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    Yeah, they really messed up with Lambert's hair and makeup on that film. Apparently someone wanted his hair to resemble the sleeked back look that he had in his fight with the Kurgan in the first film. Terrible idea. That's the only scene in the first film where he has that look, so it's not like you look at it and go "that's the Connor Macleod look". The makers of Highlander 3 realised this. It's almost baffling how badly they failed to make him look good in Endgame. Lambert was in roles a decade later where he looked much better. I know that some fans like to say that they made him look worn to show the effects of the Sanctuary, but if that was true then he wouldn't look as terrible in the scenes that take place in the beginning of the film, but he does. They just did a poor job.
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      it's a mixed bag, some scenes he looks ok, other scenes terrible, in some scenes he goes from looking younger to older and back over and over, especially in his fight scene with Duncan, he actually looks younger in the re-shot portions. in the Scotland scenes he doesn't look as good as he should have, the didn't give him the hairlace wig like in the first and third movies, instead they used hair extensions, and they are at times noticeable as being blended into his natural hair, especially at the beginning of the Scotland flashback. Connor traditionally has thick Scottish hair in those kind of scenes, but in Endgame, his naturally hair is very noticeably thinner, it would have been nice if they had done the hair-lace wig


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          I enjoyed it at the time...I don't think the final fight was as badly edited in the theatrical version as it was in the home video version.
          (I really do miss the Connor/Duncan headmorphing in the quickening however)
          the funniest thing happened years later however)
          among my many other interests (Highlander included) I am an avid Trekkie
          while I was getting ready to see the 2011 NuTrek, I went on a tear of watching Classic Trek episodes as well as collecting the old Bantam Star Trek novels released in the 70's and 80's
          One such book caught my eye in a particular way
          Star Trek Devil World

          The detective in me refuses to believe in coincidence, so there must be someone on the movie's writing team who saw this book and figured it was an obscure enough name that they could use it for


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            Is it a good book? Now I want to read it!