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  • Favorite scene from the movie

    What was your favorite scene from the movie?

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    Duncan kicking the headless corpse of Kell of the platform they were fighting on. Kells Quickening was awesome too.
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      The Connor and Duncan together flashbacks probably. Those and the Jin Ke vs Duncan fight and anything with Joe and Methos in it.


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        Duncan VS Jin Ke


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          My favorite scene is the only highlight scene of the film in terms of action is the Attack at the Loft scene. To this day that scene is what we needed more of in the film to maybe have it been more in the mainstream at the time of its theatrical release.

          The most memorable scene is the rooftop fight with Connor and Duncan. It was very emotional. First time seeing it at the theater, it was very sad to see, and had such an emotional impact. The scenes that followed had such a darker tone because it was the aftermath of Connor's death. Couple hours after leaving the theater I was still kinda blank about it. It was like wow my childhood hero got killed off.

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            My favorite scene was when Kell gets chopped in half and becomes two copies of himself.


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              The toll road flashback, preferably the full version from the rough cut.
              Closely followed by Duncan vs Jin Ke, also preferring the rough cut.


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                It might sound lame, but the sword kata following Duncan killing Connor. For some reason, I really felt the emotion there.

                Second to that, Duncan vs. Jin Kie.
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