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Opinion: Highlander Doesn't Need A Remake

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  • Opinion: Highlander Doesn't Need A Remake

    My personal favorite Scottish movie critic, The Critical Drinker, weighs in on the topic.

    Even if you disagree, he's always a fun listen.

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    This is quite fun!

    I only sort of disagree. Highlander needs a remake in order to cause a scramble of people looking into the original, too.


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      I agree that Highlander doesn’t need a remake, but that’s not really the point. We don’t really “need” movies at all. We can endure just fine without them. The purpose of movies is to entertain us. If a Highlander remake succeeds in entertaining us, it has served its purpose.

      The powers that be just need to avoid screwing things up. That’s the part that I worry about the most. It is possible to do a good remake (John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Blob 1988) but doing a bad remake (Robocop, Total Recall, A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010....) seems to be much easier.


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        It would be so nice if the movie is very good!


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          No, Highlander doesn't need a remake! A continuation of the film series? Perhaps, yes! New characters, most definitely and not a new version of the same thing that just turns people off of the subject, which is not what it is there to do!


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            If it's done well, it won't turn me off. I just wish!