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    Not sure if it's better to have one post or a post for each. Right now, the one.

    Kevin went on a Seacouver tour led by Andy Sloane! Here is a podcast about it!
    Blood of Kings 111: Seacouver Tour Chronicles Part 1: Interview w/ Location Master ANDY SLOANE & Highlander Actor KIM KONDRASHOFF!In April of 2019, your Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast host Kevin Reitzel joined Location Master Andy Sloane for his

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    There already are several several topics about the blood of kings podcast. They already spam all Highlander Facebook pages with every episode, so there's really no need to start doing that on the forum too.
    It'll better if the podcast topics were merged into 1.

    May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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      Yeah, not really a fan of BoK. And I agree with Nicky, they spam their content enough that we don't really need extra announcements about it.


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        One thread it is!

        Not sure I'd call it spam so much. The problem is that so many of us are in the same groups, while others are only in one or two groups. Witness the inevitable in many a group barely a week apart: "Was Methos the first Immortal?" "I think _____ should play Duncan MacLeod!" "I'm probably the first person to ask ..." "No one can play Duncan but Adrian Paul!"