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Endgame: 1992 & 2002 or 1994 & 2004? Weigh in!

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    oh hell, enough wit the universe this and that, WTC is only in it because it was standing when the movie was filmed and when it was released, if the movie had been filmed after 911, it would not have been in the movie, if the movie had been filmed before 911, and released after, there likely would have been an attempt to remove it from the film. the Present Day thing is always a joke in movies, especially when people get around to seeing a movie late, say 15-20 years late, present day don't set to well then. would be nice if a future release of the film actually clarified some dates onscreen, but then in addition it would be appropriate to digitally remove the WTC from certain shots, hell even during the final quickening in the movie it can be see in the NY Skyline.

    and the stuff of it being in a differn't Universe than the TV Series, rubbish, it was clearly meant to be the same universe, continuity just got screwed up, Lambert saying it wasn't a sequel to the TV Series means nothing, the dude was only in the Pilot Episode, and had to nothing to do with the rest of it, so it didn't exist for him the way it did for Adrian.


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      I doubt they went out of their way to differentiate it with the show. They just didn't care if the end result sat well with the show at all. Kind of different.

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    Dimension didn't even want to include Joe and Methos, lest the film be too closely tied to the TV series. Bill and Peter eventually won that battle, but they lost others.

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      Dimension just want the damn money, they run things into the ground, didn't want to pay to film in Scotland either, it's a freaking Highlander Movie!, they do some 2nd unit Scotland shots of a stunt woman on a Horse, throw stock footage in there, mix it with the Romanian shot stuff, and pass it off as Scotland


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