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  • Pleased to meet you all!

    In the words of Kalas: "It's been so long!"

    It's nice to finally have the board back! I look forward to the many discussions I'm sure we'll have.

    I am the Highlander WorldWide Locations Master. If anyone has any questions about any of the filming locations used in Highlander, feel free to ask. Or if anyone is interested in the filming locations tours I lead, I'd be glad to hear from you.

    I'm also happy to answer any questions about the Highlander mythology anyone may have.

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    I have a question Mr. Andy Sloane. Where did they film the scene where Duncan rises from the tub nekkid?
    Yes, I'm serious.


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      Originally posted by Rusty Bollocks View Post
      Where did they film the scene where Duncan rises from the tub nekkid?
      The interior of Kristin's chateau was the Aberthau House at 4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver. Scenes from Season One's Free Fall and Revenge Is Sweet were filmed there as well.


      • Rusty Bollocks
        Rusty Bollocks commented
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        You're like our own personal Google Andy...... "Locations Master, where did Kenny lop off that oafs head that tried to teach him fishing? Big one all right. Big ol' head thinking he could outsmart Kenny. There was no knot in the line, we all know that.

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      Damn, he's good.
      Highlander: Dark Places


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        Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
        Damn, he's good.
        [Takes a bow] Why, thank you, good sir!


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          Originally posted by Rusty Bollocks View Post
          Locations Master, where did Kenny lop off that oafs head that tried to teach him fishing?
          Kenny killed Frank Brody about .08 miles to the north of what was once called the Twin Bridges area of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve at 2369 Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver.

          As the name implies, there used to be two bridges that crossed this particular section of the Seymour River -- a northern bridge and a southern bridge. The northern bridge was the one used in the 1862 Civil War flashback of The Lamb in which the Union Army's platoon is decimated by the Confederate Army's platoon and where Duncan meets child Immortal Sean Zale shortly afterwards. The southern bridge can be briefly seen in parts of the flashback. The southern bridge, built 1907-1908, was torn down between the time the episode was filmed in late August/early September 1994 and 12 Dec 2000 and was never replaced. The northern bridge was built in 1926 and was finally demolished due to age and disrepair in September 2009. It was replaced shortly thereafter. However, in December 2014, major flooding of the region caused a landslide upstream which crashed into the bridge and damaged it so much so that bridge was removed. To date, it has not been replaced.

          Multiple episodes had scenes filmed in the Lower Seymour Conservation reserve, including Season One's Innocent Man and Mountain Men; Season Two's Bless the Child; Season Three's Line of Fire, The Cross of St. Antoine, and Blind Faith; Season Four's Homeland, The Wrath of Kali, and Something Wicked; and Season Five's Haunted.


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            Ok kids, I case you don't know alread, Andy is the boss, the el jefe of all things Highlander series, he's met most everyone there is to know and is the MASTER of film location, as an active duty navy bad ass he has set his eyes on knowledge. If you have a series question on who or where then he's your man ..


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              Where was May Ling decapitated?


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                Welcome back!