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  • US release of Theatrical Cut??

    So I was walking through the movie section of a local Walmart and stumbled across a 5 movie DVD collection of the franchise. Thinking little of it, I picked it up to look at the back purely through fan interest, not expecting a surprise of any kind, but then something caught my attention. Endgame is listed as being just 88 minutes long. I stared at it for a moment, and nowhere does it mention the producer's cut. Now, I already have a copy of the theatrical cut on DVD, so I still didn't buy it, but if this isn't just a typo, I figure some of you may be interested in getting it, so I snapped a couple of pics for reference. If anyone decides to buy it, be sure to confirm if it is really the theatrical version of the film that is included for anyone else that may be interested.

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    Probably a typo, Lionsgate's own shop shows the standalone release having the theatrical runtime so I think this typo is simply carried over onto the 5-movie collection.


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      I bought this same set but from Amazon. I can confirm that it is the Theatrical Cut.


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        That's a relief, I guess. Are there a variety of cuts for Endgame?


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          Originally posted by dubiousbystander View Post
          That's a relief, I guess. Are there a variety of cuts for Endgame?
          Theatrical Cut
          Producer's Cut
          Rough Cut (included in the DVD release)

          And then some of strange workprint extended deal that is different than the Rough Cut that Aleander showed me eons ago.
          Highlander: Dark Places


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            I'm simultaneously pleasantly surprised that it is actually the theatrical cut of Endgame, and extremely disappointed that they didn't also include the theatrical cut of The Final Dimension. Hell, even theatrical cut DVD releases of the first two movies would be welcome, if only for personal archival purposes.


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              Delighted to learn this! Thanks for letting people know.


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                I just went to Amazon and ordered it! BTW, Endgame is the only Highlander film I care about.


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                  Looked at this version of Endgame last night - so happy! It's minus the three scenes I hated: the opening with Duncan and Connor together in New York (as written, it made no sense); the scene with Duncan picking up a ringing pay phone and being goaded by a nearby Faith (completely pointless); and the ending in which he was reunited with her (Ugh!). I noticed it was also minus the line in which Kell said she'd been a "whore" when they met.

                  And it includes Methos's saying the Sanctuary was on holy ground. I've always thought that could have figured in a sequel - the Watchers (who'd been surprised themselves) being desperate to keep more Immortals from learning nothing out of the ordinary happened when Quickenings were taken on holy ground. (Certainly, the Sanctuary's not being on holy ground made no sense at all.)

                  I received one surprise! There were so many ridiculous complaints, after the film was released, about the peace symbol on Adrian's shirt in the final scene (yes, the symbol was used by his fan club), that I imagined it had been much more visible than it was. I thought it had been made less clearly visible in the Producers' Cut - one of the "changes" I hated. But it wasn't any clearer in the original.

                  Oh, and there are no references to "Christmas"! Just a lighted tree on a commercial building - that could easily be there as early as mid-November. The weather certainly doesn't suggest December.

                  A bit of dialogue that would have been helpful, that isn't included in any version: When Joe and Methos were dropping Duncan off at the entrance to that rural cemetery, we should have heard them making sure he had a cell phone with him, to call a cab when he was ready to leave. Hale probably would have taken his phone; if so, he would have needed a loaner from one of his friends.
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                    Given the recent news I started contemplating getting this regardless of it being just DVD but I noticed several references online that they're crammed across 2 DVDs. Say it isn't so! I'd be better off sticking to my Swedish DVD of the theatrical cut then.
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                      That's really tempting. If I were to make my own cut of the film, I'd want to build it from the theatrical cut.

                      "Really? We are trapped in a room with a machine that can cut off my head. Now that's a longshot."
                      --Connor MacLeod in Peter Bellwood's original Highlander II script


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                        For all the talk of how "vastly different" the Producer's cut is said to be... it really isn't. Its some miniscule changes in the loft scene in the 1994 scene, and some cut scenes here and there. But the pace and editing is still pretty much the same, including placing the entire 1555 flashback in the beginning, learning essentially nothing from having done the exact same mistake from the third film, and the editing/pace of the fight scene at the end remaining just as bad.

                        If anything, the TC has the "better" ending of Duncan walking away from Connor's ending. The PC ending, such as it is, is shlock, corny and as shown, utterly wrong. "You know, so many ppl killed, and my closest living relative is dead, but AT LEAST I GOT KATE BACK!" Awful.


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                          Originally posted by Aleander View Post
                          If anything, the TC has the "better" ending of Duncan walking away from Connor's ending. The PC ending, such as it is, is shlock, corny and as shown, utterly wrong. "You know, so many ppl killed, and my closest living relative is dead, but AT LEAST I GOT KATE BACK!" Awful.
                          In other words, ending on a note of utter and complete bleakness and despair when the movie has already had a ton of that. I can't agree with this. If I'd seen the theatrical cut from the jump it would have left a horrible taste in my mouth.
                          Highlander: Dark Places


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                            You can take the schmultz, but its a rather condescending ending. It really doesn't serve the movie at all.

                            Best ending would be the deliverance of the tree. Easy.


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                              I think Kell leaving Kate alive actually makes the movie better.

                              It better demonstrates that he wasn't really a bad guy -- or at least not the kind we were used to seeing in the franchise. He was a man who was wronged by our original hero, and sought a rather cruel form of everlasting vengeance, but at his core he wasn't truly evil.

                              That being said, I whole heartedly agree that the best ending is Duncan delivering the tree, as its a sort of quickening plot point, since Duncan was never told about it, yet knew about it, and felt its importance to Connor enough to then do it, himself. Of course, since the set up scene was never properly shot with Lambert, and was thus subsequently cut, there is no way that ending could really make sense being included in a proper cut of the film.


                              • dubiousbystander
                                dubiousbystander commented
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                                Well... No, it doesn't. He really, really was a bad guy. It still works with him leaving Kate alive, just because. For one thing, he thought he'd win. He might have left Kate alive because he'd want to bed her afterwards. A sort of extra **** you to Connor and Duncan.

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                              Kell leaving Kate alive makes the movie better?

                              Just no. Kell wasn't gonna let Duncan leave alive. He wasn't going to be punishing him for centuries to come. Connor was done, and Duncan was over, as far as Kell was concerned. He even told him he killed her, but what would be the point of letting Duncan live, and Kate too? What would be the odds that Kate wouldn't run into Duncan (which he did?). Its a fairly idiotic story decision that, on itself, makes little sense, and is only there to satisfy the likes of Andrew who wanted a feel-good ending.

                              Its a shame that they decided to change Lambert's haircut in the film, cause in the shot that's in the RC, its Connor with the Gathering-HL3 short haircut piece, which is consistent with his appearence in the 90's per se, but totally not with his present day appearence in Endgame.