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What is your ideal Highlander remake/reboot cast?

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  • What is your ideal Highlander remake/reboot cast?

    Let's hear your best picks!
    Highlander: Dark Places

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    I've got to give this some thought!


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      I still think that Ramirez could be played by Jim Carrey and Connor by Nicholas Hoult.

      May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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        Okay, well... I still don't have a good selection. I haven't seen a great many of these people in action, but Nicholas Hoult has a Connor-ish look, to me. I don't think anyone has Christopher's thousand-mile stare, though. Daniel Kaluuya for Kastagir. I feel he has a great look and range, but could they get him for the part? Freya Mavor for Heather. She's just lovely. Ashley Callingbull would be a great choice for Brenda. She's amazing-looking and I love her surname. And of course the hilarity of having Clancy Brown play Ramirez just tickles me. I'd kind of like to see someone resembling a young Dolph Lundgren playing The Kurgan.