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Well thank god you're not the casting agent!........

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  • Well thank god you're not the casting agent!........

    So as ive been watching a lot of varied films and tv shows I have noticed a few people who I thought oh they'd be a good (insert character name) in a Highlander remake - so just for fun here's my selection. please feel free to comment, add your own casting choices etc and as the topic title hopefully conveys, this is all just a bit of fun.

    Gaspard Ulliel - CONNOR
    Oded fehr - RAMIREZ
    Andrey Ivchenko - KURGAN
    Ace ruele - KASTAGIR
    Amir El-Masry - IMAN FASIL
    Kelsey chow/asbille - BRENDA
    Rose Leslie -HEATHER
    Mena Suvari - RACHEL
    Michael potts - LT BEDSOE

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    I just know Mena Suvari in your list
    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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      Alright since we got confirmation of Henry Cavill joining the remake of Highlander. Might as well try

      Connor:Henry Cavill

      Brenda:Amanda Seyfried

      Heather:Anabelle Walis

      Rachel: Helen Miren

      Kurgan:Florian Munteanu

      Also a cameo at the end with Duncan Macleod played by Cameron Cuffe

      I am not fancasting anyone else cause I am not sure if they will be in the remake


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        Cameron Cuffe is quite the looker. I haven't seen much of what he's in!


        • Niklander
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          He is pretty solid in Krypton a show that he starred in

        • dubiousbystander
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          Yup. I have not watched Krypton!