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  • M'M'M My Corona!!

    “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
    Billy Sunday

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    Well, is everyone OK? (This is worse than our hurricane threads.)

    My B-I-L was just tested. Whatever he has isn't busy killing him, so now that they're saying one becomes immune, he hopes he has it.
    “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
    Billy Sunday


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      If you live in a town with a school of engineering, they could be making these:
      “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
      Billy Sunday


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        Medication rationing means I can't fill my asthma preventive until I'm down to a 2 day supply. So I was told yesterday. Then e-mail blips me today that it's been filled and I can go get it. I've been trying to reduce myself to weekly runs out of the house, so I think I'll leave it until Monday. (Or get it now? Before people with steady money get their cheque and hit the stores?)

        The daft toilet paper hoarding has me aware of how many rolls I have- 9,8,7...

        At my condo they're cleaning high-touch areas twice a day, and got the halls steam-cleaned yesterday.

        The main actual effect for me is that I'm paying too much for pork chops when I can find them (anything at a good price in the flyer gets snapped up shockingly quickly these days.) and my Final Exam for Accounting 122 has been canceled. The online stuff for my classes still works- got 94.74% on a quiz this afternoon, so that's fine. But the school building itself is closed.

        No deaths so far in my province, but statistically speaking (with the Canadian death rate a 1%) we're due one any day now. When that statistic hits what more can they do? Crowds are restricted to 10 people. Perhaps more bus drivers will flee on grounds it's too dangerous? There was a security guard at the drug store yesterday.


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          Oh dear. I'm so sorry you guys!


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            On the subject of immunity, right now it's a big question mark:
            The antibodies generated in response to infection with some viruses — polio or measles, for example — bestow a lifetime of immunity. But antibodies to the coronaviruses that cause the common cold persist for just one to three years — and that may be true of their new cousin as well.
            From a New York Times article, but they tend to end up paywalled.

            As a kindergarten teacher I can attest to colds going around at nearly all times of the year.

            This is a little more informative. Plus, NPR.


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              Some sanity has ensued since I last posted:

              Not only did I get my medication yesterday, they gave me twice the usual. Apparently since they're being told to give people only a 30 day supply and my usual box of nebules does 25 days they gave me two. I gladly say '50 days should do me the lockdown' & they were like eh, time will tell on that.

              & my final exam has been switched to online, at the same schedule as it would have been. & an assignment due Thursday that I just printed out. That'll keep me busy.

              One silly thing: Dad can't find yeast in the stores, I have some extra. But how do I get it to him? Both of us being 'vulnerable persons' we don't want to meet up. It occurs to me to mail it. (I think it's about a ten minute bus ride to his place.)

              Insanity: Our first two deaths yesterday, but when you run the numbers statistics wise we are doing about as good as it gets.


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                I have some dry yeast I got from Costco. Humorously I could send some to you. Though there might be more local people who would probably be able to share yeast.


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                  Mom's boyfriend's daughter (if they'd marry I could call her my stepsister) got the yeast. Mom asked for her breadmaker back for her, and since it was my spare (at the time she gave it to me she was Marie-Kondoing and would have thrown it out) I consented, and tossed in that packet.

                  These entrance step drops sure are a weird thing to get used to. I didn't even see mom's boyfriend, who picked it up. He stayed in his van while I put it out. (But hey, he's 82 & his family is conspiring to keep him safe. Apparently that drive was the first time he got out of his house since the lockdown.)

                  I bought coffee grounds from a business doing such drops yesterday. Freshly roasted is so wonderful after weeks of the grocery store stuff.


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                    That is so great, Perfect Warrior!

                    I've been moving some of my classes towards video meetings on Zoom. It's really going to be our first time starting tomorrow, and I'm quite nervous about it.

                    A company where I teach on Wednesdays has started putting up plastic partitions at the meeting tables. They have hand sanitizer at the entrance (to be fair, though, they've had that for years what with other things like the regular flu season). They added a video monitor dedicated to checking your temperature when you come in. The student I had at the most recent lesson said everyone's supposed to use air purifiers and take their own temperature every morning before coming to work, and keep a record of the number.


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                      I took a bus for the first time since this started. You load from the back doors, and every second seat has a sign zip-tied to it saying 'do not use' & a yellow belt wrapped and clipped blocking the isle forward- before the sideways seats start at the front. (The things that flip up and allow for a wheelchair to park there) No fare required, since the card scanner is by the driver. Signs all around the bus stops about please only use for essential travel.

                      At the lab to get the blood-work done- that place was *so* not designed for this. One door, witch got awkward getting out after since there was a line standing on those floor dots. With the required spacing they could only do four chairs. (Probably two more if they could put the ones stacked at the side somewhere else.)

                      & the pharmacy confused things again. I got an auto-refill notice when the first box was done, but left it until I had other reasons to be out & about. I had a week left on the second box. They didn't have it- if you leave an auto-fill like that for too long they put it back. Sent it back to some central place apparently- If I waited it would have been three hours. (I didn't. Long enough day as it was.) They delivered it Saturday (I needed to give them my credit card. Wouldn't let me prepay with debit when I was there.) Two boxes again. Just one box left on the refills left amount. I wonder if it'll autofill way early again, even though I got it well after the first box was done.

                      At the co-op there were signs about DO NOT bring reusable bags. Oops. Sobeys is down to paper bags (when are they going to reverse their late-winter decision to end plastic bags?), so I had some in my purse.


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                        Wow, Perfect Warrior! Hugs, though. You seem to be doing okay.


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                          Well. My guy has been stuck in EU since Jan. He is staying with his grandma because he doesn't want her to be alone right now. Well, in mid-Feb., when Denmark only reportedly had two cases, he rode a bus to a certain famous tourist spot. A week later he was very sick. Went to dr there. No COVID test. Was diagnosed with the flu and some ear infection and given antibiotics. He remained very sick. Went back a month later, because I ordered him to. Still no COVID test and more antibiotics. Still remained sick. That was March. Almost thought he had mono it lasted so so long. He did not start to recover until late April. He is now much better, but still not 100%. Still no damn test! >_< He is physically and emotionally exhausted. To the point he is like a zombie. And he is a damn Viking! We are convinced he had it. It was that bad and was no flu and no infection.

                          Here at home, I am staying with my elderly grandma, as well, because she can't stay alone. When I have to go out, I wear a mask. Some people are too, but not many. I don't like the political climate right now. It is downrright scary. I don't think any of this should be politicized, on any side. We should focus on making sure people stay as healthy,.safe and informed as possible.

                          I hope everyone else is staying safe! I am doing my best! <3


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                            RedVelvet, I am so sorry for your guy, and so glad you are staying with your grandma and being careful.


                            • RedVelvet
                              RedVelvet commented
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                              Thank you. It just got bad here. Last night, our county executive addressed us. We turned into a hot spot. We went from 15 cases to 180 active cases in one day. That is expected to double by Monday. Bear in mind, I live in a small, rural community, so this is very alarming.

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                            Mom visited yesterday, I fed her brunch. That's the first time I saw her since the first week of March. Of course she got a hug.

                            & now the confirmed cases are ticking upwards by 6 cases a day. *sigh*. I hope neither mom nor I regret that visit. I'm not the only person she visited, and she went to the farmer's market (& gifted me with some asparagus, witch I had for supper that night.). & then conversely she's exposed to the local shops I go to, not her stomping grounds.


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                              I hope she'll be fine. And you!


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                                9 new cases yesterday, today 15. & they're tracking an outbreak to a Hutterite colony. :headdesk: They have a booth at the farmer's market, >expletivedeleted< The fuss about washing bags is overboard, right? Right?? I didn't with that asparagus. (Mom's more at risk if she stopped at their booth, I fret.)


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                                  Copy/paste from the news:

                                  Saskatchewan reported a jump of 20 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday with 18 of the new cases being reported in the South region of the province.

                                  The two other cases are in the Far North Region.

                                  In the last seven days there have been 82 new cases.

                                  (& I found out yesterday that the hutterite colony in question isn't the one near me, it's a good couple hours further south.) Keeping my general habit of washing my grocery bags every day I use them, though.

                                  COVID, covid, go away.... (& *don't* come again another day.)


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                                    WHAT IF THERE WERE NO HYPOTHETICAL QUESTIONS?

                                    THE CHICKEN CROSSING THE ROAD WAS POULTRY IN MOTION


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                                      There was supposed to be a picture there. It showed up right after I posted it. ?????? Not sure what happened to it.

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                                      OK. Now I see the picture. Does anybody else?

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                                      I do not see anything. Darn!

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                                    So guess the meme? (I don't see anything, even now.)

                                    Cartoon COVID going -neener-neener-neener- (To my 'go away')

                                    'Lies, Damned lies & statistics' (To my lack of context for the numbers. Provincial population = approx. 1 million, btw.)

                                    When high tech doesn't work, try low tech. (Commenting on hutterites.) (Or 'isolation FAIL')

                                    WASH ALL THE THINGS! (It's generally known what stick-figure sketch goes with this, right?)


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                                      & then the public officials go 'oh, things are so in control we can take weekends & holidays off, as far as public reporting goes.'

                                      56 new cases since friday. *sigh*

                                      Yeah, yeah, I know. Absolutely nothing compared to the southern states. But there's a closed border between me & them.


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                                        I can't find the funny videos thread! Since this is COVID-19 related, though:


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                                            Oh, MidnightBlue. That's a wonderful video, thank you for sharing it!


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