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Russian Cut vs. U.S. Cut

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    I love that this is being said about me rather than the Bee, btw. Hilarious.


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      Bleah. Bleah and Ptooie to both of them. When Duncan stalks through the stadium, Adrtian Paul walks past his own dog. The dog greets him, but AP walks past without acknowledging him. The expression on the dog's face was reflected on my own. How could they treat loyal fans (and the rest of the world) so badly?


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        Now I really want to see the Russian version.


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          I definitely prefer the Russian cut as that is what I saw first.
          The trailer for it was what got me all hyped and excited to finally see the movie was made and done.
          The first 15 to 20 minutes are still enjoyable for me. It felt like a darker take on Highlander. The villain was quite different in that he was really really old, he had powers, and he was a bit insane in the head. Nothing original but it was something different to see on screen.
          I still think the film would have been more entertaining had Christopher Lambert been in it. I think this movie could have been more like his Beowulf movie. A bit like Mortal Kombat in style but with the Highlander elements mixed in. It wouldn't have been a great film but it would have been a fun watch.

          Once every few years, i'll pop in that Russian DVD and give it a watch. As always the first half of the movie really gets me immersed in whats going on, but that second half just goes downhill so fast.
          Power to the Donut!