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What are some redeeming elements from Highlander: The Source?

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  • What are some redeeming elements from Highlander: The Source?

    Everybody talks about what is wrong with it.
    But which elements actually worked? What part(s) did you like?

    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...

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    + Duncan telling Joe he'd been a father to him. - The Guardian killing Joe.

    + The world going to Hell and the last Immortals not fighting amongst themselves. - the planets aligning against all natural law.

    + Duncan having a wife. Her being a strong woman. That she left him when he refused to have hope. - that she left him because she wanted babies.

    + Methos refusing to be trapped. - The Source.

    + Reggie. Zai. - Giovanni. The Elder. The Guardian

    + The quest for answers. - See only a PURE soul can be the One.


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      Honestly the ONLY good things in the whole mess were Reggie and the dressing down Methos gave to Giovanni. Hated every other minute of it. Still calling it someone's bad trip, rather than a real story.


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        I maintain that is was actually a fine movie right up until the awful Princes of the Universe cover revs up. Not because the cover is bad, though it is, but because after that the narrative becomes spotty as hell, which is probably due to the fact that they caught up with the script. That's an assumption based on what Adrian Paul said about them having a script that wasn't finished, and that they were filming as things were being written, and not having enough time to do them properly because the director was out of his mind.

        Before that, sure, there was some wonky stuff going on, but narratively it wasn't really any worse than Highlander typically was... in my opinion, anyway.


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          There are definitely moments in "The Source" that I don't mark as bad. The opening with Zai going into the tower and being confronted by the Guardian was fine, and the Guardian was suitably creepy (and didn't speak, really). The evening conversation between Duncan and Anna.

          Ehh.... ehh... trying really hard to think of more.
          Highlander: Dark Places


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            Andrew, and Methos dressing down Giovanni.


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              As a woman, one of the things that infuriates me is we know what happened to the two men, but the woman? No, of course not. I can fan-theorize that she, as the pure one in their group, was reincarnated as a mortal woman in the far-flung future so that she could have the child she wanted by the man she loved. Cough.


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                I do think the premise of the story is an interesting one (aside from the part about the future falling apart). Immortals going on a quest to find answers to their origins and so on could be good. It's just that the execution was way off.


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                  First off, Adrian, Peter, and Jim give their usual great performances, even with a terrible script. I liked Reggie. I would've liked to know more about him. I might be in the minority but I liked Anna, as well. I also liked the idea of the story being set in a dystopian setting (the only thing I liked about the Animated Series). Beyond that, its just a god-awful piece of crap. I always figured if the planned trilogy had come to fruition, that pit MacLeod and the Guardian fought in at the end would've been revealed to be a portal back to Zeist. That's just how insultingly stupid it felt.


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                    No, they would never have gone Zeist again. Even though ZEIST was NOT what was wrong with movie 2. In fact, what was wrong with movie 2 was pretty much what was wrong with The Source. Idiots got control of it.