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    We had such fun writing limericks about the characters that I am starting a thread for them to be posted. I'll let someone else go first. I am searching through my things to see if I can find the ones that were posted in the Purple Prose booklet of the Forever Highlander gift bags. Good luck and have fun with it.

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    Duncan MacLeod was a warrior,
    Fighting in battles ever gorier.
    He made a new friend,
    a thief to the end,
    Amanda who isn't a worrier!



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      I'm out of practice. Each time I start to write a limericks...the man from Nantucket pops into my head speaking in Richie's voice. Someone please share a new limerick.


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        There once was a Scotsman named Connor
        Who lived by an old code of honor.
        By hedge or by style,
        With a sinister smile,
        His opponent was always a goner.

        was one from that site.

        A nympho immortal once said:
        I've had all experiences in bed!
        But the girl she seduced
        just misunderstood
        and ended up giving her head.
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