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  • Favorite Home Video release

    In the age of collectors editions and special editions and extended/unrated cuts, what is your most favorite release of a film?

    When I first got into the DVD age of collecting movies, I had 4 DVDs that I owned (previously I kept renting discs and the player).
    I owned Highlander: Endgame, Transformers: The Movie, R.E.M. Roadmovie, R.E.M.: This Film Is On.
    At the time I thought Highlander: Endgame was a great 2 disc set that was packed with bonus materials and that once elusive workprint cut. It wasn't quite up to my expectations but it was impressive during that first time viewing to have interviews, two new cuts, commentary track, etc for a film I really liked.

    Nowadays in the era of bluray and now 4K Ultra HD bluray, there has been lots of fancy editions with creative packaging

    When Scream Factory became a thing, the releases of my childhood favs like Halloween 2+3, They Live, The Thing, Child's Play, & Army of Darkness, those just blew my mind to get both the original cover art and new artwork, new featurettes, etc. That's where my focus goes to in terms of purchasing film favorites.
    In recent times the instant purchases for me were

    *Stranger Things Season One VHS packaging bluray set

    *Highlander 3: The Sorcerer Japanese bluray

    One I am looking forward to is The Neverending Story 3-disc Japanese bluray. Made by the same company that did the Highlander 3 bluray. The packaging looks so neat and true to the film's theme. Both the US cut and international cut. A disc with featurettes and such. That is indeed a release I look forward to compared to the barebones US disc I've had for a few

    Also that Grease 40th anniversary yearbook bluray packaging had me pre-order it when the price dropped below $18.

    What is the one release that had you thinking "Wow that's impressive! I have to purchase that on release day!"
    Maybe you were so enamored by it that you bought more than one copy, or where you didn't care how much it cost and you just had to have it.

    Power to the Donut!

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    You know, I've thought about for a while now, nearly posting twice before, and it's just such a hard question for me. I can say that I really like the WB collector edition packaging design, as seen on the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy and the original Watchmen Ultimate Edition BD sets, but are they necessarily my favorite releases? I can't really say. I also loved the original Lord of the Rings extended DVDs, with the book designs, but again, even with the fantastic appendix discs, I can't say those are tops.

    I think as far as a wowing feature that I still talk about as something all releases should have was the original X-Men DVD's branching deleted scenes viewing option, where you could press a button during the movie when a deleted scene was relevant to view said scene -- something I'm still shocked and disappointed about having never really caught on -- but at the same time, the rest of the release was pretty standard for the time.

    I'm inclined to claim the anniversary edition BD of Kingdom of Heaven as my favorite home video release, if only because it has all three versions of the film (albeit two being virtually identical, with one just having an intermission included), as well as a plethora of features I've indulged in thoroughly, but in truth, the release isn't more special than others of similar films that include all the versions of the movies with a bunch of features, so I would only be claiming that as a favorite because of the film itself. Which is fair, I suppose, but still feels odd.

    i think ultimately, I just love movies, and am easily pleased with home video releases. I mean, sure, some can disappoint, but usually just due to lack of features or shoddy presentation. Basically, if they have a good film presentation and a few features, I'm happy, and if they have anything too extravagant, I feel the same way. Kind of a none answer, but there ya go.


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      I have the entire SOAP series on DVD. I thought about getting rid of them for digital, but the digital I accessed was low quality. So the discs are in a box, along with the UK Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes.


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        I really dig some of my Laserdisc box sets that came out at that time. Heavy ones, often with a bunch of extras both disc-wise and physical ones that could be books, scripts, soundtracks and the works. I have for instance E:T., Jaws, Star Wars, Terminator 2, Hellraiser, Dances with Wolves, Schindler's List as well as a bunch of Disney movies. Very few DVD and BD sets come close to that level and these days I tend to focus more on picture/audio quality, original aspect ratio, original audio mix and uncut status over packaging and extras. I do enjoy digibooks and steelbooks but I have a thing for original artwork.

        I, too, have pre-ordered the upcoming Japanese edition of The NeverEnding Story (Die Unendliche Geschichte) but I reckon I might cancel it since I fear the disc-based extras will be the same as has been issued before which are in German and will most likely only be subtitled in Japanese so of little use to me (what little German I learned at school is pretty much reduced to get around German online stores these days) and I fear the transfer used will be the same DNR-ridden one that has been used on the various other international sets.