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  • dubiousbystander
    I don't know if you consider this verifying, but Highlander Heart's making a great series about The Source.

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  • MidnightBlue
    started a topic Original Script

    Original Script

    I was chatting with another Highlander fan who said the original ending was supposed to be the following and I was just wondering if anyone else can verify this:

    Duncan finds an altar where he discovers the “Eternity Machine”, which is revealed to be a small mechanical chime of stone warriors powered by a turbine. Gripped by the absurdity of their failed quest Duncan begins to laugh, half crying. Before they can decide what to do Jason is impaled through the chest by The Asian Stranger’s (Kate Devaney morphed into this person earlier) scimitar and tossed aside. Kate Devaney is no longer The Asian Stranger and takes another host, Dax.

    Dax now faces off against Duncan, but reveals his mission was never to protect the Source, but to draw Ertia there. Dax is not one of the Erishkigol tribal protectors of the Source after all, but wears their esoteric symbols as a trophy after hunting the sect into extinction. Dax reveals that he and Ertia are newborn members of a new race called K’Sadar, which will wipe out immortals and dominate the Earth. The Sapura chalice was his bait to bring Ertia willingly to the location of The Source to renew their kind, a superior, undying breed of immortal.
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