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Why Clancy Brown didn't do Highlander 2

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  • Why Clancy Brown didn't do Highlander 2


    Of course we always remember The Kurgan. You told me once that you were offered Highlander II and you turned it down. Do you remember how they were going to bring Kurgan back if you’d said yes?

    Well, I never saw Highlander II. They were very cagey with me. They sent me the first 20 pages which was like a teaser and then wouldn’t send me the rest. I didn’t see the movie but there was some kind of contest, some kind of game going on, some kind of chase. Connor MacLeod was fighting bad guys and triumphing. Apparently Kurgan was one of those guys and I said, “This doesn’t make and frigging sense at all, and if you don’t give me the rest of it I can’t do it.” They said, “Well, we’re not going to give you the rest of it.” I said, “Okay, then pay me a lot of money and I’ll do it with this nonsense that you just showed me.” They said, “We’re not going to pay you any more money.” I don’t know why I would do this silly thing? I ran into Christopher [Lambert] later and told him. He said, “Why aren’t you doing it?” I said, “Chris, it seems stupid to me. It doesn’t seem like a good idea. They’re not going to pay me so I’m not going to do it.”

    You didn’t tell him they wouldn’t show you the script either?

    Yeah, they wouldn’t give me the script. It’s not really an interesting story. It’s very pedestrian.

    It’s not like those movies made more and more sense as they went on.

    And it was early on in that sequel thing. We had the Star Wars sequels to go by and boy, it sure wasn’t anything like that.

    Highlander: Dark Places

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    Yeah, according to various drafts of the screenplay, one of the things that we would've seen was going to be The Kurgan getting sent to Earth by General Katana in order to kill MacLeod and Ramirez after their own exiles there -- this would've been followed by Katana witnessing the final duel from H1 on the screen and him then sending a trio(!) of Zeistian Immortals to Earth in the year 2029 AD (Korda, Reno, and Trout) to polish Connor off as an old man (pretty much as we see in the finished film, minus one Immortal).

    As someone who dearly loves Highlander 2, this would've been some epic fan-service, especially if you were a major Kurgan fan, but yeah -- how the producers treated Clancy Brown wasn't exactly the classiest, either. No wonder he ankled.


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      I have been denied Trout! *giggle*


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        At least now we know the subject of the final examination where Corda and Reno majored in...
        May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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          I have been denied Trout! *giggle*

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