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Highlander Collectable Magnet Set!

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  • Highlander Collectable Magnet Set!

    Hi Everyone! Some of you may not know but in addition to our podcast Highlander Rewatched also partnered with Davis/Panzer Productions to create this awesome set of Highlander Magnets featuring some of our favorite characters from the series! The set is available via the links below on our Facebook page AND on ETSY. Use the ESTY link if you are an international customer. We hope you enjoy magnets as much as we do! - If you have any further questions about the magnets write us at or contact us through our Facebook page. Thanks again for your support!

    Display your Highlander fandom with pride and showcase these unique fabulous portraits of Duncan, Joe, Amanda, Methos, and a very special 1622 Scottish Warrior.

    "Oh my god I love this! This is fantastic! I don't like it, I LOVE it!"
    - Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda) on the magnet set.

    The magnets and art have been officially AUTHORIZED and APPROVED by Davis/Panzer Productions.


    Featured Characters
    - Duncan Macleod
    - Joe Dawson
    - Amanda
    - Methos
    - 1622 Scottish Warrior Duncan

    - 2.5 x 3.5 inch Magnets
    - Magnets and parts made in the USA
    - High quality hard back magnet
    - All proceeds support the Highlander Rewatched Podcast
    - Worked closely with Davis/Productions to ensure the art was in the spirit of the series.

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    Well done, when will the villains get their own set?
    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Originally posted by Nicholas Ward View Post
      Well done, when will the villains get their own set?
      Hell yeah! Especially a Horsemen set!
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        I have them. They are in a place of honor! (My refrigerator)


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          We are hoping to do more in the future (and yes we have discussed a horseman set!) We still need to sell more of this current magnet set first though so spread the word!