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  • Luke might have three seconds to live if he goes up against Xavier. Maybe more if Xavier's feeling playful, and that's with one hand missing!


    • This is exactly the kind of easy kill Xavier wouldn’t mind scooping up.


      • Xavier takes out Luke:
        Xavier St. Cloud
        Attack 92
        Defence 92
        Speed 92
        Agility 92
        Strength 88
        Power: 458
        Average: 92
        Arrogance -3% -14
        Adaptability 2% 9
        Special skill:
        Foul play:
        Lower opponents Total by 10 if it's higher than Xavier St. Cloud's Total.
        Total: 453

        Next fight:

        Methos versus Kanwulf
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Methos vs Kanwulf.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	41.5 KB
ID:	13271
        Methos Kanwulf
        Attack 80 Attack 30
        Defence 80 Defence 24
        Speed 80 Speed 25
        Agility 80 Agility 26
        Strength 80 Strength 34
        Power: 400 VS. Power: 139
        Average: 80 Average: 28
        Arrogance -2% -8 Arrogance -1% -1
        Adaptability 5% 20 Adaptability 0% 0
        Special skill: Special skill:
        Master strategist: Negate opponents adaptability.
        Flee: place Methos on the bottom of your stack,
        draw new opponent. Master strategist is still in effect.
        Hidden weapon: Lower opponents strength by 10.
        Neutral Total: 412 Evil Total: 138
        May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


        • Lots of 80 for Methos! Hahah Arrogance.


          • Kanwulf was extremely sloppy. A tactician like Methos would have no problem against him.