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Rest in Peace old friend.

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  • Rest in Peace old friend.

    I just found out than a childhood friend of mine, Bruce Gillum lost his battle with Parkinson's Disease on July 17, 2018. Bruce was also a fan of Highlander and reconnected with me after he had joined the old HLBB and figured out from my screen name that he knew me in real life. He made an effort to meet again in person. We shared a love of music, art and movies as well as Highlander. He was a big help and sounding board when I was helping my mom through her cancer treatments. I wish I could have been there for him once he had been diagnosed with his illness but I had moved from the town we shared. He will be missed.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.


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      Sorry for your loss.


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        Thank you. Bruce's death has reminded me to check in on other friends and family that are having health problems. I am trying to let them know that I do think about them and care about them before it is too late.

        One of my memories of Bruce from high school was finding him stuffed in my locker which I shared with one of the jocks. Bruce was smaller than average. The jock who was my height was not happy about me calling him out for his bullying my friend. He was a friend to both of us and was just trying to impress the upper classmen. As someone who was known as a pacifist even though I was the tallest girl in school they were shocked to see me lose my temper. Bruce later joined the wrestling team and ended up learning how to take down guys bigger than he was.


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          It's hard to lose an good person from your life. I'm sorry for your loss.
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