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"Highlander: Dark Places" feature film

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  • "Highlander: Dark Places" feature film

    HIGHLANDER: DARK PLACES introduces Malej, a Brazilian Immortal who is over 500 years old. As he struggles to suppress the darkness that is slowly consuming him, Malej faces a choice: leave the Game to be with his mortal love, or give in to a half-millennium worth of rage by facing his one true enemy. Split into 4 chapters, we then follow an Immortal holy man trying to unravel a murder mystery, then a young new Immortal in the Game looking for revenge, to finally explore the past and destiny of the villain of the film, Prince Vlad "Keradoc" Dracula, leading us to 15th century Romania. DARK PLACES is a tale of love, honor and redemption - and an intriguing new chapter in the vast HIGHLANDER mythology.

    Long story short, back when Davis-Panzer was releasing the TV series on blu-ray, for season 2 they had a contest for folks to do up Watcher documentaries. I did one, Jeremy "Storymark" Orr did one, and we approached them about each of us doing a short film. Those grew to more short films, to be on the bonus discs of seasons 4-6. Then the blu-rays of the series were discontinued with season 3. Back to the drawing board for both of us, reconceptualizing our short film series as full features, respectively. Years later and now we have Dark Places as well as Jeremy's "The Watcher."

    You can see more information on the film on its Facebook here:

    There are a limited number of blu-rays for sale and shortly (as soon as we can figure out a very pesky encoding issue with the DVD process) it will be widely available on Amazon/Createspace. Jeremy's "The Watcher" is already available on such.
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    I have this. Thought it was wonderful even though it was lengthy.
    The immortals were wonderfully portrayed and the concept of the conquering Quickening is absolutely great.

    Also the big immortals Dorin and Keric Njal were lovely.
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