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Good Bye, Stan Lee

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  • Good Bye, Stan Lee

    Comic book world will not be the same without him.,amp.html
    “A sinner can always repent, but stupid is forever.”
    Billy Sunday

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    It's so hard that he's no longer going to be here.


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      Entertainment Tonight showed a clip of him visiting the set of Aquaman with Jason Mamoa. So there will probably be a few more cameos of Stan Lee yet to be seen.


      • Cyrus The Great
        Cyrus The Great commented
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        Interesting. I don't think Stan ever did a cameo in a DC comics film.

      • Colleengael
        Colleengael commented
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        Stan and Jason Mamoa were goofing around on the set. It was fun to see him there. It will be interesting to see if he does show up in a DC cameo or dedication.

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      I had a chance to meet Stan Lee in the late 70's. An acquaintance was president of a local comic book club. He told me that he had invited Stan to come and address the club. Apparently, Stan was doing a lot of traveling and speaking at small venues back then. For some reason that I have long since forgotten, I did not go. I have regretted that for many years!

      Farewell Stan and thanks for many years of great entertainment!