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Knight Moves (1992) coming to blu-ray...

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  • Knight Moves (1992) coming to blu-ray...

    ....but so far only in Germany and most likely locked to Region B.

    Available to pre-order at Amazon Germany (release date is July 12, 2018). This is reportedly the longer European cut (approx. 116 minutes).

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    Please don't be region locked! I loved this movie, it's still one of my favorite mysteries, and I've been waiting for a BD release for what seems like forever. Hopefully it will be region free like my German Highlander, H3, and Source BDs are, and not locked like that Musketeer BD I've been looking at longingly from afar with sad eyes hoping that a region A capatible release will pop up somewhere else.

    I know, I know, I should just get a region free player, but I have a mental block about shelling out money for a BD player... like, at all. I've only ever had two BD capable devices, the PS3 (which actually made me an early adopter of the format) and the PS4, and I suspect the PS5 will be my next one in a couple of years, unless my financial situation changes and/or I suddenly find the idea of buying a region free player to be a non-excessive purchase (or, you know, Sony decides not to have their console play discs anymore, which I find unlikely, but you never know these days).


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      As it's with Koch whether it will be region locked or not will be a crap shoot. Some of their releases are locked, others are not. We will have to wait and see for this one.

      US rights for the film are with Republic and I think Kino has a deal with them at the moment for the US/North American market so might take a stab at poking them about this. Then again they might be stuck with the shorter 108 minute version of the film if they do.

      Personally, I want to be region free from day one no matter what the format is so I've made sure that any player I've bought have been able to play all discs. With BD I selected to go with a separate player for Region A which was very affordable and easy to swap out the Region B firmware to that of a Region A one kindly offered from Philips' own Argentine support site. That thing has been running for 10 years now! Money well spent I'd say.
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        ooh! didnt know there was a longer cut. I just have a DVD copy from way back when. Havent seen it in a good while. I remember when I first watched it it came off as being a really good whodunnit flick.
        I have been eyeing the Resurrection bluray that was released a short while back. I always watch that movie during easter time. Still an entertaining movie.

        I have a Seiki region free player a couple years ago from one of those daily deal sites. Really nice little player. Plays all discs and all the digital file formats I throw at it. Now I am able to jump on these non-US releases. Recent Lambert blu I got was the German release of FORTRESS. The alternate ending was a major disappointment haha but the film looks great and its got the uncut footage.
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          I've been holding off on Resurrection myself as the disc is barebones, the transfer is a bit so-so in my opinion (decent but not quite there yet for me) and there is the slight niggle of the black border appearing on the right side of the image at times (seems as if they opened up the image juuuust a tad too much, ). There is also the issue of which cut the Germans got as the Canadian DVD I own was edited while the French DVD had a bit more gore to it (also involved shots of male genitalia so that may have played a part). I would like to have either or both of the Mulcahey audio commentaries (the ones on the Canadian and the French are different and he appears to address the major things on both but comes off less chatty on the French disc). There is a commentary by Christophe on the French DVD as well but of little use to me as I don't parlez-vous Francais so I can take it or leave it (a subtitle track for that would be nice if another distributor would take a stab at it though).

          Similarly I've held off on Fortress as it is the same so-so transfer as the Echo Bridge disc with a bit of sharpening on top and clipped whites at times. I'd also like someone to get a better source for the bits they reinstated from SD sources. I might still pick it up but only when the disc drops below €10.


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            I wound up ordering Resurrection blu cause the price came out to $13.33 which aint bad. Yea the stills didnt seem amazing but its definitely an upgrade over the old VHS tape I had from 1999.Looks to show a lot more detail and I remember reading that it now has the correct color timing that its theatrical release had.

            I didn't think there were any special features for the film, but I never got around to owning any DVD of it.

            I liked the Fortress blu. The echo bridge release looked a bit too warm in the stills ive seen in reviews.That disc is sold for more than whats its worth cause I guess its out of print.
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              I just finished watching the bluray. It is indeed 2hrs long.
              The film looks great! leaps and bounds above the DVD. I'm not sure if in this longer cut it had more things, the film seemed longer but I didn't catch anything that seemed new, was very entertaining though. I've seen this movie maybe like 5 or 6 times before and this is the first time where I realized who the killer was haha. Before, I just thought that seeing the reveal at the end was just some random guy, this time around I was like OH WOW! Seeing the film in higher resolution had me just pay attention to more things.
              An interesting bonus on the disc is that it has the 4:3 version.

              Definitely, recommend this bluray for anyone who is a fan of this film. Doubt a US release will ever come about.
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                How cool!