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what were your initial thoughts when you first heard about it

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  • what were your initial thoughts when you first heard about it

    Can't remember if this was ever discussed back in the day. I remember thinking about this for a good while when telling a fan of the series about Endgame when they said they never saw the movie or heard anything about it. I could see their eyes sorta light up when I said that it had both Duncan and Connor in the movie.

    What was the first thing that you thought or visualized when you heard about there being a fourth Highlander movie with Connor and Duncan both being it?
    I first read about it it I think in a gaming magazine back in 1998. It said Highlander 4: The Search for Connor and had a brief little synopsis about the film that I dont think had anything to actually do with the end product. My first thought was that it was going to have Duncan, Methos, Amanda, and Joe all in action and having the circumstances be so intense that they would need to find Connor MacLeod and get his help. That there would be flashbacks with Amanda, Fitz, and so forth, but with Connor interacting with everybody.
    I expected basically like a two part episode of the tv series with big budget visuals and scenery. I figured it would be a real intense dramatic story because you now got Connor MacLeod back in the mix and well during the 90s I always saw Christopher Lambert as being a badass. With him being in the role of the 'Elder Highlander' I just assumed he would appear and be a bit like how he was on the first ep of the series and a bit like Rayden from Mortal Kombat.

    That wasnt at all what we wound up getting but I remember being so hyped at the fact that the two MacLeods would be on screen together and excited that Duncan MacLeod was gonna be on the big screen for the first time.
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    I was still a very new fan at the time, having only discovered the series via reruns on cable right as it was coming to an end, and seeing as reruns aired during the day while I was supposed to be at school, and the new episodes of the final season and The Raven spinoff all aired against my mom's shows at night, so catching episodes was simply problematic at best. As such, when the ads began, I hadn't seen all of the films, yet, nor had I seen anywhere close to all of the episodes, but once I saw the big Endgame trailer, I got super excited. Of course, it being rated R meant that I'd have little chance of seeing it right away, as being in Utah, the big theaters would almost always ID teens, but I did eventually get to see it at a discount theater during a four film marathon of the franchise (which was truly awesome). As for what I thought about the film before seeing it? Well, I thought it looked really cool, and I was super interested in all of the crazy magical stuff they showed in the ads -- of course, none of that was in the film, but still.


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      I was very pumped to see it. Both Connor and Duncan? Sign me up! A friend and I talked about it constantly as we waited for weeks for the release date.

      Then it turned out that the theater in the city I lived in at the time didn't get it.



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        I was expecting a buddy movie. Something more like "The Gathering." I preferred the movies over the TV show, but I was still interested in the crossover potential. The film ended up being a disappointment, but I've grown from active dislike to mere indifference over time as I've adjusted to the torch-passing story they chose to tell.

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          I was excited and apprehensive at the same time, turned out I liked it.
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