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The Peter Wingfield Fan Club convention!

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  • The Peter Wingfield Fan Club convention!

    Let Friendship Thrive!

    I wasn't going to go to the U.S. Been saving money, saving money, and objecting. I wanted to go to this, but had chosen with a lot of waffling to let it go. And then came the shocking, gut-wrenching news of Stan Kirsch removing himself from this vale of tears.

    So I decided to go. Signed up, got my plane tickets. My mom is going with me! Reservations made!

    And then the news of the Corona virus hit. Well bugger this is worrying. It's a bit like watching the reality after reading of scenarios like this in many SF stories.

    I'm still going! I'm actually a little worried they either may cancel the flight to the U.S. or refuse to let me in. And then there's coming back.

    I will see so many fellow fans, most of them for the first time. I can't wait!


    It was such a great convention! People keep saying "Oh, I'll go to the next one." There is no assurance in this world that there will be a next one. We could lose anyone, anytime.

    We are not immortals. We don't get to just live and grow stronger, because time passes and we are mortal.
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    Have a blast. Seriously, you splurged, and you deserve to have fun. Be sensible, be safe, and let tomorrow worry about itself.
    Tell Peter et al hi from us, we're still watching after all these years.


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      It was really great! Peter, Jim, David A, they were all warm and lovely to us. It was wonderful to enjoy Jim’s performance! Peter read a bit of Postcards. He read a bit of his own journals, I think.