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How important was Kell in the Game?

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  • How important was Kell in the Game?

    Kell held the record of most confirmed immortal kills in the Game but succumbed to the blade of another rather famous immortal.

    Do you think his actions had notable consquences apart from worrying Watchers?

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    Probably. All of the 660-some Immortals he presumably tag-teamed to death over the last 400 years, who knows what kind of lives they would have led, or accomplished.
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      That would depend on whether or not the Gathering is "real", since some people seem intent on getting out of it, via various claims. His kill-count may have been, TV-show-wise, what caused the Gathering to start. OR as movie 3 holds it, The Gathering happens at a particular time, and if you can't make it, you're counted out.

      Recently I was thinking about Season 6's Black Tower. Since they made Dice a Watcher, he might be responsible for this notion that the sheer number of heads taken really matters. Also, I wonder how the Watchers can be sure of their numbers? The way Kell was working, that count might be higher.