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I have a Video Puzzle

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  • I have a Video Puzzle

    This is so stupid. We watched the first three Hunger Games videos, but Mocking Jay Part 2 simply won't play. We've tried four separate copies, three brand new and one of them was Blu Ray and no joy for any of them. The DVD player has played every other vid we've given it, both regular and Blu Ray, so it's not the machine., which simply tells us that it can't read the discs. Any ideas?

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    The Jay is mocking you?


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      She's fricking mooning us! We found a discussion site that led us to a Sony site that said that we MUST upgrade the firmware (?) on our DVD player. So, we went to the download link, downloaded, unzipped, uploaded to a disc and, presto! No improvement! So my husband took the problem to a techie friend who repeated the process. We loaded the new disk and the DVD player congratulated us on the up grade won't play the disk. It still plays other disks, but not any of the Mockingjay disks.
      We are not amused.