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  • Gemini Man

    Obviously Gemini man isn't going to be a great movie, just another action flick.

    But the technology behind it is very interesting:

    For our beloved franchise this could be exactly what it needs (if it becomes affordable)
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    Ooh, now there's a thought! It still seems kind of silly. I believe that the movie and the TV series actually fall under different ownership, and that's why the twain really don't get to meet in comics and so forth. The series being based off the background premise of the movie has more freedom, but like with American Dream, if negotiations were with the owners of the movie, then nothing from the series will appear.

    So the TV series, remake or movie, has to be negotiated differently from the MOVIE'S remake or/and TV series.


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      They should've picked someone who looks more noticeably older than their younger self.
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