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    Here's an idea - Clancy Brown and Christopher Lambert have small roles as detectives. Not there for the whole movie, just a few scenes before they're taken off the case by homicide cops and as they leave they make a joke about not having to deal with "a guy that cuts people's head's off"!

    I just think it would be a fun thing and a cheerful nod to the original series.


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      They should include orginall music preformed by F.Mercury and Queen, in addition to different melodies 'Only one life', 'I need everything', 'Hired gunman'

      Birthplace of immortals. Situation: Supernatural quality/powers from the Cosmos/Universe went/came down to/on Earth in Neolithic Era/Age (Ancient occasions) , close Stonehenge, chinese/aztecan,babylonian and egyptian pyramids.Many old ladies considered his immortals children while a virgin by dim soul/powers. Immortals as a childs was considered in the bellies through the dim soul without the office of a people fathers
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        I think the origins of Immortals should remain a mystery. That's part of the magic of the concept, and part of the drama. Men and women are forced to live their lives a certain way for reasons that they don't even fully understand.