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Highlander: The American Dream #2

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  • Highlander: The American Dream #2

    Just read #2. We get quite a bit more backstory on Connor and Vasilek, finishing up the Civil War business then heading to 1955 with a dash of 1985 again in the mix. It's not a bad issue at all.

    Right away, it seems like Ruckley corrected himself on the "Rule of Two" within the first couple of pages, making that loud and clear. It doesn't really retroactively make what Hooke said in the last issue make a lot of sense, though. Also, an Immortal in this gets shot in the back of the head and it blows their eye out, and many years later, still no eyeball, permanent scarring around the eye, and the comment is made that things "above the neck" (not just the neck itself) "doesn't always heal correctly." I guess I can buy that. Though we've seen Immortals burned down to the muscle and nerves who've come back in tip top shape. Interesting.

    There is also an awkward bit with Connor and Rachel in 1955... the story kind of tip-toes around any kind of romance with them delicately. It doesn't really commit to anything. Maybe this will pay off later.

    I guess my only complaint at this point is that it feels a little bit too "written for trade." i.e., decompressed storytelling that just seems to pause at the end of each issue, not offering individual stories or sub-stories. But just about every comic nowadays is guilty of that.
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    Well, the Immortals we've seen who we know were burned down like that are TV series characters. The movie is not the same.

    Actually, I don't think they could ever do a romance between Connor and Rachel, unless it petered out and they decided being effectively father-daughter brother-sister was better for them than being lovers. Otherwise, his romancing Brenda would just be the actions of a cold-hearted cruel man.


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      There's also the business of Vasilek taking a bunch of bullets to the chest and being just fine...
      Highlander: Dark Places


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        It is in line with the movie though, The Kurgan din't even flinch even though an automatic gun was emptied into him.
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          From what I remember, in this particular issue we actually get what could be our very first direct contradiction with the TV series, in that Connor mentions to Osta Vazilek that he plans on spending the foreseeable future back in Europe, "away from America" and all of its bloody strife, etc. It's then later mentioned during a scene set in 1943 that Connor has spent the past 80 years outside of the United States, prior to bringing Rachel back to NYC with him during the war.

          Now, this said, I've just recently realized that the exact phrasing of this reference DOES give us something of a loophole for reconciliation with Highlander: The Series -- in "The Gathering," we get a flashback with Duncan and Connor immediately following Kern's massacre of the Sioux tribe, where Duncan burns Little Deer's body, and we see that Connor has been working as a fur-trapper in the Pacific Northwest, which in 1872 was still mostly a wild, unexplored territory of the continent, and not technically part of "the United States," the country proper.

          If we squint just a little bit sideways at that one line in the comic book, it actually kinda works, and is certainly no more egregious a discontinuity than Connor and Kastagir briefly meeting in Paris in 1966, contrary to dialogue in H1.

          Am waiting for issue #5 to arrive today or tomorrow from my mail-order service, so I should be able to finish my notes from this series very shortly, here.
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