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Sad News for Notre-Dame ...

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  • Sad News for Notre-Dame ...

    There is actually a fire at Notre Dame de Paris ...
    Here are the news in French ...
    It's horrible ...
    Le feu a pris dans les combles de la cathédrale, lundi en fin d'après-midi.
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    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...

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    I'll wait for the people using the image of the burning building as an allegory for the current state of France or even Europe. :P

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      just saw a video of a roof and spire collapsing so sad! that building is almost 900 years old


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        Very sad that an iconic piece of history is going up like that, it took 168 years to build.

        With worldwide coverage like this they'll get donations like crazy to rebuild. (Excuse my cynicism, but this is surely going to be all over various cable specialty channels as they go through the rubble and then rebuild.)


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          Actually... I don't know if it is worthwhile using as an allegory. This article from 2017 tells us more than a bit about the condition of that wonderful place.

          Now, this happened, so constructing Notre Dame anew is probably entirely possible, and even less expensive with a great deal out of the way, now.


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            Ah, National Geographic's people did scan it. I think my PVR dustbunny is their scan of Chartres. My mind now goes to the drooling fit scientists had over all the dashcam data when that meteor blew out windows over Russia. They're going to have so much data on that building to repair it to the nanometer, even getting it back on plumb.

            By the time I watched the late news the pledges were already rolling in, public and private. Given the lack of damage to the 'bones' of the building in a century the tour guides will be reducing this incident to a paragraph about the '2019 Easter Week fire'.


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              I watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral was burning. I have admired its amazing architecture since I was a boy. After the fire was put out, I was relieved that the stone structure is mostly intact and that many of the stained glass windows are repairable or undamaged. The French President wants to rebuild the Cathedral in five years, but experts are saying 10 to 15 years is more realistic. I will be interested to hear what materials will be used to replace the lost roof trusses. As an engineer, I think that something fireproof like steel or aluminum trusses would be preferable to wood.


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                That was my thought, too. Cyrus. The massive trees they used in the first place were mowed down by building and wars. Ideally, they will use a strong, fire proof material that can mimic the original rafters.
                As for allegories, Macron is using the fire to try to pull France together.
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