Let's do this!"


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                              2/11/19 10:41 AM
                              Connor: "I know he's here... I can feel him!"
                              Amanda: "Stay close!!! He's a shape shifter."
                              [They hear a maniacal laugh from within the refinery. Connor and Amanda take defensive stances, back to back!]
                              Amanda: "What's his bounty on Zeist?"
                              Connor: "No return bounty! Extermination by order of the Council. Sorry, you can't steal this one!" ~heh, heh~


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                                Rodimus put up a lovely supplement to Rogue Zeist. Or is it an Easter Egg?

                                Highlander : Dimension
                                •Rogue Zeist•
                                [Richie's Gift]

                                San Francisco [2024]

                                [In the corner booth of an old restaurant that's tuned to an old jukebox sits Richie and Anna. Its his birthday, or at least the only one this street kid from the Zone ever knew of! He had found Anna as a young Immortal herself, but not as young as he was. Protected and trained her as MacLeod once did with him and they have been inseparable ever since. As lovers, partners, and survivors of the Game.]
                                Anna: "Happy Birthday... old man!"
                                Richie: [rolling his eyes] "I'm NOT that old."
                                Anna: "Well, you do look DAMN good for a 50 year old!"
                                [Taking that as a cue, he moves in for a kiss.]
                                Richie: "Oh yeah?"
                                Anna: [with a tender whisper] "Yeah."
                                [An Immortal's kiss has a spark that can become addictive to one another, and these two shamelessly embrace it! She pulls away and slides a long gift box between them. He looks at the box with a pouty and smirkish face while making a teasing observation.]
                                Richie: "Hmmm.... Is it a telescope?"
                                [She gives him a stern look with raised eyebrows.]
                                Anna: "Really!?"
                                [He calms her back down with that boyish smile she loves as he unwraps the bow and wooden case. Opening the lid and sitting frozen in shock at the sight of the Clamshell Rapier inside.]

                                Richie: "Where did you get this!?"
                                [As he looks it over the memories come rushing back! Memories of Mac and Tessa, memories of the hours he trained with it and the last time he ever saw it.
                                The time it was broken.]
                                Anna: "It was MacLeod. Well, actually both MacLeods, but it was Duncan's idea."
                                [She places a hand on his as she quickly becomes emotional too.]
                                Anna: [her voice slightly cracking] "He said he kept it." (a single tear rolls down her cheek as she sees how moved Richie is) "He says you've become a fine man and a good teacher."
                                [They wipe tears from each other's eyes now as she simply sits nose to nose with him.]
                                Anna: [with a tender whisper]"Look at the forge signature."
                                [Richie peers closer at the new blade and sees Connor's signature in the steel above the guard with the sign of Zeist. He just smiles ear to ear as he nods his head.]
                                Richie: "Lancelot!"
                                [She looks to the sword and back to him. Although her mind and imagination are on the stars.]
                                Anna: "They're waiting for us, you know!"
                                Richie: [still nodding his head] "I know and we will make the pilgrimage.... together! The right of passage, the ceremony of one... That's all ahead of us now."
                                [That draws a huge smile out of her and a feverish kiss to follow. Richie quickly pulls away with an inquisitive and worried look.]
                                Richie: "How much was the dimensional shipping!?"
                                [That right there gets him slapped on the arm with an aggressive kiss to follow as she mouths his name on his own lips....
                                "Richie Ryan!" A kiss that quickly turns to tenderness. A kiss that will hold them with the music the rest of this night.]
                                Click image for larger version

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                                  He's gone mad, I tell you! MAD!

                                  •Rogue Zeist•
                                  [Amber Waves]

                                  Cobalt Valley [2118]

                                  [Lythium Zink, one of the rarest types of alloy in the 8 Dimensions can only be found on the planet Rygar. However, its locations are often hidden and kept secret by masters of the Zink Forge. What parts of Rygar haven't been industrialized are often desolate and uninhabited.

                                  Great distances stretch out between outposts and drilling stations. This vast wilderness proved perfect for a reclusive Connor MacLeod to have set up a hidden forge and personal retreat for himself and his late wife, Louise. He enjoys the solitude of this place from time to time on his own now. Although he has stayed out here much longer than usual this season.

                                  He crouches over an exposed patch of Lythium-grain stone and admires the rich soils, colors and beauty of it all. However, something else catches his eye for the moment. Something moving in the distance. Moving in the wind.

                                  At the edge of the soil patches often sprouts up a regional growth known as Amber Grass.

                                  Tall shoots of golden grass that naturally curl at the top and are illuminated in the sunlight. Blowing in the wind like amber waves of fire.

                                  A sight that takes him back in time. Back to her... Louise. Those golden curly locks and her spirit just as wild as an Arizona Mustang! With a compassion that reached out like those spires do to the sky.]

                                  Connor: [speaking to her spirit]
                                  "The soil is right for Ore Harvest now. Just like it was when we found this place so long ago."
                                  (he looks out beyond the grass to the evening sun) "Ever my explorer and activist.
                                  My Goldielocks!" (unleashing his sly laughter with an endearing tone) "This next blade will be perfect, because you were perfect!"

                                  [He stands up with a pouch full of soil and grain stone as the sun reflects off the extraction hammer at his side. Standing like a gunslinger in the old west of Earth.]
                                  Connor: [speaking to her spirit] "I need your guidance and I need your strength on this one!"
                                  Click image for larger version

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