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  • Silas makes short work of Milius!
    Attack 109
    Defence 109
    Speed 85
    Agility 83
    Strength 112
    Power: 497
    Average: 99
    Arrogance -3% -15
    Adaptability 4% 20
    Special skill:
    Impose opponent: Negate opponents arrogance.
    Total: 502

    Next fight:

    After killing Howard Crowley, Coltec finds Haresh Clay who just disposed of Thomas Sullivan.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Coltec vs Clay.jpg
Views:	20
Size:	23.9 KB
ID:	13966
    Jim Coltec Haresh Clay
    Attack 80 Attack 91
    Defence 80 Defence 91
    Speed 88 Speed 91
    Agility 85 Agility 88
    Strength 77 Strength 94
    Power: 410 VS. Power: 455
    Average: 82 Average: 91
    Arrogance -3% -12 Arrogance -1% -5
    Adaptability 0% 0 Adaptability 0% 0
    Special skill: Special skill:
    Add the difference between
    opponents power and total to Jim Coltecs power.
    Good Total: 398 Neutral Total: 450
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


    • Clay hasn't recently lost Carter? He will win.
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      • Nicholas Ward
        Nicholas Ward commented
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        Leatherboy didn't make it past his first fight

      • dubiousbystander
        dubiousbystander commented
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        I think he's got this, still.

    • Even if Clay is aware of Carter's demise in this tournament (and is angry and upset because of it), Coltec isn't the one who killed him. Plus, Jim is no Mac. I expect Clay to win it, though it won't be as clean as it would have been otherwise.