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How shall we discuss them? Let me count the ways!

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  • How shall we discuss them? Let me count the ways!

    Highlander Rewatched, which was the first of the two, has a home at:

    Eamon, Keith, and Kyle. Entertaining men. Their most recent podcast as of this posting is about the layout of Joe's Bar in Seacouver. They have created a set of magnets, and I like those magnets. They're very nice.

    Highlander Blood of Kings is under the Fandom Podcast Network (FPN) umbrella. They have a home at:

    Norman and Kevin. There is also another Kyle involved in this, it can get confusing, and the K jokes fly. Their most recent podcast was about the Highlander Season 3 episode Shadows!

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    I think each podcast should have their own thread. Although comparing them might be fun as well.
    It's quite obvious the people involve love the topic and enjoy doing the recordings.

    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Hi everyone! This is Norm from Blood of Kings. Thanks to all for supporting the show. It means a lot to Kevin and myself that you are enjoying the content and engaging the Blood of Kings forum. If you are new to the BoK podcast - WELCOME!

      Blood of Kings on Facebook:

      If you haven't listened yet - you can find us here exclusively on the Fandom Podcast Network!

      You can also find us on iTunes:

      And here is our contact information online and on social media:
      You can find Blood of Kings and our entire catalog of Fandom Podcast Network shows here:

      You can find all of our shows on: iTunes / Stitcher / Podbean / Google Play for Android Users.

      Blood of Kings Contact Information:
      Facebook: Blood of Kings: A Highlander Fandom Group
      Facebook: Blood of Kings: A Highlander CCG (Collectible Card Game) Page
      Instagram: BloodOfKingsPod
      Twitter: @BloodOfKingsPod
      Norman C. Lao on Twitter: @starfighter1701
      Kevin M. Reitzel on Twitter: @spartan_phoenix
      Mike on Twitter: @Immortalcimoli

      Thanks all!


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        I'm delighted to watch these guys on vidoe! That's the equivalent of a podcast, to me. Hahah. Grant, Rob, and Joe. And John Mosby, too!


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          During the long months of COVID-19, Highlander Rewatched has been doing their Corona Chronicles. They ALSO interviewed Christopher Lambert! That was wonderful!

          Find them here, for one thing:


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            You can't stop them! All about Highlander the Movie's deleted scenes! It's a delight to watch, and listen to them.


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              Yeeees! A fantastic discussion of Highlander 2!

              They also honor John Bierly.


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                I loved watching/listening to this. I watched it on Facebook, I listened to it on my ipod touch!
                This is their Series Wrap-up. It was quite a pleasure to listen to, and they discussed each of their top ten episodes, and how relevant several episodes are to society today as well.

                The guys are fun to listen to, to watch for me, and I like that they're going to continue on to Endgame and The Raven.


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                  Also, there was this lovely video from the Highlander WorldWide 10, great interview with Propmaster Daryl Kyle!


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                    Highlander Rewatched has begun their review of Endgame! This is already hilarious.

                    Episode 1:

                    Episode 2: