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    I was on a Red Dwarf page very briefly. I had binge watched Red Dwarf and in true "Me" fashion, I had to join a page to discuss what I had seen. And of course I had theories and ideas about certain aspects of the story. One of those aspects was a certain scene in an episode featuring an alternate reality and the question it raised, in my mind, about the origins of Cat and his race.

    And of course I got an assortment of replies along the lines of,
    "It's fiction!"
    "You shouldn't think so much about these things?"
    "Oh god, why do you have to explain everything, just enjoy the show!"

    This was the main reason why I gave up on the Highlander forum all those years ago. Because I would post a question in the appropriate forum, sometimes about The Game or other aspects of The Series and I would get replies just like these. I didn't think it was fair because, well, you're on a forum that's dedicated to the show. And there are plenty of threads discussing various aspects of that show. And best of all, no one's holding a gun to your head and forcing you to reply, so that meant someone was either incredibly high on themselves or they just felt like being a big jerk.

    I can get by in life knowing there are people like this out there. But where they cross the line is telling me how I should and should not enjoy something. Discussing the minute details of a work is how I enjoy it and having the nerve to tell me how I should behave is rude and arrogant. I certainly hope I don't run into that again, on this forum or any other but there's good and bad in every group.

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    I hope you don't. On the other hand, if you mix that by telling us how much better you would have written it...


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      LOL! Wolf, you may find that people here just beat things to death. (You seem familiar. Are you a renamed old timer?)
      “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
      Billy Sunday


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        Originally posted by Coolwater View Post
        LOL! Wolf, you may find that people here just beat things to death. (You seem familiar. Are you a renamed old timer?)
        This is my first regeneration, yes. I forgot what my name was before the board was shut down but I have a few people on my Facebook page.