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    Perhaps most in the states won't get most of these references in this farce, but the clipshow is a great summary of last month's mess in the Canadian capitol.

    (Putting it here in case someone has ran across the crazier fake news and wants to respond.)
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      Thank you so much! This is the place for it.


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        More on this subject, but they stop short of the actual clear-out? (I find it a bit funny that 'Battle of Wellington Street' in a search engine wants to go to the Battle of Waterloo because of a General Wellington first.) You'd think Snopes would update.


        The onion mostly played it straight?

        & a serious thing from the Walrus:


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          & another small piece of shenanigans:

          don't wanna click? Unauthorized counter-protest commemorative plaque mysteriously appears, mysteriously disappears.


          • Cyrus The Great
            Cyrus The Great commented
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            Looks like it was easy to pry the plaque off with a crowbar. If it had been attached with something like Hilti epoxy bolt fasteners, it would still be there. However, the installer would have had to drill some holes into the concrete.

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          Refusing to take a shot that neither conferred immunity nor stopped the spread never struck me as 'dumb'.

          THIS on the other hand:

          Ironic considering how Trudeau smeared his opponents as the thing he's seen applauding.


          • dubiousbystander
            dubiousbystander commented
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            Vaccines train your body to fight the virus.

          • Perfect Warrior
            Perfect Warrior commented
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            That recent 'Ukrainian Nazi war veteran' thing?
            His real choices were to either fight for communist Russia or Germany as it was configured at that time in the middle of that war.
            Granted, Hitler was the freaking definition of a war criminal, but why are we dissing this guy so hard for fighting against Russia when right now Putin is in war crimes mode himself, against freaking Ukraine? (& this old man's family is being dissed even further for backing a scholarship for Ukrainian studies- why the heck are they the main target here?)