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Highlander 2's Wagner Composition

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  • Highlander 2's Wagner Composition

    Thought I'd link to it in case anyone didn't know what the piece of music is called. Of course it's meant to be listened to as a whole, but here are the times for the bits from the film anyway:

    5:45 - 6:30 = The epic Highlander 2 title screen

    9:45 - 10:45 = The Zeist/distant past battle flashback

    11:30 - End = The destruction of the shield (in the Renegade and Special Edition)
    Formerly known as "Quickening"

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    Technically one would have to search out the version as conducted by Sir Georg Solti if one wants the version of it as heard in the film.


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      The female vocalist is Sweden's own national treasure soprano Birgit Nilsson (her name was butchered in the end credits btw). I'm not much for opera but she definitely had some mad talent. Do check out videos on youtube.


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        Thanks for sharing ... I love this kind of music and the Highlander score is great ...
        I would love to ear the score with an official release ...
        La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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          Oh dear! The youtube video is no longer there!


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            Dramatic indeed ... But I prefer vinyls or cds ... =)
            La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...